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Tall Ships Day 1 - 2.35AM-3.35AM - Scorching the earth, being called out, and a happy ending

Am in Turku for the Tall Ships Race weekend.

The first night starts with my friends taking me to a place called "School"...

A place that I passed by so many times and never gave a second glance turns out to be an excellent old school turned brewery. Place was just beautiful.

Then we check a few other places, and as the friends and their ladies are tired, I decide to roll solo, at 2.35 AM

2.35 AM.

The Camel Lover

The absinth I had has upset my stomach, so when i enter the club, I immediately make my way to the bar to get some water.

Does not take 30 seconds, some good looking early 40ish Finnish dude whose face looks familiar comes up to me, extends his hand and

"Selamun aleikum"
"I don't use that"
"Ha.... where are you from?"
"AAA and XXX"
"*Hello*" in XXX
"Hi" in Finnish I reply
"'How are you'" in XXX
"Good thanks" in Finnish I reply
"I have been in XXX many times, and ten years in Arab countries" he says...
"Good" I say.

"I know the Al Fatiha" he says
"I know what it is" I say. Since I had my first religion lessen, at the age I did not know the word "F¤ck" so I had thought to myself, "For donkeys butts, I am not going to pray in Arabic"; so I never bothered to even read that twice. I was in religion classes so that I would not be shunted by other students. Ah, viva la diversiteee... Mofos (the multicultists in the west).

In a bar, drunk, holding a beer in his hand, he starts:


While he is halfway through the prayer, I get my water.

He finishes, I am sipping my water.

I had told him I am XXX;

"Are you YYY" he asks me, which is same as asking a South Korean if he is North Korean; insinuating that the North is better than the South.
"No. XXX"

I sip my water.
Then he says

"I know the Shahada"
"Good for you" I say
"Do you know it?"
"I do" but, I will not put it to my mouth unless it is a life and death situation
"Ah" he looks down to his beer, "maybe I should not say it, I am drunk"
"Yea, maybe you should not"
"Yea".... ten seconds later "Ashadu...."

I look around while the prayer is recited fully to me by a drunk Finn in a sinhouse.

He looks at my glass of water

"It is Ramadan"
"It is"
"My friends don't drink or f¤ck in Ramadan"... yea, effing hypocrites... as if drinking and porking is allowed normally allowed for them...
"Good for them"
"You also have a glass of water"
"Yea, cause the Absinth effed my stomach"
"But it is Ramadan"
"Yea, Absinth was one too much"

"Which is your town?"
"Town X"
"Ahh, that is a YYY town"; a town in XXX;

I turn around at this point as I have no intention in educating an ignorant dipsh%t; who claims to have read the Q'uran, and has missed the point about non-believers, and especially Christians, of which he claims to be one. I am talking about the non-PC interpretations.  

He leaves saying something else in Arabic. I bid him farewell.

Scorched Earth

I needed some air;

So I went to the patio.

On the way back, I see this girl that I had seen in the bar "School"

She was looking serious in the School, and here she is still looking serious.

A'ight, I think to myself,

With maybe not the best approach,

"Hey, you were also in the School tonight"
"The School"
"Only.. five.. minutes" in a way that was not very inviting, and with a tad of arrogance. I sensed I would be blown out, but I was not going down like that.

"Yea, time enough to get your non-smiling face of yours" I say, straight face, my hands imaginarily pulling my lips down.


I retreated, leaving scorched earth behind me.

No regrets, had to be done.

Was I wrong? Could it have been shyness on her part? Maybe. But the arrogance was there, and the dismissive demeanor was there.

So, the face I saw after I uttered was just right what I wanted to see.

 "You are..."

I have to say, all the night I was being stoic. Leaning to the bar, or standing straight, either no impression or a smirk on my face.

At some point a 35ish woman comes to stand behind me,

I see her looking at me, from my peripheral vision, I look straight ahead,
I see her looking again, so I slowly turn my head, look her dead in the eye, and turn my head,

Then I see her pointing her finger at me, saying something and shaking it, so I point my finger at her and make motions with it, poking, circling etc,
She goes "Hmph" and turns around.

Then she turns and starts saying something, I twist my head and silent-speak "What?"

She comes to me and says,

"You are looking totally cocky"
"What am I?"
"You are looking totally cocky"
I shrugh, she goes "Hmph", and turns...

Goes dancing.

I stand, looking straight ahead, shit eating smirk on my face.

Camel lovers VS Women

My Arab lover comes back, totally disparaged,

"Women are stupid"; waving his hands in the air

I shrug

He continues his walk

3.35AM - The ending

So I leave the bar; smiling at myself; see a kid walking around with his buddies, with a pair of women's dress shoes in his hand;

A few steps later there is this hippie kid singing a song with his guitar,

"Welcome to Finland,
The land of thousand suicides"

Part 2

Smelly Media: Celebating diversity homogenously

Faces Festival joyfully promotes diversity

Of course joyfully... Lots of joyful booze... Lots of joyful mind altering substances... Lots of joyful drunken sex.

But looking at the one picture selected for the article, I do not see diversity.

What I see is one hippy dippy jumping in the wet sand.

Despite the Norwegian tragedy the festival is being marked by joyful events and a belief that the world can be become a better place.

“This festival is our reaction to the events in Norway because we emphasize tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity in a positive way,” says Festival Director Börje Mattson.

Of course what better way to mourn the dead of tens of people of your age and your political views, - brothers and sisters in ideology, if you will, - than getting drunk and high and jumping to music, and then shagging like unprotected smashed rabbits?

Must be the new progressive funeral. 

The world can become a better place, but not by the route that is right now dictated to us.

Flow Festival reminds me of the people that were dancing on the Titanic, expect that these are happily steering the ship onto that colorful iceberg.

Being a child of diversity does not stop me from speaking my mind.

Mattson points out that the theme of this year’s festival is ”Viva la difference” is aimed at countering the negative reaction in some circles in Finland to immigrants, sexual minorities, the handicapped or other cultures.

"Viva la difference"
So what if a group is more prone to be violent?

"Viva la difference"
So what if a group is totally intolerant of other views?
"Viva la difference"
So what if a group condones rape?
"Viva la difference"
What if one group is unemployable?
"Viva la difference"

A house built of cards. All that's needed is a slight wind, or a small spark, or maybe someone to piss on it.

It will crumble. Taking that Jumping Jack down with it.

Faces (YLE) “We want to demonstrate that diversity enriches and is great,” Mattson adds.
How exactly?
How did you demontrate that diversity is great in the long run?
And how exactly is diversity great besides allowing for exotic food, novelty fucks, and a self righteous feel good feeling?

The programme of the Faces Etnofestival includes music, dance, theatre, poetry, art, workshops and bazaars, children's Small Faces and a Roots Village.

Indoctrinating them young.
Educating them young.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Smelly Media: Taxation is not encouragement: Exhibit A: Cars

Increasingly older cars on Finnish roads

The average age of cars owned by Finns is threatening to exceed 12 years
during 2011. Despite car sales getting more brisk, cars are being replaced
so slowly that, at the current rate, it will be impossible to reach the
climate targets of 2020.


The winters here are below -20.
The roads icy, the turns slippery.
The cars break down, the towns can be far apart.
Moose and deer share the highways with motorists.

Yet, the problem is not that the people should be driving in safer cars with better brakes, better heating, more security, more reliability, less risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere at -30;

The problem is the climate targets.

The climate targets set by scientists/politicians/greasy hands whose misdoings have been long publicised in their game with their data. Climate targets set by people who were howling about Global Warming, then suddenly switched to Climate Change, and now are warning about Global Warming in a coming Ice Age....; people who are too precious to fly commercial airlines.

Meanwhile the 2020 climate targets largely depend on car renewal.

“Emissions regulations would require a renewal rate of seven percent, which
means about 140,000 cars per year,” says Maria Rautavirta from the Ministry
of Transport and Communications. “This sales target hasn’t quite been
reached on the part of new cars.” 

Wonder why...

First you tax people from half their income, then tax them again when they buy food, and then double the tax on cars, so that the most basic car costs way more than central europe, and the second hand market sucks a$$.

The difference in car price, gotten from the companies' websites:

Toyota Prius:

Germany : 26.000
Finland : 32.000

VW Passat 2.0

Germany : 37.000
Finland : 44.000

But this is not the whole picture. For one, these are average cars, nothing fancy or strong. A 2.0 Passat CC for example is sold for 36.000 in Germany, in Finland it is 50.000... Same for Volvos, Mercedes's, BMWs, etc.

Additionally, the second hand market is the other problem.

From nettiauto and autscout24,

A Honda Accord 2.0 Elegance, Gasoline, Manual Gear, Year 2010, and around 25.000 km.

Finnish price: 30.000 euros;
German price: under 20.000.


First you tax people to hell on their cars, and everything else;
Then people cannot afford to renew their cars,
And then you complain that people are driving old cars.
You complain from an environmental standpoint, not the safety of fathers, mothers and children; and elk, and moose and deer.
And then you
Oh, nevermind that taking the train is the same price as driving the car even with no passengers besides the driver; totally screwing the population on public transport also.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smelly Media: Vaccinate yourself from health - Endreport for now

Part 1 : The Vaccination Controversy
Part 2 : The Vaccination Controversy - The Last Scare

European authority confirms vaccine link with narcolepsy

The European Medicines Agency has linked the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix to narcolepsy, backing the results of Finnish and Swedish research.
 But I thought the big pharma told us that there was no link?
Why would they not say the truth?
They must have misread their data, yes.

The European Medicines Agency decided that the use of Pandemrix should be restricted for those under the age of 20.
But let's make Gardasil mandatory. That is a gift from the Big Pharma to us.

Finland’s Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Paula Risikko, says that this expert judgement is important as concerns the issue of compensation for those who have fallen ill with narcolepsy after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

Risikko believes that compensation will be paid at some point. 
I am all for paying compensation to the affected. My sympathies go to them.

I am also all for the Big Pharma covering all the expenses, and if they will not then the ones who told the public to take this vaccine should cover the expenses, not the taxpayer who payed for these vaccines and then will pay for their side effects.

If the Big Players cannot be hold responsible for their misdeeds, why should we hold a single man accountable when he assaults another one because he looked at him the wrong way? Is the Rule of Law for the normal man and the Rule of Whatever for the big boys? Well, it is.

Smelly Media: Getting bored with Greece

HS poll: Half of Finns want Greece out of the Euro

Nearly half of Finns would like Greece to leave the euro zone, according to a poll for the daily broadsheet Helsingin Sanomat. 
The dumb Finns!!!

Don't they know that Bulgaria and Romania will enter the Eurozone soon?

How come they want to exclude the birthplace of the west as we know it?

Ignorant peasants of the swamplands...

A fifth of respondents want Finland to leave the euro. More than half, though, wanted Finland to assist eurozone countries in economic difficulty.
Well, if the Euro means that the hard working are working to subsidize the people drinking tea in places where the sun shines to heat your bones... To pay the retirements of people who retire few years earlier than you, and in many cases get a retirement benefit that is double of yours, in a place where the food costs almost half...  to students who riot every year for benefits that are multiples of yours, in a place where living costs,.... half...

To subsidize a touristic country that instead of trying to strengthen its touristic attraction has taxi drivers on strike... in a recession...

I wonder when the German people will soon revolt to go back to the Deutsche Mark.

Some 44 percent of those questioned were of the opinion that Greece undermines the whole euro zone, and the country should therefore leave the currency union. Expulsion of Greece from the euro is supported by some 70 percent of True Finns supporters.
Besides other things, it is well known that Greece cooked the books to enter the Euro, and the Eurocrats knew this. In the Greek context the Euro was undermined by this collaboration.

I am no economist, so I need help.
Here we get an expert opinion:
“People have a short-term perspective on these issues,” said Aalto University economics professor Matti Pohjola in a Helsingin Sanomat interview. They don’t really consider alternatives to the euro.” 
"People have short term perspective on these issues"

So is this not kind of an admission that universal unearned suffrage is not beneficial in the long term?

So people have a short term perspective on these issues.

Now tell me again, why does everyone get to vote?

Let's ignore this little thorn in my mind.

So people have a short term perspective;

What do the politicians and their friends have?

Before almost every crisis, you see the marks of politicians passing some laws,

Before almost every crisis, there is the role of the politicians,

Almost every crisis can be traced back to the politicians and their friends/financiers/owners.

Ok, as they are a different breed than "people", they are not short sighted,

I would like to know where their sights are.

Give the euro to the people, destroying national economies

Give welfare to the people, crippling the working class

Give safe-speech laws to people, effectively sewing their lips tight
Give child-protection laws to people, now kids are drowning because men are rightfully afraid to help
Give anti-aggression laws to people, now women are getting raped, people not helping due to the risk of being sued
Give globalism to the people, oops, where the jobs have gone
Give feminism to the people, birth rate falls to demographic suicide levels
Give business legislation to the people, only the biggest businesses can pay for the fees
Give diversity to people, only for them to realize that diversity means incompatibleness
Give multiculti to the people, only for them to realize multiculti does not mean happiculti

Tells me the people with the short sight definitely have their sight on better things.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Smelly Media: It's so obvious, it is not stupid anymore

Meat Prices to Rise

Yesterday I noticed that the price of minced meat already was up 20% compared to last year. That increase slowly crept in, it was silent.

Here is the reason for the coming increase:
The global increase in grain prices was one of the factors causing a rise in production costs.

Cows are supposed to eat grass.
Cows are supposed to graze on grass (hay in winter...)
Cows are designed to eat grass...

Thing is,

I have come to believe through study and research that grains are bad for humans, and grains are one of the destructive elements to have roamed the face of the earth; once they were cultivated in vast monocrop fields where they drain the earth of water and minerals, and let the wind take away the upper crust of fertile land away.

Now we have technology and it is possible to do away with the big agriculture subsidies, eliminate monocrop farming and replace those lands with mixed vegetables, and grazing animals. As shown in africa, letting a herd graze on grass, take a dump and move on, to return later, revives the land; in some cases even resurrects it.

Many deserts on earth used to be wild grasslands and forests, now they are deserts. What happened in between?

Your healthy grains, is what happened.

Healthy grains kills the land. This, is history for the non-brainwashed. Chapter 13: Farming the earth into dust.

Another thing,

Which idiot thought it would be a good idea to allow speculation based on grains? Which idiot let the banks in on the food business in between the farmer, middleman, and the consumer?

I may not be a Christian per se, but there was a reason Jesus acted the way he did.

Banks can buy grain as if it a paper commodity... Wonder why the grain prices are rising?

And the environmentalists... running after biodiesel (not the one from algae)...

You really have nothing to do with the rising grain prices, do you. Putting food in cars rather than on plates. (Still, the effect of banks entering the commodity market is bigger)

But under all lies the fact that we have allowed and payed the food industry to crappify our food.

Raise it the way it was not intended to raised.
Grow it in the way it was not intended to be grown.
Process that what was best left unprocessed.

Grow crap, process the crap out of it and sell crappified crap.

And then wonder why children need diabetes shots at the age of two, and wonder why the kids are running sick for almost all the winter.

Food prices are rising cause the cows eat grain.

Well Sherlock, they were not supposed to eat grain; besides the problems with the CAFOs.

Oh and,

"Replacing industrialized monocrop operations with labor intensive multiplant farms is not feasible"



So Finland had employed 84.000 people in the farming industry in 2010.

How many unemployed are getting paid for doing nothing? 250.000 (combining truly unemployed and the professionally unemployed)

How, is it not a profitable thing:

Instead of paying people to be unproductive,
Unemployment benefits are actually given to be productive?

How much skill does a farm need when the unskilled workers are guided by a knowledgeable farmer?

I am not an economist- But looking at the depressions of the last century and this one, and the deaths due to central planning in the communist realm, my lack of credentials is actually a positive thing compared to the destructions the credentialed have wrought. 

Look at the earth between the Eufrat and Tigris, the vast, fruitful farmlands two thousand years ago, the assumed birthplace of civilization,  look at the Nile area, fruitful farmlands from three thousand years ago.

This is the future of every grain farm that exists today.

One thing that does not change is that the food industry is growing crap, processing the crap out of it, and selling us crappified crap.

But that is not enough,

They also go after farmers who let their animals live a respectable life, feed them food they were made to consume, and treat animals like living beings; and then sell unprocessed real food.


Because healthy real food is a health hazard.

I do not expect the big food to look at the crap they are selling and decide to go the healthy way,

One thing I wish for them, is as Diogenes has said,

"Only stand out of my light"

Or in my words,

"if you ain't refraining from wanting to feed crap to me, at least to not sh%t into my honest farmer's bucket of happy healthy real eggs"

Smelly Media: The Devil is in the Details

Bleak News on Finland's Economic Prospects

Consumer confidence in the Finnish economy has fallen compared to last year, according to Statistics Finland. Views on the economy are at their gloomiest since the beginning of 2009.
Let's see...
Nokia got served on a silver plate to Microsoft, and possibilities of laying of 5000+ educated people is looming on the horizon
ABB is laying off people
Sonera is laying off people
Metso is laying off people
The train service is laying off people in a time when trains are cancelled due to shortage of staff
Every week new companies are being added to the list.
Greece is going down the drain, Spain, Portugal and Italy are in the queue...
How is there going to be confidence?

But, this is the sentence that stands out:

Consumers felt that, in July, the time was right for saving.

This is the real problem.

In the welfare state, the taxes are sky high, the retirement benefits are taken for sure and granted, so people do not see the need to save. Many of the ones who see the need to save cannot do so.

When retirement hits, there are no savings, so people look to Daddy Gov'n'm'nt in order not to starve.

Had people saved, or had people not be crippled by the sky high taxes, the downturn of economy would be handled a bit more easier than now.

Now is the right time for saving?

You should have saved for the many years that had past, instead of resting your back on Daddy Gov'n'm'nt's wallet; a wallet that will implode very soon.

And one more thing about the welfare state:

It is like socialism. All fine and dandy until you run out of someone else's money. (Thatcher)

In this case the working people's money.

How much more are they going to pay tax?

Now they even want to tax the bottle collectors...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smelly Media: White Liquid Called Milk

A study in Milk

A study indeed.

As the joke goes, foreigners can feel truly at home in Finland once they have
contracted local ailments and allergies, such as lactose intolerance.
And as the Finnish joke goes, from a Finnish friend:

"CompanyX destroyed Finns health"

CompanyX is a dairy company selling dairy products with the crap processed out of them.

Dispelling the myth, facts indicate that foreigners do not develop lactose
intolerance in Finland as much as discover it.
What if it is "processed milk" intolerance. Milk that is processed to the degree that it is not much better from the "White paint" sold in Bauhaus?

But no, it is the lactose.

I am well aware that many people lack the enzyme for lactose, but what happens here cannot be solely explained by simple lactose intolerance.

Foreigners arriving in Finland quite often marvel at the proportion
of the Finnish population that surely has to be lactose intolerant in order
to require all these provisions.
Until they start farting like a mad cow.

Also, some foreigners find themselves lactose intolerant here.

So they find they are intolerant, not that they turned intolerant. Now read the next sentence:

Angelina Santana has never had trouble with milk in her native Mexico,
but she has learnt to embrace low-lactose products in Finland.
It is not like milk was unknown to her. Maybe there is something in this milk over here, compared to Mexico, where you still might find some liquid resembling milk?

Experts agree: genetics are responsible for lactose intolerance. This would
indicate that the people who have developed lactose intolerance in Finland
were in fact intolerant already. They just didn’t know about it.
I grew up on milk from farmers and never had the extensive problems I had here.

Here, like mentioned above, I end up farting like a mad cow.

“I think the main reason is that we consume so much dairy products here in
Finland that it comes up that a person has lactose intolerance,” says
nutritionist Anne Pohju from the Finnish Dairy Nutrition Council. “We
drink milk here on par with any normal drink, and it’s not the norm in other
I disagree. A glass of milk for a lactose intolerant causes problems already. It is not the excessive quantity but the quality/chemistry of the milk that matters.

She also points out that milk products are healthy, affordable and come in a
wide variety in Finland. Shops offer milk, sour cream, buttermilk, different
types of quarks, yoghurts. Milk products became an important part of
Angelina’s diet.

Highly likely she has no problem with joghurt or cheese. And claiming that Finns consume more dairy than others is an insult to both my ancestries who have perfected cheese making and joghurt making, and eating.

Stop. they are talking about milk.

But milk is not the same as cheese or joghurt, or kefir.

The milk on the shelves is dead. The others, some of the milk products,  are alive.

No ready answers
I have.

The same company that funded this study, or provided their experts for the article, also sells organic milk. the special thing about this milk is not that is is organic, but that it is not homogenized.

Almost everybody that I knew who had a lactose intolerance, or so they thought, had no more problems once they switched over to this product. The only exemptions were the ones who also have problems with joghurt and cheese.

However, experts stress the need to stay away from sweeping generalisations.
Yeah, generalizations like

"Raw milk is living and healthy" (that is my opinion)
"Do not process the shit out of my milk"
"Try unprocessed milk"
"Try milk from free range animals"
"The problem may be in the processing of the milk"

Nay. We cannot say them.

But we can say:

"We processed the crap out of the milk, and now you cannot handle it, so drink of our even more processed milk"

Create problem,
Offer solution.

Create bigger problem,
Offer more expensive solution.


Links to ponder:  (related topics are in between)

Smelly Media: People do vote. With their feet

Reports of Finnish parents divorcing and the father "moving" into a new home, so their kids can go to a different school than the one which they would be assigned to otherwise;

Reports of Finnish parents buying a smaller second home, and take their residency to there, so their kids can go to a different school than the one which they would be assigned to otherwise;

Finns just escaping their neighborhoods in a little reported incident of Finn-flight,

These are the words from the street;

The policymakers and the media, of course do not listen, or do not want to listen:

Low Support for Ethnic Quotas in Schools

A poll by the daily Helsingin Sanomat shows that around one in three residents in the southern region of Uusimaa would back ceilings on the number of children of immigrant background in individual schools.

That is how you twist the numbers.

30% is low?

Those are the ones who had the courage to speak up. Nowadays you risk losing your job, or even getting prosecuted if you say anything other than the PC approved catch phrases.

30%... low support.. my a$$...

10% for anything is a tipping point and you got 30%...

Children from immigrant families make up more than half of all pupils in some schools in the capital region, while there are other schools with none at all. The National Board of Education has urged local governments to examine the issue of achieving a better ethnic balance in schools. However, this survey found that a majority of people oppose the idea of ethnic quotas.
Who is with me in thinking at least some of the ones who oppose this ceiling (which would by its nature introduce minimum base quota for the other schools) have their kids in majorly Finnish schools? Why break something that is working for you? Can't blame them.

The lowest levels of support for the idea were found among supports of the Left Alliance and the Green League. Ahh.. my beloved left and green...

As long as they proclaim good intentions... Who cares about the outcome...

Before I close, want to bet which schools have happier pupils, better test scores, less trouble and more success in general? Not racism; just showing diversity is not the golden fountain of happiness that it is cherished to be. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Smelly Media: Dictionary 2000: Truth is hate

Hate speech to get defined legal limits

Clear legal boundaries are being imposed on internet hate speech. According to the newspaper Turun Sanomat, the police are collecting material— including comments in the immigration debate—so that the state prosecutor could give precise instructions for what merits fines and prison sentences.

The police say clear practical guidelines are needed about the kind of online writings that fall within the bounds of criminal law.

“The amount of hate speech has increased to such an extent that it’s time to consider together rather closely what the law says on this and clarify at what stage internet writings need to come into the purview of criminal law, when it’s a question of a fine, when of imprisonment and so on,” notes Deputy Prosecutor General Jorma Kalske.

Smelly Media: When 1+1 = Reddish Brown

Norway attacks galvanise youth

After the tragedy in Norway, political youth organisations in Finland received an influx of new members. There was a spike in the number of applications to join the youth wings of the SDP and the National Coalition Party, for example.
The number of new aspiring members of the Greens’ youth organisation has also grown.
What to add?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smelly Media: London: The Cluterf##k of Liberalism

London is burning.

First we get to the opinion of experts, and researchers,

And then I try to enlighten thee with my common man's sense and logic 101.

Experts on London riots: A protest of the marginalised

“The authorities and the marginalised youths are locked in daily battle in the
society, and the general malaise at times grows into riots,” says Mika
Aaltola, Global Director for a Global Security research programme at the

This opinion is echoed by Risto Heiskala, Director of the Institute for Social
Research at the University of Tampere. Heiskala says that the poor
relationship between the police and the population has created an
environment in which a possible mistake on part of the police triggered
I bolded "marginalized" because a more apt word would be "disenfranchised"... Many of the kids were marginalised before they were -ised. They were already on the margins to begin with (i.e.: "They were alienated because they were alien to begin with"). But then comes the disenfranchising. Arithmetically adds the non-marginalized to the picture and geometrically increases the wrath of the marginalized.

Researcher: Income gap behind Britain riots

British rioters seem to be mostly youths from lower socio-economic
backgrounds, says social sciences expert Antti Karjalainen. He says that
disparities between the haves and the have-nots helped set the stage for the
current unrest.
Karjalainen says that the explanation for the riots is not quite as simple as
the British politicians and authorities claim when they cast it as pure
criminality. The social sciences expert says that the roots of the problem
run far deeper.

There is more text in the news, but this suffices.

Unlike my usual behavior, I will not go an disagree with these experts. I think the analysis are on point, with the caveat that I will claim that due to their positions they are either blinded by PC, or mouth-taped by PC.

Here is how I see it:

The London Riots are the Clusterf%%k of Liberalism.


Some examples:

Political Correctness prevented the police to act with necessary force to stop the riots before they started. With no danger of getting arrested, with no danger even if getting arrested, and it being illegal for the property owners to protect themselves (unless, of course they are a minority); the youth was free to burn and pillage. Political correctness silenced any voices that could have prevented these events if they had gotten heard and used to implement policies.

Welfare State bred many of these "marginalized youth". You get what you subsidize. Humans work on incentives. If you pay people to do nothing (sometimes more than a low wage job), and pay them to breed, you will get people breeding who have no hope of giving any resemblance of a life to their children. In studies it has been shown that many times welfare recipients breed kids that are welfare recipients. Monkey see, monkey do. So when you give people the incentive to be a well paid bum, and make kids, you get this part of the society expanding. A part that would have kept itself in demographic check, if the resources were not there. I am not talking about people dying of hunger, I am talking about the welfare recipients breeding geometrically; more welfare recipients.

Feminism destroyed any future for a young male , broke the social contract between men and women, the contract that created civilization. Disenfranchised men (only one of the evils of the feminazi). No job prospects, no family prospects; coming from a single mother home, no father figure. These men have nothing to loose, but all to gain; as the women are coming from similar dysfunctional families and are not rewarding function, but survival/dysfunction/criminality."Boys are stupid throw rocks at them.", "The end of men", "Slimes and puppy tails".... Well, boys, show them what they claimed you were.

Single motherhood has taken the fathers away from men. Has made the father into a wallet with a restraining order. Boys cannot grow to be men without a father figure. To add, any outside father figure got screwed by feminism's efforts. Without fathers in the picture, women also grow up to be like their single mothers. Irresponsible and dependent on the state.

Multiculturalism put cultures together that have existed in peace only because of clear cut borders or thousands of kilometers in between. Now that they are in the same place, it is like putting matches and gunpowder into a kids hands.

Diversity became the number one mantra for organisations. Accomplishments did not matter. The men who would accomplish something were run over by diversity. And comes the saying "diversity plus proximity equals war"... London just has seen this.

Affirmative Action destroyed the police force, made it a joke. Affirmative action destroyed the higher levels of organizations, made them a joke. the rioters had nothing to fear. (hat tip, Dalrock)

A liberal diverse feminist state needs to be a police state (no? well, UK is a liberal diverse feminist state, and it is a police state; just look at the number of cameras needed). Once you are a police state, the police will run AMOK; when it has the odds in favor, and run like chicken when the odds are against. So, this in turn means the alienation of the law abiding; as they are the only ones the police has power against. Alienation of the law abiding leads to alienated outlaws.

Have I missed any more related liberal policies?

I ask:
Why should indigenous men have any sense of duty towards a society that has been punishing them since they were born?
Why should any alien man have any sense of duty towards a society that he has not been  born into?
Why should marginalized men have any fear if there is nothing to fear, and why should they refrain if the rewards on the end of the road resemble a harem of their own?

Liberals played God,
Only thing they will have managed to create will be Hell. 


Some question do not leave my mind.
- The PC-trained police has been shown to be ineffective in protecting the law abiding citizens.
- If the police is ineffective should it be made legal to protect your shop/street from looters, by using violence
- Is it time to change the self defence laws which currently protect the assaulter?
- Is police training in sensitivity the right thing, should the police rather be trained in policing?
- Will the liberals accept that since they have been in the policing business for decades; feminists, leftist, diversity cultists, welfareists etc, that these events are a direct result of their policies?
- Will the west accept that fathers are a necessary part of raising boys; and girls?
- Are homogenous cultures better at defending/protecting/supporting their member when facing some kind of disaster?
- Does it make sense to stock up on few weeks of canned food etc?
- Is it clear that the police exists to protect and serve, not to make the diversity cultists and the eqwaalitists feel good?
- Once the government has shown clearly they are now able to protect the law abiding, and even punish the law abiding for self defense, what route is left for the law abiding?
- Is it clear that "Feel Good", "Politically Correct", "We need to understand eachother" policies were destructive, while a few good placed plastic bullets, a few batons, some water from the hoses could have stopped the riots?
- Whose fault is it if the law abiding citizens start lynching future rioters, now that the law abiding citizens have seen that organization and staying together is the only way to protect their families and livelyhoods.
- Are the human rights of a house burning rioter the same as a law abiding citizen? Are we all equal even if our choices are constructive or destructive?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smelly Media: Stop racial profiling

Perhaps, it is time for some profiling?

Thors: Crime Statistics by Nationality Needed

Immigration Affairs Minister Astrid Thors says that statistics on crimes committed by foreigners in the country should include more detailed data nationalities. This, she said, could prevent any single group from being labelled.

The police has done profiling.

The border guards have done profiling.

The people have done profiling.

The politicians, the sociologists and whatever NGO is right now pissed at the True Finns are the ones with their heads in the sand. Was really thinking about saying "their heads in their asses", but in this case the picture of an ostrich was a better fit for the image in my head.

Go out to town, and ask people,

"What do you think of -insert nationality-", they will quite closely fit with the profiling of the police, of the border guards and other institutions who not-openly research these things as a necessary part of doing their jobs.

I am standing totally with Thor. Even if, due to fitting the profiling I have gotten stopped by the customs every second time I entered the country.

The multiculti cultists would disagree of course. There is only good in other nationalities/cultures/people. Only enrichment. Nothing bad ever comes out of them. And if it indeed does, it is the Finns fault because they are racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Edit:Removed my previous comment in these lines. Could not find a reliable source for what I remembered.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Smelly Media: Reindeer Pride Parade

Reality show about reindeer herders?

Plans are underway to create a reality TV show about the lives of reindeer herders. The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) has committed 7,500 euros in funding to produce the pilot episode of this show.

7500 Euros... Wow... Man... That is a fortune... You can even buy one deer with that for your garden...

They are doing it all wrong.
They should have made a reality show about Gay Reindeer Herders

What would they have gotten?



Monday, August 08, 2011

Smelly Media: Nordic cultures defenseless

A culture can defend itself only if it is willing not to tolerate the intolerants.

Wherein "intolerants" are not defined in the same manner as the MultiCulti Cultists and diversity Worshippers define it. "Intolerant" in this sense meaning the people intolerant against the said culture's main values.

A culture whose main value is Multi Culti and Diversity cannot be a culture as MultiCulti and Diversity are in effect culture destroyers; by their basic definition. A culture means something: Hard work, sympathy, empathy, protection, art, love of heritage, a history, tolerance, in some cases intolerance, and so on. Diversity means, diversity at expense of everything else.

Prime Minister Katainen defends Nordic values at scout jamboree

A joint declaration was issued by the three men defending Nordic values and containing a commitment to the welfare state. In their view, the Norwegian terrorist attack was an assault on these values.
The terrorist of Norway said that he supports the Norwegian culture, and I have read parts where he supports the Norwegian culture, and welfare state, before it got hijacked.

I would have liked to hear more about the Nordic values: Hard work, respecting eachother,  respecting the culture and society, respecting the laws, did I mention hard work?, commuity ties, solidarity, in some regions solitutude, the culture of the winter, etc.

“The Nordic countries are among the world’s most open and free nations. Democracy including the freedom of speech and right of expression are at the heart of our society. The Nordic nations express solidarity with the rest of the world, we share our wealth and open our doors to people who flee oppression,” wrote Prime Ministers Katainen, Reinfeldt and Rasmussen.
The nordic countries were among the world's most open and free nations.

Free speech is very fast turning into a joke, and is turning against the indigenous cultures which have no means to defend their existence anymore.

Nordic nations do not total 20.000.000... how will they share their wealth with hundreds millions of oppressed people? How will they open their doors?

Are Nordic Nations willing to commit cultural suicide in order to feel good about helping the oppressed who are being oppressed usually by their own culture, and to get a pack on the back for being so multiculti?

Are Nordic Nations willing to give away their hard earned, with sweat and blood, resources and social achievements; the futures of their children; because being multiculti is "good"?

Is a culture's first order of duty to its own children, or to other's children; usually to their own children's detriment?

The premiers also listed issues that needed particular attention in the future. Top of the list was the need to give support for young people to take part in the development of society. For this reason, they were visiting the scout camp.
Then, you have to allow camps also for the youth that does not believe in multiculti, diversity, marxism, socialism and or communism, etc.

You will not criticize children going to church camps, and you will encourage it.

Speech will remain free.

If a youth can say "The Nordic Culture needs to accept multiculturalism and enrich itself, because look at how rich the other cultures are",

Then another youth should be able to say:

"The Nordic Culture needs not accept multiculturalism as its official religion, our culture is what enabled us to create a civilization in these God forsaken lands of the frozen earth, and, an enrichment will only cause our civilization to decline"

Nowadays, the first kid will get a standing ovation while the second kid will be booed as racist and possibly have the police escort him to a holding cell.

Free speech and encouragement of discussion, 2011. 

In addition, the prime ministers stressed that everyone was responsible for mutual tolerance and for the care of each other.
Unless of course you belong to an ultra sensitive super intolerant group that is demanding tolerance from the tolerant for its unearned sensitivities and unjust and unforgiving intolerance.

Then the tolerant have to bend over backwards; again... again... lower... again...

Saying, "Hey, let the intolerant be returning the favor of tolerance for a sec, please",

Is hate crime.

To be able to survive, tolerance has to mean also tolerating the diverse ideas that the intolerant deem intolerant, and putting checks on what will be intolerated. Otherwise, the intolerant will come to dictate the discourse and the tolerant will be intolerated into oblivion, because they tolerated the irrevocably intolerant.

It is great that the Prime Minister defended the Nordic Culture, that is one step forward; it is just that the Multiculti2000, and Diversity2000 that was defended were not and are not the main part of the Nordic Cultures that created civilizations in these Frozen Earths of the God Forsaken Lands.

Peace, respect, hard work, intellectuality, tolerance, hospitality, helpfulness, charity, freedom of speech and belief;

Wish he would have been more specific on that.

Smelly Media: Assuming the readers are ignorant sheep

Puttonen: "U.S. can overcome effects of credit-rating downgrade"

You would expect that one of the biggest news outlets in the country expects its readers also to know a thing or two.

Apparently not...

“It can either save more or boost revenue via tax increases. The US also has a federal bank that is able to print more money if needed,” he adds.

I am ignoring the blatant misrepresentation of the Federal Bank and ist relationship with the US, which actually goes like: "And the Federal Bank has the US for which it can create money out of thin air"; of course free for the Fed does not mean free for the US...

But claiming that printing money to pay off debt is a solution (which will not piss/scare off the lenders and create an economic armageddon around the world) ignores the basic fact that the more money you create out of nothing, the less value your money will have.

Yea, debt will be paid off, right, but at the price of making the Dollar equal to the euro Cent?

What a solution.

“If politicians can clearly state what their intentions are in the years ahead, then it’s possible that credit ratings could be raised,” Puttonen concludes.
With most politicians, one has to remember their first line of duty is to votes. What is right for the politician is what will get the politician more vote. This is not necessarily what is good for the society.

Ah, eliminate universal suffrage, allow only the productive/tax payers to vote, then maybe the relationship between votes and the good of society will be more connected than the two sides of a rift, like a rope bridge.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Smelly Media: Aid and Human Rights Oganizations slam the eviction of the Irish as a human rights violation.

Evil Irish came to Helsinki. Evil Irish put up a camp. And rightfully,

Irish travellers evicted form Helsinki suburb.

The Irish came to Finland in caravans and invaded public parks and parking lots.

The Irish were linked to various crimes by the police.

The ones who do not belong to this criminal group roam the streets 24/7, play their melancholic melodies over and over, depressing the passerbys, they have created the organized begging business, have intimidated old Finnish bottle collecting ladies away from lucrative parks, these Irish chavs jump in front of people, demand money and spit to the front of the feet of people when they refuse to subsidize the begging industry. In Norway, have not seen it in Finland, a well built, well dressed,  aggressive young man was even offering protection to the Irish travellers. But that was, Norway. 

Racist Finns have anonymously mentioned in polls that they do not want the Guiness drinking drunk Irish travellers begging for Guiness money. 

The City of Helsinki tried to give these Irish a place to stay, which was not welcome by the Free Irish,

When the police came to evacuate the illegally camping Irish settlers, Amnesty International was there to protest, and NameForgotten Social Organization offered the Irish their parking lots and facilities for free for however long they want. Human rights organizations protested this oppression of the Irish travellers.


Damn, I must still be drunk on sunday eve.

Now I notice that the human rights were not present when the Irish were evicted...

Stupid me.

Ah, the news clips, I notice now, except the first one, are not about the Irish... A good dose of Gin does impede reading comprehension.. I should go back to primary school and learn some alphabets and some geography, stupid me.

Stupid me.

But the human rights groups were there, shouting and chanting and issuing protests, and NameForgotten Social Organization(s?) were offering space and shelter, and Amnesty Int'n'l, was being Amnesty Int'n'l.... But not for the peace and Guiness loving Irish travellers.

Crickets were chirping for the party the frogs were throwing of the ants of the field under the shade of the  the police cars when the Irish were being evicted.

Far away on the hills, I can see the hippies chanting hand in hand:

"Evil oppressive privileged Irish travelers go home! You are increasing our summer carbon footprint!"


Saturday, August 06, 2011

Slutty idiots were walking, I spotted some crimes. I want to report.

Was walking through town today when I noticed slow moving policecars with shrill women's voices screeching something.

Lo and behold, it was the Sluts walking.

We had two in shape but totally butched up lezbobos dancing in the front, followed by a big banner, held by a giand lezzysquid, and a mid thirties hippie male.

Man these hippie males... For me they must be in the top five of male groups that disgust me. Rage on the system, rage on capitalism, then live on welfare, make kids while on pot, raise them to be further welfare leeches, and then rail on the benefits of the social system. Yo sh%thead, ever asked the working people what they think about your hairy lazy ass and flea circus of rasta hair. Dregs of society exhibition D.


There were around 200 people, much more than I would expect. And more men then I would expect.

Men, you had the hippies, the guys who rail on free love when they are not the ones marrying the "I was a hippie, now I wanna be a mom" girls, you had the hipsters, another group of anrogynous males, you got some men who looked like they were invisible to women, and you had boyfriends.

Girls, the usual lezbobo, hippie, commie, socie, hipster and feminazinitwits, and normal women walking.

Ah yea, most were dressed scantily.

You know,

"I dress to increase my sexual appeal, use my sexuality as a bargaining chip, but you cannot objectify me"

Since there were some good pieces of meat flaunting their meatness, I stood there with a smirk enjoying the free show of skin, to objectify the walkers, like they wanted to objectify themselves.

I previously mentioned that I think the SlutWalkers are more like LetsGetMoreWomenRapedWalkers, and doing a criminal act by manipulating women into ignoring reality, and causing more women to put themselves into risky situations.

But here I want to report on at least three other criminal acts I observed:

1. The few "mothers" who had their young girls of five with them. This is child abuse. To put a small kid that is supposed to be chasing after butterflies in between cockroaches in strap ups is child abuse.

2. The few "mothers" who had their young sons of five with them, besides being child abuse for the same reason mentioned above, is the sexual molestation of a minor by putting a five year olds head into a group where it is level with giant femisquids asses and the carpets of the munchers which were not almost revealed. This is forcing a child into a sexual environment and constitutes sexual abuse.

3. There was one dog. It was scared sh#tless, looking into my eye, begging please, please help me. These WArpigs in pink pantyhoses scare me; and I cannot stand the smell of rotten mangina balls. Animal abuse.

These SlutWalks are criminal. I mentioned that. And will mention again.

Helping women get raped, one woman at a time

But rape is not the only issue.

Men should not judge women. As if women never judge men. No, of course not. When I am seeing hitting on a warpig (I am not), the good looking ladies do not go "EEWWWW"... Never. When a man pays for sex, women never go "Creep".. Never. When a man uses a bit less confidence in his approach, they never turn to their friends, make a slit throat gesture and whispe "loser".. No... Never.

The last time I checked, Finland, and the Western civilization is a free place.

No one will tell me what to find attractive, what to find acceptable and what to fin respectable.

Honorable Tom Leykis had these words:

"You cannot control other, but you can control what you do."

Somebody should put these SluttyLooseSlippers into a Tom Leykis camp ala Clockwork Orange.

These are the words of a free man, who respects freedom, who respect equality, fairness, fair play and loves women:

This is a free country.
You are free to do whomever, whenever wherever you want,
I am free to think and feel whatever I think and feel about that, and free to act accordingly.

Once is not enough,

This is a free country.
You are free to do whomever, whenever wherever you want,
I am free to think and feel whatever I think and feel about that, and free to act accordingly.

Three is the holy number:

This is a free country.
You are free to do whomever, whenever wherever you want,
I am free to think and feel whatever I think and feel about that, and free to act accordingly.

Just noticed that if you take out (o)bjectivity from c(o)untry, you end up with a cuntry.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Smelly Media: SlutWalks; Stupid Sluts Walking & SlutWalkers are rape apologists

I had been waiting for this idiocy to come over here. How could the strong, independent, empowered, and of utmost importance, sexually liberated women let this one go?

Oh, how could they?

SlutWalk planned for Helsinki

            Finnish women will take to the streets this weekend, in an attempt to provoke   discussion about sexual self-determination. The idea of the so called SlutWalks originated in Canada and spread across the world. Organisers   want to ensure the way women dress can not be used as a justification for   sexual assault. 
            It is only these idiots who think the way women dress was a justification for sexual assault. Talk about having your brain in your ass. But more on the justification issue at the end.

SlutWalks have taken place worldwide since April, when a policeman told   Toronto students that they should not dress like sluts if they wanted to   avoid being victimised. 
Is the policeman the person with knowledge? Yes.
Does he have the best interest of women in mind? Yes.
Has he, in his years in his occupation as savior and protector, seen that women who dress provocatively get assaulted more often? Yes.
Do statistics back him up? Yes.
Does common sense back this up? Yes.
Do these Lettuces as Brains think otherwise? Yes.
Does the world have to function according to the thousands years of experience and human nature? No.
Does the world have to function to the brainfarts of these Lettuces as Brains? Yes.

Do women flaunt their sexuality all over the place like the plague in medieval europe? They do.
Are men assaulted by untouchable sexuality left and right? Yes they are.
Do men attack women left and right? They don't.
Are there men with criminal tendencies? There are.
Will there be men with criminal tendencies? There will be.
Will a woman showing excess skin arouse men? It will.
Will most men attack? No.
Will more skin increase the likelyhood that a criminal man in the vicinity will be aroused above the threshold of self control? Yes.
So, will a woman dressing slutty and behaving slutty, increase the chance that she will cause the wrong man to feel too aroused? Yes.

So my motto for the SlutWalkers is:
Empowering more women to get raped, one woman at a time.

You don't play with nature. You do not mock nature. You do not legislate nature. You build houses in the riverbeds, the floods will rip them apart. You can walk all you want. The more houses you cause to be built, even if the flood rips them apart, you are partly responsible.
Human nature includes the bad parts also. Men and women.

The Helsinki SlutWalk will take place this Saturday. Organisers say that   Finland needs to see more of a discussion of the issues around sexual   assault and womens sexual self-determination. 
What more sexual self determination you want?
You can fuck whomever, whenever, wherever you want, nobody says anything.
If you get an STD, there is free healthcare, if you get a baby, there is welfare.
Ah, now if you are talking about men's preferences, oh, you are entering a zone where you dictating to men whom they should be attracted to.
That is one step too far. Cannot control or dictate what we feel attracted to.
Remember, ladies "It just happened" with that dude for you, "I just does not happen" when it comes for a us to feel for you.  Can happen. Sexuality is a bitch.

Probably nobody would dare to say that it was your own fault if you wore a   miniskirt, said Helsinki SlutWalk organiser Laura Hallikas. But there is   an atmosphere in which women are divided into decent women and sluts.  
So, nobody would dare to say that it was a woman's fault if she wore a miniskirt, but we all are still guilty of saying that it is a woman's fault if she wore a miniskirt.
Decent women, and sluts.
The last time I checked women divided men into "Marry, Fuck, Kill" categories, have yet had to find one woman who did not cherishingly play this game.
The last time I checked, women divided men into "Sex toy, Special, Who?"; where the "Sex toy" got all the sex, "Special" got rationed sex, plus the tab of the SexToy(s), the "Who?" did not even exist in her perception.

Hallikas believes it is wrong that womens own behaviour is judged. The victim   and even the perpetrators motivations are not as important as the general   power structure, according to Hallikas. 
What power structure? WTF she is talking about? And who ever talked about the victim's motivations?
These feminists are deranged individuals living in lalalalaland, taking societies down one by one, getting women raped and killed one by one. Feminists, hate women. That is the only conclusion. The only logical conclusion, if you were looking for logic in the brainfarts of Lettuce as Brains. 

Ladies, you don't like being labeled sluts, then don't be one.

Here are some ideas about the issue; to show you that I am really not judging any slut. No, I really am not. No. Look:

It just happens that I feel attracted towards decent women. Don’t know  why, don’t know how, there is nothing I can do about it. I would really  like to take a slut out to dinner and give her a ring, but somehow I do  not feel the chemistry. Something is missing, not there. the feeling is  not right. The butterflies in my stomach are not flying. It is more like  hedgehogs in my stomach. Dunno why. I do not understand it because a  woman is not responsible for her choices, things just happen to her, so  why does this lack of attraction happen to me? Why, oh why do I feel the urge to chat up a decent woman? I do not want to, but it just happens.

I am the original feminist.
I totally respect the value a woman has decided her sexuality will be. Since the evil patriarchy forces women to watch what they say, I look at her actions. I look at the true woman.
If she decided her sexuality is worth only free love with no time, emotion or energy investment from guys, I totally respect that.
I even respect it so much that when the evil patriarchy forces her to demand a higher value for her sexuality, I outright deny the oppression of the patriarchy and value her at the value she has chosen. The patriarchy is s%&t out of luck in this case.

Walks like a slut, talks like a slut, f%&ks like a slut,
Is a slut.
Respect the hard earned badge of honor.

Now bit more serious:
Any woman who has ever labeled a man "Loser", any woman who has ever judged a man as "Creep" has decided she can judge.
Don't judge, lest you be judged.
That man was a "Loser"?
Now you have to behave, lest you be rightfully labeled "Loose".

Now tell me,
If a woman blew a guy in the bar bathroom, had sex in the parking lot, was a groupie for any group of men, etc etc - insert "sexually liberated woman" act;
Would a man not feel stupid if he would take her out on a dinner first?

What if the issue with sluts is not judgment, I mean men do shag sluts whenever possible;
What if the issue was of attraction. Short term attraction there, but long term, rather a feeling of dread?
What if the issue was a real cost benefit analysis?
What if the issue was feeling stupid to pay the price of a brand new Harley Davidson for the village cycle?
It is just that men see sluts for what the ladies have chosen themselves to be.
The slut label is the biggest proof that men respect women's choices they make.
We respect you.

We utterly fully totally respect you.


My curiosity:

The issue about justification came up few years back when a guy in holland said that "Women not of this faith can be and deserve to be raped." Yea, I censored myself. And this happened more than once. In the UK and in Denmark are the ones that I remember. Just google if interested.

Where were the SlutWaltkers then? (Crickets chirping.. crich crich crich criiiich)

Tells me the SlutWalkers are rape apologists, are rape supporters, and encourage rape, with their absence.

Yea yea, walk because a Canadian good willing officer told you how you could minimize risk.

Tells me the SlutWalkers don't want women not to get raped, by preventing women to learn about possible risk minimizing measures.

Helping women get raped, one woman at a time.

Note to women: The Canadian policeman has your best interests in mind, unlike these Feminitnaziwits who would sacrifice you for their ideology without blinking an eye. The policeman risked sacrificing himself.

Smelly Media: Looks like a Ponzi, counts like a Ponzi, crashes like a Ponzi

One in four Finns receives a pension

Some 1,464,000 people out of the total population of about 5.4 million—which in practice means nearly every fourth Finn—were receiving a pension at the end of last year, according to figures from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Finns of the working age: 2.500.000
Unemployed: 250.000
So, 2.250.000's taxes go almost directly to the pension and benefits of 1.750.000
Almost a ratio of 1 to 1

Nothing to say.

Nothing to add.

It will crash.



Crumble like a deck of cards. Taking us all down with it.

Should have made those babies....

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Smelly Media: Racist crime. What is the definition?

HS: Racist crimes decline this year

Police have logged fewer racist crimes at the start of this year than in recent years, according to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Extrapolating from statistics in the first six months of the year, police estimate that 271 racist crimes will be logged this year, which would be fewer than in any year since 2005.
The definition of Racist Crime is what I am curious about.

Does it involve both cases, or is it only Finns on Foreigners crime?

Does Foreigner over Finn crime get categorized as race crime?

What about Foreigner over Foreigner?

What Finns do not see is the extreme dislike some non-Finns have for other various non-Finns.

I.e. The Middle Easterner who instantly buttheaded a drunk Finn who called him Nigger.

His reason as he was asking me for confirmation was that "I am not a f%&king nigger"..; he had no issue with the word nigger. It was a swear word that he uses being used on him that pissed him off, and almost broke the Finn's nose. 

Or the cultural enhancers hanging out in town 24/7, who look at me as if I killed their sheep.... The hatred oozing from their eyes...

Solution: Try to educate Finns into more accepting towards enhanced cultures on steroids. Yup.

Yes, Finns can be obnoxious and also sound racist, or even be racist; but that is nothing compared to what the complaining side does. Just look at honor crimes, and you got the answer to who is more racist.

Smelly Media: Your body your choice, at least don't maim it for life

TS: More demand for addiction services among expectant mothers

Expectant mothers using drugs or alcohol are increasingly common in Finland. According to the Turku newspaper Turun Sanomat, hospitals are reporting a rise in the number of expectant mothers in need of specialist treatment to deal with drug or alcohol problems.
So many women I see with their bellies up to their noses coming to the loud bars; even if they are not drinking that shows that that woman is unfit to be a mother.

Motherhood is not a right, it is a responsibility; that seems to escape many people, also in the legislative circles.

A draft law making treatment for expectant mothers with drug or alcohol problems mandatory is expected to be ready this year. The law makes the unborn child’s health paramount over the wishes of an addicted mother.
One step forward.
What about giving the child up for adoption?
I mean if a father slaps a kid once, the kid is taken away, and the father, even if he made a mistake that he regrets is f¤%ked for life.
If a woman drugs the child, she needs help... and keeps the child... someone explain me how this is not first child abuse and endangerment and attempt at bodily harm and emotional distress?

And slapping or spanking a child, not that I condone it, but has been common practice for human history. Look at what we have running around now due to the lack of discipline. 12 year old girls running around half naked, full drunk, 15 year olds entering the bars on fake I.D.'s, proud to be sextoys of older kids. Good job the laws did on protecting the children!
A mother doing drugs? The only times in history when this was used was to abort the baby. Humans have always found ways to get rid an unborn (or a born, for that matter), and in no instance of history, not even a speck, has the mother been high for the good of the child.

Such a woman needs treatment,

And the child of such a woman needs a family. this is the father, if he is fit to be a father, it is a foster family, in other cases. Given from birth, and no contact to the mother till she is clean for years.

A similar law is already in force in Norway, but for example in Sweden the legislative proposal has not yet been confirmed.
Sweden's a lost case anyway.

Anybody looking to Sweden for which laws to enact is a fool.

The only way to look at Sweden is to see which laws not to enact.

Actually in the case of Sweden, taking every single law in Swedish books and implementing the exact reverse cannot really turn out worse than Sweden has turned out to be; or will turn into in less than ten years.

In the case of Sweden, remember that the Swedish wealth was built by previous generation with now defunct laws. The lake will run dry eventually.

Norway has oil.

Every Swedish soldier is pledging allegiance to a Lion whose balls got cut off. What an honor that is. Oh and the rumor is that the number of soldiers will be reduced to 5.000...

If that happens, I suggest an idea for the new Swedish Army Banner:

For the ones in the dark, this is actually what did happen to the Swedish Lion:

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bad wingman makes for a good nuke

I am known for not rolling with my friends as wingmen. Some even have argued with me how shitty a friend I am when I did not introduce them to the second girl in the group, not considering why I may have not done it.

There are only few guys I can roll with as wingmen, and these guys are fast.

Other guys have proven time upon time not to be able to carry the slow but strong energy of the interaction that I was having, and it does not help that I am not flexible during a flirt.

So, unless i have one of these two or three guys by my side, I run solo.

Walking up the stairs, friend just in front of me, I see these two girls, Orange and Whitey. One in an orange top, one in a white top. I thought the Orange is very cute, and I may have detected a very subtle smile.

The girl were talking, I slow down, walk in between them, turn towards Orange,  slowly and deeply say,

"What if I say hi?", looking in her eyes. I know it is not the best "hi" objectively, but in my philosophy any "hi" is the best hi compared to walking by.

"Hellooo" she replies in a girly voice smiling from ear to ear.

Introductions are made, and a few sentences exchanged, and I turned to Whitey, for further introductions.

Whitey caught me with

"I know you"

So the introduction which was supposed to be

Takes two extra sentences, at the end of which I notice that my friend took the liberty of injecting himself beside orange, drinks in hand, both hands holding the drinks at the chest and making nice small talk.

A conversation which has been opened in that deep low slow energy cannot handle NiceGuy talk, and the girls ejected.

Whitey used to be a bartender in a bar that I frequented back in 2004, and she still remembered me, so, that might also have been an issue, but from the eye contact that I was following on Whitey's eyes, the signal came from Orange.

So I literally got Nuked.

Here, I have to do a self reflection:

I should have immediately introduced NiceGuy to Whitey and continued with my fun with Orange.

I did not, and I paid for it.

For next time I hold the philosophy,

"Bros before hos, unless bros come to nuke hos, then bros not deserve hos, bros to be nuked to the Planet of For-The-Moment-Not-Bros"

The girls left and I turned to NiceGuy,

"Dude you just f¤%ked me" as anything more, anything with a clearer explanation or future action guidelines could have irreperably damaged my relation.

"Why? You got lost, then I saw you talking to the two girls and I came for help"

Any future discussion was hopeless at the point.

I dont need any help, and if I need, I will make sure to find some help.

For wanna be wingmen:

- Before you jump in your friend's interaction, get confirmation from him
- Not everything is as you see in two seconds, observe and then go to the rescue if the chances of needed help are 99% or more
- If you are not sure to help, statistically seen, then do not try to help. One guy bombs himself, the second guy nukes the whole airbase.
- Learn the way your friend interacts and either adapt, or stay out. Or come with a higher energy to a definite non target, and nuke her into your bed.

I myself am guilty of being a wingman who shot his buddy down in friendly fire, usually due to alcohol and usually to "Shots"...

But everytime I apologized, and I learned my lesson.

I run solo, unless it is a qualified wingman who I will not down in friendly fire or who will not nuke me into orbit.

Reminds me of:

I was 25 or so.

I had two 19 year old blond gorgeous girls invite me to their home, just then a friend at the bar entered the interaction, I was already in orbit when I realized I got nuked because he managed to piss the girls off in a second.

Retrospect: An immediate "F¤%k off" would have been very appropriate, but that came 30 seconds too late. He had deserved it. And apparently I have not learned my real lesson from this, judging from not moving NiceGuy out of the interaction or to Whitey, and letting him linger with the Orange, where I lost precious seconds. 

He has not learned his lesson but I have. Very good friend, yea, wingman? Hell no... I transferred him to the enemy squadron, shooting down their planes. He has no clue, they have no clue. 

My solo planes are flying happily like butterflies over flowery fields, smelling flowers, drinking nectar and bathing in the sun.

Point of this story:

No point.

Just planes, butterflies, Oranges and a little story.