Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's a man got to do?

You talk to more than few girls in a row, getting shot down, you are called a loser.

You talk to more than few girls in a row, making them melt, you are called a player.

You talk to only one girl for a long time, and the next one says "But your girlfriend"

You go out with your friends, meet an a guy from the old times, start having a talk with him about his life and kids, and you get the barmaid tell you that "Wow, you are a handsome couple"

A buddy who hits on everything that moves, including female hedgehogs, sees me talking to all these people in the bar, without hitting on any of them, "Dude, you treat the nightclub like a cocktail event, talking to people and sh%t"

You cannot please everybody.

What's a man got to do, you ask.

A man's got to do whatever frek he wants to do.

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