Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smelly Media: If this is not populism, what is?

I was going to write Left is Theft for the title, but this candidate is not from the left, and that title is reserved for a future post about the Left.

The news during the last election and all the time after that were filled with news about "The populist Finns Party" etc... They were populist, because they applied to the feelings of 20% or so Finns who thought their country was being given away to others.

Populist now meant "speaking to the people, but speaking politically incorrect words"...

The original definition was: kind of speaking for the people against the elites

Like this one social researcher I met, "I am now researching how populist parties like the Finns get their power"; with disgust in his face.

Allright then, since we got populist as being that, what is this:

Niinistö: Higher taxes for the rich an option

Presidential candidate Sauli Niinistö of the National Coalition Party said in an interview with the YLE breakfast show Ykkösaamu that an increase in taxation for the rich is not out of question. According to Niinistö, the greatest problem facing the Finnish society is marginalisation.

So, since this is line with the PC crap, this is not populism.

Saying something which appeal to 80% of the population is no populist because it does not say anything politically incorrect...


"We are Robin Hood, we take from the rich and give to all."

There in the corner is a group of farmers, who want to be left alone; "Filthy populists... Playing with peoples emotions to get into parliament"

The tragic comedy seems to never end.

Niinistö said that the issue of higher taxation for the rich will surface when the budget has to be patched up.

What he is saying, they will not close the leaks, they will not go to restriction in any aspect of the welfare system, but will demand the "rich" will chime in.

Now, since you cannot be taxed on what you already have, this will not affect the trust fund babies, or the ones rich by birth.

Once again, the ones trying to make something better out of their life will be pushed back into the boiling cauldron of equality at the lowest level.

He called a greater tax burden for the rich “extremely important insofar as a sense of justice is concerned.”

What justice is there in taxing someone 50% because they earn more than others, and now taxing them even more?

What incentive is left to be creative, productive, and hardworking?

Who is gonna run the economy? Who is going to build the next Nokia?

The welfare mums?

The enterpreneur, the researcher, the engineer, the idea man that has not much left after being taxed more than 50%...?

It is already a progressive system. You earn 20.000, you pay 20%, you earn 50.000%, you pay 50%... Where is the effing justice in that?

It is theft.

Legal theft.

Niinistö said that the most serious problem of Finland’s society is marginalisation, especially among children. He urged everyone to take responsibility for preventing people’s social exclusion.

Of course this is not populism.

It is for the children.

Yea, you know for the children.

Like not cherishing moms divorcing the dads for... insert arbitrary pop-reason

Ooops. I just committed blasphemy.

Who said it, was it Hitler or Stalin? I think it was Hitler, something like "I can get people do anything if I say it is for the good of the children"...

The state destroyed the family unit, the church forgot there was once a family, and now we, the people who chose not to raise bastards, once again chime in for the children...

Sh%t, it is time there is a state-blowjob service installed for men paying taxes but not receiving any direct benefits.

Some more funny assumptions:

According to Niinistö, Finland might have to contemplate Nato membership if European cooperation fails to satisfy Finland’s defence needs.

What European Army?

(I see only Germany and England as possible forces that would be able to raise some kind of armed forces when necessary)

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