Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wiping the ass of some other man's progeny

Saw Blue Angel sitting there with her sister, another girl and another dude.

Good looking as I remember her; I was wondering about the situation.

Who was the guy dating?

Definitely too average to be dating the sister, a 25 year old model who has dated studs. Not the nice kind.

The other girl? Dunno.

So my curiosity stays unsatisfied, until in a different location in the same bar, betabitchboy sitting on her lap, we come eye to eye with the girl and a subtle hi is exchanged.

Got to give it to her, she could have slept with me few months back, but she was kind of seeing somebody. Faithful to at least some extent.

But him?

When I met her months ago she said she had a baby boy, something that is one year old or smaller.

Means she is possibly still breastfeeding the little rascal.

Where is the dad?

Not in the picture.

From what I gather, the father is an asshole, a thug, a stud, a player, a celebrity, any combination in between.

From what I gather it is the produce of a short fling with an attractive man whose sperm was valuable.

If a kid is like five or older then maybe I could forget a man committing to another man's baby's mother. At least the kid sleeps at night.

What the fuck goes in a man's head when he wakes up three times in a night to carry somebody elses dickjuice?

From where I stood, I looked at one woman who I Liked when I met her, but would never consider more than one night, two nights or the occasional friendly call...

I looked at betabitchboy who was tapping that ass, one that I missed, happy in his at last found sexual release, paying not just through his nose, but paying through his ancestors' nose. The whole thousand generations. The ancestry ends here. 

There is no excuse. There is no fucking excuse.


In the same light. This celebrity divorce between Seal and Klum is said to happen because he started partying.

I tell you the reason.

Even if she gave him three kids, raising the kid of some Italian Playboy old enough to be Klum's father was the cancer that ate at him. Committing to a woman who was already pregnant, even if she was one of the most attractive women at the time, was like the soul killing cancer.

He chose to chemo that with younger fresher vajayjay... Vajayjay that is not inseminated with some old Italian Stallions lifewater.


One thing I know for sure.

Betabitchboy is not raising the kid of another betabitchboy.

Commitment to Inseminated Incubators VS Shotgunning Semen,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Triangle: The Diver

There is a Bermuda Triangle out there that swallows your sexual adventure possibilities.

This triangle consists of Divers, Orbiters, and Cockblockers.

Their mission in life is to destroy your sex life, and sometimes they do succeed.

This is part 1, The Divers.

Except the men who exclusively had committed relationships, every man that I know who is sexually active has dived. In the case of a man who gets laid, it may have come in conjunction with alcohol, simply to end a drought, or the investment was so low, the man thought, "Bust a nut for free, why not". In the case of men who don't get laid, it was, to get laid. But then, for these this would not be called diving anyway.

I have dived.

Few times, various reasons. In some it was alcohol, in some it was the drought, and in some I just wanted to bust a nut and an opportunity arose.

In all these times, I knew I would feel bad in the morning, and I did.

This is usually the case, you dive, you empty a nut. you nut feels good, your soul suffers.

Sometimes your friends get to hear about it, or they were there that night, and they show their love and affection for you by reminding you of that one time you dived, compared to the other times that were flying like an eagle.

I say all these about diving, but even if his self confidence suffers due to the dive, one man's dive does not affect his future prospects as much as other men's cumulative dives.

What I mean by this:

Two handsome, well dressed guys standing at the bar, having fun, laughing, chatting, just having a good time.

These two girls, barely average, spot these two guys, and get interested.

With puppy eyes they come "Where are you from?"

The guys, instead of staying in their high seats and having a friendly chat, immediately move to the flirty chat where they openly start hitting on the girls. Body language, tonality, the words spoken etc.

One guy leaning in to the girl, "What are you doing later?"

Girls not on their level approach the guys, the guys immediately show unearned interest, and in five minutes, the girls leave. I am not talking about having a normal fun chat; I am talking about a full frontal demonstration of sexual interest. And neither the girls, nor any other observer would have any idea that these guys are actually enjoying the company of gorgeous girls.

I do not care about these specific girls, would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

And actually I was the third guy and the question was directed at me, and I had taken a step back, just kept silent and watched the girls when the other two jumped in. I turned to the fourth guy to continue the chat. And observe.

What happens in situations like this is that the average girls in the venue see two attractive men jumping hoops for two average girls, so the observing average girls think that is the least they will accept in a man.

The attractive girls see these attractive guys go for the average girls, and this increases their already high standards.

Now an attractive girl will not show interest to an attractive man, who has shown interest to an Average Jenny.

She already had a high standard (which can be short circuited usually by extreme confidence, or assholeness), she wants a successful man, attractive, charming, fit, funny, manly, trendy etc, now she really will not look at anything other than a Greek god with godly charm, godly money, and godly intellect.

Two men's dive will not cause this. Hundreds of men diving each weekend will inevitably cause this. Hundreds of women observing hundreds of men happily diving, grateful for the opportunity, skewes the market. Fatties get fatter, they can afford it, the attractive just skyrocket their standards.. (Which can be destroyed by a man who is in the know)

Now the behavior that used to be enough to get with the attractive ones is not enough anymore.

Confidence? Confident guys just jumped hoops for average girls.
Looks? Same.
Attitude? Same
Whatever trait? Same

Now, only extremes work.

Unwavering confidence, total indifference, full on tease, if needed, total assholery, add extreme adjective previously attractive trait.

That is why the Divers are one corner of the Bermuda Triangle of the Sexual Sea. I did my little share in this. Learned my lessons. Many a night left home alone because did not want to dive when an opportunity arose.

Before I close, now imagine the damage the chubby lovers have done. Diving for busting a nut is something.... proudly holding hands is something else.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I meet my first crazy ass psycho girl

"What about I visit you next weekend" she had said.

One of the sweetest girls that I mad met; and a lot of fun. It had been some time we had last seen, so I thought, "Why not"

"Welcome" I replied and left it at that, figuring the plans can be done later.

Saturday comes, she is in town, wants to see her friends, and I want to have a relaxed saturday for once. After the married chick, the volleyball hell, and few nights that would lead me to quitting my favorite venue of years, I looked forward to some cozy eve without going into town.

So I tell her to see her friends, that I got stuff to do, and that she call me when she is finished, we got all sunday for us anyway.

I am home, watching some good action flick, have no interest in meeting the girl out in town, something I know she will ask, so make myself a good cup of brewed coffee.

The phone rings.

"Hello, we are finished"
"Allright, where are you know"
"Downtown. You want to come here?"
"Just made a coffee. And it is cold. You come here"
"I don't know" ... I saw a red flag. Ignored.
"You come, we see"

While drinking the coffee, I get a burst of inspiration and decide to wait for the girl downstairs, outside.

I go down, jeans, tshirt, and coffee; it is -11.

I stay outside, sipping my coffee and enjoying the torture. Then I see her coming. Good. I was about to turn into ice anyway.

She arrives, I move to give her a quick welcome hug, she recoils. WTF? Anyway, I am freezing and am not going to wait for some fickle girl's mind to tun me into a tall ice statue,

I open the door, and mention her in, she comes, but she is walking too far away for a girl who sent "What about I visit you next weekend", out of the blue. I don't care as there is the huge heater by the elevator and I need to put my back to it to regain life.

She goes to the other side of the corridor, I know something is wrong, but I do not know what it is, and I can fix that. Or, so I think.

I tell her to come upstairs, she comes. Again, far away from me in the elevator.

We get to the apartment, I get me a whiskey. She sits on the corner of the couch, I take the other side.

"Tell me. What is it." I say
"The magic is gone"
"Ok, that happens"
"And I am angry at myself"
"That happens too."

But it is not in the words. It is in the eyes. The eyes are not the girl's that I knew. They are someone else's. Now I start feeling the dread.

We talk a bit more, more, meaning two three sentences, when she mentally retires to some other place.

Now I am curious, am sipping my whiskey and occasionally watching the girl's eyes.  It was very interesting. Like another person was there instead of the sweet girl.

She shouts out that I am irritating.

Whatever I think, turn back to my whiskey and read some economics blog from the net.

I need to pee.

She is sitting by the living room door so I have to pass by her.

"Don't fucking come close to me" she shouts
"Fucking going to toilet" I reply.

This goes on for fifteen more minutes, mostly silent treatment from her side, and I don't care, except that I know I got a potential problem in my hand.

So, while I was thinking what to do, when she breaks the silence with

"When is my next train", I am relieved.

I check.


"Ok I will read a book" she says, goes to the bedroom.

I start watching another movie. Can't concentrate though. Time passes, so I go to my bedroom, she is indeed reading.

"It is 10.30, in ten minutes you will have to run."
"I like running"

Ten minutes pass, I forget to check the time, twenty minutes pass, and just when I realized "shit, she missed the train", she comes to the couch

"I am seeing my friends tomorrow"
"I am staying here"
"No you are not"
"Yes I am and you have no say in this"
"I prefer you not stay"
"I dont care, you can't kick me out"
"Look, if I trusted the police, I'd kick you out"
"Will they listen to you or me"

And that was the end of it. Even if I had my back covered in case the police did arrive, since the sweet girl had turned into an unpredictable psycho ass bitch, things could get out of my hand.

Thing is, if I do not kick her out, 99% probability is I got a problem, but a small problem.
If I kick her out, hairy dark foreigner that I am, the problem probability would lower to 1%, but the problem would be so big that 99% probability of the discomfort of a small problem was worth tackling, instead of the 1% probability of getting my life fucked. Not kicking her out, in worst case she would break something in the house, and I got insurance for that. Examples for the 1% risk would be that the arriving police squad will have a police officer that had to deal with other imported hairy dark foreigners, and would approach me with that bias. Not worth the risk.

The crazy ass psycho bitch offered to sleep on the couch tho, got to give her that.

My whiskey was finished.

I squeeze some lemon, and put tequila into the glass.

A friend texts me "Out tonight". I look at the text, I look at the girl, I look at the tequila, I look back at those strangely darting eyes of the psycho bitch, and downed the tequila.

Got up,

"Are you going out" she asks,

Get dressed, pour me another tequila, pour some tequila into my flask, squeeze another lemon, shoot that first tequila and leave the house.

Go to the bar, see my friends, down two tequilas. Get some wine. Flirt with a gorgeous blondie, nothing comes out of that, meet one of the most stylish guys in town (respect where it is due), meet the girl who had elbowed me a year before in the belly with hatred in her eyes, now we are on friendly terms, meet two more girls, and move to another venue; me, friends, stylish guy, elbower, and the two girls.

On the way, I finish my flask, two tequilas.

We enter the bar, I meet some more people, amd having a blast that night, which had to end eventually.

After some incident I skip here, I made it home. Drunk. Bombed. Smashed.

My noise wakes up the crazy ass psycho bitch. She gets up, now she's got the sweet eyes again. Good I think to myself, she's switched personalities.

So I go to sleep.

I wake up, no hangover, but totally devastated, so make some breakfast.

The sweet girl wakes up, it is all back to the crazy ass psycho bitch... I curse my luck.

After I eat breakfast and watch a sunday movie, she takes her book and goes to my room, where she falls asleep.

When she wakes up, she is back with the sweet girl persona.

I ask her when she is going to meet her friends, and that is soon. So I am happy. Happy like christmas.

Time comes, she gets dressed,

"Will we see again" she asks. I, not wanting to risk to shithc the sweet girl back into a crazy ass psycho bitch,
"Let's see"
"Ok, have a good life" she says when she is out the door.

The door closes.

It is me, my house, my plants, and my dust mites.

No crazy ass psycho bitch in the sweet girl's clothing.

All of this was just a summary of my last 18 hours until then, so you would understand that I am feeling relieved, I am feeling happy, I am feeling joyous, and I am thinking to myself, that I was lucky. That there are men who marry these lunatics; and I just got rid of one without enduring significant pain.

Damn, there are men who make children with these lunatics. Live in the same house, day in day out.

I rarely feel so much pity for another person.

Then my phone alerts me to a message.

"I did not mean what I said. You know I like you, I know you like me"

No. No. No. Go away. Go away.

I shivered.

Thanks to that message, my sunday ended with me shivering in bed.

Never, never again.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The NSFW definitive guide to men's room etiquette (repost)

(My hate speech primer was supposed to go up tomorrow, I wanted this pic to celebrate the saturday night. So I repost this to put this on top of the previous post. Somehow editing the time stamp does not work the way I want it to.)

The NSFW definitive guide to men's room etiquette


What is hate speech? An introductory example

Free speech is a big issue nowadays, but it is surpassed by the hate speech issue.

Here is a short introduction:


Declaring "We hate you. You will either subjugate or we will kill you"; now, this is free speech.

Saying "Look, they say they hate us. They say that we shall subjugate, or they will kill us"; now, this is hate speech. Punishable by prison.


The one who is more easily offended defines free speech. If you have a group that is perpetually offended, then that will be the only group that will define what is hate speech and what is not. And since that group is incessantly offended,  when one day there is nothing even for them to be offended by, this will lead to them being offended by every single breath we take;

Eventually this will lead to our breathing being a hate crime.

What then? 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

An insight into the mind of a multiculti virus infected zombie

Small examples:

"Finland needs immigrants to do the jobs that need to be done"
"Dude, there is 10% unemployment, and 10% early retirement"

"We need immigrants to pay for the retirement benefits of us in the future"
"Dude, the minority coming here is of the educated working class, the majority is on 40% or more welfare and the working rest do not make that much money"
"... but..."

But these are small examples and these are individuals who have a reach of 10-20 people.

What happens when this multiculti zombie can reach thousands, if not millions of people?

I said I quit the smelly media posts, and I did, yet, this one was so in line with what I cannot fathom in what how some people can butcher logic, and with what I hear from the multiculti zombies, that without giving links or quotes, I will delve into the mind of a multiculti infested braindead zombie that has the reach of millions; mainly due to media monopoly, and due to the financial rape under the name of TV tax of people who have no TV.


And EU report is apparently out showing the Somalis in Finland face a great deal of discrimination.


In other news, reading between the lines, it is clear that Somalis face even more discrimination in Somali, and hey, is that not the reason they come to the racisss waters of Europe?

Ah well.

Who cares. We established that the Finns are racisss.

In the same article a fleeting mention of female genital mutilation happens.

In an article about Finns being racisss..., we have FGM.

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last month?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last year?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the last decade?

How many old-Finns have remodeled their daughters vaginas in the century?

So why is this mentioned in an article about Finns being racisss?

Because Finns not being able to solve an ingrained part of another culture is racisss.

It is mentioned that the people from this culture had to learn to work together.

A people that have lived in the same place for centuries had to learn together.

But Finns are racisss because they are still trying to learn to work together with people they have never met except on racisss chocolate wrappings...

P.s. did I mention that old-Finnish mothers do not genitally mutilate their girls?

And then we hear of an incident that a young boy of 13 is called "terrorist" in the subway and the boy naively asks what he could do as not to look like one...

I am sorry for the boy.

Finns are racisss...

Except that his brothers are in the top three reported accused terrorists all over europe...

Except that his brothers are in the top three convicted assault rapists all over Scandinavia...

Except that his brothers are in the top three suspected criminals per population all over Europe...

Except this, except that....

Finns are racisss...

Finns are racisss for calling the boy terrorist; ok, that even I would call racist; yet...

Soon Finns will be racisss for accusing any non-Finn with a strap-on bomb in his chest a terrorist.

Already Finns are racisss for not liking FGM, and in the same time racisss for not being able to stop that tradition...

And our biggest problem is a boy being called a terrorist, not unknown numbers of girls being sent back home only to return without a part of their womanhood, not dialogue with a group that is the most fertile breeding ground for misguided extremists.

Biggest problem is tolerance. Anything less, racisss... asking accountability, racisss, asking anything is racisss... It is give give give... Anything else, racisss...

And then immigrant groups say they want more interaction with Finns.

Well, I do not see that "want" when I see the group of ten sitting in the coffee shop for hours not end, shouting discussing loudly, looking around aggressively, trying to intimidate passers by, causing finnflight from venue after venue.

I do not see that "want" when somehow it is only the male immigrants you see. No women. Nada. Zero. Zilch... (Except if they are supervised by a male or two, or multiple women each having four-five kids in tow )

For this multiculti virus infested zombie, the spots on the sun are the result of Finns racisssm,

And such is the lack of dialogue with a group of people that itself had to learn intra-group dialogue first. 

Finns are racisss...

For these zombies, so am I...

For these zombies, facts be racisss...

Logic be racisss...

The thing is, whatever I, my own people, or the Finns do, whatever; these zombies will find something else to blame on us, on our racisssm...

Since facts are racisss...

Logic is racisss...

2+2 = a diverse combination of numbers; calling it 4 is racisssm against a diverse combination of unknown numbers.

And this is the same mind that says

"FGM is a Finnish problem"
"We need immigrants to do the jobs..."
"Honor violence is a finnish problem..."
"We need immigrants to pay our retirements" (How fucking racist is that? Importing slaves, eh? And I am called raciss... Mofos)


Only, with a reach to millions, and backed by 400 or so million Euros, and backed by the law, and the party....

Endnote: I will kindly introduce the logical phrase, NASALT, not all Somalis are like that. which I truly believe from all my heart. Of course not all Somalis are like that. My friend who is a great sportsman, a hardworker, a good student and human being is not like that; the kid I met in a bar one night who works three jobs is not like that; this 13 year old boy going to school is not like that; the majority of the Somali people here are not like that. Hardworking people trying to make a living, many are. But facts are facts. And this text is in no way an incitement against the Somali people, or their community. This text is solely a reporting on a disagreement with the way media reports certain issues and presents unrelated facts in unrelated manners with unwarranted conclusions while omitting to present related news and omitting to present related arising issues. It is a disagreement with the dishonesty and the biased reporting of state owned media payed by my taxes that are taken from me without basis. A TV tax taken from one without a TV, after changing its name to Tax (I do not know the new name of the tax, and am not going to waste time finding it).

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Finnflight from my venue of the night

I knew the place was not the same as it used to be. Used to be the top place to meet professional people, good looking women who you can talk with, and friends.

I was there this weekend.

In the past few years it had gotten slowly worse, but it was bearable.

2012 must have been the tipping point.

The place will not survive this year to enter next year as the top venue of the town.

Reason: Finnflight

Reason: Metrosexual vibrants, designer cultural enrichers, "thug life" jeans carrying blingers...

The place was vibrating and it was not due to the music.

You see, the educated foreigners do not vibrate a place.

But the educated foreigners are also affected by the economic situations. Cheap food restaurants and government handouts are not.

In any case, this local, popular, international (educated professionals) venue has turned into a culturally enriched vibrant venue, and the first people to leave are the girls who still like some kind of western culture in their men... Then the men leave because they do not have interest in women that are enriched and wet for vibrants...  Then the place either adapts to the new clientele, or goes bust.

Since I have no interest in vibrant loving carnally enriched females, not even for a single time of busting a nut, I am taking leave.*

On the search of the least vibrant night venue of the town,...

Which sadly may be a hipster bar...


*This I will post sometime later, but that sentence will get me accused of being racisss... I see it as a sexual preference. I don't want a biker gang groupie, I don't want a basketballer groupie, I don't want a homeless girl, I don't want a girl with 66 piercings on her face, I don't want a fat girl, I don't want a girl with herpes, and besides many other things that kill my attraction, I don't want a vibrant loving carnally enriched female. It is not racisss, it is preferencisss, it is standardisss, it is self respectisss, it just issss

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What kind of selection bias is this?

"Say you almost had a fight there, eh?"
I told to the guy who I was talking to, who half an hour ago was involved in a heated discussion with some Finns, something which I was surprised did not escalate into Finns getting glassed. *

"Heh heh.. Yea man, I grabbed his wife's breasts" he says, making the grab motion, with total pleasure in his face.

"I see they were good"

"Yea, yea... Nice big titties"

When he had noticed me five minutes ago I had thought to myself, "Shit... Here we go". I had ignored them for hours, they were drinking, grabbing women etc, too busy to notice me.

Four-five guys, one of them a decent man, the others.... Let's say, I am being friendly so as not to step on these guys' wrong foot. And this one in four ratio I observe in most of the non-academic circles walking the town. For every decent one, you get three psychopaths... Vibrating uncontrollably... Enriching us culturally, radioactively.

These are of the group that comes here through marriage. You know the one where Finnish woman goes on a eat pray love holiday and comes back married. After two weeks.

These are men that one would not interact with if he didn't have to....

But yea, Finnish women go to a holiday, get preyed on, get eaten out, get loved long time, and bring back these psychopaths;

Seriously..., eating praying loving, egzotic men loving Finnish woman;

You go to countries that have millions of decent men in one town and you come back with these...

After your two week eat pray love adventure,

We, the decent, suffer on a never ending "what the fuck you looking at" adventure.

Oh yea, after these loverboys divorce you, you go back to get a new one.

Thanks fucking lot, you should be institutionalized.

(Like a few other bureucrats who hand out visas to every shithead, but make the lives of educated foreigners hell)

*Whenever I have seen fists flying, one side without fail has been a vibrant youth or a cultural enricher. I accept, sometimes they did not start it, but most of the time an aggressive "hey" is answered by a vibrating fist or an enriching kick. There is no dialogue.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The approved racist

When I saw the Finn in the bar I had to ask one question, the reason is subject to another post:

"Dude, where have the Finns of this bar moved to nowadays?" (This question remains to be answered, since even the Finns of the scene are asking me the same question)
He comes close to me,
"I am a racist"
I look at him
"I don't like Finnish girls. So I don't care where they go"

Funny thing is, if I had opened my mouth after looking around,  he would quit talking to me because my views are racissssss....

...and my search for the club that has received the Finnflight continues...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Closing shop on the smelly media

I quit,

I am done.

I finish.

There is no sense in wasting more time on the behemoth that is the treasonous mainstream media.

For some time I enjoyed writing the smelly media posts, as I felt I had a voice that could be heard by others as a canary in the coalmine. Sweden is already fucked, Finland is happy to follow in their big brother's footsteps.

I thought that maybe writing stuff would ease my disgust I have with the government sponsored main news outlet. The PC whoring, the diversity whoring, the environmental pimping, the socialist theft.

All this by an agenda that will be the death of the west, will lead to a possible civil war, has made Europe unable to face any meaningful outside threat, has made the ethnic Europeans second class citizens in their own birthplaces, has made them the only non-protected group, while whoring out the resources to any and every non productive shit of a parasite that there is.

I am not the one to take on the behemoth. I cannot compete with a state sponsored giant of an asshole, that is shitting on its own sisters and brothers.

I am not the one getting paid by the people that I am supposed to brainwash.

I am not the one who is getting paid thousands of euros per hour of man hour I spend.


The main news outlet complained, the government caved in.

Now, the TV tax is called the Tax. Every household will pay 200 something euros yearly to this PC MC diversity infection outlet. Assuming Finland has 2 million households, that is 400 million euros for effing three useless channels and a news outlet that spews forth nothing but the party approved propaganda.

I cannot take on that kind of animal, and have decided I don't have the time to even write about it, even if it is just a form of meditation.

Not after a friend of mine posted on facebook thaat she does not own a TV so why she should pay the Tax, and another PC MC shithead jokingly answered that they have a good "learn Finnish" website. Look dickhead, the best courses in town cost 50 euros for four months, I do not need to pay the brainfarting farthead 200 euros a year, under jail threat so it can spew forth crap after crap, sometimes three times a day.

Fucking diarrhea. The media shits nonstop, its adherents shit nonstop, the PC MC infested progressive shitheads shit nonstop...

The whole place is a running brown goo.

As I am writing this, I got other tabs open with news I wanted to write about, but will not. I am putting the headlines down, am not linking to them,  but adding one sentence of an obituary so I can close this fucking phase of my life and concentrate on building my castle and looking for inhabitants or other friendly castles, as the usual person is just another PC MC diversity drone that is as hopeless as the cockroach you pissed on and just pushed the flush button of the toilet.

Men have more free time than women
This is the fucking headline for a news article where it says men do 202 minutes of gainful work while women do 162; write that, you frogs...

Downshifting reinforces traditional gender roles

Yea... Mom's back to kitchen if they do not wish to work for bit less pay... daddy's got no choice. Media's problem is that more kids can eat mom's food... Fucking culture destroyers. 

Presidential candidates take on xenophobia in Finland
In the meanwhile, how many hundred dead christians in Nigeria in the last three weeks? How many Swedes, Norwegian and Danes were gang raped by New-Swedes, New-Norwegians, New-Danes during this presidential campaign? How many gays were attacked by vibrant youff during this time? Xenophobia? Well deserved, my candidates, very well deserved.

Halonen criticises inequality in final New Year speech
Continuing from above. Mrs. President, I am not equal to a professional jobless, nor am I equal to a vibrant rapist. They have better support from the daddy government that I do.

Immigrant job quotas suggested in Kuopio
And how is that no discrimination against old-Finns?

Study: More young immigrants marginalised
Finns walking the streets will agree with me that somehow the majority of imported vibrants seem to be of the kind that is impossible not to marginalize.

More asylum seekers returning home by choice
Getting paid to do so. Just like getting paid to come here. To live here. To breed here. To become marginals on government dole. All with my taxes.

HS poll: Finland seen as more intolerant
Right... Where were we? Ahh.. Yea, in Finland heads are rolling because you are gay... Or?

Commitment issues: Not only romance at risk

Failing to mention feminism, government dole destroying families etc... As usual...


I quit this.

This behemoth that I so much despise is a 400  million euros a year blackhole of money, giant star of PC MC diversity party line spewing giant start...

David & Goliath. Goliath was one giant. One. This behemoth is millions of midgets.

I will spend the time I previously spent on writing the smelly media reports, one hour a piece, on acquiring Finndistan stories, being there, writing the stories, and in the meantime bag me some feminists, some PC MC diversity loving females, and work the system one personal story at a time, one defiled midget at a time.

If I am not doing that, instead of spending time on a self hating group of people and their brainfarts and suicidal ideologies, I will be building a castle, I will make contacts with not PC MC div enviro leftie libbie part line infected individuals;


Just watch a movie.

Farewell smelly media.

Welcome more smelly personal reports.

Btw, fuck you mainstream media, fuck you all the idiots who swallow the propaganda hook line sinker; you children and your grandchildren will look out from the holes they managed to crawl in if they were lucky, and curse to all the devils that you may rot in hell, for leaving them a place where a hole to crawl into is salvation.

You ask me...

I'd say you can't rot in hell... Even the devil would be disgusted with your kind.


Farewell smelly media.

Welcome more smelly personal reports.