Monday, September 10, 2012

I paid my dues; you?

It was a night when I decided to go out alone, as the friends were either too tired from a week of work, or were using the usually silent friday night to put in a weekend date without sacrificing the saturday.

On my way, I got a message from an acquaintance, so decided to meet up with him.

Before he arrived, a good friend arrived at the venue with his date of the eve, and they joined us.

The acquaintance arrived, totally wasted. When I don't drink, I am annoyed by most drunks, maybe except good friends that I hold dear to me. He was not one of those.

Anyway, the daters leave, me and the new guy go to another venue.

In there he continues drinking, annoyed, I join another group of guys I know, who are sitting in some corner.

The venue is not full, and at that moment I saw no prospects. Only post wall women, and young drunks.

So I do not mind mingling with a group of guys sitting in the corner.

I do not sit down though. I stand.

Also, am a bit overdressed for the place, which means a slim shirt, and a well fitting jacket, on jeans.

Standing straight.

After some chats with the dudes, I decide I am not going to lean on a table to talk with guys who cannot put themselves into the environment, so return to my straight standing ways.

Not too much later, some 40ish woman comes, I tell her thanks, nope, dont want to dance.

The guys on the table are smiling.

"You always stand like this?"

I smile. "I like it like this"

Bit later a girl sitting on the next table is eyeing me, she's drunk, I ignore, the guys notice.

"So this is your way"

I smile.

Few minutes later, another woman approaches, good looking for her age, and pissed at my rejection.

A cute one approaches, but totally drunk. Had she been cuter, I could have ignored the drunkness, but nope, not this time.

Both times I get a comment from the sitting crowd.

The place I was standing was one of the two places to stand in the bar. Very good traffic, but also by the bar, so has good stopping traffic, and the other location was just puked on, so, this was the good place for me to be.

I turn to the guys, probing, if they are happy in their misery or if they would be willing to change somethings

"Why do you sit there, out of the envionment? Things happen when you are in the environment?"

"Naa... Am good here"

Fine. I am not a guy whose advice is worth 5000 a weekend, but here is a guy who apparently has something going for himself, offering the potential of a change, for free. Allright.

Then comments on my attire, comments on the hair, the beard, being overly touchy feely, to which a warning went out. I feel I have been too tolerant already, but for sake of good times and the belief in well intentions, I let them slide.

A girl passes by, I stop her, and tell her something, she speaks no english, I blabber in Finnish, before we could continue, the friend bitchblocked me, the two left.

No prob for me,

The sitting group smiling.

I am starting to think "Unbelievable".. By this time, my curiosity is the thing keeping me there. Want to see what they will do.

A cute little thing walks by, I fail to say hi to one I would like to, so when I see her friend saying hi to a guy I know, I walk the five meters, tell the guy hi, unintentionally scare the girl off, who leaves with her friend, while still looking at me in curiosity. Got to calibrate when you are a caveman, built, tall, well dressed and coming in like a Dodge Charger, turbos blazing.

No prob for me. Walk back,

The sitting group smiling.

That is when I gave up, my curiosity, my drive to give a helping hand, my tolerance.

Some men are hopeless.

Later saw a girl in blue dress. Short blue dress. Long legs. Long blonde hair. Young, tall, little deer.

Did not talk to her. When the night ended, I left early.

I noticed one thing:

The blue dress blonde was bothering me. Should have talked.

The two rejections, did not bother me.

The sitting group did not bother me. Just mental note: Next time, 5 meters mandatory safety distance against any contagious negative mental attitudes.

The blue dress blonde bothered me, until I let it go as a lesson.

In that afternoon, I had read a post from VK's Empire of Dirt,

It’s because I put in that work. I made that approach.
The whole post is worth a read. I can say it was one of most important posts that I will have read in the last years.

Yea, so the Sitting Boyz were smiling at me in triumph when a not attractive woman would come over, they were smiling when I got shot down.

But they did not know, that I don't give a flying fuck.

I did the approach. I'll deserve the next woman that will enjoy the pleasures of my company, and I will deserve them in better quality, and better quantity.

I put in the work.

"Dude, they only talk to you because you stand so arrogant"

I put in the work. I learned to stand tall. I invite the challenging other men who feel the need to prove their dominance.

"Dude, they only talk to you because you are dressed"

I put in the work. I ironed a shirt, I dressed just a bit over the norm, I invite the looks from women that would cause other men to lower their gaze. I invite the challenge. I enjoy it.

"Dude, they only fuck you for your body"

I put in the work. I am the one who cooks every meal, I am the one spending time in the gym, I am the one not drowning in alcohol. If they want my body, so be it. My dick is a part of my body, a physical extension of my soul, or my being. I do not separate myself.

"Dude this, dude that"

I put in the work.  Got much much more work to do. More than I did in the last 20 years. Still ahead of me, still needs to be done. to be learned. To be risked. To be tried. Even if I got many more time I will need to put my hands in fire, I already put them to an extent that "Things just happen". So, fuck yes, where I am, I put in the work.

"Haha. The sucker got rejected"

Yes I did. And thus, am one step closer to my next threesome. With women who you could not even imagine in your dreams. Not one or them.

Yea, I got rejected,

It is the price of having the neighbor's girlfriend look at you in awe and disgust after her sleep was disturbed by a Siren in the night, a Moaner the next afternoon, and a Screamer the next night. A neighbor who is a legend in his own circles.

I got rejected, you smiled, you behaved in way that embarrasses me to write here.

No problem. I don't feel offended or shamed. (Mandatory 5 meters distance)

Empty balls have a lot of sympathy.

Only if balls could smile.

Thank you VK. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Village cycles playing mint Mercedes game

Came to my usual place,  it's an unusually slow night,  being the first day under 10 degrees and such.

Had some Russian standart with lemon on the way,  now decided I'll get this one out.

Women playing good girl angle when they are one step away from being a kitty on the pussyhound carousel.  Hah, the dictionary corrected that as pussy Honda.  Okay.

I see guy,  a handsome devil whose balls are always empty.  Looking in awe as the girl who rejected him using the good girl angle was grinding on the limestone vibrant #3 in town.  His jaw dropped when she ground on a second enricher,  and a third.  To add to the insult,  another friend of mine who used to booty call this girl,  considered this one a good girl.  Five years ago.  Guess time does spoil the milk.  Radiation totally destroys it. And that good girl will be treated as such by any quality man who saw her that night.

Of course then there is facebook.  Girls putting up churchy posts every now and then,  also have single,  in relationship,  single,  in relationship cycles multiple times a year.

Multiple girls who have criticized my sexually open way of living,  have burnt four-five boyfriends in the first three quarters of the year.  And me being me,  know that these are the ones who made it to the boyfriend status.

Good girl.  I meet her and her friend two weeks prior.  I was interested in the friend; both girls lookers.  Friend interested,  but things change while I am away.  Friend says we can't meet.  Same week I meet good girl.  My place in thirty minutes.  Now,  back to good girl.  Not that I mind that one.  Once the bread has been in the oven,  I like to play.

Among these,  the facebook statuses always crack me up.  Especially the high amounts of "like"s these "riding the carousel,  yes I am"  posts get.

Hey,  let's also congratulate the open door being open with a highway passing through it but still claiming it is as secure as the castle door on top of the Himalayas.

Not that I mind. I got the nuke that'll nuke the door guarding hamster.

Open doors are to be cherished and respected by making full use of free entry.

Just make sure,  young man,  that you don't decide to pay for that non-existent castle.

Laying down your bed on a highway is not the best idea now,  is it?

Have a great weekend,  doors,  bread,  ovens,  and all that.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shut up. Let me enjoy my delusion

The morning sun shined through the curtains.  I was happy that the police lights I saw on my ceiling few hours ago were not for me,  and the elevator door that opened the same time was my neighbor,  not some officer in blue.

She was a moaner,  a shouter,  a cryer,  and she was loud.

Happy that I am still in my own bed,  I turn over the petite little thing,  and we wake up the neighbors.

She has to go,  I welcome the break.  Am Do either for,  need rest.

She takes a shower,  gets prepared,  she looks like a cute thing going on a sunday walk,

She looks at me with those eyes, 

I hold my phone to her,  the number pad on the screen.

"Uhhm.  This is new...  Ahmm...  I usuall... Ok  yes, I give you number"

I was not born yesterday, 

I was aware that the cute thing was not a virginal chaste MaryDonna,  but seriously,  did not need to be smeared on my face that I was dealing with a MaggyDalena...

Now there is a girl somewhere expecting an sms for a date.

All she will get is...

Even while I thank her for red flagging herself so perfectly,  somewhere inside me I'd still like to have the delusions.

I'm blue,  dadudidada dadada...  Blue blue... blue