Monday, June 07, 2010

The Princess - Part 4 - Epilogue

All said and done, in the end it was my failure to fail to obtain what i wanted for some short term pleasure.

I had my chances, I blew them; incidentally she had her chances on other times, and she blew them.

Mistakes, bad timing, bad choices, and other factors stopped the interaction from moving forward.

The make out was fun, I'll settle for that.

Her friend, acting weird all the time, gave signals for me to move forward with the princess, sometimes these signal were for herself.

No intention on my side... Though, I admit, in a weak moment, I did consider bedding the spidey, but a ten second moment is not worth dwelling on too much. (That was before Monobrow)

The interesting thing is the night of the endgame.

Princess flirting with me, spidey acting funny, the guy in the group jealous of the two girls, and trying to assess the situation, sometimes bordering agressive but never passing the line.

End of the night, princess is trying to leave but gets sucked towards me. I, by now know there is something going on, and this is acknowledged by spidey telling me princess has a "decent man" in her life now, and that I should let her go, like in "set her free".

Now it made sense, why the guy in the group was so irritated, besides me flirting with spidey also, and why spidey was acting funny and princess looked confused all night.

For me, there is no big loss, never wanted something more than the horizontal tango with those beautifully long legs.

The decent man though, he sadly is in for a rude awakening. It may not be me, but it will be somebody like me who will one day enjoy the woman he is building his life around now.

It may not be me, cause there are way too many attractive women out there to bother with a taken one. And then, there's gotta be some decency even in a one night stand.

I walked home, singing to myself, "Another one bites the dust", cheerful in my own heart, but somehow feeling sorry for another decent man's inevitable suffering.

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