Monday, January 27, 2014

Four steps to freedom from sickness

A comment I left on Pillscout, where he mentions anti-depressants and the pharma industry's interest in keeping the one pill for one sickness idea in people's (victims?) heads.

Just look at the proposed dietary cures to skin problems, fatique, alzheimers, autism, some cancers, depression, obesity….

It is scary to see that besides few tweaks they are all the same in the basics.

One cure for many.

Mention that to doctors (i did), and get to hear “not possible” (i did)…

What does the pharma industry want?

One pill for one illness, not to cure, but to maintain.

Better yet,
Multiple pills for one illness, which are also untracable causes for other illnesses, to create a chain reaction in the patient, without killing the patient, but making the patient dependent.

What’s the first step?
Cut gluten. (there might be a possibility that gluten can be digested by bacteria in the gut, or that a few might have obtained the ability to not get harmed by gluten, but assuming that none of us has a healthy gut due to various factors, i am ok with making this the first step. For everyone. Worst case scenario of removing gluten: No harm done.. Yes, that is the worst case: Removing gluten will not cause any harm. Let that sink in deep. P.s. ask the doc, he will say “Gluten might be bad, but you need your grains”.. (he did)

Second step: Cut out sugar

Third step : cut out vegetable oils (except olive, coconut, avacado and palm),

Fourth step: cut out processed food

These four steps will cut your chance of illness by 80-90 percent, hell, if not more…
And these basic simple steps are too much for many people, who are waiting for a vaccination against obesity, vaccination against celiac, etc… who would take a nuclear antibiotic where maybe few crushed raw garlic cloves would suffice; well because, breath would stink for a day.

Edit: there are fifth and sixth steps:

Fifth step: Cut out dairy (depends on your tolerance. Some are tolerant some are not. In my case I am tolerant only to some dairy. Some cheese, joghurt, and fermented milk products are ok. Funnily there is a company in finland, none of their cheeses agree with me)

Sixth step: If you want to eat legumes, only eat soaked legumes. A 24 hour room temperature soak with a dash of salt or a spoon of apple cider vinegar in the pan, and no lid. The no lid part is said to allow the bacteria in the air to interact with the soaking, and also eating the legumes especially lentils cold, might have benefits for the gut flora.

There are others but those will make you a superman, this post is only made to prevent you from being the common pill popping sick two weeks of the month excuse for a human.

Yes,  I have been told that I am crazy.

The few peple who came back to me to "Thank you, you changed my life", are worth it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The north born are crazy

It was a windy day, I had a flight to take. Temperature bit above zero, slight snow fall.

I was coming back to Finland from mainland Europe; sad, anxious and slightly depressed.

Buckle up,  raise my seats, close my phone, look to my chubby seat neighbor with a smuck face; think to myself, welcome back to the land of people who pride themselves on being shy...

Then the pilot comes to the loudspeakers.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen (when will this be banned because it's sexist??), we will be proceeding take off procedures in five minutes. The time is 16.25, and in Helsinki we have 17.25. Our flight will take approximately two and a half hours. The weather in Helsinki is better than what we have here, an open sky and minus fifteen degrees."

He was not joking.

Only a person born in the north could claim open skies at minus fifteen is better than above zero with slight winds.

But I felt the same as him. The biting freshness of minus fifteen, the open blue sky; I smiled, I understood, and I was looking forward to it.

Even worse, this week am back on training everyday to warm up for the 20-squat program of the next two months, so no time in the eve except a cold shower, but on the weekend will be swimming in the frozen lake, which will be warmer than the weather.

Weather, minus fifteen, lake, zero to one. 

30 slow breaths. In the water.