Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My answer to Anonymous

Anonymous left a comment to my post about the Army's equality investigation

It is a lengthy comment, touching on many topics, so I will answer it here.

This whole blog is based by how women are not equal with men.

This whole blog is based on my experience in Finland that deivates from the cliche "It's clean. It's white. The winter is cold long and dark. The summer is beautiful and short. The women are gorgeous angels. The men are drunks"

Women and men should be equal in front of the law, but other than that?

Are they equal in the socio-sexual arena?


There are better blogs for this topic, which I will make a blogroll for, soon.

And now the army-card? In my opinion, nowadays Finnish army is a joke.

It may be a joke now. Especially after the investigation, it will turn into a joke. But it was not a joke, and even today, the training is not to be taken lightly.

A small number of eligible men for soldiering means that every soldier is valuable.

In these days, men (or boys) can´t stand army, it´s too much for them.

May be, but women shouting around "feminism", "equality", "we were oppressed", do not have to stand the army.

And the women who want to get to the army, have lowered physical standards to conform to.

The only place I know where the standards are same for both sexes is the firefighters. And there was only one woman firefighter in Finland some six years ago.

In this blog you have been critizised the whole time finnish women (girls around 18-22) beeing sexually equal with men and the whole time showed that girls are nothing but bang-bang-stuff.

A woman is not sexually equal with men.

For a man to have the sexual power over the other sex that any 21 year old attractive girl has, he has to rise to the achievement levels of Gene Simmons, Brad Pitt, Magic Johnson, etc.

A gatekeeper to heaven  can not be equal with the locksmith trying to get in. They can be complementary. But not same, not equal.

For a man to get laid, he needs the  skill,
For a woman to get laid, she needs to say yes, and not no.

In this blog the ages range from 18 to 40+, and the good women I have met, be it in my personal life, be it as friend's loved ones, I have not written about in here, and will not write about in here.

As a side factor,  a 50% divorce rate, and 25% of women being single should give an idea how well a given percentage of women is suited for long term.

And about the bang bang stuff,
I am merely respecting a woman's choices and treating her according to what she has decided her choice to be.

With her actions. Not her words, not her demands. Not her foot stomping, By her choices.

A playette is an oxymoron. It is like the butcher being proud that he managed to make the stray dog eat the big juicy slice of argentinian beef that he gave to the stray dog.

Well, you might be right about it.

More right than wrong. At least am being realistic.

There is Good woman and there is Entertainment.

Mistake is for a man to mix those two.
Take Entertainment into your life as Good Woman, say goodbye to your soul.
Take Good Woman into your life as Entertainment, be responsible for a lost soul.

The lines are not black and white, I took the two extreme cases, for the above phrase. Most women are in the gray area, but even they tend to lean to one side or the other. If you know how to spot the red flags and the green flags.

Always follow the lowest denominator policy.

 But you see, this society doesen´t help children (15-27 years old) to grow up and be adults.

I agree to that. When the village raises the kids, the kids do not rise.

I understood that you are about 32 years old. If you go out, and pick up girls who are around 20, you just can´t get any adult behavior. If you go and seek for kids, you get kids. This whole blog´s idea is based for that.

For me the best ages are somwehre around 24 to 28. Still young but has seen life. Something to talk about and some intimacy to be shared.

20 is good for some unattached fun, but that age is not good for settling with. At least here, where every woman is strong and independent.

And about that army-question, I don´t think that girls or women are suitable for army. They just don´t.

They are not. They only cause problems in the institution that is there for killing the enemy.
Childcare in the army? You must be s¤%tting me.

 I can´t deside if it´s more funny than pathetic to think that women are just as strong and fast that men are. In war, women just slow things down. I believe that Lotta-system should be womens army.

It is evil. Stupid. Self Genocidal.

If women want to go to the army, then draft for both sexes. Equal standards, equal requirements.

If women think the army is stupid, abolish the army, and let the next invading hordes into the country, with open arms legs.

If women cannot appreciate the men who died for society, then they have no right to live in the society.

If women can demand men to go to the army, then men can demand women produce 2.1 babies in average and stay with the father of their kids; same father for all kids.

And so on.

You see, women want this, women want that,
But wanting comes with a price. Right now men are paying all the price to get what, exactly?

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