Thursday, November 15, 2012

The fallacy of the one

"You are the one"

A lie told to me,

A lie told to many after I turned down the offer to be "The one."

Many times a man has taken up the offer "The one", without knowing he just got it because someone else just had decline, and it was time for her to "have something meaningful"

Many times I have taken the offer, and not knowing better, have paid a hefty price.

This girl, sweet girl, talented, treats me well, has an innocence to her, is in a useful profession, and is overall good company hinted that I might be offended an audition for "The One".

I kindly declined, hinting at being "The Invisible Man", that I should be seen as "The Man Who Doesn't Count".

Because what she does not know is that I know that she hinted at a similar possibility for an audition for "The One" to one of my friends, two weeks before we met.

Her having very good taste does not change the fact that I feel she is casting a play, and looking for actors.

Now is her time for "Something Meaningful"...

A behavior that I have seen so many times... Gotta be honest though. In her case apparently "Meaning" hast mostly been there, so she is not one who has "Had my fun, now I can settle",


With girls changing their relationship status, and getting comments like "It was about time!" ... Girls posting the pics of their newborns and getting likes from a two handfuls of previous fuckbuddies... Girls walking the street with their "man" a week after I declined "The One"... Girls breaking up with "The One", and shouting their love for "The Now One" on facebook for all to see...

No thanks,

I'll be the actor in my own play.

"The Man Who Didn't Count"