Friday, June 18, 2010

You made your bed

I was walking in town with a friend, when he showed me the girl standing on the other side of the street with a middle eastern douche by her side.

He said "Damn she is gorgeous, but I always see her with an Apache by her side"

Apache is the nick used for middle eastern douchbags by these new age Apaches' countrymen, or anybody else, now that I've made my mission to distribute knowledge. So, nothing racist, really. More to the fucking core!

What is a douchebag you ask? This.

I said, "She may be gorgeous, but a woman choosing to bed that kind of guy is not worth my dick"

He, "Come on.. You'd do her"

Me, being tired and hungover from a legendary drunkness from the previous night "If on the day she hits on me, I am not disgusted, then maybe. Now, I am simply, fucking disgusted"

Thinking it over last night made me come to the conclusion that if I recognize her when we ever interact, the disgust will be ever present.

Which is true, and is necessary.

Pussy has value, men want pussy. We want to shag.

A pussy that has welcomed that penis, is not worth my dick. Simple.

You lady, just have fucked your value away.

You made your bed, and I will not lie in it.

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