Monday, January 27, 2014

Four steps to freedom from sickness

A comment I left on Pillscout, where he mentions anti-depressants and the pharma industry's interest in keeping the one pill for one sickness idea in people's (victims?) heads.

Just look at the proposed dietary cures to skin problems, fatique, alzheimers, autism, some cancers, depression, obesity….

It is scary to see that besides few tweaks they are all the same in the basics.

One cure for many.

Mention that to doctors (i did), and get to hear “not possible” (i did)…

What does the pharma industry want?

One pill for one illness, not to cure, but to maintain.

Better yet,
Multiple pills for one illness, which are also untracable causes for other illnesses, to create a chain reaction in the patient, without killing the patient, but making the patient dependent.

What’s the first step?
Cut gluten. (there might be a possibility that gluten can be digested by bacteria in the gut, or that a few might have obtained the ability to not get harmed by gluten, but assuming that none of us has a healthy gut due to various factors, i am ok with making this the first step. For everyone. Worst case scenario of removing gluten: No harm done.. Yes, that is the worst case: Removing gluten will not cause any harm. Let that sink in deep. P.s. ask the doc, he will say “Gluten might be bad, but you need your grains”.. (he did)

Second step: Cut out sugar

Third step : cut out vegetable oils (except olive, coconut, avacado and palm),

Fourth step: cut out processed food

These four steps will cut your chance of illness by 80-90 percent, hell, if not more…
And these basic simple steps are too much for many people, who are waiting for a vaccination against obesity, vaccination against celiac, etc… who would take a nuclear antibiotic where maybe few crushed raw garlic cloves would suffice; well because, breath would stink for a day.

Edit: there are fifth and sixth steps:

Fifth step: Cut out dairy (depends on your tolerance. Some are tolerant some are not. In my case I am tolerant only to some dairy. Some cheese, joghurt, and fermented milk products are ok. Funnily there is a company in finland, none of their cheeses agree with me)

Sixth step: If you want to eat legumes, only eat soaked legumes. A 24 hour room temperature soak with a dash of salt or a spoon of apple cider vinegar in the pan, and no lid. The no lid part is said to allow the bacteria in the air to interact with the soaking, and also eating the legumes especially lentils cold, might have benefits for the gut flora.

There are others but those will make you a superman, this post is only made to prevent you from being the common pill popping sick two weeks of the month excuse for a human.

Yes,  I have been told that I am crazy.

The few peple who came back to me to "Thank you, you changed my life", are worth it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The north born are crazy

It was a windy day, I had a flight to take. Temperature bit above zero, slight snow fall.

I was coming back to Finland from mainland Europe; sad, anxious and slightly depressed.

Buckle up,  raise my seats, close my phone, look to my chubby seat neighbor with a smuck face; think to myself, welcome back to the land of people who pride themselves on being shy...

Then the pilot comes to the loudspeakers.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen (when will this be banned because it's sexist??), we will be proceeding take off procedures in five minutes. The time is 16.25, and in Helsinki we have 17.25. Our flight will take approximately two and a half hours. The weather in Helsinki is better than what we have here, an open sky and minus fifteen degrees."

He was not joking.

Only a person born in the north could claim open skies at minus fifteen is better than above zero with slight winds.

But I felt the same as him. The biting freshness of minus fifteen, the open blue sky; I smiled, I understood, and I was looking forward to it.

Even worse, this week am back on training everyday to warm up for the 20-squat program of the next two months, so no time in the eve except a cold shower, but on the weekend will be swimming in the frozen lake, which will be warmer than the weather.

Weather, minus fifteen, lake, zero to one. 

30 slow breaths. In the water.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 7 -The pure (s)exchange students

She looked at me like I am a piece of meat.

German girl, in the sauna, her mommy with her, her daddy with her.

Later I overhear the Daddy talking about his little princess

"She is 21"

"She needs to find herself"

I tell you what an Erasmus exchange student and "finding herself" actually means:

Spanish dude meets French exchange student sometime October, less than two months into the semester.

They hit it off, make out and all that public show of affection, then she dumps him, when everybody in the group thought that would be a night to continue...


"I already fucked three italians and one spanish while here, have had enough latino"

One Week of Shorts - 6 - There is no inexperienced girl, you fool

She is not inexperienced and naive, she is a master and has fooled you

Sitting across us was one of the most beautiful twenty year old short blondes the venue had seen in the last months. One sixty five, blonde, face of an angel, and not skinny, meat on the bone.

Because of my sitting angle I had not noticed it until I see my three guys on the other table almost falling over towards that direction.

Yes. She was amazing.

Yes I looked.

And no I did not approach.

Yes I should have. I pussied out. She was sitting with three girls, no place to join them, all my guys watching, all other people watching. Yes, I pussied out. Lack of logistics is not an excuse.


The three guys watching;

One gets laid like a fox gets meat in a chicken box;
One is a speedy chilli rabbit going dup dup dup
One is soon marrying his fleshlight

Next day, all of the guys, none of whom had approached, I met seperately,

The topic opened up about the girl,
"The girls were so naive, they did not know what to do"
"They could not keep their eyes from our table, twirling their hair. We have way to much experience than those young girls. Would not be right"
Were the first two. Rationalizing away a wasted potential.

"They were too inexperienced for me"
Fleshlight groom. Aye.

So I am the only one who fully accepts that I chickened out and gave myself the rejection, without giving the girl a chance to decide if she wants to meet me or not. 

This all is tied to a brainwashing of "Girls are nice, sugar and spice"...

From a recent experience of watching an attractive twenty year old toy with two established thirty year old men like a kid plays with toy cars,


Any girl who is of legal age has way more experience in handling men than you think.

While we were out there playing in the woods, while we were out there shooting paper rockets out of tubes to the neighborhood kids, the girls have been studying us and social interactions.

It is not the experience they get once they start kissing and blowjobbing at the age of a conservative sixteen; even that is way more than what you think,

No, it is the experience gotten since age one.

When you were playing with your Matchbox car at age three,
Your sister was playing with your Dad, since age one.

Not playing with your Dad and with your Dad playing with her, no, playing with your Dad and your Dad being the  Matchbox, with all doors opening to a smiley Sesame.

While you were out there playing with glass balls and gambling them away,
Girls were discussing how to get the attention of the kid three years your senior.
Age eleven.

Fleshlight groom is rationalizing away a nonexistent potential.
The other two are rationalizing, but it comes from a point of being brainwashed for the last twenty years.

They were not inexperienced.
They knew exactly what they were doing when they were twirling their hair.

The message failed to deliver.

And if indeed they were comparably inexperienced, we should have given them the gift of the pleasure that only comes from experience in seeing women as they are, knowing their buttons, and bringing pleasure to their inexperienced life. Our experience owes it to them, in this case.

It is a gift, a gift that has been acquired through jumping into the fire, a gift that can only be given..
But no, "Men are pigs" overrode all the good that was there to give onto this world.

If you got experience, you should know you are doing the inexperienced girls a disservice by keeping that experience for them. That is your sin. 

"They were so inexperienced" is wrong

"They so easily fooled us, tooled with us, invited us, we chickened out, but we also have been brainwashed and are being brainwashed every second of our life"

Is right.

Any girl past 15 has more experience in handling men than most men past 45 have in handling women.


Yes, if you call your late twenty year old self as being in the "yet unborn" stage, then yes those twenty year olds are in comparison, in the "inexperienced" stage.

Monday, December 09, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 5 - Fake abundance

Private Man has this idea that women look for a reason to reject a man, not a reason to like a man.

That is so true, and it must have gotten worse with the attention women get on Facebook and all the other interactions where women are unable to distinguish between attention provided in order to get a fuck, and attention provided for a long term commitment, the latter usually not coming from the studs giving the till-the-fuck attention.

Women are living in a fake, perceived abundance.

A good example I saw few weeks back.

Meeting some friends,

One guy is a tall handsome man, PussySlayer,
One guy is this guys friend, 195, JamesDean, with an exceptionally open attitude, 
These two are masters.
Another guy is SpeedyGonzales, currently gonzoing ten years younger cuties, at least one a new week...
And we have the AtomAnt, he has girls finding him on facebook, girls he does not know,
In between we have the two providers,
One a young Padawan in training,
The other a provider on the search,
There is me,

When I return to the table, there are two girls sitting with the guys.
Cute, short, nothing the slayer four would go for long term, something the provider two would,

Some chat, some chick laughter of the girls,   

And then the girls, with the attitude of a spoiled brat, that just won Miss Universe,

"Ooooookaaaaaay... We gooooo nooooow"

Ok. Fuck off.

The table did not miss a beat, but the girls left, knowing that another table like this will be around the corner, but it will not be.

The girls were on the search,
But the table was apparently not enough,

Would you believe me if I say,

"I was on a table with 7 Miss Continents, naked, stroking my cock, but I knew I could do better..."


But that is what these girls did.

Sometimes I really believe these girls deserve the fucks they get, usually being treated as cum dumpster, which in the end makes more than a quarter of them end with antidepressants or some other medicine.

Only thing which pisses me off is that I pay for it.

It takes Gene Simmons to bed 2000....
It takes being a groupie for a woman to bed 2000...

(Kiss on Oprah)

Of course there is going to be abundance of dick...

Abundance of quality?

Not so.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 4 - The disgusting beard

"You beard is disgusting. My friend told me you were so handsome in summer"

Besides your friend being a cunt for saying that since she did not answer my messages, and another case of women thinking they are worthy nothing short of a God;

Girl you are too young and brainwashed to know,

Not even a week before you called my beard disgusting, a girl with the most beautiful smile was digging her face into my beard and smelling it, going uhhhmmm.... ahhmmmm...

Not even two days later, my beard was being stroked by a sleeping girl, just like the one in the photo.

My beard is disgusting, might be,
But my beard catches a better quality of prey than the predators your beaver is caught by.

Lest anyone thinks i am calling sour grapes.
Nope. That prey would be a good memory. Does not change the above two phrases though.

Different orientations of the looking glass.



Balentine's Bay Beaver Bashing

After the last skiing day, will be Bustin Bieber. 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

One Week of shorts - 3 - Loving the lowest bidder

Girl was standing beside me with a guy, who suddenly turns and leaves. The Move.

Girl was cute, short, petite, not gorgeous, but cute.

"I see you have been stood up" I tell her,

"Ya he just left"

"Strange, cause I thought you two were together"

"..."... "can I join you guys?"

"Of course. This is SpeedyGonzales, this is BallsOnFire"

Then she turns to me,

"You know, he is... ehhhmmm... we...kind of... seeing... eachother...."

"You mean you're shagging now and then"



At that moment the guy came back, but somehow has not noticed the girl

"Your boy is back"

"He is actually a very nice man, you know"

"Yes I do"

Tattoos? check. on arm, on elbow, on wrist...

Tattos? Double check in neon lights, as tattoos are on the neck, up to the chin.

Beanie on head, in a supposedly elegant club,

Total rebel look going on. Not that it takes too much to rebel these days. Fucking hipsters are declared rebels...

I know where this is going..

"I actually love him, but he does not know it"

"That's sweet"

Then she turns to him, and in her tongue, utters approximately,

"I want to tell you that I love you"

The guys face does not flinch, he does not shrug, he just goes


No Han Solo sweet assholish "I know"
No cute indifference of a shrug
No acknowledgment of a nod, a smile
No James Bond cockery of a smirk


A "Hmmmph"... that maybe comes out when he is taking a dump.

I got lost in the knowledge of some of my friends who would love this girl and do everything to please her, rowing calluses on their hands, living a life of drought in the brazilian rainforest, then looked at my two friends who were swimming in pussy, then back to "Hmmmph"...

As a collective, women asking to be valued, while giving their most valued possession (they claim it is love)  to the one least valuing them....

Asking diamond prices for a coal that has been gifted to the least bidder...

Few minutes later, the guy just turned around and left.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllll Power!!!!!
Shit value........


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