Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can a fleshlight crticize motherhood?

Girl has seen my friend in the gym, and now she is interested in him, and the possibility of a fuck after an hour of meeting him is on the table.

The girl, a mediterranean,  is the friend of a girl I used to see, with whom what we had had to end it because she wanted more, and this event caused bad blood between me and this worthless strong and independent mediterranean whatever.

So I overhear them talking about men from my background, how they are macho, how they are archaic, patriarchal etc etc... the guy, from a latino background is just going along as he has smelled easy pussy.

Then I hear

"for example this guy thinks of women.." and notice her mentioning me.

I was up going to the loo, so i turn, and inquire, upon which she asks,

"What are women for"

Well, still having some faith in female kind, and not wanting to blow up the place by letting my side that has lost faith doing the talking,


So she shakes her head in this hip hop cuntish way and tells the guy,

"I told you"

To me she is "Go go go",

I have done my damage, I don't give two flying shits about this valuable human being, she is working on fullfilling her function for my friend,

I turn to my friend, I smile, I nod, and walk off.


She did not like that.

Giving women the honor nature has bestowed upon them , the reason men built civilization for them, men died for them, the reason men talk about their mothers as angels,





For her it is an insult.

No, no, no...

This valuable human being want to drink like she thinks men drink. She was drunk.
She likes to smoke as she thinks men like to smoke. The smoke smell was in her breath.
She likes to fuck like she thinks men fuck. One day she was out with her friends after getting fucked by a drunk douchebag who passed out on her.
This valuable human being likes to have fun now, one day she will want to be a mother.

Now she goes "Go go go"...

 I will go. I was going. to a place more valuable than your company. The smelly men's toilet.


What higher honor can ever be given to a woman?

Is "Ms. President" as honorable as "Mommy"?
Is "Ms. Teacher" as honorable as "Mommy"?
Is "Ms. Doctor" as honorable as "Mommy"?

Since this one will not be President anyway, that is out of the question.

Is slaving a life for a company more worthy that providing a good world to the children you brought in to life?

Is retiring from a state office as fullfilling as holding grandkids on your arm? 

Yes, she did not want to be a Mom. She did not want to be respected for her future motherhood. For providing a good home for a little innocent baby. No.

Now, there are some women who choose this route. They become worthy members of the society. there has always been nuns. There always is a portion that goes this route. But going this route does not affect the value of motherhood a bit. And eagle not flying does not mean eagles are not meant to fly, nor does it mean flying is an insult to eagle. It means this eagle decided not to fly. 

But this one.

She wanted more.

She wanted a woman to have more meaning than being a good human being, being a good woman, being a good partner, a good companion, a good mother.

So what did she do?

Drunk like a blue whale in a sea of beer.
Smells like a pissed on barbecue.
Fucks like a rabbit, with worse selection criteria.
Attitude you would find in stories about kings posessed by the devil.

Accuses guys like me for being an asshole, for respecting motherhood.

Calls me an asshole,

Without having the slightest clue that in her decision that she will be more than "Best Mommy of the World", in her decision no only that but that that phrase is an insult to her over evolved existence; with her actions she has dictated her value;

She not only has no value as mother, she has no value as a female, I don't give two shits about her value as a human being, but her only value...

Her only value, gotten by her decisions, choices and entitled attitudes,


A cumbucket to deposit cum that has been deposited into a cumholding plastic bag.

Not even a Cumbucket worthy of cum....

But yea, guys like me seeing mothers as valuable, as honorable, are assholes.

Funny isn't it, in their disgust for their highest honor, they have managed to fuck their value to a point that is less valuable than a fleshlight.

I might be an asshole, but my soul smells like flowers compared to the stinky soul of the modern emancipated putrid cunt.


There are two balls attached to the body that embodies the asshole.
This misogynist respects womanhood way more that the modern strong independent emancipated putrid cunts will ever respect, even for a second. 

In this day and age, it is guys like me who are called misogynists, men who respect motherhood, respect mothers, respect bringing life to heart, nourishing it, having a shoulder to cry on as a baby, having a lap to lie on as a kid,

It is women like that who have fucked the value of womanhood past below a plastic hole to cum in, are strong, independent, progressive, emancipated. Not men who have oppressed women by dying in wars in millions.

Calling them vagina life support systems, is an insult to vaginas, an insult to life, and insult to any kind of  support, and insult to systems. An insult to existence.

Good job!

Great job!


That my friend is willing to fuck her means nothing. He is just fulfilling her function.

A bucket of cum.

I could have answered

"Women are for fucking",

But in reality, thinking of life and existence, that is not what I believe.

In the picture of life, 

"Women are for being mothers" is what I believe.

Bringing a new life to the world is a gift, is to be cherished, is to be respected, is what I believe,

And I am the misogynist. 

Funny world.


  1. For someone who is obviously not a native-English language speaker, you have a poetic way with words.

    Excellent post, finn!

  2. Keoni Galt has commented.

    I am honored.

  3. Wow, what a prize she is...then again...maybe not. : )

  4. I must put my two cents in, given that I am one of those eagles who decide not to fly. I too take offence in the idea that my only or greatest value is being a mother, a womb to another woman or a man to be born. If a woman's highest value is to bring up children, then what is the point of them growing up? They all grow up to be a pack of cunts in the end, at least at a very high probability rate, often despite their parents best efforts. (Both of them.) If the highest value of a human being is to produce more humans, then there's something very wrong with the system.

    I want to be a woman known for raising more than just her children, raisin awareness rather than children, someone who cares for people despite their age or genetic bond to her, and who, at the end of it, becomes somewhat of a mother to everyone she interacts with. Like someone said: "Pieni on sen äidin syli johon ei mahdu kuin omat lapset" as in "Small is the lap of a mother who hasn't got room for anyone but her own children".

    1. That's funny. Because every mother(good mother) says their greatest accomplishment is their children. Try having kids, it may change your view on life (for the better) ;)


    2. At least do not make shadow in the sun.