Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smelly Media: Greens switching from green to red

Greens to Immigrants: Learn Finish or Lose Benefits

Ah, the Greens, the multiculti treehugging, let's spend the society's resources to create a better world, kumbayya singing mold of society

The greens, the "unfortunate people have a right to benefits the hard working Finnish society has acquired"

The greens, "World is overpopulated, the Finns are reproducing too much (3.6 million increased to 5.6 in approx 100 years), but we need to give a home to the unfortunate (who double their populations every 20 years, without increasing production, efficiency, resources)"

Reading some un-pc history, not the one which claims Mussolini was in the far right, which does not claim that Stalin was a treehugging humanist, it was easy to predict that the first ones to passive-aggressively turn on the immigrants would have been the left, once the economy stopped booming. They will also be the first to turn aggressive, while still singing kumbayya.

The True Finns party are out in the open, saying what needs to be said about this issue, the Greens, as the left does is once again shouting for regulation.

The Greens' latest policy programme on immigration calls for immigrants to study Finland’s official languages, Finnish or Swedish, more intensively. The party wants to light a fire under newcomers by tying social welfare benefits to language class attendance.
What about lighting a fire under the newcomers' requirements? 

Let's say, a cultural enricher (immigrant without work skills or education, nor the intention to acquire any, nor the intention to work)  an immigrant should only be allowed residence if they provide willingness to work or a willingness to study, not a "gimme food, gimme shelter, gimme women, and I will still call you racist" attitude?

Let's say make it easier for  needed high-tech workers, or skilled workers (both who come here to work) to get a visa, an make it harder for any immigrant to bring over anybody from their home street under family reunification law, claiming blood-bind which is unprovable due to the lack of any official papers. (edit: I did not know they do DNA testing. More on that later)

They also want to see more immigrant mothers in the workforce as their children grow.
Good luck with that, as long as you are providing these mothers with aid that is in the amounts that they would earn if they worked. 

For example: Immigrant family, father unemployed, mother not seeking employment, few kids (the number I know not), get to live in the middle of the center in a 1000 euro/month flat, because "we don't want to create ghettos"... 

Plus the 1200+ euro benefits in case + other benefits. 

Why should this person learn Finnish? 

Why should this person work? (at least legally work) 

Woman or man.  

Labour Minister and Green Party chair Anni Sinnemäki says it’s a not only a right but a duty to learn the language of a new home country.

Wow... The Greens showing patriotism.

Ah, yea, it is about the division of social benefits, not about Finland's future or something...

And to the ones claiming:

"Finland needs immigrants to pay the retirement of the future generations"

I say

"Maybe you should not have killed your own, as the number of immigrants per year matches the number of abortions (safe to assume: most are convenience abortions) per year. And please explain to me how replacing unborn hard working Finns (as a rule of thumb) with welfare blackholes who know every hole in the system helps the case of the retirements of the older generations?"

But as always,

The left is the one who calls for action under the banner of "good", while trying to shame the ones who speak sense, into not speaking, under the banner "arbitrary accusation"-ist.

Once the action (to be started by the left, under the social banner) starts, it usually is an avalanche, which could have been prevented if free speech was not killed under leftspeak politically correctness.

Something which is politically correct is usually practically wrong.

Something which is practically wrong is in best case only damaging, in usual case it is destructive.

And so is, saying

"We need to force immigrants to assimilate if they want benefits"

(For which, assimilation of a people means them losing their culture, which is on equal footing as cultural genocide)

Instead of

"If you do not want to work, obey the laws, produce and pay taxes in this social democracy, do not come here."

Me having issues with the way taxation and welfare goes does not change this, as I still do pay my taxes to the cent, and do not leech off welfare.


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    I predict no one will lose benefits because he/she fails a Finnish test. In the US this proposal would be classified as "boob bait for the bubbas."

  2. It may actually be worse than that.

    I presume (got no hard evidence except news clips here and there, and common knowledge) no immigrant will lose benefits because they committed a violent crime.

    Can't deport, human wwights, you know, (victim is the oppressor anyway),

    Can't cut off the benefits, human wwights again,

    Prison sentences cannot be long enough, human wwights...

    And you should not even do background checks on immigrants or check if their application is truthful, according to the previous minister of immiration affairs.

    Yes, we are not talking about Swiss immigrants.