Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Smelly Media: Your body your choice, at least pay for it

More Mums-To-Be Go It Alone

Every year hundreds of Finnish women decide to have a child without a partner,
with the help of fertility treatments. The treatments, which cost thousands
of euros, are given at private fertility clinics because public health care
in Finland no longer wants to support lone mums-to-be.

In a country of 5.000.000 that is a staggering number. 

And the language is upright manipulative.

It is not "decide to have a child without a partner",

It is "Decide to have a child without a father"

It is to decide to bring an orphan to the world, whose (right to a)father was killed denied by the mother.

And once again, why should the welfare state provide for the thousands of euros of treatment for sperm than can be gotten at any library, coffee shop, social gathering etc for free?

You want sperm, but you don't want a man? Then my lady you have no right to be a mother.*

A majority of private fertility clinics say that the number of women having
children alone has gone up. Women wanting to use donor sperm in order to get
pregnant are usually well over 30 years of age and reasonably well-off.

So the kid will be born to an older mother.

When the kid is 20, what will the woman be? 60? 70? Without a father, and possibly without siblings, who has the right to put the child through that?

A woman.

A woman's wishes trumps everything.

She wants. She is given. We all suffer for it.

The decision to have a baby alone is usually made after much thought and
deliberation. Treatments are expensive with no support from social services.
Some women end up having more than one attempt of fertilisation before
becoming pregnant so the pressure is huge.


Sports centre.

Temporary gym.

Social settings.

Temporary church.

Bar, club, coffee, dicotheque, sex holiday...

But no...

We should pay because the ladies are too valuable to put a cock in their babytunnel.

Something which they possibly have done in their wild youth anyway. But now they are holy. Holy moly.

”It was surprisingly stressful as I didn’t get pregnant after my first course
of treatments. The disappointment was huge as I wanted another child so

She wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants she wants
she wants she wants she wants she wants...

Like many women in her situation, Anja has sought support from an internet
forum aimed for women having children alone. These women often face harsh
criticism from other mums and society.


Single motherhood is the number one factor, when all other factors are considered for the child to be a criminal, delinguent, with social/psychological problems, misfit, underachiever, welfare recipient, in jail, also number one factor in the child ending up dead or abused;

So maybe folk wisdom has a point in keeping a father in the picture.

But yea, we know, fathers are found in fertility clinics, and the society should pay because family life without a father is oh oh oh oh so difficult.

”I really hope we can slowly let go of the old family model where there is a
mum, a dad and children. Because not everyone fits into this model”, Anja

Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?
Have you asked the child if it wants to grow up without a Daddy?

Where does the child's rights, wishes, and welfare fit into your model? Do they exist?

* When I was in Iceland, I read this report where an Icelandic woman who had AIDS wanted to have a baby, and her doctor told her
"I told her that she has a right to have a baby"

No she does not. She has a responsibility to the baby, not a right to be a mother. Motherhood is not a right.

A mother who has AIDS has a right to a baby.

Had Sodom and Gomorrah fallen this far before they got destroyed?

Friday, July 15, 2011

It all started with Xante. 3. It must be the chest hair

When I went to get my third or so Jaegermeister, there was this guy sitting behind BlueAngel.

When I was returning from the Jaegermeister trip, Li'l Sis was talking with Ivan, and the guy behind BluaAngel was telling her something while looking at me.

I know his face.

He was talking to BlueAngel when I turned to him and told

"She's taken"
"Oh, hello, how are you"

I turn. No need to acknowledge.

So I asked BlueAngel

"What was he talking about" I said
"That you should go back to your prison cell where you come from"

So predictable.


Am talking with Li'l Sis

"Where do you live" she asks
"The Strawberry Market" I say
"Reaalllyyyy?" She exclaims - note: before BlueAngel told me that Li'l Sis has seen me around... no sh&t.... -
"Yea, really. Where do you live"
"I am #xx"

"Aiyeeeee.... don't tell hiiim"  BlueAngel exclaims to Li'l Sis.

I understand Finnish so I am like

"What do you think will happen if she tells me"
"How do I know you are not a rapist or something" she says.

And she was damn sincere in that shriek.

Understandable, as I remember my hands on a dude's jaw and throwing his head to the other side, just because he was harassing my little brother.

When the li'l ones are in the picture, all hell breaks loose for the older ones.

But rapist?

I don't remember what I said, or if I said something, maybe I just shrugged, don't remember.

Apparently the fear was not justified, or I gave the right reactions, for those lips to meet mine a few moments later.

This weekend I may experiment with taking an old tshirt and cutting the neck part away to reveal even more chest hair. And put a jacket on that to clean the image.

Maybe I should use a comb on the hair too. Comb the left to the left, the right to the right. Maybe shine it with some coconut oil.


P.s. Tried it. The cutting shirts thing ain't working out. I look like one of the hairy fruits walking the streets of Soho, London.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It all started with Xante. 2. The encounter with Russki El Grande

I met BlueAngel and she hat told me she is looking for her sister and boyfriend.

I had no idea what was awaiting me.

"Hey, here is my sister!"

I turn my head, to see the my neighbor, living in the building beside mine.

Absolutely gorgeous girl who does modelling, and used to date this guy that I know through a friend. Cute, cute little thing. Of course, I don't mention that.

"Hellouuuu" says the li'l one,
"Hello" I say,

"And this is her boyfriend" says BlueAngel.

I.... have.... to.... look.... up.... F¤%k....

I have friends, 192. 193 etc, this guy, 200, 205 something, effing giant.

(The sister was like 1.70 give and take two cents)

A hand reaches from behind the girls, while the other hand pushes the girls to the side.

No, scratch that.

A paw reaches from behind the girls, while the other paw pushes the girls to the side.

"Hey there" I say
"Yo, I am Ivan*" he says. *name changed
"I am her boyfriend" so far so good
"Yea, got that part. Cool"
"And that is her sister"
"Got that too"
"And I take care of them" so far, so, good
"Cool. I appreciate that"
"Yea, you wanna f¤%k her, go talk to her" WTF?
"You just interrupted that"
"Hey! Let's drink!"
"Yea, you , me, the girls!" ...I ain't buying the drinks...
"What are you getting us?" I say
"I am Russian man!"
"Right,... Ivan... missed that part... Russian Standard Platinum!"
"Yea" so he turns to the bar

And then, don't remember who, but a friend of mine jumped in so I had a few words, before I uttered the second sentence to my friend, Ivan turned to me

"Yo, go talk to them"
"Yo, get the drinks" I say

So Ivan the Great gets us vodkas, lifts up the vodka, me, Ivan, BlueAngel, Li'l Sis,

"We cheer to great fucks with beautiful women" WTF 2
"Ivaaaaaan" Goes BlueAngel
Li'l Sis is melting with her love
Dumfounded I say "Cheers to that"
"Yea, we drink to good fucking" says Ivan,
"I am not fucking anyone tonight" says BlueAngel
"Everyone needs some of that" I say... (Here I noticed my dormant sexual repression. That was a priceless lesson. Thank you Ivan)

Ivan and Li'l Sis get lost, I am back to business with BlueAngel.

Ivan and Li'l Sis return just when I was getting thirsty.

"4 Jekkeri" I shout to the barmaid who was a mulatto... Have to say, in a loud bar, Jekkeri nounds a lot like Neekeri, which is nigger,
"What do you want" she shouts back, me noticing that something got lost in translation,
"4 Jaegermeisters"
"Ah" she says,
"Aaah, Jekku, not Jekkeri" I say, the barmaid nods and gives me the four shots of medicine.

When I was just at our table, BlueAngel hits my hand and I feel some Jekku dropping down, and I was just above her legs,

As I was putting down the glasses on the table, to see the beautiful mess she may have caused,

I see Ivan's hand coming down, him bending down from the heights and taking his girlfriend's big sister's leg in his leg and licking the jaegermeister away

...WTF 3

"Ivaaaaan" says BlueAngel, in the tone you would talk to a little naughty boy.

F¤%k, this was one big naughty boy.

Then we raise our glasses to friendship. Even though our grandfathers butchered eachother in millions. Yea, that came up in that way.

The possibility of BlueAngel being in bed with her Li'l Sis and Li'l Sis's broyfriend is not out of the question; though distinct, from what I know about Li'l Sis; it is still a possibility.

Hell, that guy deserves it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It all started with Xante. 1. The one that got away

Had a great Friday with long lost friends. Great chats, catching up and of course enjoying the cuties that were scantily dressed on a summer eve.

At some point when we were standing and chatting this one guy that I know, that we had previously assumed was gay, but never verified, comes to us, and

Puts his index finger on my chest,
"Hello. You are the two most handsome foreign men in the bar";

My other foreigner jumped a meter back, my Finn, just stood there trying to understand what just happened, only to be poked in the chest "What is youuuu' name?", and my foreigner also got poked.

Since I liked the guy, and he had always behaved, I let this one slide, and actually was enjoying the movie that I was watching from out of my body. "TheFingerPoker and the Three Straights...."

Well, we jumped to other bars only to find out we were in the best place of town.

Now comes saturday;

Great run, and great outdoors training in the park, turned itself to a thunderstorm, so no beach in the afternoon.

That only meant that I would make

My sunshine.

Apparently a squeezed lemon can be mixed with three shots of Hendricks to give a good starter.

So, let's make that

Went to the bar, met some friends, and

Knew my Finn from last night would be coming so I got another

The Finn came, with a lady friend of his and we went down.

And from here it started.

"Dude, I tried this one drink, you have to get it to a girl"
"I get Jaegermeister"
"Nonono, this is better"

It all started with, Xante

While he was ordering our shots, she passes by;

Long blong hair,
Long shaped legs,
A decently short blue dress,
White shoes, no heels.
Tall girl with a gorgeous smile,
Bit old for my tastes, but gorgeous; just gorgeous;

Our eyes met,

She passed, and my friend gave me the Xante.

God. I just found my new panty remover. Mix Xante with Baileys. And the panties melt.

My eyes are looking for the BlueAngel, but cannot see her again.

And there she comes, as I was getting my Finn and his girl drinks;

"What are you running around in the bar like that?" I say, she stops and smiles,
"What do you mean?"
"Who you looking for" I ask,
"My sis and her boyfriend" she says, little did I know what I would be facing in a few minutes, but that is part 2.

We start chatting,

In a few minutes, the boyfriend of the sis arrives, and I get offered a

Down in a gulp!


Now I learn Blue Angel has a baby boy. But nor ring. Damn, and Yea! For this one I will eat my principles I think to myself.

"And I am kinda seeing someone"
I smirk, "I see" I say,
"Oh no, we are just in the getting to know phase"
I think to myself, there goes another sucker, but f¤%k, now I need another drink.

Lucky for me, BlueAngel does not want to drink, so I get her


"I don't like this" she says, touching my chest,
"What?" I say
"Your shirt is too low cut, and you have too much hair"
"Yea am showing off"
"And these".. touching my sideburns
"You should see me with these and a full beard" I say, with a smirk

BlueAngel turns out to be an overachieving career girl, and impressive list of credentials she has,

"How old are you?" She asks,
"I am trying to figure out who is older, you or me" I say... Ooops
"Me of course"
"Dunno 'bout that" I reply...
Turns out she is three years younger than I am. Good for her

"Why do you have no wife"
"No girlfriend?"
"None that I know of"
"What's wrong with you"
"Whaddaya mean?"
"Your age and no wife of kids"
Now, I really still have no clue why I said what I said:
"That's why my friends have the weddings"
Still makes not sense...
Anyway it is still better than saying what was on my mind: "past thirty, have a bastard child, not married to the dad, dating some sucker to be a sugardaddy, and now flirting here with me, and you say something's wrong with me?", I let that one slide. No need to nuke the flirt.

I any case, I just am lost in those blue eyes.

"You are a player" she says,
"You think so" I say
"Yea, and dress like a Gigolo"
"Don insult me girl, I don't charge for my services"

After some joking around on the issue,

The sis and the boyfriend return, to who I offer drinks.



The BlueAngel thinks she had enough,

Oh here comes my Finn with a beer in his hand,

Cheers man!

Talking with BlueAngel a bit more,

Now, I don't clearly remember what we talked about, but the conversation basically was a tease, heavy flirting, where at some point,

A five second silence,
A five second eye lock,
Lips getting together in slow motion, and the lips touching softly and gently.

Damn, she tastes fine, or I think so...

She says something in Finnish, I tell her that it is too late and I am too buzzed to try to understand that,

"your lips...." she says, looking down.

Then she looks back up, puppy eyes,

"Have I offended you?"
"'bout what?"
"The player and gigolo thing"
"You offended me with this" I say, grab her neck and pull her to me;

Damn fine,
Damn fine.

I need some water.

So I get me a water, her a water and me a

Some chat continues,

And we get at it again. Here I should have exited her from the bar, but by now I was too much in the moment to think about the future, and my blood was running black.

She says she needs to find her sister, I say that is good cause I need to go to the gents.

What I did not write was that, with every second drink I had, I had a big glass of water.

I was about to blow up.

I went to the gents, came back to my location,

And BlueAngel is not there.


I already knew what happened. It was in her eyes. The passion was in her eyes. The feelings, the fire, the lust. It was in her eyes, on her lips, one her hands that were touching me, on the way her body adjusted itself to my hands when I touched her, the way she inched close,

And there was also the feeling of "I should not do this" that was coming from her,

There I stood, smiling to myself,

When my Finn found me,

"Dude your girl just left the bar by herself, what th f¤%k man?"
"I was too much;... yo, let's check out the dancefloor"

She never came back.

I got an offer from another girl after three songs of dancing, which just required me just to say "Let's go", I just did not feel it.

Next day, reciting last night with me smiling, and my Finn constantly going "WTF man", later he sees I am smiling he says,

"Yea, I know, the hunt was successful"

And in a way it was.

Connecting with a woman like that is always a thing to cherish.

The passion flowing all the way from the feet in those white shoes, through the long shaped legs, through the firm abs, past the still firm breasts, through the neck, burning on those lips, and coming at me through those blue eyes, whose shine is just immense with the shining blond hair flowing around them, was enough to feel the effing satisfaction in the connection. 

Yea, she did not come to my place, and I have not seen her since, and will likely not see her as she is in another city far far away,

There is pleasure to be taken from knowing a woman like that can be made to feel that way that the only escape from her future actions would be to self destruct the interaction. Nuke is the only option.

And if she had come, then I would not have had the pleasure of putting down these words.

Now, got to find me another tall blond in a blue dress, five years younger, and no kid.

One more thing:

No hangover!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Smelly Media: Mo' womyn, mo' womyn, but through affirmative action


I was wondering how long it would take our new female finance minister utter some womyn's cause. It took her around one month.

Urpilainen wants more women in leading roles


And how is this supposed to be forced achieved?

By "gender quotas".

Finland, the country which prides itself for being one of the top in the list of gender parity, the country where women are (more) equal to men, in a country where women have unlimited opportunities, and unlimited choice,

And in a country which has soft affirmative action, by pushing women into high status jobs, by lowering standards where necessary, extensive maternal help;

And a country which has had this for some many decades;

In 2011,

Women need "gender quotas" to have a respectable amount of womyn in the higher echelons of the workforce.

This tells us three things:


Womyn either are too frigging stupid to reach the higher echelons in numbers
Womyn either are too frigging dumb to reach the higher echelons in numbers
Womyn either are too frigging lazy to reach the higher echelons in numbers
Womyn either are too frigging uninterested to reach the higher echelons in numbers
Womyn either are too frigging  -insert fitting adjective - to reach the higher echelons in numbers

Or women make a choice not to put in the time, energy and effort into reaching those higher levels of careers. A choice which more men make.


Womyn always complain about the higher status jobs, as if every man is a CEO, or a Mayor...

This is because men of the not high statuses are invisible, the jobs that are not high status don't exist, they are accomplished by a mysterious life force, and the men who take these jobs are subhuman.

This, they do not say, but look at which jobs are a problem in equality. You will never see plumber, technician, electrician, dumpster driver, forester, etc etc...


If men and women are equal, does it matter who does the decision making?

You say it does, so I say that you claim that men and women are not equal. For you, women are more valuable.

If men and women are equal, would women need affirmative action to play the game?

You say they do, so I say that you demonstrate that you view men and women as not equal. For you, women are unable.

If men and women are equal, would you cheer that now women make 56% of the higher education students?

You cheer, so I say that you show that you view men and women as not equal. For you, women are more equal.

When I say "Men and women may be equal under law (which interestingly they are not, due to the PussyPass and HolyMamaSyndrome), but they are not the same"

You call me a sexist.

But you, by forcing affirmative action to enable more women to achieve, even if they  have the number's advantage anyway, show the world that women are either stupid, dumb, lazy, or simply uninterested.

Maybe it is time to stop beating around the bush?

Oh hey, and a fourth;

The men who get passed over in the name of gender quotas, even though they are more qualified for the job; how does that fit into equality? Their wives? I mean they are women. And every successful man is successful because of the woman. Right? So where is her acknowledgment?

Now we have to assume that having a vagina acts like an extra multiplier to the qualification, that will get the woman the job. If she is a bit qualified, use 1.3, if she is little qualified use 3, if she is not qualified still hire her. In GenderQuotaism, a vagina trumps all achievements.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Unintended consequences

Reading the news warning parents not to put ther babies' "Scantily clad" pictures on the net - stupid warning, as as soon as the girls learn how to use a camera they start taking scantily pictures of themselves and put them on the net themselves... - since wrong people will save those pictures on the harddrives, I remembered an incident that took place not long ago.

It was the second day of a bachelor party and it was a sunny day. So we went to where the people of this town like to go to get a coffee and a donut. 

We were walking to my car when I spotted a 12-14 year old girl who was trying to open a water bottle. She seemed mentally ok, but had disproportionate limbs and maybe a hint of a slight cerebral palsy. It was clear that the parents/caretakers were not around at the moment, and she tried desperately to open that bottle.

The two friends in front of me seemed not to notice, but the one walking with me, noticed me looking and noticed me being torn between helping her and having to continue my way.

"Yea, don't want to get sued"

He told me before I said anything.

There you have it. We got to protect the children you shouted, and now you have taken away the biggest protector of young children in need, bystanding men.

Now we are afraid, no, no, not afraid, now we have to make the rational decision to walk away.

You created this environment, you "child protectors"; in your undiscriminating attack on all of us, you left the children without protection.

This small remark from a finnish friend of mine tells so much of what will not be written in the papers.

How many children have drowned because of the conditions these policy makers lobbied for, making men reconsider helping a  drowning kid in order to save his own life, and not to make the father of his children be absent in prison for years?

How many children were lost? Were harmed, hurt or traumatized because "We have to protect the children from men?"

And it does also backfire on the older population.

When it is made criminal to help a person,

People walk by when they see a rape happening.

But yea, all these laws, for the good of the children.


Fitting this topic is also the idiots who will walk the SlutWalk in Helsinki;
And I got one sentence for them:

You cannot outlegislate crime,
You can, on the other hand outlegislate the helping hand.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Vaccination Controversy - The Last Scare

Having dealt with the Bird Flu epidemic and the Swine version; now we are waiting for the Hamster Flu epidemic next winter.

In the meantime, behold;

THL Recommends HPV Vaccine Programme

The Finnish Health and Welfare Institute (THL) has proposed that the government starts a vaccination programme against human papiloma virus, which causes cervical cancer. According to the THL report, all 11 and 12 year-old girls who want the vaccine should be given it free of charge as part of their school healthcare programmes.

HPV causes cervical cancer, so let's prevent it.

Let's put chemicals into prepubescent young girls, so the risk of shagging like hamsters is reduced.

Doe HPV cause only cervical cancer?

From the cdc.gov website:

Cervical cancer. Each year, about 12,000 women get cervical cancer in the U.S.
Other cancers that can be caused by HPV are less common than cervical cancer. Each year in the U.S., there are about:
  • 3,700 women who get vulvar cancer
  • 1,000 women who get vaginal cancer
  • 1,000 men who get penile cancer
  • 2,700 women and 1,700 men who get anal cancer
  • 2,300 women and 9,000 men who get head and neck cancers. [Note: although HPV is associated with some of head and neck cancers, most of these cancers are related to smoking and heavy drinking.]

20.000 women compared to 12.000 men.

Here is ignorant me ignoring the smoking and heavy drinking, as from what I see, smoking and drinking have very high correlations with promiscuity in women, which is the main transmission medium for HPV... i.e.: "If she smokes, she fucks"; "If alcohol were to be taken off the market how are women gonna get laid?"

But as usual;

Ignore the men and vaccinate women. (I am aware Gardasil only works for females not exposed to HPV yet)

Same with Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer... I have yet to see a blue ribbon sold in every shop like the pinkies in every corner. I have yet to see someone present a research on prostate cancer compared to one or two for every healthcare meeting/seminar I am in.

But let's for a second, forget about the health gap, the healthcare incentive gap, the healthcare budget gap,

Let's talk about vaccinating young girls against a sexually transmitted disease that can easily be prevented by lowering the amount of fucking around that they do while the ladies are having fun.

"Keep your legs closed" (which will not be heeded by the young hamsters anyway)

Is still more effective/less damaging than giving a vaccine whose side effects have not been thoroughly researched, for a very common virus that has not been proven to cause cancer, from which the body usually heals itself in a two years of time; unless your are banging like a rabbit and not giving the necessary rest time to the body.

Problem is: The way things go, these vaccinations may soon be mandatory;

All under the "good intention" umbrella. 

Dead, paralyzed, infertile women;

All to save some from a disease that can easily be detected and has highly a successful cure rate.


1. The Spanish Flu that killed 50 to 100 million people has been linked to vaccinations that were mandatory for servicemen.

2. Reports of miscarriages after the flu shot, not to mention the general extreme side effects of most vaccines

3. The Medical Industry is what it is. It is there to profit. When many people complain that the car repairmen never fix your car, so you come back for return business, they never think that about the medical industry. (my uncle is a doctor to whom I owe one finger, and recently had an operation that literally saved my life. So, am not talking about all)

4. In the US, vaccine companies cannot be investigated; in the EU, the investigations were silenced.

5. Some scientists voiced their opinion in saying that the virus was engineered as the specific combination of genes is unnatural. Silenced. And this opinion leads to many more questions; question that I will not go in here.


You want to protect your daughter from HPV;

Simplest way is to tell her to keep her legs shut;

The second simplest way is to teach her how to chose men with little risk;

These are in no way foolproof;

But they beat letting agents into your body that may simply be a ticking time bomb; to explode the same day, or in ten years when she is happily expecting her first child.

Used to be the saying:

Trust but verify

Now it is:

Do not trust, and verify, verify, and verify again. Assume bad intention. If optimistic, assume profit trumps not doing something destructive.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Smelly Media: Vaccination Controversy - The Intro

This is a small compilation of recent articles about the flu vaccines, and the controversy surrounding it.

From the beginning, my stance was that I would not trust any company that accidentally mixed live HIV virus into aspirin; that accidentally lost three shipments of live bird flu virus from three different trains; that accidentally had live virus in their vaccines; a sector which routinely puts medicines on the market that are downright lethal (see the controversy on statins); a sector which has a long track record of spreading misinformation.

I pumped myself with vitamin d, tried to eat no immune suppressing foods like transfats or sugar, and tried to sleep well. My sin is alcohol, and I drink when I am out. Even if it not as much as the average person going out drinks, I still feel the effect; which is easily cured with 4 eggs in coconut oil.

Here we go, chronologically:

Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly a Mistake

Kilpi said that she would no longer recommends the vaccination for this age group. She added that if she had known of the potential consequences, she would have not inoculated 5-20 year-olds. The Swine Flu operation was a orchestrated perfectly.
Cause panic. Make people rush for the panic (that maybe you helped to create). Make billions.

Looks like the operating principles of early antivirus giants.

Of course in this operations where it was openly admitted that side effects were not known, the fact that there may be unknown side effects due to this was swept under the rug.

Which brings us to the point:

Professor: Vaccine ingredients 'Not Researched'

Not enough was known about the risks attached to the active ingredient in the swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy in young people before it was offered to patients, according to Professor Timo Vesikari of Tampere University’s Vaccine Research Centre.

But still it was pushed as "Safe", and "Necessary"

In response, Terhi Kilpi of the National Institute for Health and Welfare said that no clinical trials could have uncovered the link to narcolepsy. Kind of negates the need for clinical trials, eh?

Let's make no trials, as they are useless...

If this is the attitude, why do herbal medicines have to prove they are not dangerous, while an unpronounceable compound shall be used because, "No clinical trials could have uncovered the link"

Panel Confirms H1N1 Vaccine Link with Narcolepsy

The national narcolepsy panel's interim report suggests that the Pandemrix vaccination increases the risk of narcolepsy nearly tenfold. It says that children aged 4 to 19 were at nine times greater risk of contracting narcolepsy within eight months of the inoculation, compared with those who did not get the jab. So there were side effects...

But the system cannot accept drawbacks:

Doctor: Finland a Century Behind on Adult Vaccination

Broas says that Finland is a hundred years behind when it comes to preventive vaccination.


That is a very strong statement.
Even Uganda is not that far back... (No offense, was the first African country to come to mind)

But yea, we should all be vaccinated against even mosquito bites;

New Suspected Narcolepsy Cases in Finland

The title speaks for itself.

I strongly believe that one day documents will find themselves in light, that point at a finger to a deliberate spread of a disease, or in the most innocent case, a screw up in a lab, and a profitable cover up. The industry has made too many profitable mistakes in the past to believe in their good will on this one.