Friday, September 23, 2011

Non-Smelly media: One good step forwards, for a thousand that were backwards

Prayer ban in break room not discrimination

Hell yea!... Now the multiculti cultists and the diversity worshippers will spill on the streets.

The National Discrimination Tribunal has ruled that a ban on prayer in employee break rooms is not an act of discrimination.

Well. It is not. I don't want you to pray where I drink my coffee, or do it praying silently without going through the motions, and asking me to be silent cause it disturbs you.

Your freedom ends where my discomfort starts. Oh... You say that is not freedom? Welcome to our world.

What if a catholic would show up with an orgel and a swinging smoke lantern to the coffee table? Yea yea, I know you got asthma.. I mean you contracted it today.

The ruling followed a complaint filed by an individual claiming to have been subjected to discriminatory practice when he and fellow Muslim employees were banned by their employer from holding prayers on the job or in the employee break room.

I really want to ask this individual about the situation of the churches, synagogues, and various other temples in the place where he is coming from. Don't even want to ask about what would happen on a tea break if a catholic would start with "Hallelujah"...

What about using your right to delay your prayer because of unfitting circumstances? It is allowed. Näää... Gotta make it an "in your face" thing.

According to the Tribunal, the employer did not permit employees of any faith to hold religious ceremonies at work. For this reason, it ruled that the complainant had not suffered discrimination.

Christmas season is upon us...

Now we are waiting for the somehow orchestrated effect of diverse pressure points to exercise their diversity and ban hundreds of years of Finnish traditions of the Christmas cake.

They already did away with Santa Claus in many kindergardens.

Right, right; I know that Christmas is not a multiculti approved celebration. But the cakes taste good. Come on. At least let me have my cake. We can name it CamelCake.

The Discrimination Tribunal said that use of a common employee break room for Muslim prayers would mean that employees who do not share that faith would be forced to be present at religious functions that were not their own. The Tribunal noted that no one can be obligated to attend a religious ceremony.

Please, please let these diverse enrichers try to go after the christmas celebrations. Please let them make that extra step. Please, so that the tolerant will see the intolerance of those they dine'n'wine'n'tolerate.

All in all,

This has been one good step amongst far too many jumps backwards.

One good news to celebrate, if there will be more like this coming.

I celebrate, but I will not hold my breath for the second good news.

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