Monday, March 10, 2008

My answer to Anonymous

I received a comment to my previous blog entry about single moms, and gave a reply to it.

Then I decided to modify it a bit and make it a blog post.

The original can be found

To the second poster.

One, I am almost totally sure this is a female talking.

The used language, which I will quote to give my answers sentence by sentence, just tells me that. Nothing wrong with a female commenter of course.

But something wrong with a cheap attempt in trying to shame men for standing up fr themselves, and also a cheap attempt in defining what a man is.

"The image you are giving of men is pathetic."

Don't try to shame me. The image I give is not pathetic, it is a person who respects his nature and one of his foremost needs. You call it pathetic for the sole reason that it does not serve your purpose. A man who has preferences in a woman is not pathetic, he is picky.

"Really, a real man doesn't consider children as sperm."

Real man. Hmmm... More intended shaming. Who are you to define what a real man is? Maybe we should let the men decide what it is to be "real man"..??? Well, let's redefine sperm as bloodline. And yes, a man considers his children to be HIS legacy, HIS bloodline... Not some other dude's from his lady's past.

And bloodline.. That feeling of bloodline is what has created civilizations, and that is what has caused men so readily to give their lives in wars for the protection of their offspring and women.

Take that away... you take his existence away..

Oh sorry, "Real men" don't need that. Right?

"For a real man it's not that difficult to be an adult friend to a child that's not his"

I accept. But for the child it is said to take two years to accept the man as some kind of authority figure.

A man must love a woman a lot, to undergo that.

"A wise man understands that this kind of things are just that difficult as adults make them. "

A wise woman knows that her choices have consequences.

"And he will be happy because he won't pass the woman of his life just because she's got a child. "

This was a side concept in the story. I was mainly talking about the entitlement the women showed.

And, men need to be as pragmatic as women in these things. Not think with their dicks.

Women are far more realistic than men in relationship issues. A man with an ex-wife problem will easily be overlooked by many women, who in the same time expect eligible men to overlook the two brats they got in tow.

"In this case, there are more wise women than men, I guess?"

Women and men in these cases have very different controlling conditions, so the fact that they make different choices also is based on the fact that they start off at different conditions. Comparing oranges to apples, you cannot say which one is wiser. You can say which one you sympathize more, and why. And I can disagree.

"Oh dear, I feel so sorry for those narrow-minded men."

Shaming shaming...

Narrow minded because they require responsibility from the woman on her choices.. Wow... I thought that was a main condition of being an adult. Responsibility.

"Luckily, I know, there are a lot of wise men too. "

Glad I am not close with any of the men labeled "wise" by this mentality.

"Don't you know couple of them too?"

I know... I know the ones which fot my definition.

Some are honest bachelors living their life to fullest,

Some are good fathers good husbands living their life to fullest, respecting their family and people around them. Striving hard to make a quality life for their family.

All these men hold themselves to high standards, and thus expect high standards from their surroundings.

And if the bachelors one day decide that the kid of woman is not problem, they will be good fathers to that kid.

But if they decide that they want to spend their life raising their own bloodline, that will be their preference, and their way of being evolutionarily wise.

It is interesting how something that serves a natural purpose of the man is so readily rejected by a person, possibly a woman.

Nobody is rejecting the fact that women so openly look for ambition, potential, good job in a man, all which translates into the ability of a man to support a family.

But then when the man wants this family he is going to support for the rest of his life to be his, then it is shallow....

Oh well, I said what is needed to be said.