Thursday, March 27, 2003

The shipmate

Cafe Europa, me, Ö.G., Topo enter, there is no place, but three places free beside a couple..
We ask them, we sit down..

Hmm. The girl looks nice...

I go to get tea, when I come back, I see that the four are in a conversation.. the guy works on ships, and he recognized Turkish from a one-year visit in Antalya.. The girl also works on a ship, to Rostock, and is on leave..

Time passes, we decide to go to Nightlife.. The girl, and my friends.

In Nightlife, I continue to chat with the girl, we dance couple of slows, laugh, touch, da da di di...
Some time after we met, almost 6 hours of chatting she tells me, she is afraid of me because my one half is Turkish and Muslum, and even knowing my one half in German and Christian does not ease this..

“C’mon, be rational, you have talked to me so long now, you should have a little clue about me.. Now putting me into those categories is an insult against me”

“But you are half Muslum”

“So?” (Even though I have my own beliefs, in these situations, I move on being a Muslum, that is more fun)

“But you are half Muslum”


OK, just as you wish.. I leave..

Later I learn that Ö.G. had met this girl, and they talked, and he had the same problem, until he told her, “You are stupid, I will not talk to you”, and turned around..

The macho Ö.G. doing a feminine act.. Wish I were there..

The end..

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