Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Entitled limbo, smashed ego

My friends were going crazy for a Blondie, and it somehow happened that I started talking with her.
I'm guessing her to be in her late twenties, early thirties, educated, possibly a doctor.

Just was in the mood of teasing, so I was on a full frontal tease attack on the girl, basically entertaining myself.

"This is confusing" was what she uttered many times.

I just could not help myself. At some point I thought of telling her if she never met a man who does not lick her ass, but those words, it turned out,  would be uttered to the ex of a friend of mine, who would be trying to be a ball busting bitch, few days later.

So the Blondie and I have been at it for half an hour, laughing, teasing, confusion, touching, when I notice she has eyes on the Barney (how I met your mother) lookalike on the next table.

No prob, she's sitting with me.

He got up to go to toilet, now she is not sitting with me.

Without a word, or an apology showing decency, she has gotten up and is staying in the way of the guy.

When Barney walks past us, she tries to talk to him, he does not even acknowledge, and continues. She turns to us with tears growing in her eyes.

When he returns, she tries again, and against his two friends protestations, he once again continues walking.

Girl comes back all destroyed.

I am just amazed at the rudeness, and am, to my surprise, enjoying the experience I am going through. I do not make a scene or something, my friend was talking to her friend; am sitting back, smirking, watching. No need to nuke his interaction.

Apparently this 30ish gal has made a move on a guy for the first time in her life. Bet you she is no virgin though.

That's a fraction of the moves I made in the past week, and she got totally fucked up. So I guess strong and independent does not mean facing rejection and not committing suicide.

Anyways, this also puts a new light on girls' perceptions about "What's so special about a one night stand? You get dressed, drink a little, go out, and find somebody"; and fuck somebody...

Yea, because it just happen; except a guy makes it happen.

You risk rejection, you dictate the terms, I say. Don't want to call, then, man, don't call, except the one message that is meant for her positive reply about the night before.

Because a one night stand, just happens. Cause it was meant to happen, cause even with standards, it is nothing difficult, cause it does not count as it is meaningless... add infinitum..

The limbo had suffered two rejections, but it was not enough. Nope. Now the fire was on.  The guys were outside of the bar, chatting.  She went outside, and managed to get "I won't call you, but here is my number if you want".. Girl knows what that means. Friend Nobody with benefits.

See, if she had said something like, "I'm sorry, I have to talk to him", she would have gotten pointers from me that would turn her into somebody, not just a faceless hole to bust a nut in without investment. But no, strong, independent, and worthless.

Before this happened, I was asked if I am going to place X. I had said no, but just then received an invitation from place X; somebody wanted me there.

Girl comes back almost crying, and I appreciate the guy. Man with more options than me, hat tip.

I decide to go to X, the invitation is tempting, and because my friend is with the other girl, we all go to X.

I leave them at the bar to find my invitation.

Half an hour later, me and my invitation were leaving the bar when I saw the Bimbo. I thought she had left.

Bimbo, sees me, the guy she just dissed so disrespectfully, whom she watched as he was totally unfazed by her fucked up entitled cuntishness, more like amused, really amused, tell the group goodnight, with a hotter younger, almost ten years younger, tighter, fresher, no wrinkles, cute pie in tow, leaving the bar, maybe a slight smirk on his face.

Bimbos face, on the other hand... it was priceless... seeing the live version of a Scary Movie poster on a blonde bimbos face, priceless...


  1. See, a sadist. ;) I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. (Or the smirking friend observing. :D )

  2. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

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  3. Schadenfreude,
    Not sadism.

    But seeing the same girl with one handsome stud who committed to her three-four weeks after this said incident was another fun sight to look at.