Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good girls love wild

There are things you notice while going through life, that make you smile.

Sisters they are. In their social circle, they are playing the "good girls".

Good girls choose good guys?

Think again.

These sisters have lately been hanging around with this Snoop Dogg imitator, minus the badboyness, possibly my age, but ten years older in the face due to alcohol and substance abuse, who was for long time dating this anorexic blond trash who thought she was Madonna. Both with matching attitudes. Not a guido, more like "wannabe guido".

I'd say perfect match for these good girls.

Now only if there would be a way to spread the news to their future Captain Save-A-Ho's...

Now... Let the hate mail come!

Hunting ducks with anti-aircraft guns

Gotta give my respects anyway

The dude is a middleeastern guido... a recent addition to the clientel of the hipster club.

Slimey curly hair that looks like a duck dipped into diesel. Doing salsa to new agey rock music. Clearly has no clue about the music. Wears an 80's adidas jacket he got from a third hand shop.

Totally in foreign waters. Looks out of the place... Well, so do I possibly, in a bar where the only guys doing any sports are me and the bouncers.

He's getting rejected left and right.

Do I laugh at him?


I respect that. Ok, besides having no stomach to be able to approach some of the creatures he does, , not many guys can actually handle that many rejections and still go on getting shot down like migrating birds hunted by anti aircraft guns.

I'm guessing he averages twenty tries in an evening.

People. Belittle that, joke that, but that dude deserves respect, even if only on that single aspect.

Not an easy thing to do.

One meeting two bloopers

Lady talking about the "humane killing" of test animals in medicine:

"We need to make sure of human killings"

Gentleman talking about keeping a training diary.:

"Everyday I check my training diarrhea"... Looks up, looks down, looks confused, smiles "uuuhhmmm... ohhhhmmm... diary"

The highlights of a full day event. Better than I expected.

Two days apart, two different guys

On the same context,

Me:"You called her when in town?"

Him: "Näää... Was occupied with drinking"

Different guy,

Me: (I was drunk so I cannot recall exactly)

Him: "Fuck that, I dont have the fucking time"

No more comment

Pure hatred in a man's eyes

Freezing cold.

Gotta give props to the global warming assholes, in the way they just happened to twist it into climate change, without anybody ever asking, "dude, accountability please"...

Fucking freezing cold.

But I had gotten the need to get some fresh air, and a friend of mine was craving for a smoke.

We went out, shivering.

"Fiiiindiiiistaaaan", I hear a woman exclaiming, so I turn around and see a late twenty, early thirties short girl with black hair looking up to me.

Got no idea who she is. Nada.

"Eh? Hi? I suppose"

"You dont remember me?"

"No".. no...

"I was in your place years ago"

"No"... still no. Would have liked to know if we shagged or not tho. She was cute now, so years ago she would've been even cuter.


"Must have had too much alcohol", white lies save the day.

"Hi how are you?", not even insulted by my lack of memory.... typical.

"Good thanks"

"This is my boyfriend, HateEyes"

"Hi man, nice to meet you" to which the guy answers,

"Hmph" with pure hatred in his eyes.

I feel for him.

Stupid girl.

Stupid, if not evil.

Is it too hard to respect your boyfriend enough as not to show him who's been in you before he came into the picture? Too hard to have empathy?

Especially if its a foreigner with arrogance oozing out from every pore of his hairy chest? Yea, and the shirt buttoned down despite the freezing cold.

"I was in your place years ago".... so? So? That is between me and you, and possibly your girlfriends, the day after. He, the guy who is with you after you've been through guys like me, really does not need to know that.

He deserves contendness in his ignorance, if that is his wish, and you owe it to him.