Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smelly media: Eqwaliteee

Finland is the country where men and women are equal.

Equality is a cherished aspect of Finnish life.

The army even runs an equality investigation (without requiring women to be drafted of course)

Even if the following news report is to be celebrated as a step forward to real equality, it actually shows what kind of farce the celebrated conventional equality is.

New rights upcoming for biological fathers

The Ministry of Justice is looking at new legislation that would give biological fathers the right to be recognised as a child's parent, even if the mother objects, writes the daily Turun Sanomat.

In many discussions about father rights and obligations, I was told "He should have kept it in his pants", immediately followed by "She is the mother.".

So, when it comes to obligations, the man should have kept it in his pants,

But when it comes to rights, the woman is the mother owner of the child.

This though is a small step forward to men having the same reproductive rights as women, and women having the same obligations as men.

Markku Helin, a legislative counsellor at the ministry, told the paper that the new law may also extend to cases in which the mother is married, but the father is not her spouse.


The law possibly was in place (legislated at 1976), "For the good of the child"

The rights of the biological father? Who cares?

The rights of the husband who is raising someone else's dick vomit? Who cares.

"For the good of the child" went out the window when the woman decided to fuck around behind her husband.

See, we do not know if the man she impregnated herself from knew of the marriage, nor do we know if the husband knew of the man incubating her with his gene carrier,

We do know that she knew that she was married.

But, eqwaliteee dictates that the woman can do whatever she wants, and everyone else will suffer and pay for it.

"Back then, five percent of children were born outside of wedlock. Now, that figure is 40 percent," Helin pointed out.

Even if some of the out of wedlock children are living in two parent families, many are living in single parent households.

Eqwaliteee advocates will claim that a single parent family is as functional as a two parent family.

This is the idiocy that we are dealing with.

Fathers currently have few means to press for legal recognition if a child is born outside of wedlock and the mother refuses to allow a paternity test. As for a child born to a woman married to another man, the biological father, if he is not her spouse, has no rights whatsoever.

But he has to pay child support, even if it is only one or two hundred euros a month.

See, rights are the mothers', obligations are the fathers'.

The husband? Is the end of the line for his ancestors.

So, if it takes two to tango, if he should have kept it in his pants, why are we not giving the father the right to know? The husband the right to know?

Why are we not saying, "Hey woman, you should have kept your legs closed"

According to Statistics Finland, there are some 106,000 people in the country who have no legally registered father.

In a country of 5.000.000,

Add to this the estimated 10+% where the official father is unaware that he is not the biological father

106.000 children were denied their right to a father.

Where are the eqwaliteeeists shouting "For the good of the child!!!"???

They busy shouting that we should help single mothers to make their children equal to the married parents' children.

Eqwalitee means, some are more equal than others.

Women denying children their fathers,
Women denying fathers their children,
Women making men raise others' children,

Is fair in the name of eqwalitee.

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