Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Respect is earned.

Sometimes the risk to take action is so low that not taking that risk will make a man lose all the hard earned respect from his fellow men.

Do men want to hang out with another man who has shown he will take the risk,

Or do men want to hang out with another man who will rationalize not taking the opportunity which has minimal risk?

Who do you trust?

Who do you respect.

Empathy, maybe. Respect?

I am sitting on a table that has me, and four other girls, three of them some of the best in the venue.

I introduce the Racoon to the table, a little chat later he goes to the table across ours to chat with a girl he knows.

That second table has three girls and a boy.

I recognize one of the girls. The girl in the middle is a girl the Tortoise was talking about.

Tortoise is very fond of the brunette.

Here is the setting:

Racoon has friends on a very attractive table, mine. Racoon knows Brunette's friend on the second table, who is apparently fond of the Racoon.

Perfect setting for:

"Hey, you girls met the Tortoise?" to be leashed out onto the second table.

One sms, and Tortoise is on our side of the bar.

"Tortoise, is that not the girl you been talking about?"

"Yea man. she is"

"Good. Look, Racoon knows her friend, they have been seeing us here with attractive girls, our references are excellent, the logistics are perfect. Racoon will go and talk to her friend again, and a minute later you go talk to Racoon, and he will introduce you to them. There is your open door"

"No man"

"Come on. Racoon is good with this. Remember what he did to Rabbit"

"No man"

"Man this is a lifetime chance"

"No man"

"Look, there is no risk. It is the best possible set up"

"No man"

Nothing worked. We could not get him to agree to the setup.

It hurt. It hurt like a bitch.

A man afraid of his own shadow?

A man so afraid to face the fact one little girly bit might not have interest in him

I can sympathize with a man not approaching.

I cannot sympathise with a man chickening out even if the approach has been done. I will not sypmpathise.

I cannot. 


The men I respect the most are the men who take the leap in face of fear. Any kind of fear. Any aspect.

Fear never changes.

Fear never leaves.

Fear is always there.

What matters is what a man does in face of fear.

Chicken out,

Or leap in.. to the burning hole?

Especially in this case where there is no hole, no burn, no..., just three steps and a handshake.

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  1. Seems like a bad case of the NOD-syndrome. :D