Friday, April 29, 2005

Preventive action

A Saturday out, drinking in Onnela, I see a pupil of mine,

He comes over,

“Hey, whatsup”

“Hello, nice to see you”

“You know, whenever I go out, and…”

“Stop. Don’t say it, I know what you’re gonna say..”

“Umm.. OK…??”


Met a few friends for a drink on a nite, and we went to Emma, there was supposed to be a porn party... Porn my ass…

Chatting, four guys, Smirnoff ice, by the dancefloor, I am leaning on some rails with my butt…

I feel hands on my butts, turn around to see two girls I know the face of…, don’t pay attention, and continue chatting with the guys…. If I sleep with any of those two, I will be pussy brothers with half the town, have no intention for that….

A few minute later, again a hand.. This time the other of the two, so I turn around:

“Whose hand was that, ladies?”
“No hers, I wish it was mine”

“So, next time you want to do something like that, first say hi, and then ask for permission”
“But you will not give it”
“Maybe.. Maybe not”, and turn around….

Question: Did I miss a pussy?
Answer: Yes, maybe two…

Question: Was it worth it?
Answer: Definitely.

A memory..

After some time not calling her and seeing her in places without saying hi’s to eachother, I saw the lady with her friends, and the people beside me told me they were talking about us...

I felt the appetite for some fast sex with an old fuckbuddy…

A few days later, I sent her a message..
“Next time we are in the same place, we should holla eachother..”
The answer came very fast,
“OK. Do I know you from Spain?”

I kept on wondering what her bodycount in Spain could have been… The whole day…

Am aware that considering the upper story, I may have disagreed to become pussy brothers with Tampere, but then it turns out, long before that, I managed to end up being pussy brothers with half of southern Spain, well…. Life is a bitch…

Monday, April 25, 2005

Unwanted rudeness turned around

In the same bar, see this guy I know from the gym. He has two women beside him. One of them, I know from the Body Pump lessons…

Get myself introduced.

I know she is older than I am, though many twenty year olds would want her body… and I know she knows I am younger than her, though not as young as I am, with a body I would not be in the position to comment about. :)

Chatting for less than a minute, she reveals she is thirty five,

“I have a son three and a half years old…”
“Oh.. He is younger than I am”

This stupid and rude remark made by me, somehow turned out to be a good icebreaker, and the chat, to my surprise continued in a fun way…

This once more proves the rule, “Does not matter what you say, does matter how you say”

Though, I believe, if you go and say “hferfsfdfvhfd hoooaaaa booaaa rghpfffffft”, this rule will not apply…

Freaky situation

Some time ago, playing a game with buddies, and as I am winning once more, do not concentrate on the game, looking around…

So I see these two girls sitting in the corner checking me out. Fine. I am winning..
“Guys, I am passing all the next rounds”
And go to the ladies’ table…

Some chat, some drinks, me, the two girls, and a guy leave the place, to go to some other.
Half an hour later, me, the two girls, but no guy leave that place, too…

Here are two conversations from that night:

Girl 1:
“Tanja, come here, join us”
Girl 2:
“No, I am in a relationship for five years”

She was naked in less than five minutes…

Late that nite, three thirty, on the landlady’s bed.. Naked…

“No, you go sleep with her”
“I don’t think we two fit on that couch…”
“You can’t sleep here”
“And why is that?”
“My boyfriend will come in half an hour”
“I will take a walk then”……..

Fast comeback one

In a home party, many people, there is the youngest one, a nineteen year old Russian girl.
Everybody is going fast on the booze, except her.

So I say, with my twenty seven years of experience, and remembering the many times I was the sober one:

“Not drinking, you will have many stories in the mmorning to tell”

She made me shut up:

“Yea, and you will be the funniest one”


Fast comeback two

In the trendiest bar, the guy, unsober,

Turns to the girl, looks at her eyes, smiles,

“Nice boobs”

Like a flash she grabs his whole package,

“Nice dick”


p.s.: This text was re-edited, as I remembered a few small details wrong...

If I would be, what shall I be troubled about?

A friend of mine talking to a guy,

“Where are you from?”
“Wow, I never thought Turkish guys could be cool”

Shall I cry for the image of Turkish men,
Or the possibility that this guy, who knows me from before, may know that I am also a Turk, and be surprised by a Turco Coolio….????

Who had more pleasure?

Long time ago..
By the lake, a summer morning five am...
Having sex on a rock…

When I am finished,
At the edge of the woods, I see an old man coming out to the open…
Wonder who had more pleasure……

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Perversion.. Desperation.. Whatever

After long time, entered the website,,

A chat site with pics etc,
Mainly accommodated by teens and younger adults.

I got curious and checked who is there…

126080 Finns
1649 Turks
1261 Slovenians
834 Swedes
730 Americans… list goes on....

The Turks are leading with a big difference among the non-Finns.. And the site is a Finnish site.
Then I went to check who these Turks are, and the chats they had…

The Turks I saw mainly range from 17-22…
And most are in Istanbul (no surprise due to 14 million inhabitants), and our seaside towns, who, Turkish women call beachboyz...

The thing which caught my attention was that most of the good comments for these guys were given by female kids, 13-15…

There were a lot of comments like “neekkeri”, “nigger”, “mustap√§√§” (blackhead), given by young male Finns.. Not my topic right now…

A few of these Turks will be visiting Finland in the summer, and many will meet the girls in the summer vacation in Turkey…

I have no problem with age differences in love, I was young, too. When I was eighteen, though, I would not even consider dating a fifteen year old kid, let alone flirt with her…

I do not know which is more perverted / desperate:

Turks leading the foreign subscribers to a Finnish, “hello let’s fuck” site?
Guys way past their adolescence hitting on girls with barely developed breasts?
Girls of the age of kids calling “men” to fuck with them…
Thirteen year olds going on a holiday, and sleeping with twenty year olds….
At least ten Turks hitting on the same kiddo in similar ways…
These kiddos, when gotten older, go to Turkey for a “sun and fuck” holiday, upon coming back, snarl at you when they hear you are Turkish…
Or that Turkey is considered to be made up of just these boyz....

So many more options can be added to the choice list, there is no need…

I have lived my life in a manner which is not liked by many, but I still have my conservative thoughts considering kids. That is my problem that I am trying to get across. End.

Feedback from a Turkish reader:

You should have been harsher on the Turks.. they are the desperate perv... Thirteen year old Finns are just kids... Its the twenty year old men who hit on them, who are making me sick.

Once again…

“Can you hear better with those ears?”
“Yes. Where are you from?”

Happened to a friend of mine, when he was commenting about the bunny ears she had on. It turned out that she loved the country he came from, and the chat continued.

At this point I cannot agree to the saying that “We are just curious”…

No… It sounds more like “I am going to talk to you depending on where you come from”
And this, my friends, is racism.
And this, sadly but naturally, backfires.
Especially on women…
It’s your choice…..

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My apologies

In the past week I have been busy transferring the old stories to the blog, and that takes some time..

Of course, the sun is also a big factor here...

The whole archive is now here, on the left side. The link to old Finndistan, is also there.

If you passed by time after time, I apologize for not having new stories, I can say, older stories took the update from the newer ones.

Thank you,


In the market

Eating this pussi definitely has no risk of getting any sexually transmitted disease.

Surveillance... Finnish Style.

Not very difficult to bypass this camera???

P.S.: I heard some people did not realze the place of the power plug. Just plug it out, and walk under the camera.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cockblocking my friend....

I did it..

I managed to get myself into one of my stories once more...

In a night, after offering shots to a few friends in my place, and getting some cocktails made for me, we head out…

At one point of the night, a redhead, who is a friend of one of my guys enters the scene..

She was with us the night before, and there seemed to be a mutual attraction between another one of my guys and her…

As I am coming back from the loo, I see them talking, go to them, look at the redhead, turn to the guy, and go:

“Now you will dance with us”, turn to the girl,

“I am borrowing him for some time”

And he, being also unsober, takes on my order, leaves the very promising chat, and joins me to the dancefloor where we had a handful of guys and a handful of girls waiting for us…

Thing is, as my friend later found out, the redhead was not going to be waiting...

How relevant is this information????

Today, I read in the archives of Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki News) an article about HIV infected mothers. Here is the article.

While talking about how well the Finnish healthcare professionals have managed to stop the child from getting infected by HIV, they mention that in a number of cases, this has not been possible. These cases, it is reported, are mainly immigrant mothers, who did not know, or did not have access to proper care.

Later in the article, it is written that 60-70 Hepatitis B carrying pregnant women have been diagnosed, “most of them of foreign origin”….

I felt discriminated.
I felt as if I am a virus carrier.

“Hey Suomalainen, see, we have a few cases of local sicks, but we can treat them well.. But beware of the foreigners, they are spreaders of the viruses”

The same happens when a foreigner is struck down by Finns… Hardly seen in newspapers…
Beware if a foreigner does it…
Want to point out that: I am using multiple for Finn, singular for Foreigner...

Really, cannot blame the Finnish people too much, with such an attitude of newsmaking…

Monday, April 04, 2005

Would you mind if I ask for a small request?

Hello all!!

I thank you for being on this site, and hopefully enjoying it!!
I will kindly ask you to send me the title of the stories you like most.
One, three, five… Just let me know which ones are your favorites.

You can send me an email,

Or just use the comment function below.
Thank you a lot,
I will appreciate your help!


At least, make some sense...

It was a night in Ilves, after a drinking party in my place…

The night itself was superb. Met one of the few females who mean a lot to me, and her company became my company’s company. A few girls from the gym joined us, and we had the dancefloor dominated.

I was enjoying the shy looks from girls I got... Known and unknown…
Enjoying letting opportunities slip by…
Enjoying the hatred in the eyes of Finnish men getting shot down by my ladies one after the other, just like the foreigners’ hatred, who were getting cockblocked by my guys, one after the other.

Dancing not close to us was this friend of a girl from the gym, the gym girl being with us, her friend preferring to stay outside.
One of my guys goes to take her into the midst of action, during a latino song...

This guy can shake his ass, with no rival to him except me and a French guy…
This guy can do the salsa, this time with no rival. – Except maybe the Cuban salsa teacher in town.

So he goes to the girl…
Shaky shaky…

Imagine a salsa dancer in a Russian army parade. That was what it looked like...

Gets closer,
Starts the dance,

And once more gets an ultra-comment:

“You are clumsy”


(Dictionary definition:
Clumsy: Lacking physical coordination)

One lightbulb in my head

Always wondered why I cannot put myself to go and learn the language of the country I am living in.

It is disrespectful not to speak it after four years... Even though I can let my thoughts out in the native language, it is not more than a two year old kid…

So as I was sitting in Coffee house with a lady form Norway, talking about this and that,

The subject arose, and how difficult Finnish is and so… I noticed the couple sitting beside us, having a lively conversation, and a spark lit up in my head...

I told her:

“You know, it’s not the lack of time, or the difficulty of the language, no… It is the fact that not knowing the language well, not understanding your surroundings, gives you the feeling of being a tourist, the feeling of having a temporary stay in a place. I think that could be it…”

Patience test

“Where are you from?”
“Now that you ask, I am half German, half Turkish….”
“But where have you lived?”
“Mainly in Turkey…”
“Where is your home?”
“I have no home”
“No no.. Liar... You must have a home”
“You don’t want to admit it yourself; you have a home and don’t want to admit it… So you are lying”
“Look, some people are lucky; they have a place they can call home. I am unlucky.”
“Noo… You are lying... You do not want to tell your home…”

My face changes, and at last he realizes he is in a minefield...

He leaves.
I light a cigarette, and shake my head.

Home is where my family is. Home is no place. Home is where I can smell my family. Home is where my brother throws a hardcover book on my head on a Sunday at eight am. Home is no place. Home is air. Air close to my bloodline.


Just was chatting with a friend, and he asked me:

Friend says:
do you know a girl called Olla?
finndistan says:
zzz's friend
Friend says:
No Olla
finndistan says:
tall, 25... frequents henries,….
Olla.. describe
Friend says:
Tall and dark waved hears
she knows you as a german
do you have the number? I do. With can compare and see if she is the same person
finndistan says:
No number.
So she knows me...
Tall and dark waved hairs..
that is ulla
or olla
Friend says:
finndistan says:
isn't she zzz's friend? in onnela saturday
and we talked to her in ukko a few months back?
Friend says:
Probably. I knew her but cant remember from where.
finndistan says:
Friend says:
She asked about you.
finndistan says:
now I am curious.
friend says:
then she told that there is another onnela in helsinki but her friend told her that many turks in there and she made a disgusted face.
i was laughing my ass off
finndistan says:
Will send to you for confirmation.
Friend says:
but she gave me her number because some party and she wanted to invite me... Or probably you

She knows me as a German.. Wonder about her reaction about me ending up at her party with a turkish flag and a bottle of raki.