Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The fake radical

Ties into The Real Radical

"I am active in the church" she says
"You? Come on... "
"Yes. I am"
"You never struck me as a church goer."

"Yea, anyway I am one of the radicals. The people are making it difficult for me" she says with the attitude of a martyr.
"What's radical? Supporting marriage?" I ask,
"You know, gay rights in the church, women priests and so"

In a time when the church is cutting the finances of parishes that are against gay and women priests, when the church is talking about educating imams, when the church welcomes single moms with open arms while blaming men for desertation...

The radical is the one who follows Christ, not PCrist.

The real radical

Girl is in the top ten in this town for my taste in looks and behavior.

Absolutely gorgeous.

"Is this study thing and exchange program?"
"No, I am going abroad for bible studies"
"Sadly something you cannot say that openly anymore, eh.."
"No, people look at me like I am crazy"

And from what I know about her, this is genuine.

She is the real radical of our times.

Smelly Media: The system wants your children. Totally

After the news report degrading motherhood, something I will blog on later, comes this:

Pressures to extend school day

I was in a school that was full day, and you know what; half the time I spent in the classroom was wasted on me. Bored to death, not allowed to open some useful book on a different topic, I had to sit through hours and hours of bullshit.

The trade union representing teachers in Finland, the OAJ, is calling for longer school days as a part of an upcoming reform in the national curriculum.

More class hours = more teachers & more billable hours = more financial power for the union.


It is not about the children.

This is the same mindset that has the audacity to claim that abortion is "for the child" when there is a long waiting list of couples who want to adopt a native Finnish baby.

With wanting to increase the school hours for children, one would think the Finns are illiterate.

Even though Finnish children spend well below the OECD national average of hours in class, academic performance is among the best in the world.

So, we are to break what is not broken, in the name of progress.

This is where it gets interesting:

A new national curriculum for elementary schools is currently being formulated behind closed doors at the Ministry of Education. The group of civil servants working on reforms has not shown the plans even to the OAJ, the union that represents teaching professionals.

Central planning anyone?

Central planning without including the people with hands-on experience?

"Central planning", that has been the most murderous political idea of human existence?

Like the apparatchik poets planning the harvest?
Like the apparatchik chemical engineers planning the waterways?

Interesting this is, the least.

Professor Jouni Välijärvi of the University of Jyväskylä, who coordinates the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in Finland, says that longer days elsewhere is not a good reason to extend school days here.

Sometimes reasonable (in the real meaning, not the PC bastardized meaning of reason) people do make it to the news.

"There seems to be something in the air in other developed countries urging an increase in the systematic education of small children. I am not convinced that this is wise. It could produce exactly the opposite results intended."

"the systematic education"... Fuck. That sounds like out of some political horror movie, A Brave New 1984.

What is the next step?

The state taking babies at birth into "Newborn Education Facilities"?

Already babies who should be still sucking their mother's tits are given to daycare at 12 months old.

The first words are not "Mom", "Dad", "Pee", "Kaka", but whatever the minimum wage states indoctrinator daycare teacher has taught the baby.

The most happy kids in my circle of friends are the three boys who have a stay at home mother. The boys are golden. They are boys. Wild, fun, happy, curious, territorial but cooperative. And they got a dad who says "Boys are boys" and would not make a big deal if one of them breaks an arm while jumping around. Compare this to the kid who cannot drive the toy Matchbox car fast through the carpet toy town in the kindergarten, because that would make him get used to fast driving. 

Oh, eating mom's cooking instead of government approved crap, these boys are healthy as bulls; growing with mom's teachings, dad's teachings and a love for the family.

The system cannot have that.

The system wants your children, every one of them, in totality.

The system wants to devour the soul of your children, and make them into obedient PC-thinking slaves. 

Ya ya, all in the name of the child.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

JoD: Tolerating oppression

The Joys of Diversity

Man standing at the bustop, talking to his two girls. Wife few feet behind, busy with the little boy in the babycart.

Two girls, both under 10-12 year of age, covered in headscarves, schoolbooks in their hand, and backpacks.

Worshipping multiculti dictates:

We are to tolerate the intolerant father who cannot tolerate prebubescent girls to be free without headscarves*, in the name of respecting their culture. In this case, the offended are to be branded racist and banished from any civilized discussion.

Worshipping multiculti also dictates:

We are not to tolerate the tolerant tradition of christmas and as such, the president will issue a "Happy Holidays" message instead of a "Merry Christmas" message; in the name of not offending the perpetually offended. In this case, the offended are to be wished "Happy holidays", and in some cases be given trip money so they can visit their homes. (Where they had claimed "My life is under threat"...)

Just like I wished Merry Ramadan to my friends who are peacefully practicing it, I wish Merry Christmas month to ones celebrating it.

*You see, tolerating the intolerant, always leads to the tolerant being intolerated, once the intolerant gain enough ground or the tolerant lose faith in their own rights to live according to their own beliefs. Sadly, as un-pc as it may seem, the only way to a society where people can coexist according to their own beliefs is to be infinitely intolerant to the intolerant. The west thinks that the tolerance they bestow upon fathers who cover little girl's heads will be returned to them as tolerance by these people. It will not. The intolerant, by definition, is incapable to tolerate. The only reason that the intolerance stays within the family walls is that a necessary strength has not been reached.

Look at pictures from Egypt in 1950 and now, you'll see. Same for Iran, same for Turkey, same for Syria. Intolerance wins because the tolerant tolerate their own oppression.

It's all a numbers game.

When you go out and don't get smashed everytime, you observe. You see. You remember.

When your friends are the same, you can then share stories.

And since it is a small town, there are people that catch your attention.

For example:

A middle european, the second time meeting me:

"Do you know the guy in the white shirt? Is he your countryman?"
"The psycho?"
"Yeah! Yeah! That defines him"

A middle eastern:
"Monobrow is not here tonight. Maybe that is a sign the camelf%&kers moved to some other venue"


This story is about a different guy. 

As a black friend of mine calls him: "The big headed brotha"

The guy has a head almost as wide as the shoulders. A real sight to behold. And the interesting part is, unlike other africans, he hangs solo.

This guy has no low limits. He has no bottom in his standards.

One thing I appreciate about him is that he fears no rejection. One of the most active guys in the nightlife.

So active that, when he starts rolling, it is like an avalanche, not stopping for anything.

In front of me, his arm reached out to pull to himself a passing by 20 year old, only to get shot down by a "Fuck you". He turns to his right, goes full on Jamaican (he is not) sexy boy on a 60 year old pudgy chubby, her friends wave him off, he turns around, and the closest girl to him is a 150 kilo warhog. All this happened in under a minute. In ten minutes they were french kissing on the dancefloor. Bubblehead, and warhog.

This, everytime we are in the same venue.

It clearly is a case of "Man, any pussy is an upgrade from a camel" (in this case, a bonobo)

Kinda explains.

Then, there is the saying, give infinite monkeys typewriters and infinite time, eventually they will write hamlet.

And so it was.

Going to meet some friends for a sunday coffee, just when I am at the door, Bubblehead comes out, and behind him is a 20 year old petite redhead, happy to be following a catch.

Even the broken clock ticks right twice a day;
Or the monkey theory. After porking so many porks, hogging so many hogs,  you will eventually skewer a piglet.
Both hold.
One thing I know, the next time I see this guy, it will be again the avalanche not stopping for a second. Warhog, granny, tranny, anything that has a hole.

I would like to write something about the girl, but the only thing I can say is she is damaged goods, vibrated to the point of no return, untouchable like enriched uranium.

Wish I had some database to log in the "untouchables"...

At this time of being porked by enriching vibrants turning into a fashion, this is a necessity. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breeding like rabbits don't make a civilization

Sitting in the cafe I overheard this heated conversation between a student from a civilized Asian country and kid who came here as a refugee from a medieval ass backward geographical location.

I would agree to their assessment of the old people living in the elderly homes with no family. That is crap.

One gem:

"Life here is shit man. Everything is too easy"... while I agree to the basic sentiment, to this kid who ran away from the non-civilization that his forefathers did not build: well, freck off then... go back where it is not easy. Oh, forgot, life here is shit, but there you...

But then, the kid says this:

"You know. My grandfather did not have to go to the elderly home. He had 46 sons, and 2 wives. So he could spend bit time with this son, bit time with this son"


Ever wonder why your relatives are starving?
Ever wonder why your relatives will continue to starve, no matter what amount of aid is sent?
Ever wonder why the place never made it past medieval times?
Ever wonder why it will never make it past medieval times?

But yea, the west is not breeding, but it is producing, and paying some men somewhere to live happily with two wives, 46 sons, and with that fertility, 1600+ grandsons.

Try to sustain that.

Btw, either he misused "sons" instead of "children", or they do not count the "girls" as children, as human beings.

Yo westerner, tolerate that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How the sexual revolution helped the good girls

4 girls. Good girls. Good looking girls. Sweet, intelligent, apparently good company.

4 guys. The boyfriends of these girls. Handsome men. Men in demand. Intelligent men with charm.

Girls are throwing themselves at these men. Knowing they have girlfriends or not. Ready to go rent a hotel room upstairs, ready to take these men to their own homes when the boyfriend is away, ready to shag on command.

No strings needed, no strings asked, no strings demanded.

There is only so much a man can resist. These men have resisted the temptation, up to now, right or wrong.

But you can only resist so much, when there are girls willing to give you blowjobs in the mens toilet, when their boyfriend is drinking at the same bar. When there are girls  ready to spread the milk without you even needing to milk the cow. When there are girls smiling at you when you say "Ola" to them, your two hands on their two butts; girls who know your relationship... When girls go "I got a boyfriend but that is no problem" or "I know your girlfriend"...

When it is raining men ripe for plucking vajayjays...,
It is a losing battle for the good girls out there. (A battle that already massacred the Average Joes out there)

The revolution needs sacrifices. And no sacrifice is fulfilled without a few maidens thrown in the mix.

Funny also how we call it the sexual revolution; many women are just revolving like a tornado between a few select men.

We used to call that "Girl has become a toll gate(the revolving type seen in the metros)", nowadays it is called the "C0ck carousel"..

Both are based on revolutions.

Viva la revolucion!*

*As long as revolving is the only demand. No buying the Tornado Cows.

Always assume she has the pipeline full

"Tuesday I got -retracted legitimate reason- so only day I can is tomorrow. Are you free?" she said

In between messaging, and me setting the messages so that the date would be at her place or mine, and taking my time in between replies, all going well and receptive,

"I got a project that will take my evening. Are you free later the week" is the message I receive.

1. Out of the blue
2. Project not named; reason is vague
3. Came after warm reception to the suggestion to meet in a private location

Tells me she got a better offer.

(Allright, what's the percentage of probability that I am wrong? 5%, 7%? negligible)

Always assume she is seeing someone else.


When you are wrong, even then, this will only help you.

If... she... is... not... f%&king... you..., she... is... f%&king... someone... else.

No hard feelings, this is life.

Learn the lesson, and move on, smirk on your face.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wife starts salsa. Start preparing for the divorce.

I do not meet this friend often, nor do we call.

But friend I call him. Is very good in what he does. International connections that respect him. Has a brain on steroids, has charm that would make Casanova look like a tree trunk, handsome in his own way, a very good conversationalist, has built a good network.

Last time I heard he was building up a company as a side job.

Married to a good looking academic chick, going on holidays, spending time with her, while managing to spend adequate time on the company and his main job.

In the end, a man whom I hold in very high regard.

"F%ck man. This is JohnnyRegards's wife.. Ex-wife" he said
"Dude, she is dancing in front of you"

Then I see her.

The woman whom I last knew as the wife of this man, dancing with a slimy a$$ latino midget.

Then I learn that she started salsa some time ago. And divorced the husband not long time after, for this.

Had this been the first occasion that I had heard of, I'd be surprised. I was one story after many already told.

One thing I learned: If wife starts salsa, you sell everything and move the money to the Caymans.

Before I close, about the topic of latinos, if you are a latino (or hispanic?) in Finland, for example civilized like Spanish, or exotic like Cuban, you are single, not gay, and horny, and can't get laid by a new girl every week, go hang yourself.

Smelly Media: To be governed by the clueless

Sometimes there are news articles out there making you wonder...

Tuomioja: "progress towards democracy in Egypt will continue"

Finland's Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja believes Egypt's progress towards democracy will continue.

In the meanwhile the country has totally fallen into the hands of the brotherhood.

Churches are being burned.

Kids are being beaten to death because they dared to show the cross hanging on their necks.

Any voice out of the line is made to play the headless horseman. 

Mr. Tuomioja is right, if he considers democracy as the rule of the majority, including the right of the majority to choose to obliterate a minority or not.

What a democracry... More like demogr-ass-y

P.s.: The guys who will win the next election are the same who have protests, e.g. in London, with banners "Democracy is Hypocrisy"

Tuomioja observed certain groups were trying to spread unrest in the run-up to elections next week. However, he believed the army wanted to hand over to a civilian administration.

Funny, the last time an army tried to halt the unrest (rightly or wrongly) it was bombed into oblivion by western forces. Wonder what makes this one so special.

Anyway, our foreign minister apparently decides on our foreign politics based on beliefs, not facts and uncensored news.

But he added the young people behind the Arab Spring would not give up their demands.

“They will not accept a new dictatorship,” he noted.

Unless it is their own...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smelly Media: "#¤"#¤"%#¤'s in the government

Sometimes you stop and wonder.

Do we have idiots in politics or do they hate their own people.

Eurocrats definitely hate the europeans, but local politicians?

Or are they just intelligent, good willing honorable people who have been brainwashed?

Finland more flexible on Schengen expansion

Finland has shifted its position in negotiations on Bulgaria and Romania joining the Schengen area. Finland will now agree to the removal of border controls in between the Schengen area and those two countries in two stages, provided that sufficient efforts are made to reform justice systems and fight corruption.

Allright. Now it makes sense to change the doors, install triple high security locks, install GPS transmitters into the cars, and hope for the best.

Even with border controls, the free travel possibility screwed my town in Finland with a beggar on every corner, with shady people hanging out in corners, Helsinki is in worse situation, my town in Germany has only one nationality of street musicians left; no more diversity, only one group; Oslo clearly had organized begging in the streets with the one nasty looking young man strolling the streets, providing protection to the beggars.

Yea, just open the borders.

Because we, the law abiding citizens do not matter. We are sheep made for slaughter in the politicans' benefits.

About the emphasized part: I have a pink elephant that can fly.

In September Finland opposed this plan, along with the Netherlands. Schengen expansion has to be approved unanimously by existing members, so the Finns and Dutch were effectively wielding their vetoes.

Somehow I think the dutch will leave the union before the shit hits the fan.

The thing is the shit has filled the room, it will not matter if some more hits the fan or not.

And with their diversity ratio, the Dutch are screwed to oblivion anyway.

But, my best wishes to the Dutch.

Their opposition was grounded in the fear that organised crime in the two countries would create problems if free movement to Schengen countries was granted.

Racists. There is no thing as crime. Crime is a social construct made to oppress unfortunate people with shady choices.

Finland’s position shifted a little yesterday, when Reuters reported that European Affairs Minister Alexander Stubb said that Finland would be willing to take a two-track approach – first opening air and sea borders, before later making a separate decision on land borders.

Stubb will be sacked soon. He is tickling the eurocrats a bit too much.

She added that Finland is waiting on an EU Commission report into efforts to fight corruption and reform the judiciary in Bulgaria and Romania that will be ready in February.

And I a truly believe that Russia and China will become environmental friendly governments by February.

This kind of wishful thinking coupled with the treason of the Brusselites will be the apocalypse of the west.

Smelly Media: The game of humanism, congratulating yourself out of existence

The happy hippy hippo picture at it again.

Face Festival grabs human rights award

Finland is embracing diversity on Wednesday in celebration of the International Day for Tolerance. The Finnish League for Human Rights awarded the Faces Etnofestival, held annually in Raasepori, this year’s prize for contributing to the advancement of human rights.

What proof is there that "diversity is strength", or "diversity is good"?

It is just another feel good ideology that is dumped down our throats like toilet cleaning liquid.

And this I say, while I am a child of two cultures.

Look at the picture in the text and the only thing I see is a welfare hippy dancing in the mud, high on grass. I may be wrong, but in this day and age where image is everything, this counts a lot.

Here, I give also an award:

The League says that the Faces festival has long done comprehensive work to promote human rights. Last summer’s festival theme was “Viva la difference”, a celebration of diversity.

Heh.. Viva la difference.

You see, if you are in the academic circle (like I am), this is true. Everyone is educated, everyone is trying to make something of their life, be productive, get along, learn other cultures etc, and you know what, we are the minority in the diversity. And, we are not a protected minority, because we are not vibrant/enriching enough.

If you are in the hippie circle, then you probably will not be faced with any enriching vibrant minorities anyway; the foreigners that will create diversity in your ranks will be the mellow yellow ones.

If you are in the leftist circles, then you will tolerate any an all bad aspects of diversity in the name of the Leftie Father, Jesus Leftie, and the Holy Left Spirit.

Get out to the real world, and then you see that diversity, once it reaches a tipping point will vibrate the society into a mutation of its former self, just like cancer mutates the breast tissue.

But yea,

Viva la difference!

Since all you are able to recognize are the different food courts and the possibility of sex with exotic looking people.

The rest is just made up imaginations of the racists.

The prize is now awarded for the tenth time. Previous winners included secretary general of the Finnish Disability Forum Pirkko Mahlamäki and immigration counsellor Melody Karvonen.

Congratulations, if what they did helped people.

The International Day for Tolerance has been observed since 1996. The UN-declared day emphasises acceptance of diversity and everyone's right to live according to their own beliefs.

Emphasis mine.

Let's say one believes in: (People that I met, yes..)

- Having sex with a ten year old is ok if the parents are ok with it.
- Having sex with donkeys is fun.
- Killing your sister if she is not a virgin on marriage is ok.
- Killing your wife if she is not a virgin on marriage is acceptable.
- Killing because one insulted your mother is ok.
- Burning dogs alive is ok, as dogs are sinful creatures.
- Not allowing a girl out of the house is ok.
- Not sending a girl to school is ok.
- Justice is to be served on blood basis, leading to blood feuds are tradition.
- More that I care not to dig out from my memory...

Or, from the news,

- Cutting away a girls clitoris is tradition
- Marrying a ten year old is tradition
- Beating up a girl because she held hands with a guy is tradition
- Beating up that guy is tradition and fun
- Killing because the dead one criticized religion, is mandated
- Raping a girl to revenge her family is payback
- "Eating Pygmies give superman powers" is a common belief, leading to manhunts in the jungle.
- Raping western girls is acceptable because they have sex anyway.
- Throwing acid on women who have no headscarf is a mandatory action.
- Just open the news and insert an item that smells of diversity; there is no shortage.

So, the UN tells me I got to tolerate those beliefs,

But saying that I do not tolerate those beliefs is to be intolerated.

I am the criminal. For being the real humanist.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smelly Media: If this is not populism, what is?

I was going to write Left is Theft for the title, but this candidate is not from the left, and that title is reserved for a future post about the Left.

The news during the last election and all the time after that were filled with news about "The populist Finns Party" etc... They were populist, because they applied to the feelings of 20% or so Finns who thought their country was being given away to others.

Populist now meant "speaking to the people, but speaking politically incorrect words"...

The original definition was: kind of speaking for the people against the elites

Like this one social researcher I met, "I am now researching how populist parties like the Finns get their power"; with disgust in his face.

Allright then, since we got populist as being that, what is this:

Niinistö: Higher taxes for the rich an option

Presidential candidate Sauli Niinistö of the National Coalition Party said in an interview with the YLE breakfast show Ykkösaamu that an increase in taxation for the rich is not out of question. According to Niinistö, the greatest problem facing the Finnish society is marginalisation.

So, since this is line with the PC crap, this is not populism.

Saying something which appeal to 80% of the population is no populist because it does not say anything politically incorrect...


"We are Robin Hood, we take from the rich and give to all."

There in the corner is a group of farmers, who want to be left alone; "Filthy populists... Playing with peoples emotions to get into parliament"

The tragic comedy seems to never end.

Niinistö said that the issue of higher taxation for the rich will surface when the budget has to be patched up.

What he is saying, they will not close the leaks, they will not go to restriction in any aspect of the welfare system, but will demand the "rich" will chime in.

Now, since you cannot be taxed on what you already have, this will not affect the trust fund babies, or the ones rich by birth.

Once again, the ones trying to make something better out of their life will be pushed back into the boiling cauldron of equality at the lowest level.

He called a greater tax burden for the rich “extremely important insofar as a sense of justice is concerned.”

What justice is there in taxing someone 50% because they earn more than others, and now taxing them even more?

What incentive is left to be creative, productive, and hardworking?

Who is gonna run the economy? Who is going to build the next Nokia?

The welfare mums?

The enterpreneur, the researcher, the engineer, the idea man that has not much left after being taxed more than 50%...?

It is already a progressive system. You earn 20.000, you pay 20%, you earn 50.000%, you pay 50%... Where is the effing justice in that?

It is theft.

Legal theft.

Niinistö said that the most serious problem of Finland’s society is marginalisation, especially among children. He urged everyone to take responsibility for preventing people’s social exclusion.

Of course this is not populism.

It is for the children.

Yea, you know for the children.

Like not cherishing moms divorcing the dads for... insert arbitrary pop-reason

Ooops. I just committed blasphemy.

Who said it, was it Hitler or Stalin? I think it was Hitler, something like "I can get people do anything if I say it is for the good of the children"...

The state destroyed the family unit, the church forgot there was once a family, and now we, the people who chose not to raise bastards, once again chime in for the children...

Sh%t, it is time there is a state-blowjob service installed for men paying taxes but not receiving any direct benefits.

Some more funny assumptions:

According to Niinistö, Finland might have to contemplate Nato membership if European cooperation fails to satisfy Finland’s defence needs.

What European Army?

(I see only Germany and England as possible forces that would be able to raise some kind of armed forces when necessary)

Smelly Media: The Love Connection

Allright NATO may not be the best thing right now, but where would Europe's so cherished welfare be if we would not live under the umbrella of the US military protection. Even Finland, which is not in NATO only has managed to spare change for a welfare system because it could keep its military at a joke level, compared to Russia.

But that is not the love connection. The love connection comes later.

Stubb under fire for behavior at Nordic Council meeting

Somebody has been a bad boy... Can't have that! Bad boy, bad boy, shame on you.

European Affairs Minister Alexander Stubb raised eyebrows at a meeting of Nordic foreign ministers in Copenhagen on Wednesday. Members of the Finnish delegation were upset by Stubb's behaviour at the meeting, which they said showed open disinterest.

Maybe it is because all the decisions were pre-decided, all was done, nothing said would change anything? Which is not the topic either, but here it comes:

“Yesterday’s conference was good. Just as I love the EU I also love Nordic cooperation—this is really exciting, important and fun,” Stubb told YLE.


So why does he love the EU? Today, someone saying they love the EU, unless they are part of the EU elite - Eurocrats, banksters and their bedfellows - ,is akin to a person saying, "I love my rapist. And I love that my rapist will rape my children. And then when the rapist gets tired of me, and my children, the rapist will rape my grandchildren; oh how much I love my rapist..."... Just does not make sense.

On the Nordic Cooperation,

He is having fun, it is exciting... Wow... Perfect way to describe the necessity of a cooperation... It is important too.. Wow... Whom does it benefit tho?

Apparently not the Nordic people:

Finland holds the 2011 Nordic Council chairmanship. According to Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, discussions centred on the current situation in North Africa and Palestine, and particularly on women’s rights in those areas.

Why can I somehow not manage to move myself emotionally for these problems?

Shame me for having a narrow vision.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Smelly Media: Our Presi-multiculti-dent joins the witchhunt.

Halonen hopes for bold opposition to racism

I definitely agree.

I boldly oppose the racism in the wolf packs of cultural enrichers who try to intimidate the locals by their numbers and behavior.

I boldly oppose in the racism of vibrant families who vibrate their daughters if they are seen with a local.

I boldly oppose the racism the imported poor souls dish upon me when I am walking by; especially if they are present in their numbers.

I boldly oppose the racism that states it is ok to rape western girls because it is not so bad for them.

Is our presi-multi-dent happy?

No, because I just mentioned things that we should tolerate under "all cultures are equal and welcome except of course the western/finnish/goodwilling foreign"

She is talking about Finns, and non-Finns, seeing the influx of intolerant, non-working, aggressive, unthankful, (add adjective) people coming over, getting fed, housed, educated and then still crying a river of racism.

About us, whose taxes are going to unemployable imports.

About us, whose economic future is not looking bright, and who are not an oppressed class, who are not counted unfortunate, who cannot expect to live like kings on welfare dole.

Let's see:

President Tarja Halonen is hoping for bolder opposition to racism in Finland. In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat published on Sunday, Halonen said that party leaders, civil servants and ordinary citizens have roles to play in standing up against racism.
What about the roles of the foreigners to stand up against the rotten apples in their ethnic groups?
Oh, now that sounded racist, sorry. Can't ask any group to take responsibility for harboring rotten apples. Nonono...
What about ethnic groups taking action against the welfare queens, kings and harems on welfare?
Opps, I must be a racist.
There is a reason, Mrs. President, that shops are going bankrupt when they customers start to become vibrant. Oh, did I mention that female vibrants are missing from public life? But yea, all cultures should be tolerated. Even those where the women are fully utilized as breeding machines, and the western girl are used as sperm urinals. All good. No prob. Our taxes will help the fallout of that, too.

According to Halonen, it is crucial to oppose racism in everyday life. She says that racism is ’bubbling’ in society, and that it bursts into the open from time to time.
When you call looking out for your children "racism", what she is asking is to abandon all hope, ye idiots.
There are two ways of looking at this:
The comparably peaceful and tolerant Finnish/western/scandinavian culture is a raving racist maniac;
Or the people who escaped unfortunate conditions bleepholes bring the culture with them, the culture that is one of the reasons that the bleephole was a bleephole.
The first way is the PC way. Blame it on the west. The way of the politicians and the media.
The second way. You effing racist.
P.s.: When the bleephole exports are behaving tribal we are to say "it is their culture"; when the Finns (or lawful, productive foreigners) behave tribal, it is racism.

The president is particularly concerned about the hardening of language.
Allright, so how does she suggest people communicate their observations, thoughts, and feelings?

Halonen’s comments were made in regard to an earlier Helsingin Sanomat poll on racism in society. In an interview with Centre Party organ Suomenmaa, controversial Finns Party MP Jussi Halla-aho criticised a recent statement by Halonen that ”people who recognise their own racist traits vote for the Finns Party.”

You see, she is unfortunately mistaken about the reason.

It is not the Finns recognising their own racist traits voting for the Finns Party,

It is the Finns who are recognizing the traitorous racist traits in the other parties that are openly racist against their own people, that vote for the Finns Party.

The hatred of the western culture, the hatred for their own people is oozing out a bit more everyday; and ordinary people who respect the spilled sweat, blood and tears to create a civilization in this frozen hellhole are starting to smell the stink.

Later addition: So what comes to mind is the racist Finnish flag that is so oppressively flying over every apartment building on special days. What happens one day when a enough number of oppressed enrichers come together (from previous news about Neo-Nazis, 30 was an alarmingly large number, so let's stick to 30), say 30, and claim that the proudly flying Finnish flag is oppressive against them, and it is racist, and either the flag shall not be flown, or in every town, flags shall be flown according to the ethnic make up of the towns .

What then? The Christmas carols have left the building in many daycares and some elementary schools, if they have not gone, they are called the Holiday Carols...

What about the Finnish flag? Will it be flown? Or will it change from the blue cross on white ground to a rainbow on a white ground to signify diversity?

See, this question may seem like science fiction, but it is closer than many think.

It is just that 30 signatures have not yet been collected.

When SuperDick is not enough

There she was, dancing in front of me, totally smashed, the silicon lips making the sexy duckface at me, and the enormous fake titties about to pop out from the low, low cut tight blouse barely covering them.

Who is she?

She, used to be a very good looking natural girl, engaged to a guy. A guy, that was a man's man, a guy that had girls younger than him asking eachother "have you tried SuperDick's dick?", girls who would go up to the guy in groups of three "will you eff us tonight". A guy who would drink all night with his buddies, and five minutes before the bar closed, would get up and find himself a threesome.

I have met one or two legends, but this guy is the top of the list without being a sports star or a rock star.

In the pure sense of the word, this guy was a cock star.

They met, apparently she was different, he stopped threesomes, foursomes and got engaged.

She though, did not stop; cheated on him.

It took the guy years to get his life back.

One day some dude that I barely know, but who know the girl, told me the girl "Likes to eff celebrities, she must have done all of them" and that is why it did not work. In the meantime she banged another friend of mine, who also happens to be a small time celebrity in the cock area.

But that was years ago.


There she was, dancing in front of me, totally smashed, the silicon lips making the sexy duckface at me, and the enormous fake titties about to pop out from the low, low cut tight blouse barely covering them.

I payed some attention to the titties, boing boinging their way in front of my face, then turned back to my friend. She moved again in front of me, I enjoyed the view a bit more, then I went to get myself a drink, as 1. she was totally smashed, 2. I do not yet have the full body condom against a possible weapon pussy of mass destruction, 3. I wanted a glass of gin.

Then I saw a guy.

Dressed possibly with money, but with zero style. Older than 45, drunk, chubby, and no finesse nowhere.

And bouncy tits was actually in this bar with this guy.

The Legend of SuperDick was not enough 6-7 years ago, when she was in her peak.

From what I heard SuperDick is still banging 18-19s in multiples.

She was in the bar, fully smashed, fully on "dressed-like-whores night out"; with a guy that she would not have looked twice at, six years ago. A guy that girls her age still do not look at twice...

And this reminded me of:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

To hunt, or to fish

Been intended in her for long time. Very attractive compact sized woman.

We got a few mutual friends that were intimate at some point.

Last time I see her the interaction is a very warm 30 seconds, which leaves me dumbfounded at the sweet femininity.


I was going to be in her town for a past weekend, so hit her up on FB, about advice on a place to go, no answer ever came.


When I came downtown, having a walk on the main street, I bump into her. Immediate smile, immediately touching; her friends who are known to be bitchy, now friendly. After where you are goings, and she tells me where they are going, she stumbles when saying the "hope to see.. to.. you" in a funny way.


Now I am sitting in another bar as I would not immediately follow and wrote the previous post. Then this.

Now I gotta decide.

Will I hunt when the prey has likely invited me nervously with a smile,

Or will I fish, wait for another unknown time, she the fish is in town again, and bumps into my line and hook?

There is of course the third option, that I am the prey, and I bit the bait.

Will decide after I press publish, and down this glass of sangria.

Wish a good weekend to all.

Joys of Diversity: Give peace no chance

After a long time I had a bodyweight training, devastated. Left the gym, was walking towards the market, totally minding my own business, listening to another excellent audiobook.

Then I see those two hateful eyes looking at me. O thought, whatever, I must be mistaken, I am just walking here; in that instant the like of sight was broken by two early Friday drunks walking by me.

Seconds later there was the line of sight and those two evil eyes belonging to an enriching vibrant young shithead were trying to stare me down. The hatred and the vile thoughts were oozing out like mama comes out of a volcano. To a simple random passerby.

I don't stare away, but I also do not turn my head more than 90 degrees to stare down some piece of Shit. So the contest ended when I passed.

Since I am familiar with this kind of person, I was Damn happy that his wolf pack was not present. Would have ended bad for me.

See, I was walking, listening to the failures of socialism, when I noticed the attempt to intimidation. It came out of nowhere, out of no reason, except it being modus operandi for this extensive group of cultural enrichers.

The interesting part is that besides somehow having the money and time to hang out in town 24/7, they also have the backing of the Amnesty Int'n'l.

If he would have attacked me, what they are known to do, and the police would have investigated, the Shitnesty International would be there claiming the oppression of a poor soul, and us not understanding him.

If I would manage to inflict harm upon self defense, this time the Shitnesty International would again be rallying, this time for my persecution, because I am an evil racist who does not allow himself go down without a fight.

This is not an isolated incident, as the future posts of JoD will tell. And it is not isolated to me. Hell, bars, coffees, pubs have gone bankrupt because Finn voted with their feet.

A once peaceful country that I would happily walk the streets of is on the verge of being turned down into the bleepholes which the poor oppressed where running away from, but were not willing to leave behind.

And the interesting thing is that, chosen people making me and others live through this is accepted under the "all cultures are good" mantra, but saying that this is not acceptable has been turned into a crime worse than beating one to pulp or raping a girl together with your band of brothers.

Strange times indeed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a Grrrrl, hear me splash

5.30 PM; pitch black dark; an unusual fog with a visibility of a hundred meters, so dense that you feel you are inhaling water.

I am on foot, approaching a crossing, there is a guy waiting on the other side, and a woman cyclist on my side; the lights are red.

Since I do jaywalk, I check the situation, there is an SUV coming from the left.

Then I see the two young women, 17-20, on the other side. They look left, they look right, they see the SUV and they step slowly on the street. The car has green.

Do they run? Do they stop? None. They continue jaywalking slowly. I see the SUV break, the girls look at the SUV and slowly continue their walk.

This was a four lane street, not one. There was fog and it was dark.

The fact that these girls did not think twice about the approaching SUV tells me about the current state of grrrrl pwwrrrr....

Invisible, till they get plastered on the street like a tomato.

This is not the first time I see this. Must be the third or fourth time this year I have witnessed this entitlement. And those times I saw this behavior, it was girls doing it. Last year some b%tch decided she has right of passage on a zebra crossing (they don't in Finland), when it was snowing, the street was covered with two cents of icy snow, it was dark, I was driving at the speed limit. She decided when I was like 5 meters to the crossing. Had I breaked, I would have run her over. Split second decision, I evaded, and she was shouting behind me; instead of thanking her Gods that she does not have her head on my hood.

Do I jaywalk? I do. Not when a car is coming.

Do boys jaywalk? They do. If a car comes, they run.

Do girls jaywalk? They also do; but they believe Mother Grrlll Power will make cars stop. Until the one that does not stop.

What if they were plastered by the car?

Would I feel bad for the piglets strutting across a busy street at red with the attitude of Princess Marionette.

What I would feel is a lesson in jaywalking.

And since I know the driver did no wrong, I would be a witness for the driver saying he (it was a he) had green, the girls had red, the car had lights, the girls had no reflectors, it was dark, it was foggy, the driver was in the speed limit of 40kmh, and they saw the driver coming.

The dimsels would have paid for their stupidity of thinking that a 2 ton vehicle driving at 40kmh would magically stop for the queen piglets; and there would be no reason to make the driver pay for this stupidity.

But this is what you get with generations of "Grrrrlll Pwwwwwrrr 101" courses instead of "Basics of how to be a human"

I still shudder at the attitude of those two girls walking like beauty queens with their love handles two orders heavier than their ass and breasts combined...  Least they could do is acknowledge their Ms. Piglet status'. I know I know.. Expecting too much. 

The issue here is not Grrrls vs SUVs,

The issue is that this attitude has reached the tipping point,

And soon instead of "I'm a grrrrl, hear me rrrrooooaaarrr", it will be "I'm a girl hear me r... hey why is not anybody paying attention... I am rrrrroarrriiiinggg... ah, a big bad wolf?!!?? help... help.... heeeeeellllppppppp"

The male crickets will be chirping, chirp chirp.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

500th post, introducing the category Joys of Diversity

I was going to write a longer post on this introduction, but I will do that later; I just noticed I had my 499th post up. And today marked the day when I openly posted on the paid for by my taxes Enricher Invasion, the Vibrant Takeover, powered by my taxes;

The Vibrating into Oblivion,
The Enriching into Nothingness

In short, the Joys of Diversity.

Previously I had posted to facebook some soft version, but now I used the definitive words when renaming my favorite coffee places/pubs, that were taken over by vibrants who somehow have the time and money in their hands to sit in one place for hours, and move to the next, for hours; day in day out.

Coming out to the public is a big thing in this day of "free speech as long as it is the party line";

So, it was fit to introduce this new category; which will be based purely on my observations and my chats with people.

See, they claim vibrancy is all and good; but this is what happens when the vibration synchronizes:

That's vibrancy to you...

Smelly Media: Nazi invasion in Helsinki

Today's witches are the Neo-Nazis; nowadays a name given to any group that is proud of what their forefathers achieved.

The witches got to burn!!!

City of Helsinki rented space to neo Nazi group

Two weekends ago members of the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR), a neo-Nazi organisation, gathered in a space rented from the city of Helsinki. It was the first official meeting of the group's Finnish arm, according to the Free Movement Network.
The Germans payed through the nose for their collaborations with the Nazis, millions of lives perished in the after war fire bombings, millions of soldiers alive at the end of the war, for some reason never made it home.And besides, considering the Free Movement Network is on the left, just like almost all other pro immigration groups, they should first check what the track record of their idols is. And lest they forget, Hitler was also a leftie. Friend of their idols Che, Mao, Stalin, etc.

If these neo-Nazis want to meet peacefully, let them meet. We are letting the AntiFa meet and destroy, we are letting other (naming them is illegal) groups spewing hatred  and shouting death threats to meet. We are letting Pro-Choicers (pro-babycide) to meet. All who have more blood in their hands, following even more bloodthirstier prophets than the neo-Nazis.

What's so dangerous about a few shaved heads?

Speaking is the way civilized people communicate, when you take that away, even the moderates turn to ways not including speech; and that blood is on you, you destroyed the moderateness in them.
But let's see who is having a problem with this:

The October 22 meeting held in the city's Sähkötalo building in Kamppi drew around 30 people, according to Dan Koivulaakso, a spokesman for the Free Movement Network, a migrant rights group in Finland.
How ironic... Free Movement Network trying to restrict movement.
Left, thy name is hypocrisy.


Man that is a whole SS division... Do they have tanks? Maybe they have some Aryan super hairtrimmers...
That number is less than the number of cultural enrichers meeting in coffee places every single day with the aim to congregate intimidate. But those welfare vibrators are free to move.

Left, thy name is hypocrisy.

Koivulaakso told YLE News that his group learned about the seminar entitled "Fight Against" from the SMR website.
Allright.. Wrong name selection. Should have named it "Shaving Against"

The Free Movement Network has sent a letter to the Helsinki City Council regarding the space rental, asking officials to explain whether providing premises for neo-Nazis to congregate complies with the city’s policy to combat racism.
Since racism nowadays is called anything that offends the perpetually offended, if the SMR gets offended does that make the Free Movement Network (for the  PC approved) racist? So can we ask that since the FMN is offending the SRM, why the city of Helsinki provides offices for the racist FMN organization?

The city rents space through Palmia, an enterprise owned by the city. Leila Korhonen, head of catering services at Palmia, says the company would not knowingly have rented the room out to neo-Nazis.
In that case these neo-Nazis would be justified in operating from the underground.

“But as long as they’re not breaking any laws, people have a legal right to assemble,” she explains.
Sensible words. Refreshing.

Leftie who was reading what I wriote; jumping from the neighboring table:"Näää, she is wrong, the only right to assemble is if you are worshipping any of the PC MC Left Enviro Liberal Femifisting Gods; who between themselves have killed hundreds of millions and aborted another tens of millions of babies.... But that is ok, in the name of progress"

The Finnish branch of SMR was born in 2008. According to Koivulaakso, SMR's Finnish meetings have previously been held in secrecy.
Now you know why.

“The social climate in Finland has hardened in recent years, making groups like SMR feel they can stage their meetings in the open,” he explains. “Many of the movement’s Swedish members have been convicted of murder and violent crime.”
See, I have written this text knowing that I am a prime target for these neo-Nazis. But then they are not the only ones committing murder and violent crimes, just looking at the statistics of Oslo and Stockholm gives a clear picture why these people felt the need to organize.

As it happens,  nowadays any moderate discussion, even based on facts or the object-of-discussion's own words, is branded sexist, racist, thisphobic thatphobic; while the west is going down the shitters because of the PC-MC-etc useful idiots and their buddies.

Smelly Media: Fear of the crippling flu shot

Narcolepsy fears could taint views on flu jabs.

Seasonal flu vaccinations are already underway in many municipalities, but health centres fear that many people will choose to go without due to the recent scandal over the swine flu vaccine’s links to narcolepsy.

I am going without the flu shot.

Funny. The H1N1 shot was confirmed to have immense side effects, but that is not the problem mentioned.

The problem is people have fear from the shot.

"Don't fear narcolepsy, I say. Because I say"

In the meantime,

Vitamin D was once again warned about.

The strongest pill here is like 400I.U.;

The guessed at toxic dose lies at 100.000 I.U. taken daily, over months, and then it is only a possible risk.

But hey, be careful about taking too much Vitamin D!!! You may not get sick!!! Oh oh.. The tragedy.

Calculate: You need to pop 250  pills a day for months to be under possible risk.

So, a public warning was issued in the newspaper.

In contrast to:

Public health services worry that even people belonging to risk groups might miss out because of narcolepsy concerns.

"People just forget the excellent scare campaign we pulled over your eyes, and got a number of you done for the rest of your life, for a non-threatening round of flu... Oh, stay away from sunlight and Vitamin D."

While the seasonal flu jab comes with the H1N1 vaccine this time as well, it does not feature the agent suspected of causing narcolepsy, says the city of Oulu’s chief physician, Tero Heikkinen.

Last time they said the vaccine is perfectly safe.

Screwed people.

Now they say they removed the "suspected agent", so, they have no f&cking clue.

What is this if not this one man's plausibly deniable warning to the people to stay the hell away from the flu shot?

“I would say that the fear is certainly baseless, in the sense that problems with narcolepsy should not, in all likelihood, emerge in connection with this vaccine,” Heikkinen says.

That's what they said for the H1N1 vaccine... But they were not right.

Sorry, the vaccine industry lost the credibility due to last year's stunt.

I'll be taking my Vit D, taking my sauna and iceswimming. I am taking my chances.

Smelly Media: Confessing that intelligence exists

Futures Committee puts super-smart kids first

Top middle and high school students should be given room to shine, says Parliament’s Committee for the Future. Fast-tracking the brightest pupils into more challenging academic programmes is a break from the Finnish educational tradition to not push gifted students ahead of everyone else.

So, in effect, they are saying that some students are smarter than others?

Damn... End of world must be soon.

The Finnish educational tradition, educating all well educated kids, but losing out on the genies.

Who did not have these few slow kids in school? With fewer geniuses?

You would have ten teachers spend every waking hour to make these slow students learn the ABC, while the kid in the back was ridiculed for being able to read Shakespeare.

You would have ten teachers spend resources so that these two monkeys who would only read the sports section could be monkeys who could also read the daily news section.

Having one suitable teacher spend a fraction of the amount of time on a genius could turn the Shakespeare reading kid into a Shakespeareesque writer, having ten teachers spend a fraction of amount could turn ten kids like that into the future bright minds carrying the country to the next generation.

But we cannot have that.


Because we are all equal.

Because intelligence is a social construct.

Because allotting resources to geniuses that would yield a hundred maybe thousand fold return would mean two monkeys got left behind, and that is not equal.

Because, monkeys were not born, they were socially constructed.

So, the genius sits in the back of the class, bored to death, and may even be punished for reading the New Scientist instead of the ABC he learned when he was 3.

When all are equal, all are equal at the lowest common denominator.

The committee says kids who have a gift for math or other subjects should be given similar opportunities for enrichment as pupils talented in music or sports.


Music is a talent. So it is having a talent.

Sports is about the physique, the talent. You got them, good for you.

If you are intelligent, on the other hand, you having that makes the other pupils stupid. You arrogant little rascal. Go stand in the corner, shame on you.

Things are changing, I believe people are throwing away the shackles of the PC tyranny, even if it is due to economic necessity. And this may be the first step:

Intelligence is not a social construct.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Gotta love the flutebook

Besides having seen girlfriends of my friends hugging other men in parties because b%tches cannot stop tagging themselves and their friends canot stop commenting on how cute they are, and other various fun things, this one girl stands out as the epitome of the idiocy of the facebook.

The dates I made up, why I tell later.

May 2009
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
July 2009
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."

Next time is sooner than one thinks...

May 2009
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
July 2009
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."

September 2009
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
November 2010
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."

January 2010
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
 March 2010
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."

May 2010
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
July 2010
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."

November 2010
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
February 2011
Angelica is single
"Oh.. We are so sorry... Next time..."
(If I remember right, this happened just before Valentine's day... heheh.. some clever boy out there)

April 2011
Angelica is in a relationship
"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees"
I do not know the last situation.

For the sakes of getting the dates correct, I tried to go back in her status pages.

After four pages, I had made it to the 2nd of November. I gave up.

Wtf? 4 pages of status updates in less than a week?

There is a word for it and it is not status monkey...

But serial monkey she definitely is.

One cannot help but wonder about the men that did not make it to the "is in a relationship" posts. Who were they? How bad did they suck as not to make it to such an extensive list? Is there a club somewhere, "Too bad even for Angelica's List"...?

I say one thing to this independent girl:

"Whooo.. gooood luuuccckkkk.... loveee... kisseees... you go GRRRRRLLLL"

To the man.... I would give a bicycle horn as a wedding gift.

Proud to buy the village cycle

She smiled, I smirked.

"Hello" she said,
"Hi" I said, "Not working tonight, I see"
"Yes, no work. Party"
"Cool" I say, noticing that something is off with her vibe.

Could it be? Could it just be?

Could it be that the Lotsa Cocka girl found the man who would stimulate her brain? She had mentioned that the men she is happily being a groupie for, were great in bed but not much fun talking to. Guess, when you are a groupie target, having more than two braincells is not a criteria.

So I thought, dig deep, boy,

"Do I get the impression that you have found yourself a boyfriend?" I ask,
"My boyfriend" she says, holds out her hand to a tall handsome dude who was rushing to protect his territory. Damn. No time to even drill the surface.

I had not talked more than thirty seconds with the girl, and he popped out of nowhere. Proud in the face, hugging the girl to give me the message.

I smirked.

I felt like telling,

"Dude, that territory has been defiled by a herd of buffalos"
"Dude, the ship you are trying to anchor has provided free shipment to uncountable ports"
"Dude, you just bought the court cycle"
"Proud or not, wrap it well"
"When you give her the ring, do not invite the guys who gave her the rim"....

Of course, it is not my business.

A world where the public cycle gets a valued as a brand new Mercedes SLS...,

Makes you smile when you are on the mountain biking side of the equation.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Smelly Media: Greenpiss pissing again

Greenpeace blocks doors at Neste Oil

Three dozen Greenpeace activists blocked the doors to the headquarters of Neste Oil in Espoo on Tuesday morning to protest the company's palm oil production. The protesters chained themselves together and blocked the entrance with a sheet of plywood.
We are the environmentalists, stupid!
Let's see why we have this problem.
Capitalism! The free market! The evil market!
Right.... Getting high on the blue pill I see.
The environmental group is pressuring Neste Oil to change its palm oil production process to prevent the destruction of rain forests in places such as Indonesia.
Noble idea.
I am also for not destroying the rain forests.
At this point the biofuels are just not feasible in large scale; and if we are having food shortages, these are part of the problem, albeit small compared to the speculators allowed to speculate; once again, by the help of the big governments.

The most important ingredient in this fuel is palm oil. Greenpeace argues that Neste's target of raising diesel output to 2.4 million tonnes next year will, in practice, require cutting rain forests for the creation of palm oil plantations.
Environmentalists! Unite against the evil big bear!!!

Hold your horses there, Greenie.

Let's look at some facts.

Who declared as a legislation that the goal of the EU is to have at least 10% of fuel used as biofuel in some   years' (was it by 2015?) time?

The environmentalists/lefties/libbies,

Who decided to subsidize biofuels, making an essentially non-profitable fuels source profitable (by tax money)?

The environmentalists/lefties/libbies

Who decided to tax the sh&t out of fossil fuels while giving tax breaks to biofuels?

The environmentalists/lefties/libbies

Who decided to tax the sh&t out of cars so we are driving with less eficient cars needing more fuel?

The environmentalists/lefties/libbies

Many other taxes, subsidies, legislations, banned products, etc...

The environmentalists/lefties/libbies; the big government that you love so much...

You are protesting for a problem that you created, you pissheads.

What did you expect? Force biofuels on a company, make it profitable using people's money, and the company would be ok with importing it from fairtrade unions?

Did you expect the executives would use their fart as methane?

Your hypocrisy stinks.

Neste meanwhile says its operations do not harm rain forests and has called a Greenpeace representative to join talks with company staff on Tuesday.

I never claimed that the company is in the right... Man one must be dumb as shit not to believe that forest will be cut down to produce palm oil without skyrocketing the price of palm oil as food.

Police have taken nine activists into custody and continue to monitor the area.
And green pussy is lining up for the guy who was taken into custody.

"In the name of Gaia!!!"

Also I find it interesting that these Greenpissers usually have educations on social sciences, psychology, journalism, women and culture studies etc.

Nuclear sciences? Can't count past 100...
Environmental sciences? Not flashy enough...
Mechanical sciences? Machines are oppressive...

And besides, nothing gets you laid like a night with the "fascist blue thugs"*!

*Not my words. Words by a leftie rebel; rebelling against the system; not socialist enough, comrade.

P.s. I know of the extremely fuel efficient engine claims that were buried under patent law by the big oil

Smelly Media: Nazi SS in da house!!

NAZI invasion in the parliament! We got to do something! Having an unapproved ideology is criminal!

Finns Party assistant admits national socialist link

A member of the Finns' Party parliamentary staff admitted on Tuesday that she applied to join a neo-Nazi group two years ago. The information was leaked to the media a day earlier.
She committed the only crime bigger than not being a PC MC  Diversity Globalist Leftie Worshipper.
She follows a nationalist leftist ideology.


Yes, a leftist ideology, the only one that is not approved and the only one that is being tried to be dumped on the non left.

Yes, you Che tshirt carriers, Hitler was one of you. If Hitler was evil, and his followers are now prosecuted, what does it make Stalin, and Mao who have tens of times more murders on their hands. Stalin. who was a bedfellow with Hitler and only denounced him when Hitler backstabbed him and called National Socialism the right.The Nazi party declaration has almost the same lines as the Stalin declared, Mao declared, and those are same to what Mussolini had, which are eerily similar to what our leftie liberals have.

Even the name is left National Socialism, not National Consevatism, not National  Soldiers of Christ. The only difference is that socialism today is Global Sell Our Children's Future Socialism. And instead of National Socialism, it  only is closer to the more bloodthirsty, more murderous S&M.

The victor writes history, and thus we see that following ideologues who murdered more than 100.000.000 people is accepted under PC while a smaller criminal (ruthless criminal nevertheless) who has a fraction of that death count causes you to be prosecuted.

This was clearly shown to me when a leftie told me that the "50.000.000  dead in China was the necessary price for system change"

That's for dead Chinese in China. And these are the born and let lived Chinese. The aborted/dead baby girl count needed to reach a 50.000.000 surplus of men due to the one kid policy is not included.

But who cares about that.. The Polish, the Ukrainian, the Cambodian, the Chinese, the Russians...

Fair sacrifice for the Gods of the Liberal Realm. (I do not distinguish between the lefties and the libbies, too close to eachother for the differences to be worth dwelling on)
MP Juho Eerola's assistant, Ulla Pyysalo, says she applied for membership in the Finnish Resistance Movement without being aware of all of its views. The group espouses a national socialist, anti-immigrant agenda.
She is an assistant, so she does not have to have extensive knowledge. But if you are applying to some organization that has a your ethnicity's name on it, you gotta be doubly careful, can't have that. It is less risky to join "Genocide on Europeans, Sing Kumbayya" group that joining anything that does have an inclination of protecting your own ethnicity in it. "Finnish Socialist Workers Union" does not count, as their loyalty is to M&S&M ,Marx Stalin Mao; so it is approved.

The daily Helsingin Sanomat reports that the Finns Party board will discuss the revelation at a meeting on November 19. It quotes the chair of party's parliamentary delegation, Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner, as saying the issue is very serious and could lead to expulsion from the party.
So much from freedom of thought, and freedom of association.
Freedom, as long as it is Party Approved.

In our liberal times, freedom means freedom as long as it fits the liberal ideology.
Just like the 100.000.000 million dead peasants and thinkers; your death will not make a liberal flinch; since your thoughts not fitting the approved ideology makes you not worthy of life.

In July, Pyysalo made headlines when she posted an offensive joke on her Facebook page about Greens MP Jani Toivola.
The greens, the left, complaining about some ad hominem joke, while their default course of action in an argument is to attack ad hominem, not just joke about it.

Left, thy name is bloodthirsty hypocrisy.

Disclaimer: I do not subscribe to Nazi or neo-Nazi ideology, nor do I attend their meetings. Besides, due to the way I look, I am a prime target for their actions.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Finnish PM confessess to the EUSSRs death wish to democracy

EU; the greatest democratic union of our time?


EUSSR, the totalitarian ideological brainchild of the communistic unions?

Our democratic prime minister clearly gives the answer:

PM: Greek referendum an unpleasant surprise

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen considers Greece’s plans to hold a referendum over the recently agreed bailout deal an unexpected and negative turn of events. Greece announced the decision to leave the fate of the bailout in the hands of its citizens on Monday.

Look, the Greeks may have voted themselves to the money of the northern europeans;

Or the politicians may have given the benefits to them to get the vote, or benefits without the vote...

In any case, the common denominator of these possible cause scenarios are the politicians, the EUcrats, the elites and their bedfellows.

Greece's demise, (besides in my opinion not as hard working as the northern states, getting your benefits payed by them, which would make them more of a f¤cker than a sucker) was purely inflicted on them by the politicians, the EUcrats, their owners and bedfellows.


This group of the anointed totalitarian unselected criminals are selling away a country's future, (already sold, if you ask me), and more securely fastening the future slave status of the Europeans.

Papandreu is playing a political game with this referandum, but still calling this

"a negative turn"

Should tell the people of the EU;

EU is not a democracy.

EUSSR is here to sacrifice your children's future in the name of the Gods of PC MC Leftie Liberal Globalist Enviro Femi Faschism.

The EUSSR clearly has burned the bridges with the people.

The EUSSR is not created to benefit the people; only the elites and their cronies.

"a negative turn"...

A very honest remark.

Katainen says that the decision could have damaging repercussions for European stability. He says that he has been in touch with leaders around Europe since the news came and that it has taken everyone by surprise.

European stability was thrown out with the bathwater when the unelected technocrats were allowed to create their ueber-government according to ideologies that do not take human nature, history, facts and logic into account and have failed. Ideologies that left tens of millions dead as political sacrifice.

According to the latest opinion polls, a majority of Greeks are opposed to the bailout and to the austerity measures that come with the package.

Now the thing for Merkel to do, if she wants to be remembered as the "German chancellor", not the "EUSSR's puppet", is to call a referendum on the German people if they want to once again pay for others' welfare state. And even if they want to leave the EUSSR.

The hopes that the Finnish government will do it is zero.

“I’m afraid of the worst—that this will cause instability in the eurozone and partially impede the positive developments that last Sunday’s eurozone-level decisions could have brought about,” Katainen says. “It is not a pleasant surprise. Uncertainty breeds more uncertainty, and these are uncertain times as it is.”

There were many more timemarks when this question should have been raised by the PMs of EU.

I was too young to know Thatcher but one thing she said has been proven right over and over again:

“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. ”

Allowing/forcing countries without the means to a welfare state to implement gracious welfare benefits; exposing the productive industries to extreme legislation and standards, opening the borders to imports that were produced without these restrictions, subsidizing the unproductive.... and so on...

What did you think, Mr. PM; that the working Finnish people were sh%tting gold bricks, the working Germans p%ssing oil?

It was going to come crashing down and ya'll knew it;

But, following God Marx and his prophets S&M was too sweet of a feeling.

Feels like we are in the Titanic and the higher ranks of the crew and the elite passengers are have been snorting coke all the way.

"Yo yo look at the colors of the iceberg... beautiful, let's get closer"

In a related note, driving when under the influence:

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Smelly Media: The Environmental God Demands Sacrifice

Finland cool on new EU tire rules

An EU regulation stipulating that car tires must feature a sticker detailing information on their environmental credentials is causing consternation in Finland.

EU does as EU intended. Few unelected anointeds making rules for the others; not based on fact and life, no, no; based on ideology.

Tires produced for Finnish conditions do not do well in the wet-weather fuel economy testing used by the EU to determine a product’s effect on the environment.

Wet weather is the rain in Spain, the mist in Greece. What we got here is a layer of ice dirt and snow on the roads, where even the winter tires without spikes are not recommended.

What is the difference?

In the summer I use 8 litiers per 100km

In the winter with the winter tires without snow on the ground, it jumps to 9;

When the snow falls then it is back to 8, despite the frozen engine splurging fuel just to warm itself.

But the environmental sh&theads cannot have that. The Environmental God demands dedication, dedication means dead children because someone slid in the curve while driving under the speedlimits because of environmental tires and smashed into a kindergarden.

Who cares! The Gods are pleased. We sing kumbayyaaaa, one centiliter less fuel was used during that trip.

The tires that do reduce fuel consumption in wet weather are not very effective in the ice and snow common further north, according to the Ministry of Transport’s Senior Engineer, Juha Valtonen. He believes that Finnish consumers could be misled into purchasing the wrong winter tires if the current sticker plan is implemented unchanged.

The Finnish consumers will not be misled. Word of mouth will spread the truth about what tires kill people in the name of Gaea (a.k.a. Gaia).

They will just, in increasing numbers, cement their belief that the people are sacrificial lambs for the EU technocrats, the anointed who are walking in the footsteps of their prophets Stalin & Mao. 

No amount of dead will satisfy the Gods of the Leftie Universe. Any amount of dead will be justified as they were sacrifices for the omelette; an omelette from recycled sewer, served with a sh&t sandwich.

Finland is lobbying the other Nordic countries and the EU to try and get an icy conditions label in place of or alongside the one relating to wet weather conditions.

I know how to do it.

Pack every environmentalist of the EUSSR (as this suggestion is specific to this context. Otherwise replace env... with lef...) into 20 year old cars (because new cars are overpriced due to car tax being so heavy for the working class due to leftie/enviro legislation), with summer tires (because winter tires are banned/expensive due to enviro legislation) and send them on a three month road trip in Lapland; December, January, and February.

Gaea will welcome their sacrifice.

Note: If any reindeer gets harmed during this road trip when the summer tires save even more fuel by crashing the car into a tree/deer; Gaea will not welcome this sacrifice, rather she will punish the dead human sc&m for their murder of the innocent; and send them to swim for eternity in the Fossil Fuel Lakes of Hell.