Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A clarification on the sexual oppression of women

"Screw you! Women have been sexually oppressed by society for centuries"



So who were the men having sex with?

If women were sexually oppressed, who were the men having sex with?


The oppression of women who anyway have a lower sex drive* than women is the easiest way to oppress male sexuality, which is by nature oppressed and controlled by female sexuality/female choice anyway.

(*sex drive is different than "being sexy" drive)

It is a double effect.

First, female sexuality controls male sexuality under any circumstance;
Then you control female sexuality, making sex even scarcer for men.

Men, sexually frustrated, start putting effort into other venues, that will eventually get them a woman laid.

Civilization was built on the oppression of male sexuality and the promise of taking care of his family, once the oppression issue was handled through marriage.

"No" you will say, "men could go a find sex anytime with a prostitute"

Yea right.

First, that needs some disposable finances.

Second, a prostitute in the old days was not really what you would be putting any body part into, let alone touch with someone else's fingers.

In some places where the female sexuality is oh so oppressed, men are having their first experiences with donkeys, sheep, goats, and even chicken.

The lucky ones get to go to the bordello to be #57 for the prostitute for that day.


What a free sexuality.

Oppression of female sexuality was a reality.

It was necessary to control the men, to keep the men invested into society,and  to keep women's hypergamous instincts in check.

It was the main route to the successful oppression of the male sexuality.

As a side benefit, oppression of female sexuality, together with encouraged monogamy was the route to civilization.

To recap:

Women were sexually oppressed.


Men were already sexually oppressed by female sexual choice,
On top of that were indirectly sexually oppressed due to female sexual oppression,
On top of these, men were doing almost all the dying in the wars, and at work, on the sea, under the earth, chopping wood, carrying coal...

Oh, before I forgot, a man went to prison for his wife's crimes.

What a damn privileged life for men. Whoaa...


  1. namae nankaMarch 16, 2011

    and just who were the oppressors of women:


    and who then made out in the sexual revolution:

    "Oh, before I forgot, a man went to prison for his wife's crimes."

    And those who think that men had it in marriage, should read the legal subjection of men.

  2. Excellent link on the Social Pathologist.

    Interesting to note that almost everything we were taught about women is wrong.

    Ask women what they think, they will always say

    "It just happened"
    "It just happens"
    "It was meant to happen"
    "Butterflies in my stomach"

    It is the elder women who enforce female genital mutilation,
    It is the elder women who demand to see the bloody sheets.

    And it is the elder women who demand the boys go to fight for country and flag.

    (Yes, have not yet heard an older man say it, while numerous older women have said it without flinching an eye...)