Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open thank you letter to a good friend

They woke up at 9 am,  breakfast was either a shot of vodka,  or a shot of finnish cognac.

A day that starts like this does not continue in a different way,  by the time I joined them at 5pm, all but the driver were hammered,  including the Shaman.

I join them,  immediately get a drink handed to me.  We proceed to the sauna,  ten men.  Me,  still sober,  driver,  driven into oblivion by the few "catch up with the others"  shots.

A game is played in the sauna.  A full bottle of cognac is passed around,  everyone taking a sip,  after each sip,  steam is put on the sauna.  This is the kind of game that ends in the emergency room.  We were fast,  so it ended with ten guys struggling to fit under two showers,  hearts racing,  skin red,  out of breath. 

I was not sober anymore.  Was at the point where my tongue loosens.

I go outside to get my senses back,  sweating,  breathing,  and heart racing. 

Time passes,  and I am joined with the others.

" So you say OldPlaceToBe is not where we should go to? "

I am about to explain why the best place in town turned into a shithole, which can easily be described by finn-flight from the place when the place started being more vibrant than usual, and that Finns go to a new place, and that for now, the new place is the better choice, when I see the Shaman standing behind the party host, looking directly into my eyes and motioning "NO", with his head.

So, being warned by my friend that a simple observation could be a threat to my wellbeing,

"We go to NewPlaceToBe" was my answer.

In these funny times where it is allowed to shout "Death to the west", but can be dangerous to utter why the locals have stopped going to a bar, a friend like the Shaman, who still has his wits about him after drinking for 16 hours is God sent.

I thank Shaman for this lesson that I needed being taught, and for the warning that potentially saved me grief and even trouble.

Funny times indeed, infinitely more tragic though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Handsome artist came to our table to say to my friend.  Man had charisma. What I write here does not change that.  He was a likely pussy hound.
The chat turned to how he does not see  foreign women when walking.  He was a liberal wondering why westerners don't import as many women as men. And to my surprise, this all came without any influence from me.  I was sitting,  minding the blue sky.
Then of course mention was made that the women the finnish men get married to do not get out to social life. But no mention was made about the imported pavement dwellers who have multiple kids raised by the wife sitting home (many times against her will) ,  fed by the state-fare.  All at the same time that these married pavement dwellers are hunting pussy with the government money that is reaching the earnings of the average working man,  on free time that is uncountable multiples of the working man. 
But this topic I don't enter on a table where I don't know the guy.  So I say some statistics:
Number of foreign wives is similar to number of foreign husbands.
Divorce rate for finnish man finnish woman: 50%
Divorce rate for finnish woman foreign man:n 70%
Divorce rate for foreign woman finnish man: 30%
He is surprised about these numbers and inquires. 
Inquiry and talk goes into behaviour of foreign men,  and that goes into the Latin dances circles. A safe topic.
After talking about how the wives of the Latino men are happily watching their men dance floor luv, grind, French kiss other women,  and say "its in their blood",  and the stories of the back stages (being aware of female sexuality does not stop me from demanding dignity),  the last sentences uttered were:
"I used to go to salsa with my girl,  I have seen this,  but it is okay "
Yea,  it's also okay to raise your child,  whose father is a Julio,  because your girl took that okay to be a bit more tolerant than you may have meant it to be.
Thing is,  a woman entertaining Julios when they are married,  or when she is taken,  is not suddenly going to stop when she decides you and her will raise a baby.
It's okay.
Just as a bull thinks getting his balls roped is okay.
Just like a pig thinks the slaughterhouse is okay.
Ah well,  all is okay.
Screw that.  Mandatory dna testing. It's about time. Anything less has no chance pf posessing a probability of shocking these men's balls back to having a pulse.
I went back to observing the blue sky.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Raus aus dem Euro!

Copenhagen, 3 am

Thanks to the Greek guy getting a jaeger round, ke answering with a rum round, and the Greek girl polishing it all with a round of Baileys, I am pretty Mich past being tipsy.

Standing by some hot dog stand, for the last sin of the night.

Brunette standing behind me, asks me something in danish... I think she was asking about the queue.

"What's that in English?"
"Where are you from?"
"Am German"
"I only know Angela Merkel"
"Ahh, our lesbian president" (she is not a lesbian)
"I don't like her?"
"Now why is that?"

"She does not want to pay for our welfare anymore" she says in her drunken seriousness.
"Was about time we stopped paying for your fucking hot dogs..."

The Finns also need to leave the euro. The euro has no money to lift neither Germany nor Finland, when they slip. By that time all the help given will be forgotten. Time to leave and brace for the collision with reality.

...Fuck you.

If you can't pay for welfare, you are not well fared enough to afford welfare.

Finland is getting there fast, in my opinion, Germany past that point long time ago.

Any cut in welfare will result in a civil war, open or concealed. Causing this is being progressive, saying this is  being racissss or whatever.