Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year and a late Merry Christmas

To all my readers, the few ten of you, I wish you a happy New Year, and a late wish for a Merry Christmas.

Wish you a good party into 2013, and may it be a good year! Scratch that, may you make it an awesome year!

for the lack of posting, have not been writing for over a month, work and life situation, and being out of groove for various reasons.

Will start asap, better, stronger, funnier, more insightful, more often, groovier.

Stay tuned,

Thank you all!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The fallacy of the one

"You are the one"

A lie told to me,

A lie told to many after I turned down the offer to be "The one."

Many times a man has taken up the offer "The one", without knowing he just got it because someone else just had decline, and it was time for her to "have something meaningful"

Many times I have taken the offer, and not knowing better, have paid a hefty price.

This girl, sweet girl, talented, treats me well, has an innocence to her, is in a useful profession, and is overall good company hinted that I might be offended an audition for "The One".

I kindly declined, hinting at being "The Invisible Man", that I should be seen as "The Man Who Doesn't Count".

Because what she does not know is that I know that she hinted at a similar possibility for an audition for "The One" to one of my friends, two weeks before we met.

Her having very good taste does not change the fact that I feel she is casting a play, and looking for actors.

Now is her time for "Something Meaningful"...

A behavior that I have seen so many times... Gotta be honest though. In her case apparently "Meaning" hast mostly been there, so she is not one who has "Had my fun, now I can settle",


With girls changing their relationship status, and getting comments like "It was about time!" ... Girls posting the pics of their newborns and getting likes from a two handfuls of previous fuckbuddies... Girls walking the street with their "man" a week after I declined "The One"... Girls breaking up with "The One", and shouting their love for "The Now One" on facebook for all to see...

No thanks,

I'll be the actor in my own play.

"The Man Who Didn't Count"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Affirmative action is deadly

Ran the hill for fifteen sprints, dragged myself to the sauna. 90 degrees heat inside, 6 degrees outside, 9 degrees in the water. Perfect after that intensive training.

Was sitting in the sauna when they entered. Two of them short giants, like Vikings from the drawings, one older coach like guy, and twelve others that would put Greek Gods to shame.

These guys were in such a shape that would make the cast of Magic Mike cry.

Football.. No, too big upper body.. American football... Maybe, but too developed shoulders.. Mma?.. Nope, too straight posture... Basketball? No.. Hockey? Nope.


So I asked the coach

"what team is this?"


Fuck, I thought to myself. These guys are in better shape than even professional athletes. Each one would make it to the 300 movie, and each one could hold his own in a powerlifting competition.

Then I thought about what I know of their requirements. I also know that the physical requirements are lower for female police candidates, but that is a different profession with a different skill set.

There I sat, fourteen carved out of marble men in front of me (my attention on the 22 year old personal training student who is a project of mine, and a sight to behold), fourteen men that are in the top of the top of physical fitness due to their job.

If one day they introduce lower standards for female firefighters, that will be death. Years ago, in the whole country, there was one woman who could keep up with the guys, and the firemen I met then were smiling when they said "You should see her."

These guys passed very high standards including running while carrying a full sized body, on full gear weighing fifty kgs. If men are eliminated because they don't pass these standards, but females having a lower standard will be able to get in (not the case right now), there will be casualties on the road to eqwaliteee.

And I raise my drink to the fact that my 35 year old self was not too far from the fireman brigade, at least in the being carved from marble department.

Of course a hairy chest and a three month beard helps.

But the secret is Paleo.


Letting the Cobra out to the field. There are hamsters to catch and pleasure.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A tale of two girls, one independent and stwong, the other, interesting

Copenhagen, the meat packing district, a beautiful summer night, having a few drinks, sitting on the beer bench.

A cute blondie sits to my sits to my right, a cute brunette sit's to my left.

We start chatting with both sides.

Both girls are very attractive, and they have friends with them, also part of the chats, but they are not related to the story.

Blonde: I am German

Brunette: I am Greek

When I say I live in Finland,

Blonde: what big companies are in Finland? We do consulting in Finland.

Brunette:  That would be too cold for me.


Blonde: nose up, looks down, " Am an assistant in a financial consulting company"

Brunette: " Am working for an energy consulting company"


Blonde: "Hamburg. Lots of businesses."

Brunette: "London. Very active city, but the weather is depressing"

Work experience:

Blond: " We just helped company xxx merge with yay, it was z million euros"

Brunette: "All flights were booked, so the company arranged a private jet, I arrived in that business airport in a summer dress, people were just looking at like who is she dating.."


Blonde: " So what is your business"

Brunette: "What do you do?"

Other conversations;

Blonde: I am independent, I am a high flyer, I am a career girl, I am stwong.

Brunette: The beaches of Greece, the clouds of London, anybody want a drink?

No more examples of comparisons of the Blonde and Brunette I can give, because one, I don't remember, and two, there is not much more the blonde said, except announcing stwength, independence, and cawweer...

The night went forward with us earthly beings having a blast of a conversation, two three hours, where the career girl was occasionally listening in, but the stwongnesss and the independence, mixed with the view of her nostrils, was not helping.

The sweetness of the brunette always made her more interesting to us, who, by sitting in the middle, were directing where the attention would concentrate.

To all the girls who have been educated in the feminist life view of women being stwong and independent, know this, being a career cunt does not make you attractive, being sweet, feminine, and friendly, does.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I paid my dues; you?

It was a night when I decided to go out alone, as the friends were either too tired from a week of work, or were using the usually silent friday night to put in a weekend date without sacrificing the saturday.

On my way, I got a message from an acquaintance, so decided to meet up with him.

Before he arrived, a good friend arrived at the venue with his date of the eve, and they joined us.

The acquaintance arrived, totally wasted. When I don't drink, I am annoyed by most drunks, maybe except good friends that I hold dear to me. He was not one of those.

Anyway, the daters leave, me and the new guy go to another venue.

In there he continues drinking, annoyed, I join another group of guys I know, who are sitting in some corner.

The venue is not full, and at that moment I saw no prospects. Only post wall women, and young drunks.

So I do not mind mingling with a group of guys sitting in the corner.

I do not sit down though. I stand.

Also, am a bit overdressed for the place, which means a slim shirt, and a well fitting jacket, on jeans.

Standing straight.

After some chats with the dudes, I decide I am not going to lean on a table to talk with guys who cannot put themselves into the environment, so return to my straight standing ways.

Not too much later, some 40ish woman comes, I tell her thanks, nope, dont want to dance.

The guys on the table are smiling.

"You always stand like this?"

I smile. "I like it like this"

Bit later a girl sitting on the next table is eyeing me, she's drunk, I ignore, the guys notice.

"So this is your way"

I smile.

Few minutes later, another woman approaches, good looking for her age, and pissed at my rejection.

A cute one approaches, but totally drunk. Had she been cuter, I could have ignored the drunkness, but nope, not this time.

Both times I get a comment from the sitting crowd.

The place I was standing was one of the two places to stand in the bar. Very good traffic, but also by the bar, so has good stopping traffic, and the other location was just puked on, so, this was the good place for me to be.

I turn to the guys, probing, if they are happy in their misery or if they would be willing to change somethings

"Why do you sit there, out of the envionment? Things happen when you are in the environment?"

"Naa... Am good here"

Fine. I am not a guy whose advice is worth 5000 a weekend, but here is a guy who apparently has something going for himself, offering the potential of a change, for free. Allright.

Then comments on my attire, comments on the hair, the beard, being overly touchy feely, to which a warning went out. I feel I have been too tolerant already, but for sake of good times and the belief in well intentions, I let them slide.

A girl passes by, I stop her, and tell her something, she speaks no english, I blabber in Finnish, before we could continue, the friend bitchblocked me, the two left.

No prob for me,

The sitting group smiling.

I am starting to think "Unbelievable".. By this time, my curiosity is the thing keeping me there. Want to see what they will do.

A cute little thing walks by, I fail to say hi to one I would like to, so when I see her friend saying hi to a guy I know, I walk the five meters, tell the guy hi, unintentionally scare the girl off, who leaves with her friend, while still looking at me in curiosity. Got to calibrate when you are a caveman, built, tall, well dressed and coming in like a Dodge Charger, turbos blazing.

No prob for me. Walk back,

The sitting group smiling.

That is when I gave up, my curiosity, my drive to give a helping hand, my tolerance.

Some men are hopeless.

Later saw a girl in blue dress. Short blue dress. Long legs. Long blonde hair. Young, tall, little deer.

Did not talk to her. When the night ended, I left early.

I noticed one thing:

The blue dress blonde was bothering me. Should have talked.

The two rejections, did not bother me.

The sitting group did not bother me. Just mental note: Next time, 5 meters mandatory safety distance against any contagious negative mental attitudes.

The blue dress blonde bothered me, until I let it go as a lesson.

In that afternoon, I had read a post from VK's Empire of Dirt,

It’s because I put in that work. I made that approach.
The whole post is worth a read. I can say it was one of most important posts that I will have read in the last years.

Yea, so the Sitting Boyz were smiling at me in triumph when a not attractive woman would come over, they were smiling when I got shot down.

But they did not know, that I don't give a flying fuck.

I did the approach. I'll deserve the next woman that will enjoy the pleasures of my company, and I will deserve them in better quality, and better quantity.

I put in the work.

"Dude, they only talk to you because you stand so arrogant"

I put in the work. I learned to stand tall. I invite the challenging other men who feel the need to prove their dominance.

"Dude, they only talk to you because you are dressed"

I put in the work. I ironed a shirt, I dressed just a bit over the norm, I invite the looks from women that would cause other men to lower their gaze. I invite the challenge. I enjoy it.

"Dude, they only fuck you for your body"

I put in the work. I am the one who cooks every meal, I am the one spending time in the gym, I am the one not drowning in alcohol. If they want my body, so be it. My dick is a part of my body, a physical extension of my soul, or my being. I do not separate myself.

"Dude this, dude that"

I put in the work.  Got much much more work to do. More than I did in the last 20 years. Still ahead of me, still needs to be done. to be learned. To be risked. To be tried. Even if I got many more time I will need to put my hands in fire, I already put them to an extent that "Things just happen". So, fuck yes, where I am, I put in the work.

"Haha. The sucker got rejected"

Yes I did. And thus, am one step closer to my next threesome. With women who you could not even imagine in your dreams. Not one or them.

Yea, I got rejected,

It is the price of having the neighbor's girlfriend look at you in awe and disgust after her sleep was disturbed by a Siren in the night, a Moaner the next afternoon, and a Screamer the next night. A neighbor who is a legend in his own circles.

I got rejected, you smiled, you behaved in way that embarrasses me to write here.

No problem. I don't feel offended or shamed. (Mandatory 5 meters distance)

Empty balls have a lot of sympathy.

Only if balls could smile.

Thank you VK. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Village cycles playing mint Mercedes game

Came to my usual place,  it's an unusually slow night,  being the first day under 10 degrees and such.

Had some Russian standart with lemon on the way,  now decided I'll get this one out.

Women playing good girl angle when they are one step away from being a kitty on the pussyhound carousel.  Hah, the dictionary corrected that as pussy Honda.  Okay.

I see guy,  a handsome devil whose balls are always empty.  Looking in awe as the girl who rejected him using the good girl angle was grinding on the limestone vibrant #3 in town.  His jaw dropped when she ground on a second enricher,  and a third.  To add to the insult,  another friend of mine who used to booty call this girl,  considered this one a good girl.  Five years ago.  Guess time does spoil the milk.  Radiation totally destroys it. And that good girl will be treated as such by any quality man who saw her that night.

Of course then there is facebook.  Girls putting up churchy posts every now and then,  also have single,  in relationship,  single,  in relationship cycles multiple times a year.

Multiple girls who have criticized my sexually open way of living,  have burnt four-five boyfriends in the first three quarters of the year.  And me being me,  know that these are the ones who made it to the boyfriend status.

Good girl.  I meet her and her friend two weeks prior.  I was interested in the friend; both girls lookers.  Friend interested,  but things change while I am away.  Friend says we can't meet.  Same week I meet good girl.  My place in thirty minutes.  Now,  back to good girl.  Not that I mind that one.  Once the bread has been in the oven,  I like to play.

Among these,  the facebook statuses always crack me up.  Especially the high amounts of "like"s these "riding the carousel,  yes I am"  posts get.

Hey,  let's also congratulate the open door being open with a highway passing through it but still claiming it is as secure as the castle door on top of the Himalayas.

Not that I mind. I got the nuke that'll nuke the door guarding hamster.

Open doors are to be cherished and respected by making full use of free entry.

Just make sure,  young man,  that you don't decide to pay for that non-existent castle.

Laying down your bed on a highway is not the best idea now,  is it?

Have a great weekend,  doors,  bread,  ovens,  and all that.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shut up. Let me enjoy my delusion

The morning sun shined through the curtains.  I was happy that the police lights I saw on my ceiling few hours ago were not for me,  and the elevator door that opened the same time was my neighbor,  not some officer in blue.

She was a moaner,  a shouter,  a cryer,  and she was loud.

Happy that I am still in my own bed,  I turn over the petite little thing,  and we wake up the neighbors.

She has to go,  I welcome the break.  Am Do either for,  need rest.

She takes a shower,  gets prepared,  she looks like a cute thing going on a sunday walk,

She looks at me with those eyes, 

I hold my phone to her,  the number pad on the screen.

"Uhhm.  This is new...  Ahmm...  I usuall... Ok  yes, I give you number"

I was not born yesterday, 

I was aware that the cute thing was not a virginal chaste MaryDonna,  but seriously,  did not need to be smeared on my face that I was dealing with a MaggyDalena...

Now there is a girl somewhere expecting an sms for a date.

All she will get is...

Even while I thank her for red flagging herself so perfectly,  somewhere inside me I'd still like to have the delusions.

I'm blue,  dadudidada dadada...  Blue blue... blue

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open thank you letter to a good friend

They woke up at 9 am,  breakfast was either a shot of vodka,  or a shot of finnish cognac.

A day that starts like this does not continue in a different way,  by the time I joined them at 5pm, all but the driver were hammered,  including the Shaman.

I join them,  immediately get a drink handed to me.  We proceed to the sauna,  ten men.  Me,  still sober,  driver,  driven into oblivion by the few "catch up with the others"  shots.

A game is played in the sauna.  A full bottle of cognac is passed around,  everyone taking a sip,  after each sip,  steam is put on the sauna.  This is the kind of game that ends in the emergency room.  We were fast,  so it ended with ten guys struggling to fit under two showers,  hearts racing,  skin red,  out of breath. 

I was not sober anymore.  Was at the point where my tongue loosens.

I go outside to get my senses back,  sweating,  breathing,  and heart racing. 

Time passes,  and I am joined with the others.

" So you say OldPlaceToBe is not where we should go to? "

I am about to explain why the best place in town turned into a shithole, which can easily be described by finn-flight from the place when the place started being more vibrant than usual, and that Finns go to a new place, and that for now, the new place is the better choice, when I see the Shaman standing behind the party host, looking directly into my eyes and motioning "NO", with his head.

So, being warned by my friend that a simple observation could be a threat to my wellbeing,

"We go to NewPlaceToBe" was my answer.

In these funny times where it is allowed to shout "Death to the west", but can be dangerous to utter why the locals have stopped going to a bar, a friend like the Shaman, who still has his wits about him after drinking for 16 hours is God sent.

I thank Shaman for this lesson that I needed being taught, and for the warning that potentially saved me grief and even trouble.

Funny times indeed, infinitely more tragic though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Handsome artist came to our table to say to my friend.  Man had charisma. What I write here does not change that.  He was a likely pussy hound.
The chat turned to how he does not see  foreign women when walking.  He was a liberal wondering why westerners don't import as many women as men. And to my surprise, this all came without any influence from me.  I was sitting,  minding the blue sky.
Then of course mention was made that the women the finnish men get married to do not get out to social life. But no mention was made about the imported pavement dwellers who have multiple kids raised by the wife sitting home (many times against her will) ,  fed by the state-fare.  All at the same time that these married pavement dwellers are hunting pussy with the government money that is reaching the earnings of the average working man,  on free time that is uncountable multiples of the working man. 
But this topic I don't enter on a table where I don't know the guy.  So I say some statistics:
Number of foreign wives is similar to number of foreign husbands.
Divorce rate for finnish man finnish woman: 50%
Divorce rate for finnish woman foreign man:n 70%
Divorce rate for foreign woman finnish man: 30%
He is surprised about these numbers and inquires. 
Inquiry and talk goes into behaviour of foreign men,  and that goes into the Latin dances circles. A safe topic.
After talking about how the wives of the Latino men are happily watching their men dance floor luv, grind, French kiss other women,  and say "its in their blood",  and the stories of the back stages (being aware of female sexuality does not stop me from demanding dignity),  the last sentences uttered were:
"I used to go to salsa with my girl,  I have seen this,  but it is okay "
Yea,  it's also okay to raise your child,  whose father is a Julio,  because your girl took that okay to be a bit more tolerant than you may have meant it to be.
Thing is,  a woman entertaining Julios when they are married,  or when she is taken,  is not suddenly going to stop when she decides you and her will raise a baby.
It's okay.
Just as a bull thinks getting his balls roped is okay.
Just like a pig thinks the slaughterhouse is okay.
Ah well,  all is okay.
Screw that.  Mandatory dna testing. It's about time. Anything less has no chance pf posessing a probability of shocking these men's balls back to having a pulse.
I went back to observing the blue sky.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Raus aus dem Euro!

Copenhagen, 3 am

Thanks to the Greek guy getting a jaeger round, ke answering with a rum round, and the Greek girl polishing it all with a round of Baileys, I am pretty Mich past being tipsy.

Standing by some hot dog stand, for the last sin of the night.

Brunette standing behind me, asks me something in danish... I think she was asking about the queue.

"What's that in English?"
"Where are you from?"
"Am German"
"I only know Angela Merkel"
"Ahh, our lesbian president" (she is not a lesbian)
"I don't like her?"
"Now why is that?"

"She does not want to pay for our welfare anymore" she says in her drunken seriousness.
"Was about time we stopped paying for your fucking hot dogs..."

The Finns also need to leave the euro. The euro has no money to lift neither Germany nor Finland, when they slip. By that time all the help given will be forgotten. Time to leave and brace for the collision with reality.

...Fuck you.

If you can't pay for welfare, you are not well fared enough to afford welfare.

Finland is getting there fast, in my opinion, Germany past that point long time ago.

Any cut in welfare will result in a civil war, open or concealed. Causing this is being progressive, saying this is  being racissss or whatever.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A dream reversed

One week London, one week Copenhagen, before that one week rain bringing bad mood, I have not posted on long time.

More posts coming soon, stay tuned.


Saturday morning.

Feet are still hurting from all Tue walking of the previous days, and some assholes made the night through, partying on the street, so sleep has been little.
My face looks like a frog's.

Decide to do the breakfast shopping.

Step out of the house and see the people who are still partying on the street. By now it has turned into a proud conversation.

I am spotted.

Sheila turns towards me, opens her arms, lifts them up, and let's out an "oooh".

I notice.

A very tight, very short, shiny purple mini skirt,

A skirt that is revealing muscular legs, and a well trained cleavage.

" you're a handsome motherfucker", Sheila shouts.

"thanks" I say, not changing my way

High heels,

Bright red lipstick,

"Would you like to have coffee with me?"

Sheila asks.

Sheila was almost my size, without the heels.

"Nope. Thanks for the offer.

Sheila was a man.

Sheila was a big black man.

Nine in the morning, on the way to the shops, I get a coffee offer.

So many times I joked with my friends that if women really were not as different from us as they claim to be, off get three lays on ky way to the shops, and two blowjobs on my way back.

And this was the proof.

Damn wish that was a girl. In a short purple mini skirt, a feminine cleavage, long legs, and red lipstick, in the morning at nine, on the way to buy sausage and bacon...

Alas, that is only a dream.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The most effective bitchblock ever

Summer time, being outside in good weather, recovering inside in bad weather, trying to create during worktime, good stories happening, good memories added to the book of life.

That day I was dead tired. I still went out with some friends. Lesson to self: when tired, sleep.

We were on the dancefloor, me basically cursing at the dj for playing music from the eighties and nineties. Creme de la crap stuff. Then I see her.

Looks like the woman of the lanister midget from game of thrones. Bit shorter, bit cuter, much younger, and definitely more innocent. Missing is the thousand yard stare.

Catch her looking at me. Does not take her eyes away for a time that defines eternity in this land where eye contact is reduced to trying to spot a fast turning head. Even eternity ends. She puts her eyes down. One. Two. Three. Back up.

Then I walk up to her, hi. Hi. Decide to acknowledge her group. Three over the hill chubsters, and one who I will retrospectively name wo-beast. Done. Back to her.

"You make me all red" she says. The girl is blushing. Damn. Cute.

Some words, and I see, from the corner of my eye, a mass moving. Wo-beast here close to the girl says something.

Redcheeks turns to me "You look like David Hasselhof"

Agree, amplify, and mentally note that a bitchblock is being set up. Let first one slide, could be that I do look like the nightrider to wo-beast.

Wo-beasts mass moves again close to Redcheeks, says something to her ear, and Redcheeks asks my age.

Some play there, getting guessed 40, smiling, saying Damn that would've been great,

When I see Wo-beast preparing to say something again, I decide to interjected, cut the bitchblock from its roots.

"I'll have your friend for a few more minutes, you can handle her safety for that time without interrupting us." Is what I got in my head.

Until I turn.

Until I see with my eye what has all the time been in the corner of my eye, what I just glimpsed at in the initial moments.

Words flow back down my throat, bile comes up. My breath gets short, I can smell the putrid acid in ky breath.

Short girl, wider than tall. Arms bigger than mine, short, puffy and layers of fat. Built like an oversized ball with arms protruding. A round face. Even the forehead must have fat as the eyes were deep, way deep in the face.

I can't open my mouth. I am trying to keep ky stomach down.

Had she been a nice human being with copious amounts of fat, this would not be the situation. Overweight people that have humanity in them, decency and dignity in them, I got no problem with. Especially the ones in the gym, in the forest running paths, on the bicycles to work.

But the behavior, the rudeness, the unpleasantry, the smudge look in her face. The happiness in having shat on a possible connection.


So I turn back to Redcheeks, manage to get thirty more seconds until fat fucking wo-beast interrupts by holding her hand, pulling her.

I turn, this time a about to say Fuck off, kindly.

Words scare down, bile rises up. Mouth shuts. Revulsion builds up.

So I grab the girls arm, pull her to me.

Wo-beast comes along.

I once again want to say something, but at this moment, looking into those ugly eyes happy with triumph of having fucked up a good situation, into those dark, soulless eyes, I literally feel bile rising to the thought of having to interact with this ugly shit piece of soul that has eaten away its humanity with only filth left behind.

I swallow. I have to do this for Redcheeks.

Nope. Stomach muscles not agreeing. Even the image Redcheeks lying naked and sweaty in my bed cannot stop the volcano rising.

Wo-beast pulls Redcheeks away into the chubster circle with her sausage fingers connected to a ball of palm, making all look like a blown up latex glove.

Could not rescue Redcheeks from that diseased putrid soul. Even now thinking about the evil, ugly, diseased, putrid, rotten soul that I saw in those eyes buried in face fat, my throat tenses.

Had she been a nice person, now I would remember her as one of the pleasant people I met in the night, overweight or not, and wished her luck for her life. But she was not. She chose not to be.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kill that brainwashed sucker inside you

Meeting her for the second time, shy girl, signs of her being good company, knows damn well how to combine sexy and classy, and a damn fine dame.

Venue is too loud, conversation flowing slow, her friend is also being good company, venue change not currently possible, and the dj sucks big time.

No problem, she leans forward to talk with her friend, who has been the total opposite of a cockblock, my hand goes to the shoulder.

First am gentle, then I squeeze. I love to squeeze.

She turns with a pained look in her face,
I reply "Mmmmmmm",
She turns back to her friend, I continue with the shoulder. Then the neck, the I catch the sucker in ky head thinking
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"

She has shown no sign of discomfort except some realized pain, to which she presented her shoulder back to me... WTF is the sucker inside my head doing?He is doing what he has been thought to be doing. Being all sensitive and supporting, and robbing her of future possibilities of sky high pleasure. All in the name of being a good man. Like the project... I silence the sucker;
Move to the neck, caressing and playing with hair.
The wool shirt goes off, exposing bare shoulders and neck.

The sucker, again,
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"
Bitchslapped back to silence.

I am squeezing the back of her neckx, slightly pulling her hair, to which she turns to me and looks at me, accusingly, says nothing, and goes back talking to her friend while presenting her neck.

I am enjoying every second of this when the sicker tries to break the silence again,
"I can ask her to tell me if she wants me to stop"
... I stop what I am doing, my hand resting on the warm, welcoming neck, and do a three second battle in ky head.

The brainwashed sucker who now and then decides to show his face, and voice his objections of me doing what I want to do, and what I got to do, and what I should do, is once again buried under six feet of fucker concrete. The sucker zombie now and then manages to surface, but the more you kill him, the easier it gets to kill him later.

With experience you learn that the sucker leaves you unsatisfied, the woman disappointed and unsatisfied;

Killing him softly, every time results in pleasure for you and her.

The brainwashing is so strong that the sucker may be immortal by now, but my balls produce enough fuckers concrete to bury him deep almost every time.

Payer dearly for the few times I listened to the sucker. By lost opportunities, by lost years.

May that be a lesson for you.

There is an enemy inside your head, take the red pill to identify him, use your balls to bury him deep.

Incapacitate in any way possible.

You owe it to yourself and the man starved womanfolk out there.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ignoring the invasion and the treason that comes with it

Came downtown, alone, because all my friends are working people and they are tired in the eve, once again to observe that half the people in town are vibrants who are in town any time any tine, every day, just hanging around.

I realized that the only way to keep sanity is to ignore. Pretend that space occupied by the vibrant does not exist in the time space continuum. Blank space. Neutral.

This also includes not posting about them, the media or the state.

This includes not writing my post about best game being getting a working people to pay a non working people to hang around and socialize with women, adding to the insult the media people pushing the notion that being a parasite is cool, fucking a parasite is cool. The people wonder why the working people are prejudiced against parasites who hang around 24 7 while the working man goes to bed at ten, earning money so parasites fan be fed.

This includes not writing about the parliaments idiotic decision to allow foreigners' votes to be used to form new political parties when somehow you don't have German, Icelandic, Swedish, English, Indian, Japanese, Chinese immigrants interested in politics because they see a somewhat working system close to the system they came from. The only people who show an interest in politics are the ones from shitholes, who somehow have convinced Tue progressive traitors that Tue west can import some valuable political idea from a place that nobody wants to emigrate into and apparently everybody wants to get out of.

I will not write about the media patting its back, proud that it somehow proved the Finns party's ties with anti Islamists, when the guy the Finns are apparently against are the only ones actively participating in "death to the west" rallies.

I will not write about the vibrants who hang around bus stops all day to talk to women, and even follow them when rejected, paid by the state, nor will I write about guys that are uneducatable, hanging in high class clubs every effing weekend as the state provides them with "disco money", while the working man has to budget his going outs.

That means me not writing about my conversation with another foreigner saying "Dude, the danger is not the Finn. Every time I am out, I am risking a fight with vibrant 1 and vibrant 2... Not yet have I had a problem with a Finn, but these fuckers are itching for a fight.", of course the media portrays this once again as the Finns' fault.

Means I will not write about the middle easterners who intentionally sit across us, shout some obscenities, and try to drill their eyes into mine when they see me ptalking with two middle easterners, or Tue Africans who looked at me as if the would plunge a machete through ky stomach because I was being friendly with an mulatto  art friend of mine. Nor will I write about the hypocrisy that these same groups complain about racism, and Tue throw avid into one of their girls' face when she is seen with a westerner. And as usual, the media portrays the Finns not liking their women copulating with parasites as racists, but ignores the fact that it is these parasites committing honor violence, and blames the Finns' racism for honor violence acted on a vibrant by a vibrant because of the vibrant culture.
I will not write about these stuff, because I cannot solve them, and the whole establishment is in treason against its own people. I need to keep my sanity.

Nor will I write about the vibrant who spent half his time as bartender in some dive bar, and the other half on welfare, driving an Audi Q6 jeep, when the working man has to count every penny when buying a car, nor the vibrant, unemployed, never employed, fathering four children from four women, when the working man has to plan the finances for child, assuming is finds a woman that deems him worthy for spawning non-bastards. Bastards be subsidized by daddy government, non-bastards not. And anyway, it is kind of cool to be the incubator for a half parasite. Oh, so cool.

Nor will I write about the Finnish kid bullied by two pieces of vibrant candy, the video put on YouTube, thousands of views, media... cricket cricket. Oh, yea, full page article on some vibrant bumblebee, dressed like a thug, hoodie, sagging jeans, 100 euro sneakers, complaining about the funny looks he gets.

Nor will I write about the people with patents to their names having to renew visas every year, while unicorns full time employed as welfare recipients for years no end get permanent visas... And we got an economic crisis? No shit.

Not even going into the assault, and rape statistics, because numbers be racissss. Not into every fight I witnessed involving a vibrant, usually as the first puncher. Nope. Light that reflects us what is in front of us, be racissss. Oh, forgot. Will not write about two vibrants gangraping a 15 year old girl, and getting one year probation. The media, instead of this, reports that the police is monitoring the net for racissss comments about this event. Any comment I will write about this will be racissss, as it is impossible as a decent human being to write anything else. Oh, wait again. Does Tue media report the Facebook and forum comments by vibrants that "The bitch deserved it". Of course not. Because the vibrants can not hold any racissss thoughts now can they? Vibrants' hate smells of humanist flowers. Then, maybe, just maybe, the media thinks that sex is a right for vibrants and the bitch deserved it because she did not want to service some angelic vibrants. Ok, I admit, there will be a post about the vibrants' and only vibrants' right to getting sexed.

I will not mention the street I avoid because of a community center that thinks the street belongs to that one centre's community, and looking at passer bys, until they pass by, always in multiple pairs of eyes. Yea, media cherishes this as the safety of the community, which means the non-safety of everybody else.

There were some more things I will not be writing about, but memory tricks me.
I will though, write about the educated, working class  middle easterner girls calling other vibrants street dogs, and not stopping there.

Now, multiculti shitheads traitors, you can't call a vibrant racist, can you?

Fucking insane dogs is what you are.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Your body, your choice, and...

Recently in my facebook status updates page, a wave of activism hit the wall.

Apparently a politician, (who I coincidentally deem as evil as it comes, and enemy of the people he rules over) said something about abortion and that lead to belly posts akin to slut walks. I don't follow the news of that locale, nor do I have any interest.

What the status updates showed were various famous people, lifting their shirt, and showing their mostly unattractive midsections, with the text


On it.

Men, women, I have not yet seen children, but there was a pregnant woman and also a woman with a baby on her arm.

Of course I was thinking on how that reflects on the other party in the sexual interaction, which goes like

My body
My choice
Your responsibility

If these people were really as sincere, genuine and wanting to be humane as they claimed, these bellies, unattractive as they are, would read:


Of course that is too much to ask.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why rejection means nothing, Episode 667

I have written about this before and I will write about this before. It is the main point which can make a man live in Kitten Heaven, or live in Horny Hell.

If you are not in the position where women are falling into your lap, you have to approach. You have to put yourself out there, you have to be on your best, and if the Kittens are too shy to say Hi, you will. A man takes what he wants, and the Kitten respects a man who takes what he wants.

Of course what you Little Tigers don't know is that if you put yourself in the line of fire, that also gives you the right to leave the Kitten after you played with it. Hello Kitty, Mutual satisfaction, Bye Kitty.

But what you Little Tigers also don't know is that rejection does not matter.

Not a bit.

She is not rejecting you, she is rejecting some image she has in your head about you. Can you learn from rejection? Of course. Do you fret on rejection? Unless you got rejected -insert some arbitrary number, I like 10- times in a row, no. If you are running a full streak of rejection of ten times then, go back and study what you did. Even then, do you fret on it?


One is a blondie, in a white dress, one is a brunette in a black dress.

Two pretentious girls, trying hard to speak the London accent, and failing. Damn cute tho.

After some chat, thos convo happens:

"So she is the black swan and you are the white swan?"
"Nooo. It is not like that." she says, for some reason annoyed.
"What, she is the good one and you the evil?"
"No. Not like that."... yea, whatever
"Hey I was guessing"
"Yea, you guessed wrong."
"Even the best of us make mistakes, eh.."
"Yea, bad guess."

She turns around and takes her friend and leaves.

I got rejected.


With that behavior, that would be a blessing.

See, rejection does not matter.

It either teaches, or it filters.

In either case, it is the way you have to risk walking. No risk, no bam bam.

Do I learn? No.

The next night, we bump into the same girls.

After she blabbered some useless personal story to me she whispers in my ear,

"Would be nice to see you again", to which I smirk and lift a brow. This time the brunette wants to go to toilet so they leave.

The same girl, fifteen minutes later, brushes me off in front of her friends.

The girl who just told me "Would be nice to see you again"....

 Rejected, yes, but now I know,

1. It was not me.
2. I will see her when she does not have to pretend difficult in front of her girls
3. Pump and dump

But point 1. stays true for many many times.

The next day I recount the story to a friend of mine, he says, "Dude, these girls are crazy. So many times the girl was looking at me like she wants to eat me, then I go say hi, and she acts like I jut pulled a gun out"

"Dunno 'bout here, but just read that in the states, one quarter of women our age are taking prescription mental medicine. And those are the diagnosed ones."

"Look, whatever problem the states women have, the same problem these women have. Add to it the cold and the dark, I say half these are crazy"

Coming from a man who wore out shoes being around the blocks.

Crazy does what crazy does, you, my friend, NEXT, sail upon new stories, new loves, new memories, through the seas that may have rejections as little waves, on roads that have rejection as little bumps.

You want a lubed up dick shining in the dark, or you want it to fall off?

Risk it. Live it. Embrace it. Fuck it. 

Same night, another girl,

She has shining eyes in the dark bar. We have been talking for some minutes, and I cannot take my eyes off those shining eyes.

It is the first time I see eyes that seem to have light inside them, so I tell her. 

Of course she thinks it is a cheap compliment,

Do I care,


We continue chatting, she excuses herself to find her friends who she mentioned before, but,

"Will I see you again tonight?" she says, I smile.

Fifteen minutes later she arrives with a stud in tow, girl looking at me and smiling, all puppy eyes...


Not really. Apparently bigger, better, more enthusiastic man came along.

Do I care?


We'll meet again, and then she will get to hear "Hey, you had a bad day? You shine is gone"...

Cheap but effective.


Same night. Another girl.

Jumps on me when she sees me.

Old acquaintance. Halfway drunk.

Not drunk enough for me to eject myself from the situation.

Great interaction going on, good fun. Then her friends take her to the bar.

She returns wasted.

This means I will put in a half assed effort.

Half assed effort I put in.

At the end of the night she left the other way, I went the other way.

"Can I take your invitation some other day" was the last words she said.

Another rejection?



Now, are these rejections?

Not really. These are events that happen a thousand steps into the first "Hi".

But these are the stories that you remember.

To get to these stories, you have to risk rejection, and rejections, except a memorable few, will be forgotten by you the second the next cutie smiles at you and brushes her hair against your stubbled chin.

That is why rejections don't matter.

What you will not remember will not matter.

Risking rejection is the way to getting memories, the road to mutual pleasure runs through you risking rejection.

A risk whose worst result has a duration till the next cute smile. 

A risk, that, if you don't risk it, will cause your dick to fall off from disuse.

A risk, that if you risk it, in worst case is one step closer to that cute smile.


Here is another story of an adventure that left me with a week of blue balls.

A party that I was in.

Girl invites me to dance in the hot tub, girl has a legendary ass, and has the move like a snake to a flute, I reject the hot tub. It has been full of drunk party people for the last eight hours.

But I tell her I will dance in the sauna.

In between ten people, she gets out of the hot tub, takes my hand, and takes me to the sauna.

Some fight breaks out between the party people. I say fuck it, I leave the girl in the sauna.

She comes out to the garden, I go back to the sauna, am tipsy and want my peace.

Must have spent an hour in the sauna, drinking and sweating. Take my shower and go sit in the cooling room, playing with my phone. The fight has cooled off, I presume from the lack of noise. I enjoy my condition.

Snake comes in, points towards the sauna, first I am too lazy to get up, then I say, "What the fuck...",  I go to the sauna with the girl.

There is a guy in sauna, so am not going to get wet just to sit in the sauna, just as i am about to turn, she takes off her bra (normal in the sauna), takes off her panties (normal in the sauna), pulls me in to the shower (not normal in the sauna).

Five minutes later, she comes to my magic fingers.

Just then we hear sounds of people entering the dressing room.
Just when I was thinking of her getting me off, the girl gets out of the shower covers herself, cheeks all pink. 

Five minutes of ice cold shower, my dick is hanging low enough that I can leave the shower.

Would she have gotten her orgasm if she would have not risked that rejection?
But I would not have gotten my blue balls either.
A story that is worth a week of blue balls, nevertheless.
Just another story.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amnesty international has no allegiance to western humans

In all seriousness, al almost laughing as I write this.

I wonder what a Finn thought when he read in the newspaper that amnesty international, AI, criticized Finland for inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers; in the same paper that just yesterday alluded to the fact that 30% of the men from the conflict areas are under risk of having untreatable mental conditions. (my previous post)

The same Finn, whose minister wanted to eliminate background checks...

Amnesty mentioned something about the treatment of asylum seekers.

If it really were so bad, would we have Egyptian magazines making a cover of Finland being the welfare paradise to go to? Ah well, evil Finns, even with paradise like welfare, the 5 million people, a mini mini tiny little minority of the world population, can apparently not feed enough mouths...

Where does the allegiance of amnesty international lie?

When two vibrants raped a 15 year old, AI was silent.
When a middle easterner raped a 19 year old, AI was silent.
When churches were being burned with people inside, in Nigeria, AI was silent.
When farmers were butchered by vibrants back in some vibrantland, AI was silent.
When white Zimbabwen farmers were denied asylum and sent back to their sure death, AI was silent.
The rape and assault spree by vibrants in Sweden, AI is silent.
I can continue with thousands more of silent examples.

When an asylum seeker on wait in Oslo rapes a Norwegian girl on the steps of the Norwegian parliament, AI is silent.

That raping piece of oppressed shit cannot be deported due to the laws that Amnesty International lobbied for, and broke silence for, when some criminal piece of  shit was to be deported for proven, usually multiple, crimes.

And this is how we know where AI stands.

Now, the Amnesty International thugs would call me inciting hate against proven criminals...

Already have racist, now we have criminalist?

Discrimination against criminals? Rapists? Murderers?

A'ight; what if the criminal is a westerner, and the victim is a vibrant? As, in a tiny minority of cases?

What trumps what?

Don't know why, am still smiling. It is not frustration. It may be seeing that the multiculti pc establishment is starting to devour itself. It is overreaching. We will be collateral damage in the fallout, but we already are collateral damage.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are there repercussions on importing untreatable mentally ill immigrants?

Few months ago I had quit my reporting on the stuff that I read in the media, because it was already clear that the media is swimming in treacherous waters to western culture and is a total believer or slave to multiculti diversity, which has never been proven to be beneficial, plenty of times has been observed to be society destroying. That said, for the multiculti diversity crowd, "it feels good" is enough proof, even though you don't see this group hanging around the vibrant crowd.

In the last few weeks, three news pieces came out which give rise to very important questions that need to be asked, and which point to the fact that the current cultural establishment is indeed more invested in betraying the west than it is in benefiting it.

Thus I will shortly touch on these news outlets, ask some questions and let the reader ponder on what I asked, why they are never asked, and what the answers would be or could be.

The quotes I have taken are from the national news broadcaster's english website, from an article that talks about a study about immigrant's mental health.

Researchers interviewed nearly 2,000 Kurdish, Somali and Russian immigrants in six major cities in their native languages. They found many of their mental health problems were neither diagnosed nor treated.

You got to give credit, that is a huge number, so the results from this can easily be generalized.
Wikipedia gives the number of Somali speakers as 14000, and the Kurdish speakers as 8600, in 2011 statistics numbers. considering that the recent news give the number of Somalis in Helsinki as 16000,  I suspect the total is close to 20000, and also the Kurdish to be over 10000 by now. My observations in the town also point to this rise in these populations.  Russians are pretty steady at 60000.

Would have been nicer though to get a better reporting on the break down of the 2000 interviewed.

I will quote the most important part again:

They found many of their mental health problems were neither diagnosed nor treated
This quote does not justice to the brevity of the whole issue though, 

In a broad-based study of nearly 2,000 Somali, Russian and Kurdish immigrants, the health regulator found that Kurds in particular bear deep psychological wounds that Finns may not always know how to treat.
And here I take the most important part:
Finns may not always know how to treat.

Part of the rest of the text I quote for sake of correct reporting:

Even preliminary findings showed that mental health problems exist, according Anu Castaneda. In particular the bleak history of Kurds involved in the study has left indelible marks on some individuals.

“For example a majority of them have survived war and more than one-third of Kurdish men have been subjected to extreme acts like torture and of course this kind of cause and effect situation is difficult to imagine. But it seems that they have endured these kinds of traumas as well as other psychic and painful experiences,” she explained.

Moreover the researchers have discovered that immigrants in need of mental health treatment do not always receive it.
The rest of the text is unimportant.

My sympathies go to the people, as said, men, who have endured unspeakable acts of violence and evil, and wish them all the help they can get to get back to a good life.

Having said that,

I have questions to the pro-immigrationists, and the establishment itself, after making clear somethings that are and are not mentioned in the article.

Out of a two populations that make it to the top ten of Finland's foreign make up, 30% of the men (considering that Somali is not really a peaceful place of singing unicorns) potentially have


mental conditions,

My question is,

What are the repercussions of taking in as immigrants populations that have an unnaturally high mental health issue problem, that is not diagnosed, is not treated, and is not treatable by the western health organizations; on the native population and other immigrants who do not have this high of an occurrence of mental health issues?

This is the formal question.

Now, consider that these groups are heavily involved in honor killings, honor violence, rape and assault (even the multiculti media establishment YLE had to report on these incidents- i.e. a gang rape of a 15 year old by two Somalis, and a middle eastern man raping a 19 year old were the last reported rapes in the past months), and considering that these populations are again disproportionally represented in the vibrant youth seen hanging out in town,

I would like to ask a few more informal questions:

1. What is the fallout of the decision to give residence permits to untreatable mentally unstable people on the other citizens, Finn and foreign alike?
2.  Now tat this report is out, will the government urge the more mentally stable people caution when dealing with potentially mentally unstable populations? (since you don't see Kurdish or Somali women out in the town except when under protection of a male family member or when pushing a whole kindergarten full of carts in front of them, threat from women is nonexistent, except if a man of different ethnicity deals with one and word goes to a potentially unstable male member of the family)
3. Looking at Sweden and Norway's already published statistics, and Finland's emerging trend in rape and other crime, how will this study be utilized, and how will this study be used to benefit the rest of the population. Will it be?
4. What is the justification of letting human beings in permanently, without mentally screening them if they are a potential threat to the existing population or not, and if it is a humanist action, what about the humanistic rights of the existing population?

A last statement to the pro-immigrationist multiculti diversity advocates:

The suffering of every raped girl, the blood of every assaulted man, the pain of every vibrant woman that went though honor violence, the pain of every western and non-vibrating kid that was bullied, the hurt of every innocent vibrant immigrant preemptively assaulted by skinheads, is on your hands. And your hands are already dripping with blood like the Niagara Falls.

You let the mentally unhealthy through your doors, even if you could not help them, putting all of us in potential danger, now there are mentally unstable anywhere, anytime, waiting for the wrong trigger to take out all the wrongs done to them on innocent people.

As the rapes show, sometimes triggers are not needed.

You, you people, are the idiots who let a back door open in the siege of Constantinople,
You are the idiots who let that wooden horse through the gate of Troja,

Only difference is that I do not believe you are idiots acting in good faith. I do not think you are idiots. You very well know what you are doing, you very well know of the fallout your disastrous policies will have on the girls and boys of the west, and you did everything knowing what the results would be.

You are traitors, and I hope one day history will treat you as such.

Until that day comes, may your children shit on your graves.

Endnote: Like I said, I wish those victims of war all the help they can get, and a good life, and offer my sympathies. I do not condone violence, and the ethnic groups I talked here are mentioned by name only because the newspaper clearly mentions them and their conditions. Other event I mentioned are also in the newspapers, together with court rulings and police statements. Numbers are taken from wikipedia and extrapolations taken from other reports again by the media.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking dogs with rabies into the rabbit den

The state has criminalized every non-pc thought, bit it cannot stop the natural reaction of what the eye sees.

After noticing the negativity that comes from being any place besides house and work, and noticing that the vibrant enriching population makes about half the people out and about, 24/7, protected by and fed by the state, harassing the people who pay for the taxes that are drained down the hole of vibrant feed, and still complaining about racism because some rabbit did not lower their eyes upon the initial challenge put forward by the enricher, I decided there is only one way to sanity:

Ignore. Pretend that the space currently occupied bu the vibrant does not exist in the time space continuum.

Ignore what I see and ignore what I know. Do not speak about enrichers, do not look at them, do not remember you saw them, pretend that they don't exist.

It is sanity, it is self preservation, and what is the point in being aggressive towards rabid dogs when they always are in a pack, state sponsored and state protected?

I know that pockets of sanity will emerge, as when poked, people reluctantly speak up. Slowly.

So how is my pretending void mission going?

I managed less than 24 hours.

You ignore a rabid dog, but rabid dog does not ignore you.

I actually managed to ignore 15 or so enrichers hanging out in front of my favorite venue, hoodies as the chosen headwear.

But one of their older brothers decided some peace was too much to ask.

The next night, am in the same venue, am leaving with two blondes, and we go to one of the girls' building entrance, totally innocent, doing some fact checking about an insider joke. Going there I notice two enrichers, one 1.60 dude with designer hair of the vibrating kind and the other, not his countryman, 40ish, fat, with a pussy beard as the Finns call it, not a goatee, but the round beard around the mouth.

So I am standing there with the girls looking at the names on the doorbell, when the fat Fuck comes up from behind me,

"Haaa, where you go?" I check, the enricher has left,
"Haaa, you go party?"
"No" turn back to the girls, keeping him in my peripheral vision, am downtown, but you never know how far these guys vibrate.
"Haaa, you go dance?"
... at this point I have to say aggression would be a bad idea as you never know what stray dog lies in the shadows...
"Haaa, have fun" he waves his hands in a frustrated way but stays close by, for a few seconds when as luck has it one of the shadiest enrichers who ethnically might not be on good terms with fat fuck is walking by, recognizes me, says "Hey man, long time"; fat fuck disappears.

This is not much of an event, but could have escalated fast and would have been bad for me in the long run. The lack of disrespect, shame, or civility, dignity, the facelessness in that approach was appalling, and I can guarantee that it is a bad idea for any western man to try this without having his back backed by a band of brothers.

The blondes joking amongst themselves, I had a silent moment, thinking that this kind of hand picked selection of do no gooders, lay abouts, unemployables, and any other similar adjective cannot be explained by any love for western values, western people, western children.

Making life difficult for foreigners with jobs back home to get European tourist visas, but then contemplating the elimination of background checks for vibrants and enrichers... there is no explanation if one restricts himself to the ideal that state exists at least to some extent to benefit its citizens.

Western man, expect more beatings,
Western woman, expect more rapes,

By its actions, the establishment approves.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shake in the belly shot in the foot.


You overweight man in the gym.

No, not you , you fourpack sporting dude, and not you, you sixpack stud.

You, overweight man.

You, who just so full of effort elliptical trained for an hour.

Or you, who just trained your biceps with 5 kilo dumbbells and not even broke a sweat.

You, who I see everytime I go to the gym, whom I suspect is there more often than me.

You, walking on the treadmill for an hour, or treading on the treadmill for ten minutes.

You, doing pushups on your knees because you are too heavy.

Look, I respect your efforts, and if you ask me what I do, I would gladly sit down and tell you few things.

But man,

You train so you can lose some fat.

How much extra you got?

20 kilos?


Let's say 10.

Your butt is bigger than J.Lopez, your breasts rival Scarlett Johansson, - and unless you are a powerlifter deadlifting 300-400 kgs, in which case I cannot give you any advice you gorilla of a man - put that fucking shake down.

Say you got 10 kgs of fat, you got 90.000 calories available energy in your body. Ok, if you are goring on healthy gatorade, healthy low fat sugar yogurt you will never be able to tap int that energy, but that shake of dextrose, msg, maltodextrose, maltodextrin, sucrose, sweetener and some protein won't help you either.

You don't need that protein, you already eat enough.

You don't need that sugar, your muscles have 90.000 calories of available energy. The 1000 calorie shake goes to your waist, not your biceps.

Stop the sugar, stop the low fat, prepare your own food, and if you did train heavy, go take a shower and eat at home.

The more shakes you take the fatter you get, the more you train, the more shakes you get, the more shakes you get the fatter you get....


For fucks sake, STOP!

Give your body a chance to release that fat.

Then you look at me in funny ways because I down a mango and some cheese after my training.

That is what you should do, like after using that 90.000 excess calories.

Like after managing to run for an hour, hundred times, without increasing your food intake.

At this point, seeing you gorge on a 1000 calorie from sugar shake after a medium training, that is the deepest knowledge you can absorb.

Stop the shake.

Allow your body to burn the excess.

Anyway, you did not train that hard.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breasts are there for feeding, big food is there for profit

Was having my breakfast in the workplace coffee room when a mother came in with a baby that still lies on the floor and barely can crawl. 6 months?

I was eating smashed sweet potatoes with brussels sprouts, with smoked norwegian salmon as the main course. The dessert was cocoa with heavy cream.

She took out a banana for herself, told the baby mommy eats first.

Ah, great, I thought, now I got to witness a mom breastfeeding her baby when I am having breakfast. Should finish fast.

But no,

She takes out two packs of ready made baby food, one was something with pears, another was whatever it was.

Maybe it was some fully organic food that had no msg, no soy, no nothing in it and just crushed pears...

Then why not do it yourself, woman?

Breasts are there for one reason, and that reason is not so they look good in push up bras without the piercings being too visible.

Baby's need breasts, that is food.

You, go do not give the baby human milk, but give stuff like baby food full with preservatives, with sweeteners, with soy.

You do not take birth control because one pill a day disturbs your system,
You give your little baby boy soy based vegan food, for which a single bottle equals twenty birth control pills.

Ok, so your breasts do not produce milk.  Am sorry to hear this.

How difficult is it to go to the market, buy some and boil some organic pears and smash them when the baby is asleep?
How hard is it to cook white rice for two hours, then smash it with some fresh berries; you know, superfood?
How hard is it to put porridge into water overnight, then in the morning cook it for two hours, add some suitable nutrients and give the baby au-natural nutrition bomb?
How hard is it to make an apple, banana, kivi smoothie without ice?
How hard is it to be a "mom"? Ooops... Did I just say that?

No, you have to go and buy some food in 50 ml bottles that have God knows what in it.

Yea the baby likes it. The baby likes anything that is put into his mouth. He is growing and he is hungry. Mom gives wood, he will try to chew wood. Does not make it a good idea.

Give him soy based healthy vegan food, and then wonder why the kid does not become a proper man.
Give her soy based healthy vegan food and then wonder why the girl grows breasts at 6.

Should have done it your grandmother's way, not fed the kid some for profit corporate whore of a food engineering scientist's recipe.

Nature has provided you with breasts, if they don't function, it has provided you with brains so you can provide some proper food...

Apparently that also does not function with the modern mother.

Grrrrrrrrlllll Pwwwwrrrrrr!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Simple Cures: Flush the flu

Some of my friends have ridiculed me for Paleo, and continued ridiculing me when they spent four weeks sick every winter, on all kinds of medicines, while I have spent four days in the last two years.

As you see, I have been hit four times with the flu.

Not as medical advice, but as personal experience, let me tell you how to get rid of the flu once you see the symptoms approaching.

In the morning, take 15.000 IUs of Vitamind D. Take another 15.000 during the day. Eat some fat so that the Vit D will be absorbed by the intestines.

Best way is to have a 12-16 hour sleep. If the flu is moving fast, you will sweat like a pig. Sleep through. As long as you can, but hydrate a lot.

For me this has been the solution, as every single time I ignore the signals of the flu, go to the gym, train, and go out at night. Takes a few days that the symptoms are getting to the point I know that if I do not stop, I will suffer.

Pop the Vit D, rest, sleep, sweat, drink.

Wake up a new man.

No flu, no medicines taken, no antibiotics.

And do not wonder about the 30.000 IUs you ingested, it amounts to an hour under the sun, and the Vit D council states that a dangerous overdosing zone may be  reached by indesting 100.000 IUs everyday over a course of months.

If you are already staying home, then prepare what I call the fire tea.

I got it from a herbalist who said that it is actually given to women who just gave birth, to give them strength and help them recover, but that it is the perfect winter tea.

Anther public service from Finndistan:

The Finndistan Fire Tea, almost revives the dead:

In a pot, boil these ingredients for half hour to one hour:

Black Pepper

It will be a very spicy, very strong tea of bright red color. It will feel like you are on fire.

If you want, you can add some Sage or Camomile if you will drink it before sleep, as the fire could disturb the sleep, but would advise against these additions if you intend the to drink the tea and stay awake.

You can add honey, to make it more drinkable, and also soothe an irritated throat.

After the first boil, you can boil it few more times, you can stop when either the taste or the color tells you that the herbs have been boiled to the last beneficial drop.

Now, talking about a cough.

If you notice your cough moving down to your chest, like it did with my dust allergy, (first clean the house...), there is this African plant extract, it will move the cough first to your throat, which will actually feel worse for a day, and then out of your body. Works so fast, it is scary.

It is called the miracle plant, and I know mothers of small kids who swear by this stuff, and so do I.

You can find the extract in the pharmacies and it goes by the name of Umcka. 

This knowledge has helped me bypass a number of flu seasons with few days lost. And I lost those days mainly due to my carelessness, had I been careful, I could have saved those days.
Yet, like some of my friends say, "Paleo is bulshit cough cough cough cough cough"

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Simple Cures: Pissing fire?

You met a cute little thing, you had chemistry. Chemistry led to some petting, petting led to two animals ravaging eachother.

Then you notice the condom slip. Too late. You don't come but have been inside for some time.

Whatever, you think to yourself, I did not come, so no problem.

Or, you simply did not use a condom.

Few days pass, you are texting with this girl some naughty stuff, then when you get up to pee, your eyes almost black out.


Is this what a Dragon feels in his throat?

Damn man. It's like pissing fire.

Immediately you go to a doctor.

My case:

Am pissing fire. Go to a doc. Who knows my family. Totally embarrassed. Does not feel there is a need for test, gives me a injection. The male nurse giving me the shot looks at me smiling, "You ass burns?".. "No fucker. I piss fire", taken aback "Ha, ok man, sorry to hear. Sorry. Sorry.". JAB. The girl I was with accuses me of accusing her for being a whore, throws her test at my face, which shows a sexually totally healthy girl. That was a good fight. Well, different culture. The jab does not work.

Years later

Pissing fire again. Went to the doctor, who told me to get these antibiotics while waiting for the test results ...  Fucking asshole. If I knew what antibiotics do, at that time, I'd have sticked the prescription up the doc's ass who was saying "let's try this until the results come"... This is the lauded "free healthcare"... Anyway, the antibiotics don't work, the tests are clean, the asshole tells me to try different antibiotics... Am I paying tax for this shit? Those do not work either.

But I have a memory of the previous incident, where the doctor told the girl about bacteria imbalance, and that it is not a big thing. So I am calm. Still pissing fire.

So I start my protocol that I had done the previous time upon reading some herbal books.

Immense amounts of tea:


Now, with sage you only want to use it in high amounts in emergencies like this one, as it increases estrogen and is given to women who want to naturally grow their breasts. But is also a good anti-inflammatory, or antibacterial.  Did not check my facts.

So is nettle.

Now you are drinking few cups of sage tea, few cups of nettle tea a day.

One more thing which is advised is cranberry juice, but I never likes it.

So what else can you do to fasten the healing process?

Lemon juice and grapefruit juice. Drink like there is no tomorrow. I think it was that these further acidify your pee.

Few days,

You will faintly remember playing Dragon with your Ding Dong.

Disclaimer: This is a report of personal experience, only in the case of pissing fire while having a clean test result or while waiting for the test result, and is in now way to replace medical advice. Consult your doctor before you decide to do anything other than what the medical personnel advises you on.

Like, "Let's try this..... destroy your inner system... kill billions of useful bacteria... because making tests fast is expensive..."

Before I close: You got a girlfriend whose breasts you want to be bigger, buy some packs of sage tea. Try double bags in a cup, four times a day.

Worst case, you will have a totally mellow girlfriend. 

Another public service from Finndistan,  not for money, for love.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Simple Cures: Ding Dong like King Kong

You had your 30th birthday. Unlike what some of your friends talk about, you have had no problems in the getting it up thing. You are eating healthy, not gorging on pizza and burgers, not eating soy, not boozing yourself silly.

All is good. Meeting girls, having fun, having pleasure, and surely giving pleasure.

On most days your ding dong is hard as wood. Some days it is bamboo.

You are aging, my man.

Remember the times when you were a teenager, and could not sleep on your belly in the mornings?
When you had to pee, but had to run around the house, do some squat, or whatever worked, so you could actually pee down?
When you contemplated of peeing to the ceiling on some mornings, when your school books were full of drawings of conceptions that would catch your pee in the air and guide it to the to the toilet like Roman waterways, or you seriously considered doing handstands...
When you would sit in class and the girl would bend down to pick her pen from the ground, just when the teacher would call your name... and then start shouting at you because you disrespected her by not getting up to answer the question.

Remember those times?

If I tell you that I can take you back...

Disturb your easy mornings where your wood is soft enough to pee by the time you reach toilet? Wake you up because you feel pulse in your morning member?

If I tell you I can take you a place where the girl will open her eyes in astonishment when you enter?

If I tell you it is all natural.

Easy to find from the shelf?

Free to try, NO side effects except hearing your name shouted, or God's in random sexual escapades, or maybe with your girlfriend or wife.

"Oh God"... Sounds good?

Here it is;

Fish oil.

Taken in the same day, and it takes three days or so to get the effect.

Since I have not had the ease of peeing in the mornings due to eating paleo, for me the effect was so big that I have stopped doing this many times. Only to resume in some weeks' time.

One tablespoon fishoil in the morning (10-20 grams depending on the spoon).
At least three spoons of raw cacao any time during the day, in water, in jogurt, with honey or with whatever thing you want to mix it with.

First day, nothing.
Second day, nothing.
Third day, nothing.
The morning of the fourth day, you will wake up, an unstoppable magma running through your veins, dup dup dup, can hear the pulse in your Ding Dong, you feel like King Kong, you run around the house, to stop yourself from peeing to the ceiling, jump up and down...

For you it may be two days, it may be one week, may need more cocoa, but it will come.

The Ding Dong of King Kong will be back.

And at your age, there will be the "Oh my God" look in the girl's eyes, who is expecting another 30 year old Dingy Dongy...

Now, you want a challenge?

Couple this with not masturbating.

I can not even explain the effect.

There is Dingy Dongy.

Then there is Wood.

Then there is Rock.

Hard as a Rock, horny like a bull in heat.

I dare you. I seriously dare you.

Try this for one week, and survive.

Addendum: Eating fish and chocolate may also have the same effect, but I find it harder to sustain. Since I don't eat much sugar, even dark chocolate gives me the sugar spikes that I can feel. But, feel free to try, as theoretically it should work the same. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fuck progressive humanist laws

Just read this news item about two men tying a woman to a chair, demanding her bank codes, threatening her with poking her eyes out, join getting the code and finding an empty account, they brat the woman, throw her against the wall, choking her also.

She gets hold of a kitchen knife, and during get escape, stabs one of the assholes in the chest and punches one in the head.

Prosecutor us asking six months for the guys.

Prosecutor is asking for fourteen months for the woman.


Every new day, new proof that the system has decided to become the enemy of the producing, law abiding citizen.

Vigilante justice us more just than what passes as the justice system.

No wonder progressive Europe is experiencing a rape and small crime epidemic.

You are not safe.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Immigration is sexually discriminatory

I was sitting contemplating that these weeks have been good and I got nothing to write about, except that some minorities that raped a girl were let free (probation), and few other little events not worth mentioning... Oh well, at least one I will after I write this one.

We always hear that "We need immigration", when you ask for what, the answer is "to do jobs"... we got 10% unemployment, which makes for a bout 200.00 people without jobs... "to pay welfare"... when some immigrant groups manage to be on welfare at a ratio of over 40% generation after generation.

What the progressive time of immigration does is to apparently bring men over.

Why I ask?

Because I am sitting by the window, there are 4 enrichers inside, 4 others came and left, now I got 5 enrichers bellowing outside, few others are walking by. All designer enrichers.

As usual:

How many vibrant females I see?

Do you seriously need an answer?

Either immigration is sexually discriminatory in accepting only males,
Or immigration is only accepting invisible females, used for breeding and being barefoot.

Both ways,

Females are not to be seen.

A wingman that does his job


They can be boost you, they can shoot you.

Disclaimer: I have caused many problems as a wingman, so I quit being one. Now some friends are offended about me running solo, but I paid my dues by introducing friends to girls that they later got intimate with. I am done. For most of them, that is.

Ex-wingmen: have argued with me cause I did not introduce them to girls I was talking to, out of their league; nuked threesomes, I could not salvage the damage; talked shit about the girls I was flirting with; entered in piss racing with me; talked too much; tried to openly hit on my target; deliberately asked questions that teargassed the environment; told the girl I am an asshole to protect her, not to help me.

It is clear over the years I left many wingmen on the ground, to explore the skies on my own.

Enters LuckyLuke.

Good friend, possibly good wingman, even if I suck at it.
Talking about this 21 year old blondie with the body you want to ravage for a week non-stop.

"She is mental" says Billy the Kid
"So?" say I
"She's got the looks" says LuckyLuke;

We are leaving the place, dissipating in three directions, when I decide to put in the last word

"Mental or not; I'd tap that if I got the chance"

LuckyLuke, now three meters away, half turns his head and bluntly says

"Then make the chance"

At that instant I was wingslapped back to reality.

I was risen from my grave, I was made to feel the horror of the wrong mentality I was carrying with me.

I woke up.

That, is one thing a good wingman does.

Now I got four.

All good friends; all good wings.

I still run solo though. Let's see if I learn to fly in formation.

Red Baron - out.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make someone's day

I woke up at 4 am. Took the taxi. Boarded the train. Waited through the security check. Waited in the airport. Flew two and a half hours in non-reclining seats; when we approached the destination I saw with disappointment that half the snow was still on the ground.

Then the speaker crackled...

Serious voice : "Cabin crew, prepare for landing. Ten minutes.", five seconds of silence, then, same pilot, with a not so serious voice: "We're laaaanding, ... yippie"

I forgot all my tiredness, all that I was reading, all the stress that I knew was expecting me.

First I smiled.
Then I laughed.
Then I heard the whole plane laughing.

I was still smiling to myself in the passport queue.

And this is what it takes to male someone's suffering of a day into a happy one. A happy, cheerful "Yippie"

When you go to the shop today, instead of answering the usual soulless "How are you today, Sir", paying and leaving; give a smile to the cashier, and say "Thanks, have nice day!".  Do it knowing that that person is likely having a long shitty day, and you might be the only person breaking the routine. Just make their day. It only takes a smile.

Your coworkers, your friends, anybody you cross paths with, give them a smile, make them smile. It is simple. Think about the pilot who also woke up at 4 am, but can put out a cheerful "Yippie".

Sadly, a smile is likely to backfire on a cutie pie that you are carnally interested in.

To make her day, be the prize, don't try to make her day, make your own day by getting to carnally know her, get her to orgasm on the clouds. You'll have made her day that way.

You smiling may lessen your chances of this; of making her day. You have no right to deprave her from the clouds.

To all others, know that during a normal day, which is likely a long, shitty day, one glimpse of sunshine coming through, be it by a genuine smile, a small joke, a cheerful sentence, or just plain acknowledgment of the person will make that day a better day.

Do it.
Do it often.

(Necessary warning: Take utmost care with female coworkers... "do it" may cost you your job)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gotta love the hamster

It was some weeks ago, I received a message,

" bla bla bla, la la la, ra, ra, ra (confidential text), Do you want to come to my place, for a booty call?" asks cutie pie.

It was 1am, and I was busy with a sweet pie that made my jaw drop when I had first seen her. So, "Some other time"

Time passed, I prepared my woman-magnet dessert, that I usually finish before any woman can get her hands on, so immediately after preparing it, I texted

"Drop by, taste my bla bla dessert"
"I'd love to. 9 ok?"

9 comes, I am busy at home, no sign of cutie pie.
10 comes, I am entertaining myself, no sign of cutie pie.
11, I get a message, " Sorry got stuck at work"
"If you still drop by, it'll be for a sleep" as I was getting ready to go to bed after an evening well spent.

"If a girl goes to a man's house at this time, it is a booty call and I am not that kind of girl"


I fell off the couch laughing.

No anger, nothing, just laughter.

I mean,

You got to love the hamsters. Alright, they turn a man's life into Hell, but sometimes they give you this.

A little girl's hamster sprinting through the Olympics. A sight to behold. Run run run. In a wheel, that is.

Few days later, 2am: 

"You out?" asks cutie pie.

Where have all the good men gone?

She will ask in less than five years...

She will hear crickets chirping.

She came in with her friend, walked towards the two Americans sitting on the table beside mine, in a bar where the atmosphere is cozy, the sound level low, number of drunks little, and the time yet early.

With her full voice, she bellows in a satisfied excitement:

"Hellou, assholes...!... You again? :)  "

Since everybody in the coffee bar was in hearing distance, and since the venue was packed, it is clear that a number of men took note on what worked on this party girl.

Being a good man to her would be sheer stupidity,

And her asking where the good men are, would be like looking for men who happily, knowingly shoot themselves in the foot...

You love assholes, you ride assholes, there may not be a decent mechanic around when Little Red Corvette is falling apart after a million miles. Miles that were loved fast, and left fast.

....says an occasional asshole.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finnkid gets bullied, multiculti crickets are chirping

Ahh.. We just last week had the anti racism week, and all the prominent people went out about on tolerance this tolerance that.

Then comes out this video of some vibrants bullying a kid who statistically has more chance to be something useful to the society than the vibrant shitheads. 

This was mentioned in a tabloid newspaper.

Did the state broadcaster who is always so eager to talk about how the immigrants are doing great stuff (i.e. being a social worker mention this? Nope.

Did the biggest newspaper mention this? Nope.

This was to be expected. The same news outlets have been shouting how some immigrant actually holds a job, praising them up and down heaven's all floors, while keeping silent on how more than 50% of their countrymen are on welfare, disproportionally criminal, and totally intolerant.

Another question,

Can you imagine the outrage that if the cultural groups in the video were reversed?

Ahh, one thing.

These kids have not been mentioned by the bigger media outlets, but you can be sure that the comments on these videos will be used as proof that Finns are dangerous racist bigots.

Of course somehow forgetting to mention that once again, if the cultures were reversed, you would have burning cars instead of racist youtube comments, but that is the wonderful warmth of multiculturalism in a cold spring.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some wisdom about love

Back at one of my homes, we got a saying,

"Love is like a butterfly. It lands on grass, and it lands on shit"

Exact translation.

My question is, if the butterfly lands on shit, does the stink stick?

What if "Lust is like a butterfly"

What if "A fuck is like a butterfly"

Does the stink stick?

By no means am I implying I am a butterfly that only smells like roses, but then I am a hypocritical butterfly; "hypocritical" defined by  others than me. You ask me, I am totally congruent.

Another saying, that a senior in high school told me when I was 16... Something I should have listened to since then... I did not. I paid. Through the nose. By walking through the fires of hell, way more times than I can count.

"You fuck'em they love you,
You love'em, they fuck you"


I could tie this to the Unfuckables but actually I got the question in my mind when a girl who was smiling at me answered my "Hello there" with

"You are Jersey Jimmy's friend" I hear Designer Timmy
"Timmy. Yea. And I was wondering. You are the friend of the Designer then."
"No, no Jersey Jimmy."
"Ahh.. Jimmy the Douche"
"Yea we used to fuck hang out"
"For a short time. But it was long time ago"
"Like one and a half year ago"

Shagged Jersey Jimmy? Check
Calls one and a half years "Long time"? Check
Dating material? She seems to put a check in a box that was nuked into oblivion.

For me, this butterfly smells. A short pollination, that could be negotiated.

Repost:Short rants on the enrichers, unfuckables and vibrators

(Last eve, playing with the blogger app on the phone, I deleted this post. Got it back from google cache, and am reposting it. If you read it, no need to read again, but just go and watch that swedish clip again, just for the fun of it. )
Some questions arose when writing the Unfuckables post series, they could not make posts on their own, so I included them here.

I said they could not make posts on their own, but each could make a legitimate book that would shake the foundations of this unnatural  multiculti society and cause the author to be expelled from the society or just simply executed...


Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Just yesterday I let out a rant by encountering a horde of enrichers on the street. Number of females? 0

Before that, Sunday, went to see a friend in my favorite coffee... Was greeted by three tables of designer enrichers, something between 10-15 of them. Number of females? 0... Ok there were two girls on the next table, but they were accompanied by a hipster who could be Spanish, who could be from vibrant locations.

Now, have four enrichers on the table across mine (this place is a cozy high class coffee... possibly will not survive the next year), three of their friends passed by to the backside, previously three thug wannabe's dropped by... Number of females? 0

Add-on: Later I realize there were three others in the backroom, 0 females.

How did my club, "The place to be", as the Finns used to say, go down in two-three months time? Vibrating enrichers started going there in groups of 5, 6, 9... Not one group... Suddenly the place turned into a enriched sausage fest. How many females? Without male escort, 0. With, 4-5.. Compared to, at worst times, 30-40 enrichers.

Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Are the immigration officials sexist?

Are their vibrant enriching brothers not letting them out of the house?

Do they even exist?


Then the Swedish traitors make a movie.

Watch this 2 minute state sponsored clip, and after you puke, come back:

All good and dandy.. Lars get to get a blowjob from a disgusting fat slob...


So, Heidi sleeps with Abdul....

I don't sleep with Heidi.

In the name of integration like this song tells us to do,

Fatima sleeps with Lars.

Wait... There is no Fatima around. She is only seen with male escorts guarding her honor, or with multiple children, never less than three. 

Say, against all odds, Fatima and Lars met.

Fatima and Lars made integrating love.

Fatima is killed by Abdul.

Fatima is beaten by Abdul.

Fatima has acid thrown on her fave by Abdul.

Lars is beaten by Abdul.

Lars's sister Helga  is raped by Abdul.....

Kind of does not work as intended by the multicultist and the diversity zombies? Or, does it?


Touching on the above question.

Is honor violence a Western problem?

The last time I read our state broadcaster's multiculti zombie diversity virus carrying news, it was announced as Finland's problem with honor violence. Honor killings as much as reported, does not exist yet.

I tell this.

Honor killings, honor violence was never the West's problem.

It was not invented in the West, it was not taken in action in the West.

It is the imported "equal culture"'s problem, and would not be a problem in the west, if the importers would do minimal screening.

I am sorry for the girls who were subjected to this evil treatment, and may  the perpetrators rot in Hell. Sadly, our progressed criminal system will not do much, except lecture the Europeans on the evils of honor violence.

That is like teaching the deer on the evils of hunting, you idiots.

I refuse to be bogged down by accusations of honor violence, but I also make a wide berth around women who I know to be in the risk group.

Some flags are red flags.  Real red flags with active mines underneath.

But hey, honor violence is a European problem.

Ahh... Just fuck off.


In the same light, since when are clitorectomies a  western problem?

Alright, 400 years ago, it is claimed, western families used virginity belts on their women...

That was... half.. a... millennium... ago... Using enhanced underwear...

Cutting the clits, sewing shut the labias?

Western problem?

Fuck you.

Oh, and the new progressive idea of providing clitorectomies in the western countries as a welfare benefit so that these operations are not done in medieval ass backwards sand huts?

Fuck you twice, with burning wood planks from Hell...

While at it, why not let the state take over honor violence? Make it more humane.



When I say these things I say, some progressive chick with an amoeba for a brain will tell me

"But they also have a right to love"

When I say other stuff, like, "You know, the Finnish men are not that bad that they deserve this shitstorm.. These men could be the best men when shown some love and appreciation"

"Fuck you. I am not a prostitute."....

So an vibrating enricher has a right to love, when a western man can "Fuck off and die"...

Ja bitches, ja... Once zees western men die, zen you will zee what it is like to live in sand huts in ze -25 winter....

ze will be good...a lot of bonoboing around... even if half your kids die of starvation... of, and no iphones.


After asking one question like this. one asks other questions, and others, and others....

It is an avalanche of revelations,

And one of these revelations is that

The infliction of this cancer upon the western people is no mistake.

It is a deliberate act of hostility, not a stupid good-willed act gone wrong.

It is  planned, calculated and executed; as a small part of a bigger operation.

This is the only explanation for a plan functioning so perfectly for the detriment of indigenous westerners.

The future will write "Treason", for this century of the West.

The Age of Treason


While writing this post, added to the above listed vibrating enrichers, eight more came in (3+3+2)... Females: 0

I rest my case.

Either there has been a gendercide, of a total immigration discrimination, or we have imported some ass backwards people.

Viva la diversiteeee!!!!