Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It took less than two minutes

I was in my usual place with two of my buddies, and we were just laughing by ourselves, blocking a passage.

Suddenly this cute little blondie walks into us, one of my guys immediately jumps in, "hello there". All surprised, she looks up at us and sees me, her eyes light up;

"Oh hi, how have you been?"

I said I was laughing, but I was in the same time irritated at myself for not putting my guys in their place as they had stepped out of line a few moments ago; and not recognizing her;

"Great. Am I supposed to know you?"


"What Ben?"

"You are not Ben?"

"I am not Ben. You usually forget guys you f%¤ked?" (I mentioned I was irritated at myself, and it reflects to the outside, even if I was smiling as I said this)

"Oh, no I did not sleep with Ben."

"Big B..."

"He was too big. Big Ben. Kind of like you. He wanted to go on a date but I did not."

"Hmmm... Let's see. I dont do dates, but I am enjoying this. I want to fool with karma and ask you to join me on a date"

"Oh, no, no, I cannot, I have a boyfriend"

"Oh well, karma does not want to play"

All the time looking into her eyes, I stop talking. It takes her a few moments and she says

"I.. I... really need to go. I am confused"

"Confused." I restate.

"I am confused now" and runs away.Literally runs.

As karma has it, she goes and joins a group where we have some mutual friends.Who, if they were to talk about me would just quadruple her confusion about me.

This conversation took less than two minutes.

And she was confused.

It took two minutes to put doubt into her head.

A guy faster, better, more relentless would put more than doubt into her.

I myself, would need five minutes. Not more.

This is all it would take for her to forget she has a boyfriend.

Two to five minutes, depending on the skill.


  1. I don't even understand what happened here.

  2. Just a show of how fast the boyfriend will be forgotten once a bigger better deal comes along.

  3. How did she forget her boyfriend? She was probably just confused about everything you said. None of it made any sense whatsoever lol wtf.

  4. Nothing confusing was said, it was all very direct. What did not make "sense" to her was that she was attracted to someone else, yet she still had her boyfriend, and a conflict arose in her head. Hence, her reaction.