Saturday, January 28, 2012

The EUcrats are not totalitarian, continues the media to claim

Of course they are not totalitarian, they are post-totalitarian... They passed the points of totalitarianism long time ago; the only difference is that since the citizens of the EU are sheeple, we do not see the brown shi(r)ts, or the army control of fascism.

EU Commission demands changes to Finnish driving laws

The European Commission has referred Finland and Portugal to the EU's Court of Justice over their failure to adopt national legislation updating 2009 driver's license requirements.

Ahh. the EU courts of justice, of human rights... The overlord of all of us. 

Finland has yet to fully transpose a directive into law that will ease requirements for people with deteriorated eyesight, diabetes and epilepsy to gain licenses. The deadline to amend rules on driver's licenses was in September 2010.


Look, all around us is white in daytime, and very bad visibility in darkness due to all the lamps on the street getting reflected into your eyes from all sides... and it is dark for 16 hours, at some point.

The windshields are frozen, it takes time to defrost totally...

And so on.

And the EUcrats sitting in Brussels of course once again want to change laws they have no idea about. 

The 2009 amending directive represents an advantage to those with these conditions because it adapts previous fitness requirements to scientific progress made in the treatment of these impairments.

Yea... Just like men have to do 20 pushups in the army and women 20 pushups from the knees.

One thing is forgotten though:

Just like army equipment does not discriminate between sexes, sunlight coming in from 15degrees (summer mornings, straight into your eye) does not discriminate between eyesight.


EUcrats, here is one more thing:

Mandatory headlights.  Headlight are mandated to be on all the time; in summer to counter the low hanging nightsun, and in the winter the non-present light.

You know, it increases emissions, those 50watt lamps.

Ban the usage of mandatory on headlights!

You got the power!

Friday, January 27, 2012

One question about illegals; and an interesting wordplay of the stinky as usual media

Russians bringing West Africans into Finland illegally?

Read the title, then read the quotes. I mixed up the order of the quotes.


Last September, the Border Guard of South Eastern Finland apprehended two Ivoirians who arrived on the Allegro train at the Vainikkala border crossing point in Lappeenranta. Their passports contained forged visas and Greek residence permits. A third Ivoirian immigrant was detained separately. They have since applied for asylum in Finland.

One question to the human rightists:

These people decided to break the laws of the target country before even having entered it.

What does that say about the prediction of their future behavior or intent?

Will entering Finland suddenly change a law breaker into a law abiding person?

And since you, the human rightists will be up and ready, fully armed with rhetoric to save these souls,

I want to ask you,

What about us, the law abiding immigrants? The working immigrants who are not parasiting off the system, who are not asking the host culture to adapt to us, the ones who do not show up on police or perpetual welfare statistics?

What wrong did we ever do to you that our rights are not worth dogcrap to you?

Are we not vibrant enough?

Is our non-vibrancy actually bad because us not making it to the statistics undermine your funding and feel good ideology?

A Rwandan-born Russian citizen who arranged the trips was arrested a few days later on suspicion of aggravated arrangement of illegal immigration. He was detained when he tried to leave Finland

Why does the title then not say "Russia based criminal gang", "Criminal New-Russians" etc, but says "Russians"?

I am aware that the Russians will not let anybody run an illegal operation without their consent, but the officials did not catch an Ivan, did they?

Is this not undeserved racial profiling against the ethnic Russians when already they got stamped on the stereotype of being criminals?

Or, is it ok for Russians to be stereotyped, because their race is not a protected one?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Control the words, control the vote; media guiding the sheeple

Spotlight on Finland's 2012 presidential election

Should read

Guiding light for the sheeple on Finland's 2012 presidential election

Let's see:

In the decisive second round of the Finnish presidential election on February
5, Pekka Haavisto of the Green League is challenging long-time frontrunner
Sauli Niinistö of the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP). Both can
be seen as representing the pro-EU, affluent, urban elite of southern
Finland, leaving many voters without a candidate they can firmly support. So
who are these men and what are the real differences between them?
The news outlet, in light of its previous writings is talking of course about the proletariat having no candidate to vote for.

Of course, the proletariat had two candidates to vote for, but that is conveniently ignored.

What is also ignored is the people who never had a candidate, or had their candidate under attack by the media; the non-PC crowd:

Here are some people who are also missing a vote:

The ones who think Finland is not a "Schlaraffenland" that should distribute its hard earned wealth with a mass of unassimilables, unintegratables, unemployable and uneducatables. The only candidate who would be representing them had a legendary counter-campaign run against him from whole media, politic bodies and social institutions. And he got 10%.

The ones who think that state and state protected corporate monopoly should be broken up through competition.

The ones who think that a welfare state in a country of 5 million running on 2.500.000 million working age people, out of whom 250.000 are unemployed and 250.000 are in early retirement/disabled retirement/psychological retirement cannot continue. 

The ones who think in any way (bit more) other than PC MC diktats have no candidate. Screw candidate, they have no free speech.

Haavisto: In registered partnership with Ecuadorian-born hairstylist Nexar
Antonio Flores since 2002. First openly gay presidential candidate.
Just like there will be people voting for him because a gay president will make Finland look good; there will be people voting against him because he is gay. As a coincidence, the people I know on facebook who were supporting Obama just because he is black are the same people who support Haavisto. Just a little observation. 

The important stuff:
Key issues

Niinistö: Fiscal austerity, lower taxation, competitiveness, EU
unity. Believes the presidential right to pardon prisoners should be revoked
and that stronger action should be taken against illegal strikes. Questions
the right of same-sex couples to marry. Considered to be pro-EU and

Haavisto: Conflict resolution, tolerance, the environment,
gender-neutral marriage. Favours a strong EU, firmly opposes Finnish NATO
Let's translate:

Niinistö: Hard choices that may give some chance to future generations, letting the productive have more of what they earned instead of Robin Hooding it into the black hole of welfare (note: they will never touch the taxes of the elite),  EU unity ueber alles. Presidential pardon of prisoners is of no interest to me, no translation; illegal strikes are illegal, and in a country with unions stronger than God, at least something should be left for the state to do. Am not sure about the gay couples marrying. What next? Adoption of male gay couples when we let fathers rot alone in their home when a bitter mother is involved. Pro-EU (we're screwed), Pro-Nato (at least he thinks that when one day China decides to walk, and Russians choose the east over west,  something shall be done against it.

Haavisto: Kumbayya, kumbayya, kumbayya, gays want to suffer through divorce, it is their right, strong EU (translator input error...), when Chinese decide to walk and the Russians decide to join them, we will stay at the borders, light some incense sticks and sing Kumbayya.

What is more interesting is what the media portrays as other important issues:

"Gay couples should have the right to marriage, not just registered

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
Seriously, who the fuck cares? Marriage is dead.

Foreign woman, finnish man: 30% divorce rate
Finnish woman, finnish man: 50% divorce rate
Finnish woman, foreign man: 70% divorce rate

Children to unmarried mothers through the roof, single motherhood state encouraged,

And I am to care about gay getting married? Hell, let them suffer like straight men suffer through divorce and all, can't care a bit.

And this is the important topic?

"Rescuing the planet requires giving up on the goal of constant growth."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
Finns were 3 million in 1910... 5 million in 2010... now that is some growth.

If Haavisto is talking about places where mothers are breeding faster than rabbits, yes, I agree. But, he is not.

Fuck me if I am curtailing my already low consumption when some man somewhere is making 15 kids when he can't feed 1.

"The president should more strictly demand that China respect human
rights, even if it would harm economic ties."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.

It won't harm economic ties, it will make things a bit more just. You can't have a free market when one side is regulated to death, and the other is subsidized to be totally free.

You either need to deregulate the regulated to death part, and let it breathe, or regulate the worker killing environment destroying, colonizing side.

"The president's spouse should have a visible role in society."

Niinistö: Agree somewhat.
Haavisto: Completely disagree.

Yes, our third biggest issue...
Well, I,for one, want to know who my president chose (or was able to get) for a relationship.

"Finland will be a more difficult place for today's youth to succeed
than it was for their parents."

Niinistö: Somewhat disagree.
Haavisto: Completely agree.
One thing is for sure, the grandparents worked like dogs to make this place, the parents worked like dogs to make this place but voted the socialists and the Kumbayya chorus in, so will the youth work? Be able to work? Be able to make a difference? Or just sit back, sing Kumbayya, roll a joint, and open the welfare check?

"A president should be prepared to give up on his or her privacy."

Niinistö: Agree somewhat.
Haavisto: Completely disagree.
Same as above.
a president's private life is important if the same man/woman in the same suit/dress is supposed to lead a country.

So, after the president's own declarations of important topics, which can be summed up as

N: "Something needs to be done"
H: "Kumbayya";

The media tells us about the most important factors:

Gay marriage
Environmentalism and west's sacrifice
China's human rights (not environment?...)
President's spouse
Jobs for youth compared to their parents' when they were young
President's private life.

Maybe they should have added what the candidates think about the sex tapes from the Finnish Big Brother Show, would make a nice fitting addition.

In the end, the whole election is about

A man who was married to Miss Finland, only to marry another;
A man who is gay.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Intermission: Control the words.... (no media link)

Will write a post about the elections and what the two successful candidates are saying,

Before that, want to remind you about all the cries that the left has gone unrepresented, and the workers have gone unrepresented.

Since we have universal suffrage, i.e.: worker, employer, employee, jobless, retired, parasite; all get to vote;

And the two left candidates got 14% in total, (since calling the Greens not left is wordplay, nothing else, and they got a whopping 20%)

To say that the left has gone unrepresented and the workers have gone unrepresented is wordplay; it is dishonest journalism, partisan journalism, ideological debauchery...

See, the votes tell us these things:

The workers did not want to vote for what the left stands for (for a second, considering the Greens are not counted as left, which is a ridiculous assessment)

The left did not want to vote for what the left stands for

The left, the all knowing totalitarian well meaning left, only comprises 14% of the population, not the majority of the people. The left is not the people's party.

Even counting the Greens as left, the left gets 34% in total... Still not enough to actually say "the majority wants socialism"

The pro-finn party got 10%, which is a tipping point, and set only to rise.


The left is represented,

The worker is represented,

They just do not want the left to represent them.

Considering that this country is an up until now somewhat successful welfare state in a love affair with socialism, bridled with fitting state propaganda (called the Finn consensus),

Is this not the left's

Epic fail?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Control the language, control the minds - Media -

The strength of the media comes from its access to millions of minds, and these minds' susceptibility to subtle messages.

Besides hatchet jobs, another way a successful attack can be managed is by ridicule. If you can't destroy your enemy, ridicule him. will have the same effect.

Media controls the words that go into the minds of millions, and if it is a state owned almost monopoly media, the effect is catastrophic.

Now we have the presidential election season in Finland, and of course the media is the nuke in this race.

Let's see some examples:

News report: Finns' love affair with euroscepticism fading

Look at the word selection. "Love affair".. intended to make the 20% vote jump of the Finns party a juvenile interest by the Finns. A joke. Nothing serious...

"Looka here, the rightist populist dimwit did not even get 10% of the vote... Hiyyaaa... did you have enough with your immature play of wanting a genuine government and a leadership that lookes out for you, not some other xenohead" is the message.

Simple, subtle, ultra effective. and treacherous.

But as we will see in later news, things are not a simple. The "rightwing populist dimwit" may be more tolerant than is portrayed by the fully hating media, his voters more intelligent than portrayed, and the almost 10% vote not that bad... P.s.: I use "dimwit" for a politician whose rightwing views I support (i.e. he is so on the left about tax issues, that just these policies would make him left of center.. but I digress), because that is what the media portrays him as, without using this word.

Once again: This is not what I think of him. I respect the man. I respect the party. And I think they fullfill a very important function in the treasonous waters of European politics where sovereignty is in the gutters and people's rights do decide on their own fate when departing from the party line has been decimated. It is the media that thinks otherwise of these "potato farmers", "tomato farmers".
The first round of the presidential election was a victory for National Coalition Party candidate Sauli Niinistö. The drama came as the Greens' Pekka Haavisto won the other berth in the second-round run-off. Pundits saw this as a backlash against last year's surge for the right-wing Finns Party.
Niinistö was always popular, where this Haavisto came from was a surprise to me. But to note for the next news, Haavisto is green.

Haavisto could get Soini's vote

The populist, right-wing Finns’ Party’s chair Timo Soini is considering whether to vote for the Green candidate Pekka Haavisto in the second round of the presidential election.

Soini received 9.4 percent of the vote in the first round. Soini and his party have been harshly criticised for members’ coarse comments about minorities of all kinds, so his position towards openly gay Haavisto came as a surprise to some observers.

Soini’s own poor showing, compared to his support at the parliamentary election, was not necessarily a verdict on his party and their values.

“Timo Soini’s campaign didn’t have the same energy and motivation as the Finns’ party did in the parliamentary election,” said YLE election pundit Ville Pernaa. “At the same time his supporters were never sure whether they wanted Soini to be president or to continue as the party chair.”

Emphasis mine.

So Soini got 9.4%. Rightwing populist racist party. (as the media portrays it)

And "minorities of all kinds"...

Uhhhmmm... No.

They do not talk about minorities that respect the Finnish culture. Not about minority members who respect the laws... Who work.. Pay taxes...

Ok, they do talk some about the Swedish speaking minority who has had a disproportionate control of the economy and the politics and has been the main driving force in this enriching limitless immigration movement, thinking that minorities will support other minorities, namely the Swedish minority.

The one minority that the party members have talked against is the protected minority. And talking about that protected minority is enough to end careers. And lives.

That minority is not women (52% of society, what a minority), gays, lesbian, bis, transgenders, the chinese, the french, the cubans etc.

They spoke against the one minority which does not tolerate any other minority once it is a majority.

Thus, "minorities of all kinds" is correct once you factor that in.

Yea, am talking about "birds" from the Hitchcock's movie, the Birds. Nothing else. you know those Birds flying in the sky? Yea, that is what I am talking about. Look at what they did in the movie; those birds.

Pundit: Left's election result 'catastrophic'

Once again.

Catastrophic for the left? (Yes. Deservedly so)

Catastrophic for Finland? (Why?)

Two candidates from the left got 14% of the votes in total. I repeat: Two candidates. But the Finns candidate, Soini, who got 10% by himself, when his voters do not want to see him as a president with no powers but a prime minister who can do something, is the sign of the end of the "love affair"?

This is partisan journalism, nothing else.


Note the grouping of left in the next news:

Finland to choose between liberal and conservative in second round

The second round of Finland’s presidential election will be a battle between
conservatives and liberals, with Finland’s political left unrepresented.

Liberal not left? (in some point in history that may have been true)

Green party not left?

That is like calling Jesus a Roman Emperor.

If there is one in the socialist pact, it is the Greens.

If there is one playing by the communist's bible, it is the Greens.

If there is one supported by the (funnily pro-big-daddy-state) Antifa thugs, it's the Greens.

Hell, the God of Greens is Marx,

And the left is not represented?

You shitting me?

The left’s absence from the second round is unprecedented, with voters left
without a straight left-right choice for the first time.
Because, Green is a colour, not a political side?

”There is not a pure bourgeois versus socialist configuration,” said Pernaa.
“Now the battle is for the working class soul, in that neither Niinistö nor
Haavisto is a candidate working class voters can relate to.”

Guess which books out pundit reads?

Where his allegiance lies.

An ideology that has managed to kill more workers than any other ideology, in the name of workers.

“Niinistö is bourgeois and more conservative,” said Pernaa. “City-dwellers,
liberals, greens and those who swear by tolerance.

Intending to mean that Niinistö is intolerant.

Intending to mean that tolerance it the ultimate good, and end on itself.

I tell one thing,

In this socialized system, in this ueber-tolerant system (that tolerates everything except ones that stand up against real intolerance),

If these people get even more power, we are all f¤¤ked.

Once someone told that "Democracies (universal suffrage)are voting yourself to someone else's money"; a view that I fully believe in;

And as things grow, democracy has turned into voting yourself into voluntarily oblivion, voting your children to be countryless.

...Tolerance as the end of all... Fucking idiots. Assuming from their high seats of "We are better human beings", thinking all cultures are same and equal, that tolerance is a universally accepted and cherished idea, as an end by itself... It will be an end by itself.

The end.

"But i felt good, to sing kumbayya"

The end.

"But I was tolerant, and I sang kumbayya"

The end.

he end.

e end.






Monday, January 23, 2012

Walfared, but lonely; the living dead - Smelly Media-

Welfare! Social state! State support! Taking care of its citizens!

Ok, the last point I am not an enemy of, but there is a rule: "The rule of unintended consequences"

All this feel good policing... Giving support to single mothers to the extent that fathers are not needed (with basically all men forced to pay (PC: tax) women to have raise their dysfunctional womb turds), and so creating a generation of dysfunctional kids; is just an example of unintended consequences.

But there is a clearer one, which of course is once again downplayed by the media's left hanging di....

Elderly left in hospital care for Xmas

People are becoming increasingly reluctant to bring their elderly hospitalised
relatives home for Christmas. Hospitals say a clear change has been
witnessed over the past decade.
When the state takes over the responsibilities of families, at some point some (which turns out to be most) families will let those responsibilities go.

This is no surprise.

The state took over the care of the elderly, you know, in the name of the elderly. It was a task too much for families. I mean these families don't even have time for little babies, looking forward to the day some government worker will take on the role of parenting once the baby is 12 months old.

So now, these families are letting their elderly taken care of rot in the hospital for christmas.

Yes, daddy government can provide care, it can provide financial support, but can it provide the love and caring of a family?

Apparently in the quest for the welfare state, another casualty is the souls of the elderly. The body alive and taken care of, the soul rotting in loneliness, hoping for time to pass so that the nurse comes for vitals check, only to see some living being, even if this human is only there because the pay is doubled for Christmas days.

Tinsel and artificial Christmas trees decorate hospitals around the country
this holiday season. Work in the patients’ ward may be difficult, but the
personnel try to generate Christmas cheer— donning elf hats and singing
My respects go out to these people who are forfeiting their own families to take care of those in need.

Once more the question is,

Would those elderly want to be in the hospital between those white walls, alone except the people paid to be there, or would that elderly be with the children and the grandchildren, who sadly are more interested in playing with their new ipads instead of listening stories of a life lived through thick and thin?

How many lonely christmases would these elderly forfeit, just to have one christmas with the family?

Can daddy government give you love?

“We’re trying to make it feel at least a bit like Christmas would at home,”
says Merja-Liisa Kaaronen, who heads hospital services of Asikkala–Padasjoki
in southern Finland.
My respects.

Kaaronen says that part of the reason is the weak physical condition of the
hospitalised elderly. Patients’ health may not always allow for home visits. Long
distances also play a role.
There was a time overcoming these factors was a reason for pride in families, it was a way to show the elderly that they are loved and cherished.

Excuses do not hide the fact that an families are losing the first rule of families: Love and care.

Gimme my Ipad.

I know in some cases it is near to impossible o take care of some of the elderly in bad health conditions, but how many are that? How many are just that the strond and independent children just did not want to have the elderly around?

“Relatives often live far away, so family Christmas is not celebrated like it
was before,” Kaaronen notes.
Yea.  I take 12 to 24 hour long trips (one way) to see family.

These families that are reluctant to take these trips today, will get to feel what it is to be a lonely old person in the ward where living is more like breathing with a fying soul.

Will daddy government provide love to revive that soul?

Can daddy government cure this loneliness?

What other casualties of the "rule of unintended consequences" are there?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sister sister friend...

Girl looks at me. I look at girl. Gorgeours girl with white skin, black hair and shiny red lipstick.

"Who are you?" I ask
"I know you" she says

We forget about that. We chat. She has a boyfriend, but who cares, that kind of girl smiling and flirting with you is advertisement even for a God.

Some time later, after me showing a friend of hers telling her to introduce her to me..

"Do you know Jenny?" she asks... The name does not ring a bell.

"Ok. Ok. I know. Do you know Pamela" she asks... I think for a minute
"The curly one?"
"Yes yes. I knew I knew you"
"Small town eh" I say.

Pamela... ahh Pamela.. See, RedLips met me few years back when I was shamelessly hitting on Pamela; a night that is in my top ten drunk nights.

I am shamelessly hitting on Pamela, she is apparently enjoying and flirting back, when suddenly, during the chat, Pamela stops:

"Do you know Andrea"
"Andrea who?"
"Andrea this"
"...Yea...good girl"
"She's my big sis"

Had I not given her full info on where I am from, the sis flags would be flying on my balcony.

RedLips: "Do you know Pamela" when I am after RedLips,
Pamela: "Do you know Andrea" when I am after Pamela
Andrea: "And I was wondering when you'd come and talk to me"...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Got kicked out of Paradise

Damn. That is a gorgeous mulatto. And now I lost her. No she is there, on the other end of the bar, talking with two more giants, and a guy. The night is ending, it is now or never.

I find myself holding her arm and telling her something. Forgot what I said. Reception warm. The girls are volleyballers. All over 180, all having extremely sexy figures.

Mulatto and I chat for a minute, then I find myself chatting with another, who will likely play in the Olympics. The chats I had are hard to describe, just good mood.

Then I find myself heading out of the bar with Hera and Mulatto, and few others.

One thing follows the next, I am talking to their Jolie lookalike midget friend, Angelina,

"You with them?"
"You must be special if you can manage to play in the same team as these giants"

We cross the street, the fourth player continues her way, I am stopped on the street by a girl that I know, get rid of her, turn around.

Damn, there is no Mulatto in sight (primary target); no Hera (Eros would shoot me if I'd say no). Hey, Angelina is staying by the railing waiting for me.

I send the girl on her way, Angelina straightens up, and voila, we are holding hands.

First I think WTF, then I think "Voila!";

So Mulatto and Hera appear after a few minutes and we four move towards their hotel.

I am thinking to myself, I am not thinking anything.... I am just bathing with the moment. Mulatto in front, Hera in front, both have miniskirts, I have the tiniest of the bunch, who is also the cutiest (at least does not have paws instead of hands).

We get to their hotel's lobby door, the door opens, I get pushed inside.

Now, I am singing my national anthems.

We arrive in the room. I count four girls and one other guy who looks like he will pass out soon. 


Mulatto bends in front of me to get some food from the fridge, I pour some votka.

Then 3 more girls arrive with two more guys. So the first guy was the brother of one of the other teams' players.

I am sitting on the bed with Angelina, she's eating I am drinking.

Some chats, some fun,

And just when I was getting fired up,

Mulatto turn into the Mother Chicken. Gets up, claps her hands,

"We are sleeping in fifteen! Everybody out"; I still think I am staying when Angelina pushes me "Now time to go"...

I did not even see what hit me.

Suddenly I was standing outside with three female volleyballers, the brother and two random guys.

That is when I was thinking "Damn. Now I know how Adam felt"


Still, that night, my fall was cushioned.


Even then... Walking with a cutiepie holding your hand, two pairs of long bare legs in front of you, to a room where there is one more girl.... Then finding yourself out in the cold... Come on...

Friday, January 20, 2012

One of the sweetest shoot downs I got

Had a girl that I knew by face on my right, talked to her the first time that night, was entertaining myself with that chat,

Had a girl on my left, who I knew from the gym, but sadly she was smashed, and the chat with her was "Ah, if you are busy, I let you be".. me smiling..

Then, I saw her. Coming my direction. Two hipsters in front of her, one girl behind her. She looked at me, big big brown eyes, and smiled. That smile. I did not see her attempting to stop, and the two guys in front of her, it was not clear what they were.


I tickled her waist with two fingers, while getting entertained by two girls; one on left, one on right.

She acknowledged, smiled, and put her hand on one of the guys' shoulder.

Too bad I think, so I order a jaeger.

While I was waiting for it, I spot BrownEyes sitting on a table with other four girls, no guys in sight.

Take my jaeger, go to their table, push a chair with my feet and sit down.

Turn to the girl sitting beside BrownEyes,

"I'll take your friend for ten seconds", to which BrownEyes replies "Ten seconds";

"Give and take"

I tell her,

"The reason I am here is your smile."; her eyes open up;
"The reason I am late is that I do not know the story between the two guys in front of you" (I do, but I want to hear it)

"The guys after us" she says
"The guys in front of you" I say
"Yes they're after us"
"Looks the other way. So what's the story. Something going on there?"

She looks at me with those eyes like a puppy waiting for some playtime with hope;

"Hopefully something will happen"... said with a genuine hope.

"Hopefully he does not fuck it up, as guys tend to do" I say, sincerely;

"Yea guys do that" she says.

That has got to be one of the sweetest way I ever got shot down. 

But down I ain't going.

I chat with her for two more minutes of so, wish her good luck, stand up, without taking a step, sit down to the table beside that. Also five girls on the table, but one of them I know from the gym. 22. Gorgeous. "Hi"; and another fifteen to thirty minute chat over there. This one is known to be a slow one.

During this time, I see the first table getting up, and could see the girl who was beside BrownEyes look at me with an open "No he did not" mouth.

Even if a hipster beat me to it,

It was the sweetest rejection; with one of the best unintended outcomes.


About getting shot down and going down: Get up.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When fathers have to be supervised.... -Smelly Media-

... is another sign that the system is the enemy of men.

This notion that fathers are dangerous for children goes against most of the child abuse studies that show mothers are equally or (way) more capable of dishing out abuse to their children as fathers are.

Oh, why I say this supervision is meant to supervise visiting fathers:

1. Even if the law talks about equal custody, mothers get the custody 90% of the time.
Yes, in this "one of the most gender equal societies", a man that I know got the custody of his child after three years of court battles only after the mother was caught for the zillionth time, doing drugs; and many more cases where the mother is on welfare and has the kids, and has moved to some other town. That the father is a sane, healthy, working man does not bother the equalist laws. Where some are apparently more equal than others.

2. If this supervision was to watch mothers, already our president would be up declaring that this is unacceptable, and we need to end this discrimination; holding hands with all the leftie femmie organizations that there is. The silence of the crickets tells us that this is not about mothers.

Supervised visitation grows into business

In Helsinki, monitored family visits have become a lucrative business for firms stepping into fill the void left by under resourced social welfare units.

Where there is a demand, there will be supply. Even vultures satisfy a demand.

So there is a demand. Once again, from known behavior, the demand comes from the ladies.

What does that mean?

Means, mothers willingly deny a child the private bonding time with the father because of their personal grudge (Exceptions exist); while most of the time shacking up with some other dude who has more interest in fucking than fathering.

Mother? or Cunt? (Exceptions exist)

Backlogs stemming from a lack of case workers have sent parents to seek out private visitation providers.

"Parents" = mothers.

If fathers were the ones seeking supervision, we would have a war against this partner (seperated?) abuse done by father.

Of course YLE as it does most of the time, is once again playing with words, but let's see what this demand means for the family finances:

At an hourly rate of 85 euros, parents in Helsinki’s Malmi district can contract Mental Capital Care. Paying out of pocket has not deterred parents, according to Petu Tapio, who heads the company.


Mother demands, father pays.

85 effing euros for seeing your kid, some of the time added to the costs of driving hundreds of kilometers for a two day visit... Money that could be payed to buy a present for the kid, or money that could be put into an education fund.

Way to go ladies, way to go.

Sacrificing your children's future because you cannot have a child bond with its father in private.

If this is not abuse through control freakery, what is it?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smelly Socialism: Money for welfare, no money for police

A smelly media post, but media did nothing smelly this time. 

Say what you will, Thatcher was right, "Socialism lasts until your run out of someone else's money", that is until you bleed everyone dry in name of your social policies.

This just in:

Police cannot guarantee citizens' safety due to savings pressures

As much as I distrust media, politicians, socialists, multi cultists etc, that same distrust does not extend to the police. Due to their life on the streets, they are faced with reality, which is not pc diverse multikulti kumbayya.

I for one feel safer when I see a police car, nowadays 3 - 4 in a row, in a city whose face has changed in the past years.

The police can no longer guarantee the safety of all citizens across the country, warns National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero. While increased savings pressures have cut police resources, violent crime is on the rise. 

Damn Finns... They must be getting more violent every passing day. 
The National Police Commissioner was speaking on YLE TV 1 Ykkösaamu morning television show.
According to Paatero, police work is being undermined by the need to save money. 
 And two days ago in the news was the article that the childcare needed more money.

I bet you a month's salary that the childcare (child indoctrination institute) will get the money.

But the police? The guys who put their life in the line? Nope, they get no money. They are racisssss anyway. Just look at their arrest records... Bloody racissssss's... Don't they know that singing kumbayya works better than jail bars?

Because, as you know security is a social construct.

Thus, having festivals like "Celebrate Diversity" will indeed lower crime.

Also the politic group and the social sciences will soon change the words. Like, "Assault" will turn into "Accidental fist connection to the nose"...

Everything is relative.

Police unemployment

The new government program aims to cut police funding by 10 million euros over the next five years. Due to the cuts, the police force will decrease by about 200 police every year.

Police stations to be closed

Paatero also sees many police stations closing due to increased savings pressures.
You got to keep in mind, this is a big number for a small country...

Welcome the hellhole where you got free medical care, but are dead.

When the criminals know there is no danger... there is danger for the non-criminal.

But hey, the social scientists have no problem. Once they introduce newspeak about crime, we will have no crime. Only houses that were shared, bodies that were shared, and wallets that were shared.

Violent crime on the rise

While savings pressures are forcing police to cut their operations, crime levels in Finland are growing.

According to as of yet unpublished crime statistics, violent crime has gone up a staggering 20 percent from the previous year. Crimes against property have also increased.

Paatero finds the increase in violent crime especially worrying. The National Police Commissioner sees some of the violence as stemming from social marginalisation, which he singles out as the biggest threat to internal security.
Very grim numbers,

On the last sentence, I disagree. For the same sentence I am also aware that him saying what I am saying would be a swift end to his long career.

The biggest threat to security is the left liberal pc policies of not profiling,

And what if the marginalisation happens because the marginals have no interest in non-marginalisation? The society has give more than most of the world's countries to the "marginals", it is time to look for blame where it lies.

The progressive policies of socialism have eroded security,
Sadly, this erosion of security will call for more state,
More state will suck more out of security.
We will end up with a welfare shithole.
Where you can raise a family on government dole, but cannot guarantee the working man's security on his way back from work.
Non-producing are welfared, the producing are dead. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hipsters: Pussies with beards (yea yea, Smelly Media)

--- Turn off coolant ---

br>The Hipster.

Creating nothing.

Being smudge.

Pretentious assholes whose pants look like they stuffed their balls in their assholes.

Doing all they can do to look like fruits, pussies and androgynous creatures,

Now they decided they want to destroy facial hair.

Facial hair.

One mark of a man.

A mustache.

A three day beard (mine looks like five days)

The face cover so necessary in the windy -15 degrees winter weather; now part of a soft face.

Fuck you Hipster.

Get out of the closet, or get your balls out of your asscloset.

Hard times call for soft faces

Fuck you. Hard times call for hard men,

Hard times when your fall is halted by daddy government on the working man's expense; hard times in socialist economies where the sitting on the ass with the balls stuffed into their asses is rewarded while the ones who want to work are punished,

Yea, hard times in pussyland requires soft faces.

(I am in no way calling Finland pussyland; at least not the working people; like I always mention, it takes guts and hard work to create a civilization in this frozen hellhole)

But these hipsters, riding in these "hard times" with "soft faces"... Perfect cannon fodder, if not entertaning boyz for the arriving hordes.

Close-cropped hipster beards seem to have achieved a critical mass in Finland.
Today’s fashion-conscious man knows this season’s hottest item is homegrown.
Homegrown... Why, do other people grow their beard at the hair saloon?

I always go with a stubble or beard, and I got the chest hair as compliment, fitting jeans that have space for my balls.

On me, a beard will never look soft. Even when I am rocking a mormon beard... Even then, I look more like a....


First the shitster tried shirts close to the last button, got bored of that, now they rock shirts open till their man nipples, they tried full shaved, then the moustache, then the beard.

If there is an example of the consumer culture with nothing produced, look no further.

Fashion takes its cue from the economy—the harsher the times, the softer the
clothing, explained stylist Teri Niitti on YLE’s morning show on Wednesday.
One thing is for sure, I ain't hiring that dude for style.

Take away the jack from lumberjack, take away the manly from the beard, taker away the style from the fly, well, take away substance from a human. Replace with a pretentious smug face of narcissism.

So I guess my grandparents were wearing only silk clothing while bombs were landing left and right, and the nearest bucket of potatoes was miles away. , and hard times call for soft clothing.

This, this my friends, is just another example of the decline of humanity; (one could argue I am not better example, objection noted)

“We’re not talking about a polished 80s yuppie look. Now it’s time to be cozy
and furry. Soft caveman—that’s what it's about,” says Niitti.
I got a better word:


Your furry caveboyz can go give eachothers hairy cave-bear-hugs, I could care less. Or play "Pull my hairy balls out of my shiney arse with your hairy lips" game; I could care less. 

Another decline of the times is seen in women shagging these smug pretentious softies because it is a fashion.

Wait till cactuses are in fashion. They will also shag that. If cosmo says it is cool.

For years you shitster tried to be as androgynous as possible, believe me, looking like teddy bear in skinny jeans will not help.

The world has a few cancers growing fast, and hipsters is one of them.

--- Turn on coolant ---

Note: The pictures of the three male models in the article is really the most non-hipster fringe of hipsterism. These are just guys with style, not hipsters. I'll try to capture some on photo. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Media, one enemy from within

Still somewhere in West Europe.

In the news, more like in every news outlet was the big news that some Neo-Nazis who killed 8-10 turkish kebab owners (and a Greek gyros owner by mistake) had another murder attributed to them.

The Neo-Nazis were already in jail, and trial were continuing (or something like that...)

This news even got more air time than the scandal of the president.

Reporters and commenter up in arms against this disgusting racist crime... (which they should be, since I fit the victim profile, hair color and such)

Oh, in the meantime:

In Nigeria a church was bombed/set on fire; 23 Christians dead on their Christmas celebration. Air time 10 secs

In Nigeria a second attack, again numbers of Christians dead. Air time 10 secs

Oh, in Nigeria another gunman attack on Christians, still Christmas time, and only few dead. Air time 10 secs.

Ok. ok, these attacks are not racially (religiously) motivated; the Christians had pissed of the Apple Orchid Mafia... That's why they were punished.

I am not going to touch the Iraq civil strife or the bombings in Syria, as they are secterian in nature.

Ok, you say, those are in the other end of the world, of course they will not get a lot of airtime;


In Germany, in that time where the news of the trial were flooding the airtime;

A number of Germans were killed/robbed by immigrants. (not racial.. ok)

A girl was gangraped by southlanders (which means the mediterranean area, but the statistics show that it usually does not include the natives of the north shores; and this group is known in France, Sweden, Germany to use gang rape on western girls as a ritual to manhood; and apparently our shitfaced media approves); Airtime: Zero


Ok, you say, low profile incident, can't prove racial/religious motivation

Fine, let's move to another EU country, UK,

Four Somalian girls drink, beat a girl almost to death, shouting "Die white bitch", and are set free by the judge because "They are not accustomed to alcohol, due to their religion"

Airtime: Zero


Ok, this is also low profile.


Christmas time, a prominent British politician gets beaten up while the assaulants are shouting, "You are going to die you white pig"; low profile? Hell, he is one of the most talked about political figures in Britain, albeit in a bad way. Racist? Well the assailants themselves claim it.

Airtime: Zero


Airtime of a crime that happened 10 years ago, with the perpetrators under punishment as they should: Countless hours if counted together.

I say,

You media,

You mediänemy; you, the enemy of people;

The blood of all the assaulted, beaten, raped, killed Europeans is in your hands.

If there is Hell after death, you got the King Suite reserved for you may your rotten soul burn in the fires of your sins against humanity.

--- This concludes the "Somewhere in West Europe" series ---

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When diverstiy means exotic food...

Somewhere in West Europe;

"And then I turned the corner to see VibrantArea... Wow... One block from the main street and I felt I left Germany" one said;

Immediately a reply came:
"Yea, lovely.. Yummy... A lot of good food"

This was the multicultist's response to "I felt I left Germany", about VibrantArea.

Not the extremely high crime rate,
Not the occasions of car burning,
Not the occasions of public property and vehicle vandalism,
Not the occasions of attacks on firefighters, emergency personnel, etc,
Not the police afraid to enter the area,
Not the rampant car thefts, assaults, robberies,
Not the fact that without that area the metropole's crime rate would plummet;


Yummy, good food.

The west is utterly f¤¤ked.

When diversity is relegated to just being about food, it shall come as no surprise that your grandchildren one day will be relegated to being food on a diversified dinner table.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The west will die, most of it suicide

No, not the part, or the suicide, the mainstream wants you to believe..

Somewhere in West Europe

On a dinner table with people dear to me. We have visitors, and the chat is going fun,

Until the beggars in the street are mentioned. There are not locals, they are from some other European country that has gotten access to lax border controls and now is importing organized begging around Europe. Here in Finland we also have the problem, and even if Finns voiced their concerns about this, the politicians and the Amnesty Shitternationals declared these voices as racist and silenced them.

Then the conversation turns into how the local street musicians and artists have been driven away by these begging gangs and their musician relatives.

Our visitors were listening, nodding their heads, but being the ultra liberal, immigrant friendly, leftist, multicultist (also hard working and honest; credit where it is due) sheeple, did not say much, until someone at the table mentioned pickpocketing.

Being from a big town, that prides itself as the multiculti haven, the lady let loose; with no other person interrupting:

"Pickpocketing is so bad, now we have police patrols every few meters."

"But its worse with theft, and burglary"

"Yes, they come with buses, rob houses and leave the next day"

"They use children who can climb though the smallest cracks and anyway if they are caught, the police can't do much, as they are juvenile"

"They entered this old lady's place, could not be caught"

"It's so bad... bla bla... more police... bla bla... whaaaa whaaaaa"

At some point, I really wanted to ask her, "Why don't we just increase the border controls for that country that is a net exporter (edited from importer)  of crime, then?", but I shut up for the sake of the people dear to me.

See, some time ago, the same lady went gaga when on the topic of immigrant welfare kings&queens; that how come we cannot understand their plight and that (these) immigrants are a net benefit to the country... She gagaed for an hour on how the west needs to be more tolerant etc. So I did not want to put my dear ones in the target reticule due to their association with me, and me asking that obviously racist question.

An obvious racist question that  only asks: Why not have a functioning border.

Now, one may see me making a mistake by not taking a stand. I do not. Some people are hopeless in their "feel good" suicidal ideology, and these people are better left unstirred. I talk to people I know are receptive, or could be receptive, and this happens to be a lot of people.

Even a girl saying "The kebab people have it very difficult here" can be wakened up by explaining that many kebab restaurants change hands within the family every two years to get that 10.000 euro entrepreneurship start up fund for cousin number 14, and pointed towards the 100.000 euro BMWs bought by selling 4 euro kebabs, and the information that the government is turning a blind eye towards tax evasion because "At least they are not on welfare"... (well, few cousins behind the counter for sure are)

But these people on the table, they were hopeless.

They knew what is best for Europe.

And that is not Europeans.

In the idiotic PC infested cancerous west, they are called progressives, I am called racist.

Sadly, even if I see light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is a red hot scorching pipe through hell.

And the pipe was laid there in the name of "progress so we feel good about ourselves".

Interesting times ahead.

Leaders of the Lemmings

Somewhere in West Europe

In the news, the first item was,

"Germany is reducing the strength of its army. Government says any direct threat through the borders in implausible, so the need to keep a big army does not exist anymore." Forget for a second that any army any EU country right now has is comparable to a joke. See: What happened last year in the mediterranean sea..

The second item was,

"The US is going into a xx billion dollar reduction in its army budget. Obama (who possibly will go down history as the US's Nero) said that there is no need to fight wars on two fronts anymore." Forget for a second that the East Coast is one front, and the West Coast is another; in the possible future, the European borders will be a third.

I am not in favor of the Iraq war, not am I in favor of the Afghani war (both which will in the end benefit China who laughs at the notion of (also its) other peoples' rights or ethics whatever.

So while these Lemming Leaders were saying that the Age of War is over and we are entering an Age of Dialogue;

Iran's leader declared that he has 50.000.000 martyrs ready to die for the cause;
China is increasing its army budget geometrically;
Russia is following,
The Pakistanis and Indians are waiting for a legit reason to unleash millions of footsoldiers;
Africa is, well, busy hunting pygmies because their flesh gives supernatural powers in war.
(I am too lazy to go fact hunting for numbers and statistics... as they do not matter as much as the suicidal ideology of the west)

The EU, the US?

"No threat; we will sing kumbayya"

Let's change EU and US into ELU and USL; European Lemmings Union, and United States of Lemmings, as we; following our leaders, are happily walking down the cliff...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The reality of the sexual marketplace in one sentence

Somewhere in West Europe

I am going through one of the "what's in the city this month" magazines, in a mid sized university town, with a few clubs, a lot of pubs, and a good amount of cultural activity.

In the centerfold they have the "people in the nightlife" page, you know, where party goers' photos are published in various venues and parties.

And there it was, a girl that I knew, having her photo taken with some well dressed man.

And there it was; the caption:

"Jimmy forward, and one more goal"


No matter how much the hamster runs, no matter how much the ladies stomp their feet, stomp stomp, no matter how much the ladies shout out "Girls just wanna have fun";

The reality is summed up in one sentence, in a feminized, progressive open minded, LGBTabcdefg friendly civilized society_

"Jimmy forward, and one more goal"

The key, the lock,
The ball, the goal,
The striker, the goalie.

You can't change truth by having the hamster stomp the grounds of logic for eternity, even if it is an attention deficited hyperactively disordered radioactive hamster running on steroids.

One more goal.