Saturday, January 12, 2013

Help and risk jail, or let be and risk shame?

It was 3 am in the morning, I was sleeping happily in my bed.

Had some trouble falling asleep that night, because the events of that day resembled the events one year ago.

Last year I had a small rotation of four girls, and in the span of a month, one every weekend, the girls left the rotation with the same reason. She wanted more.  In the span of month I went from sultan, to having no beneficial friends.

On the day of this night, a girl made it clear that she was just playing for time when she accepted my "This is what I have to offer", when in reality she wanted me all by herself. So it ended.

Had trouble falling asleep, but then, if I had the same trouble of the harem resigning last year, this means, I will have the same trouble next year. Means, more fun in tue horizon.

So I'm sleeping like an innocent angel.

I wake up to the elevator arriving, and a heavy breathing outside my door. Ok... The breathing continues, and does not stop. One minute. Five minutes.

I get up and look through the door hole, I see nothing.

By this time I am sure I have a stalker, so decide to let time solve it.

Five more minutes. My eyes hurt, but still can't see. Breathing, sobbing and nose pulling.

BAM! Goes the door. I almost shit my pants. 3 am, standing by the door thinking about a stalker, all silent, and the my door gets kicked.

Fuck, I am thinking. "I'm sorry" says the person out of my door.

For the sake of my neighbors and my peace, I decide to check who that is.

For my safety, put the phone on the ground, facing the door, and run the camcorder.

I open the door, and there's nobody. Behind my door stands my neighbor, a 20 year old blonde, standing, facing her door, not moving, totally smashed.

After doing the right thing of recording everything, I make the stupid thing.

"You got keys?"
"You can sleep on my couch, in the morning call the keymaster", idiot, fucking idiot...
"I think I'll stay here" she says. She has a cigarette in her hand, outside is minus 15 degrees, if she goes out, she stays out.

But I got no scruples I'm letting a girl sleep on the staircase, if helping her further will put me at risk for some false allegation on her side due to imagination, fucked memory etc.

I close the door, let a 20 year old girl to sleep on the staircase.

Then my humanity rises, and I decide to do the second idiotic thing.

Again put the phone facing the door, press record. Go to the living room, pick a spare blanket, open the door and offer the blanket to the girl who is still sstanding, facing her door, cigarette in hand.

She declines.

Fuck it I say, I put myself in too much risk already, say a loud goodnight, and close my door.


I jump from my bed when a key enters my door keyhole.

I run to the door all adrenaline shaky, then I hear the voice on the way:
"is this your door?"

Keys in my lock.

"is this your door?"

Keys in my lock.

Some foreign guy distributing newspaper has found the girl, from what I can hear and see, she emptied her bag at some point, found her keys, and passed out on the stairwell again, until he came by.

By this time I am watching all of this from the keyhole.

In the end, he must have figured from the names that this is the wrong door, so he manages to get her door open.

She walks in without a word.

He leaves, I see it all. He comes back in a few minutes, rings her door many times, the girl has passed out. In the morning there is a sweater in front of her door. The guy turned it to he a real prince.

And if I ever would have heard that the police is investigating that bnight, I would testify on what I saw happening at 6am. Not gonna let a kind man go to waste because of some drunk angel's imagination.

But this is where the laws and their abuse has brought us.

20 year old future wives sleeping on the stairwell, drunk, without a blanket. A motherly icon.

Neighbors trying to help till they come to their senses that what they are doing is riskier than playing Russian roulette with an AK47 with a full mag.

Thanks to some clarity, I had all on tape. Still. Stupid.

Next night she was drinking again.

Stwong intepentent empowewed perfect example of the ideal woman, or?

And all the beautiful things she will have done in the past will have made her the unique beautiful person she is in the future.