Monday, September 26, 2011

Where simple objective logic leads us to

Was chatting with some friends in a coffee place when the topic of Dominique Strauss-Kahn came up. Since I was not really following the chat, I was busy texting, I missed the point how the topic started.

Here is an approximate break down:

Boy: Yea, look what happened to Dominik Strauss Kahn
Girl: Yea, he had it totally coming.
Boy: Yes, he is an evil man. Very intelligent.
Me: So, him having sex with a prostitute makes it ok for him to get his life destroyed by a woman lying?  (The next sentence is the reason I retired from the conversation, and just listened. Talking to a brick wall is useless.)

Girl: He was also married, yes?
Boy: Yes he was.
Girl: So he totally deserved it.
Boy: He deserved it. But you know, everybody is doing it.
Girl: I don't believe that. But if you do it, you had it coming.

And the similar ideas continued for a few more minutes, when the chat turned around to rescuing Africa.

So, let's see this logic of the girl:

A man has made a permanent bond with a woman, provide for her better than many princesses get provided for. He establishes another temporary bond to be with a second woman provides her with lunch money. Because of establishing a second, temporary bond, he deserves to get his face in the public as a rapist, he deserves to be dragged to court, he loses his job that has taken him a lifetime to achieve, upon found innocent, no newspaper puts a similar sized news out as his news of his accusation.

So, your life gets destroyed because you cheated on your wife, temporarily.

Now, if I follow this logic,

A woman forms a bond with a better earning man; she goes and makes a sexual bond with another man. In this case, shall she be dragged through the streets naked, and then be prostituting herself to men the husband chooses, for the amount (His yearly earning - her yearly earning) x years together / hourly going rate of average prostitute?

A woman forms a family bond with a man; but the family's sperm comes from another. In this case, shall her womb be put into public use for any random man who wants a child but does not want to deal with the mother? After that, forced sterilization.

These are not good examples.

But here is one:

So, the man makes a lifetime bond with a woman. He temporarily suspends it. And his achievements of a lifetime are destroyed, risks prison, and risks rape, even death.


So, a woman makes a life (not lifetime) bond with a baby. Aborts it. Breaks the life bond. With the same logic as the above girl put out, it simply follows that what this woman deserves is that her bond to life is severed.

See, I do not subscribe neither to the girl's attitude, neither to the logical conclusion.

But if you are going to be consistent in your ideas, then logic follows logic, and if cheating is punished by prison and loss of livelihood and prison rape, then abortion is punished by death, cuckoldry by sterilization, false rape accusation by the cutting of the tongue etc.

Like I said, these are not my ideas, I am just adding 2 and 2 and finding nothing else but 4.  

As an addition: Here you have a prime example of the strong and independent western female's mentality.

Look to another woman, have your eyes gorged out,
Touch another woman, have your hand cut,
F%&k another woman, have your balls strung,
Pay another woman, lose your job, your freedom, etc etc...

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Disclaimer: As I mentioned above, I am not advocating any of the logical conclusions I put forward. I am merely stating what follows the girl's logic; which btw, I deem criminal, and enough to strike someone from my list of acquaintances to be held on good regard.

I repeat: I am not advocating for these logical conclusions. In a sense, this girl, and many other girls who laugh at men who get their penises cut off, are.

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