Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smelly Media: Mine mine mine mine, the seagulls from Nemo, in Finnish Politics

Kiviniemi: Hard to work with Finns Party

Centre Party chair Mari Kiviniemi has written in her blog that her party finds it difficult to work with the other opposition party, the Finns.

Let me tell you the story of the little sister and big brother who wanted the unbaked cookies that were still dough.

The little sister goes to the kitchen, sees the dough. She likes the dough, so takes the whole plate and goes to the garden to eat it raw.

The younger brother sees this, and knows it is not a good idea for his sister to eat the whole dough raw. Eating all of the cookies is bad enough for her stomach, eating the dough will totally upset it. Besides, the daddy, mommy and the little brother also would like to have some cookies in the evening.

"Big sister" says little brother;"You should not eat all the unbaked cookies"

"Mine, all mine" says big sister

"But, it will upset your stomach"

"Mine, all mine" says big sister

"But daddy, mommy, me and Big Billy also would like to eat some cookies"

"Mine, all mine" shouts big sister

"Look, you will have tummy ache all night, you are not sharing, we want some piece of the cookie also, sister, fair share, you can still have half of my share"

"Mine, all mine" shouts big sister

The mother, hearing all the crying comes to see big sister crying, asks what is happening, and big sister points at Little Lenny and tells mommy

"Little brother here does not want to compromise"

Big brother, having eaten all the baked cookies of the family of last week, together with the sister, stands in the background clapping hands and cheering. 

Two days after big sister ate almost all the dough, and big brother munched on the leftovers, they are still in bed, clutching their tummys, the health officials have indefinitely banned cookie baking because of this incident, when mommy comes with tummy medicine, sister complains:

"Why does my tummy hurt? It's all little brother's fault"

Big brother cries

"Why cant we have more cookies? It is all because of evil little brother"

Little brother lies in the corner, feeling lonely, and never will be able to eat a cookie, something he never even tasted. On top of his loneliness and hunger, he is also being blamed for something he had no mouth hand in doing.


SDP presidential candidate, former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, thanked Kiviniemi for taking a stand on the issue. Commenting on Kiviniemi's blog statement, Lipponen said that this was the talk of "a civilised party's chair".

There is never only one seagull..

"It seems that the Finns Party Parliamentary Group is not willing to distance itself from its far-right elements," Lipponen surmised

Is there one left/centre party that has distanced itself from far-left elements?

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