Monday, March 13, 2006

Indeed open mindedness...

Finns do have a broad view of the term „black man“

Lastly, a white Caucasian European with black hair was called “Vitun neekeri”….

The master... The bastard...

It was a night of limoncello and raki..

Then we moved to Onnela…

And there she was.

Somewhere between thirty to forty…

And extreme interest into me…

And there I was talking to my friends.

She comes in from the side, smiles at me, and before I can turn to see who is standing besides me, she looses the balance, and falls back…

There I was, putting my hand forward to lift her up.

Lifted her up, and with a commanding voice, and a serious face, showed her a bar stool, pointed at it,, and said “Istu.” – “sit”

She looked at me like a puppy looks at the master, and went to the stool looking at me with her jaw open.

I continue chatting with my friends, apparently something she did not expect.

Half a minute later she is up by my side, smiling and blabbering something, while I was saying in finnsih “me talk friends with”, and the people around me starting to laugh loudly, she lost her balance…

And there I was again, putting my hand forward, lifting her up..

Showing her another bar stool, and this time, serious hard voice, “Instu … nyt” - “sit… now”

Obeyed again, with that look on her face. Sat down, made a move telling me to come there..

I did not, continued chatting with people, who by this time were red in the face…

Ten seconds later she gets up, and this time finds herself a railing to hold on so she would not fall…

I go over to the bar, as I do not want to shout to women,

“Hey look, “ I told the barmaid.. “there is this one woman there troubling me, pissed drunk, unable to stand.. What do I need to do to get her out the place?” – If guys act like it, they get kicked out, but I suppose a woman is seen as free pussy, so she is seen as community service and has the right to stay…

“Is it the woman with the funny hair” she says.. What else can I say?
Go back to the buddies, and tell her once more


She sits… only three breaths long… Gets up, gets to the dance floor…

Then I get a slap on my shoulder, and an angry shout,


It never felt so good to hear the words “Bastard….”

Later she hooked a handsome man in his late twenties… Some men are born desperate.

Shouldn’t principles be standard?

So, Finland announced the number of traffic violations the foreign diplomatic agencies had received, but had not paid. And due to the diplomatic immunity, these fines cannot be forced to payment. So, I assume, a solution was found, in publicly announcing these numbers, causing humiliation and shame in the diplomatic circles, resulting in payment.

In those, Turkey ranked fifth, with 30 unpaid fines.

And this made it to the public papers.

The downside is: the diplomatic institution of the same country, imposing honesty and rule abidance to its visitors, Finland, has received 546 fines in Turkey, of which 45% are parking violations, and only 8% have been paid.

The unpaid number is higher than 500… You do the math.

For me, this is not a big thing, but it also shows that principles are bendable.