Thursday, March 27, 2003

Hanging cuffs

This is the lady, the hero in the story “Personality”..

Met her in Doris.. Long curly hair, interesting woman, a non-blonde.. (Women seem to be ready to believe every woman I talk to is blond.. You blondes...)

At the end of the nite, I get her phone number..

Call her the next day, and we go get a coffee..

I drink two coffees, she, I have lost count of her booze...

So, I drop her to her place and go home..

Another coffee night, and I ask her to join me.

She comes...

Comes, but what a problem girl.. It’s –20 outside, and she wants me to join her smoke downstairs.. Three times.. My poor ass froze that night..

Then, as if it not enough, she insists on going home, at 1 in the night, and I have to walk her to the bus stop.. OK, I do it..

The bus does not come..

So I say, “You have to stay with me.., I am not going out again for the bus at 2”

We go back, and I ask her if she wants something,

“yes, a tshirt and a boxer”

I give them to her, and lie into my bed, she comes beside me.. By now I am pissed.. It is late.. Tired.. Nothing has happened.. I try to touch her, no reaction.. So I say OK to myself, and lie to sleep..

Oh no, I am not even allowed to do that, now the lady wants to have my arm under her head, so it will fall dead in the middle of the night with horrible pain...

A week later she calls me to her place.. We drink.. I drink too much, can’t drive back.. So stay at her place, in her bed.. But what is she wearing? An ankle long thick nightgown.. Impossible to penetrate.. I manage somehow, she gets her fun, I get to sleep without a dead hand, but also deadly alive li’l member.

In Doris, surprise, I meet her..

Quite sober when I see her.. But drinking incredibly fast.. I see the end coming.. Tell her to stop.. Noooo.. Will drink... Not drunk yet... Actually she does not get drunk.. But gets red eyes, and would explode if you light a match.. This continues, I get my pissing state.., remembering the past meetings.. where I had to freeze.. sleep with a tent all night.. my booze collection getting small..

A whole night incident.

We decide to go to her home, to spend the night.. In the taxi cue, she starts acting strangely.. I get my anger flushing at why she did have to drink this much.. why, hell?
And then we go to her home, together with a friend of hers and her one night stand. They take the couch. We take the bed.. I am angry, frustrated.. and I play the game..

I succeed..

For the first I slept with someone because I was angry at her...

And since I left that house forever that morning, I never got to taste the use of the handcuffs hanging from the ceiling...

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