Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smelly media: These boys will be drowning in poon / Cheapest way to get laid like Elvis

School boys fined for smoking

Five schoolboys in the south western Finnish municipality of Lieto have received fines for smoking in their school yard. Police intervened after the boys had ignored a ban on smoking in the school area given by teaching staff.

Rebel image due to smoking? Check
Rebel against rules? Check
Rebel against school authority? Check
Proof of being a bad ass? Check
Rebel against police? Check
Further proof of being a bad ass? Check

It is safe to presume they will be showered with poon until the end of high school.

Police say they may resort to issuing fines in the future if bans imposed by teaching staff are ignored. Fines imposed were around 50 euros.

And that is all it cost.

For a few years of unlimited free p¤%&y.

Clever kids, really.

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