Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smelly media: Dead men still can't dance

Defence Forces to be probed for equal opportunities

A first lieutenant of the Vekarajärvi garrison reportedly criticised Halonen on Monday. In the officer's view, being a woman, a “communist” and a defender of gay rights made her an unsuitable commander-in-chief.
Edit: After clarifying that "free speech" is not part of an army, and adding that an army that is preoccupied by equality loses that luxury of ultimate obedience, I continue with my original text:

Free speech?

If a soldier who has vowed to die for his country, has taken an issue with the president saying that the

Women and children often suffer most in war and conflict

How can you blame him?

I know a soldier has no right to his life, and is to do what told; hundreds of thousands of soldiers ran into entrenched machineguns in the first world war, just on one front 600.000 dead in three days due to the incompetency of the generals;  but he still shall have the right to utter an opinion without causing a whole army investigation. 

Added to the insult:
He will die, but others will suffer? 

At least recognition could be given. Now that, should not have been too hard.

I wonder what the use is of training men into killing machines, and then training the killing machines to be sensitive to womyn's feelings.

Seriously, instead of investigating how all this eqwalitee and gay rights activism is affecting the army's effectiveness and the soldier's morale, an investigation is underway on how women feel in the army.

Are you training soldiers that will kill, or are you training sensitive men whose first line of duty is not to offend the strong and independent womyn.

I tell you, that makes one hell of a soldier.

Why not let all the womyn do the soldiering and getting blown up so they can have all the eqwalitee they want?

We man can cook.

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