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Smelly media: Today's last word on the unspoken

The Finns, having built a civilization in this frozen hellhole, where the north celebrated its 113th day under 0 celcius, which suffered the wars between Sweden and Russia, and then wars with Sweden, and wars with Russia;

Finland. Which has kept its birthrate low, managed to increase from 3 to 5 million in hundred years (when others went from 40 to 80 between 1980 and 2010), managed to feed that population where the ground is frozen almost half the year;

Which is constantly on the top of the most honest nations list,

Finns. Whose grandparents worked 16 hour days at the long winter darkness at -20s.

Which is so small that if everyone today would burn all they own, would not make a dent in the global environment;

Which managed to created a somewhat functioning society with its scarce resources, without pillaging, raiding, killing, enslaving, raping, stealing, etc,

Finns, (except to maybe the native Sami, an issue I have not dwelved into)


Got it?

Not to me, not to anybody.

This land was made independent by blood, cultivated by sweat. By Finns.

They have a right to demand and expect their rights to be respected, in their own country.

Denying that fits right into the definition of imposed fascism. Not democracy, not freedom, not free speech, not human right, nothing.

It is imprisonment.

Smelly media: More of the not-to-be-spoken-of

This is additional material for my first post on Smelly media.

Today there was the news report on "Bus driving mainly an immigrant's profession"

A bus driver’s pay is 13.52 euros an hour, which works out at around 2,200 euros a month. Shifts will amount to 76.30 hours in a two-week shift period. Various supplements bump the final salary up to around 2,400 euros on average.

Read that again. Working night shifts, and extra shifts, 2400 euros.

Deduct from that the tax.

You get 1600-1800. In Helsinki. For waking up at 4 AM in the night at -30 celsius. In Helsinki where the rent of a 50 sqm hole can be 800 euros.

If you got kids, you want a better place, far away from the city, and you have less than 1000 left to live with.

And then read the article mentioned in the first post: "Refugees receive most benefits in Finland"

In Finland, a family of two adults and three children between the ages of 10 and 17 years receives a monthly income benefit of 1,277 euros, plus free accommodation.

In addition to financial support, asylum seekers at reception centres receive compulsory health care.

1277 effing euros, for sitting on your ass, and doing what? Sipping tea. Plus rent help.

Plus black market work. Untaxed, of course.

Here I want to specifically stand up and salute the foreigner bus drivers for doing what many think is stupid to do.

To work, and live on less money than a parasite.

Oh, did I say that?

Here: Parasite.

How much skill it takes to drive a bus?

How much education?

These drivers are showing their gratitude to the country that has welcomed them, by producing a service.

Other than disability or temporary job loss, any foreigner living on benefits is just that: A parasite.


For the two bus drivers that I know, who have had some difficult history, I stand up and declare my respects for the job they are doing, when it is utterly unnecessary for them to do it.

For the job that some their origin-countrymen would not even think of lifting a finger for.

Same goes for the middle eastern kid working in the construction of a building by the university.

Same goes for the middle easterner I know who wakes up at 4 AM every morning for a technical field job.

Same goes for all others who do something.

Pizza kebab excluded. That shit gives me diarrhea every time.


Which genius thought that making benefits more than earned wage is a good idea?

Fucking idiot. Then you expect people to respect the system and not abuse it?

This is the kumbayya, all people are good willing, even the ones who kill their sisters under the name of honor way of deluded utopian thinking. 

"They will be good when they walk on the white snow of this country away from the dusty streets where they cant breath."

Sure. Ever stopped and considered why your snow is white and their streets are dusty? No, it is not the sunshine, you dipshit. 

Before accusing me of racism and all that: Where I come from, the streets are dusty. Dirty, is a better description. (But the food is good...)


I see this all the time. Whenever I have business in downtown, there is this group of men sitting in some coffee place. No matter what time, no matter what day. This specific demographic has members sitting in town sipping tea.

I am sorry to say, fuck it am not sorry. More people should say this: I am not paying taxes so that these bums can live a life as good as mine, on sipping effing tea.


Finnish people on benefits (not disability or temporary job loss), piss me off too, but they are Finns, their fathers and mothers did something for this society at some point. If not the father or mother, then the uncles, the aunts, someone in their frigging family tree did something. And they are Finns, they are an inherent problem of the Finnish society that comes with the frigging long winter and the unending darkness; they are not imported.


Anybody accusing me of being racist, fascist, intolerant, SHAME ON YOU YOU EFFING TRAITOR TO FREE SPEECH AND HUMAN RIGHTS

What about the human rights of the Finns honest hard working immigrants?
Their rights do not matter?

What about the free speech that leads to open discussion?
As long as it is not in the party line, it is forbodden? (eehh... fascism, anyone?)

What about my right to keep the fruits of my labour, and share my produce with other hardworking honest inhabitants?
Screw the productive populace. Look, they are earning thousands of euros.

What about the right of a Finn to stand up and give his opinion on his livelyhood?
Neo nazi. How dare he be so selfish?

History will remember the pro-unlimited-immigration group as one of the collaborators in the destruction of Western Civilization.

And this, coming from an immigrant, and child of two time immigrants. First my father emigrated, then they both emigrated back, and then I emigrated to a third place.


If I am fascist because I claim a Finn has the right to speak about the division of the scarce resources, while lettign the foreigner have his right of speech... Who am I oppressing, someone show me.

Ok, I am a fascist. Then who is the person

Who demands the Finns to take in foreigners without limit or restriction, then demands from the Finns that they turn around, bend down, and spread their ass cheeks, welcome the demands and complaints drilled in, and in the same time forces their mouths shut?

He is a human rights activist.

Demanding the tolerant to tolerate the intolerant who cannot tolerate even the smallest differences in between their own groups.

Yea. Being a human rights activist is something to aspire to become. 


I will believe in the human rights acitivists' sincerity when they fight for the human rights of the hardworking honest immigrants.

Hope on them doing it for the Finns?

"Don't you know, the Finns went around pillaging other countries and colonizing other millions and stealing their gold for thousands of years. Finns the big oppressors, the murderers, and the rapists... Now it is their time to pay back."

"Hey wait, this is not the Finns history."

"You racist fascist disgusting pig."

Well I got a lot of patience.


In this line, read the following news, from yesterday:

Black Cobra could reach into Finland

I will not comment on this news.

He got the leftovers, I got nothing

Saw the two girls, they were talking to some handsome guy.

Due to two mutual friends, I went up to them and said hi.

Handsome dude immediately ejected.


Girl 1 asking me about her non present friend,

Girl 2 all over me.

I step back,

"I see she is having a good night" I say, mentioning Girl1
"Yea, she needs a man" says Girl2

I, in hell ain't gonna be that guy. (Girl is the Married Chick from the story Men do reject)

I look towards the bar where there are three guys standing with their backs to us, Handsome Pussy being one of them.

"Hey, I got three guys for her" I say,

Apparently Handsome Pussy had his ears in his back, he holds his two other friends and turns around with a full smile on his face

"Hey, these are my friends, SlickDick and SmileyMikey";the other two also smiling as if it Christmas.

Now I can eject.

I turn to my friends. I do feel some hand caressing my back though.

Fast forward two hours;

Married Chick is gone, Girl2 is busy with the SlickDick, but the SmileyMikey who was happy to get introduced to my leftover is now trying to hold hands with the brunette from the Men do reject story.


So did I lose?

Did I lose on the brunette?


Just like women have the categories "He is for fun" and "He is special"; (Special means, "I had my fun with the "fun", now what we have is "special"."....)

Ah, no, screw womantalk:

Categories are more like: "He is for shagging" and "He is for cuddling", (For the latter, no cuddle time, no sexy time)

Which scientifically can be explained as "Cad" and "Dad" (Even if the "Cad" is the real dad, but "Dad" has no idea about that)

Which in simple english can be explained as "Fucker" and "Sucker"

Just like women have two categories for men,

I have learned to come to peace with some women being more suitable for this, and some better for that, and that you should not mix these things.

The only difference is that the slow ones are allowed, and even encouraged be fast, only for you. That is good. Means you are special, as a man defines it.

On the other hand, the fast ones insisting on being slow for you calls for you to speed off on nitro boost. Without looking back. Of course it is allowed to have a test drive, before you floor the pedal. 

"I changed"

Why the average chumps are dropping the towel

A self made man. In shape. Good job. Not a pushover. Met him a month or so ago. Did enjoy his company, clearly he was a good catch for a woman over 30. 25 could do better.

Guy definitely in love with the girl,
The girl, way past her prime, showing signs of interest. (I have good reason to assume sex has happened, and promises made)
The girl, way past her prime, could hardly find anything better, that would commit to her.
The girl, way past her prime, clearly made him know that.

Fast forward to the night when I had two bottle of red wine in my system.
They came to the bar separately, but at some time they were intimate, just behind me.

Few hours later, there he is, walking through the bar just the way a guy walks when he is looking for a specific someone but cannot find that someone. Anger, worry, wonder in that drunk face.

Cares about a woman. Woman shows interest (assume more). But now woman not around.

What he did not know, I knew.

He was looking for her downstairs. She was upstairs.

Talking to an austrian or australian dude she met two hours ago, caressing his hand across the table.

I was on my way out when I saw that, so I do not know how it all ended.

Knowing something about women, and knowing something about who she hangs out with, I confidently presume she shagged the austrian/australian that night. Called the long term man on sunday ,and met him on sunday for some proper date.

One could only hope she took a shower and brushed her teeth.

Can anyone blame the average chump, if he decided to drop the towel after seeing this?

Better yet,
Can anyone blame the average chump, if he kills the good guy inside him and starts treating women as cum dumpsters? 

Can anyone blame the average man if he respects women's choice?

Edit: for this story i myself want to say, NAWALT.
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Smelly media: Trying not to speak of the unspeakable

For three, four months now, after reading news articles on the low prosecution on rape and the real victims of war, I've been thinking of reporting on my beef with the media, especially in a way it talks about men, and how we are so evil, but also in the context of Finnish people. 

Today, I open my rss reader and read the news about the increased support for immigrant student quotas in schools, so I decided to group together related news, quote some parts, and try to speak my mind without entering the hate speech laws, which somehow do not apply to someone saying "the Finns are filthy lazy scumbags", but applies to someone saying "honor killings are not done by native Finns". Since there have been no reported honor killings in Finland, my statement is a fact and should provide cover for my hairy ass. 

I will try to move chronologically from 2011 to 2010.



Nearly half of Finnish teachers believe that the proportion of immigrant children in any one class should be limited to 20-30 percent.

Wonder why? Is it their own experience? Have they been in contact with teacher from other european countries which are decades ahead in the issue, and are following advice which stems from valid concerns? Or maybe, (sarcasm:on) they are just being racist? (sarcasm:off) 

Most of the respondents said that they had not received training in the teaching of immigrants. 

Well, this is a good way to evade the inevitable "you are a racist" attack that will come from the oh-so-tolerant circles. 



The populist party’s support has risen strongly in recent weeks, putting them within touching distance of the big three parties: the Social Democrats, the Centre Party and the National Coalition Party. 

Even if I do not agree with their tax and welfare policies, I would possibly be among the 16% and rising group that will vote for the True Finns, if I were a Finn. 

This is Finland. From Finnish ancestry. The Finns have a right to vote for their own benefit. 

And calling the True Finns populist is really neglecting the utter populism of the leftist parties. More welfare, more free this, more free that, and yet more free this. What is more populist? Saying the institutions of Finland should look after the Finns first, or promising more free ___insert noun__.

Of course in my case I would like to include "People living in the country, holding a job and not breaking the law or causing unrest" to the benefitting group. 



Got no comment except that the pizzeria was not owned by an Italian. 

Related: 08.02.2011

No comment



The book  Maassa maan tavalla (When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do), published on Wednesday, gives a voice to immigration critics. Non-fiction writer Milla Hannula traces the rise and development of criticism against immigration since the 1970s. 

A Finnish Thilo Sarrazin? Have not read the book, nor followed news on it. We will see once he gets a fatva to his head or is denounced from public discourse.

And of course the news has to be accompanied by how difficult the immigrants have it here. Can't have one side of the opinion shown, can we?



 Experts are concerned about the trend of increasingly separate residential areas largely occupied by immigrants. Differences, they say, are growing between "good" and "bad" neighbourhoods.

Care to publish the crime statistics in these different neighborhoods? It would give us a better picture on the results, relations and correlations of what is happening. 

According to immigration experts who met in Helsinki on Monday, residential areas should be constructed in such a way that different populations groups are mixed and separate concentrations of immigrants would not arise.

Wonder if these immigration experts have asked the native Finns about their thoughts. (The answer is given in an earlier news post, coming below)

 Another reason that has to be considered is people of immigrant background, those who need social contact and want to live among people who they can interact with and whom they can also trust," says Hasan Habib.

So, it turns out the problem is not discrimination. It is choice. The immigrants want to live amongst their own. So simple as that.

One gets to ask, why did you emigrate. Especially to a place where you cannot trust the natives... I thought you ran away from the resulting civilization of your own culture; you don't run away from something you trust. And the Finns are suddenly not trustworthy? You trust your own people who kind of screwed up your birthplace more than you trust the Finns who welcomed you with; ok, maybe not so open arms, but still...

Why should the Finns trust immigrants who openly have this attitude?

According to these experts, in order to prevent ghettoization, cities should build residential areas where there is a balance of public housing, rental housing and both inexpensive and expensive housing for sale. This would counteract a concentration of social problems, unemployment and poverty in certain areas.

Call me what you will. If I am dishing out more than 5000 euros per squaremeter for a house,- which I can't afford right now anyway - , i definitely ain't gonna live in a neighborhood surrounded by "public housing" or "inexpensive housing", nor will I let my kids go to school in an area that is surrounded by such.

As a related note, anybody follow the news in Netherlands where native Dutch are forced to send their children to far away schools with a high number of different ethnicities instead of the local schools wtih a high percentage of native kids? Reason being that the ethnic majority schools are too ethnic...  Tyranny of Tolerance comes to mind. 



To be made use of in the context:


...224.000 unemployed, approximately 8.4% of the workforce


Add 5000 engineers, designers, project managers to the unemployed...


These are also educated/skilled workers.


...165 in finland. Again skilled/educated workers

So the available pool of resources which was already small to begin with, is dwindling.



Back to the topic:


So, 16% of the people are not willing to freely distribute the wealth and independence gained by their forefathers' blood and sweat.

The rise is dramatic, and it will continue, to what I think has a cap at 30-35%. 

This rise may not be good for me personally, but I think the Finns have the right to choose a political party that states it will benefit Finns first and foremost. 



So tell me again: Why should a foreigner, working his ass off, obeying the laws, holding a valid visa, having dealt with all the police issues to get that visa, paying his taxes show any sympathy for a person who broke the laws the second he/she entered the borders, is illegally here, has no input to the society and is leaching off the hard working foreigner's sweaty produce ?

This law abiding foreigner must be stupid to obey the laws.

You do not see Amnesty International lobbying for the problems of the engineers who came to the country legally. No, no, that must be against human rights. 

You do not see Amnesty International lobbying for the problems of the construction workers who came to the country legally. No, no, that must be against human rights. 

You do not see Amnesty International lobbying for the problems of the bus drivers who came to the country legally. No, no, that must be against human rights. 

You do not see Amnesty International lobbying for the problems of the ___insert description___ who came to the country legally. No, no, that must be against human rights. 



In recent years, Finland’s largest cities have developed areas where more than a fifth of the population is of foreign origin. In these city parts, the changeability of people is great, and the original Finnish population continues to decrease.

So, are the Finns moving out the racists? Or is there some other factor in play? Is it just a legal choice? Is it a valid choice? 

What if, just like the immigrants want to live with other immigrants, with people they can trust (said by an immigrants' spokesman, in a link close to the top), the Finns want to live with other Finns? 

I sell my house, I move out. Got something to say? Oh yea, the poor immigrants are now living in a heavily immigrant populated neighborhood. I thought they did not trust the Finns as much as their own countrymen? So this must be a good thing? Call me confused... It was what they wanted in the first place. To live with people they turst. 

Crime rates going up? Like through the roof; in those areas.

Damn, it must be the fault of the Finns who moved out. 

Evil Evil Finn Trolls...

 In fact, there are more people with foreign backgrounds leaving immigrant-heavy areas compared with the number of Finns moving out. However, as both sections of the population are replaced mostly by new immigrants, the number of Finns continues to diminish in these areas.

1. Maybe Finns were born and grew up in those neighborhoods, and are finding it hard to move

2. Maybe Finns, not helped by the vast net of welfare are having a hard time to make ends meet, so as to move away.

3. Maybe the immigrants are well educated in the loopholes of the system.

4. Maybe immigrants do not want to live with other immigrants. 

5. Ok, some immigrants do make a good living. If they are honest, my hat goes off my head, in respect. 

Immigrants with low income levels will continue to live in areas with city-owned rental housing, while Finns continue to leave areas, which are known to have many immigrants.


Fascism will be taking away of this choice. 



The chief reason for the increase is that the number of immigrants exceeded that of emigrants by 13,000.

Looks like the number 13.000 is very close to the yearly abortion numbers in the last 20 years. (Yes, I think this is worthy of bold text)

So same number of immigrants are given right to live in finland where yearly 10-14 thousand Finns were denied a life. 

The immgirants are "needed for the workforce" some claim. Well, the unborns would have been that workforce by now.

Interesting coincidence. (Ok, the percentage of abortion is average, nothing special there.)

Yup, that is what the finnish forefathers died for in the wars with Russia, and Sweden, and as cannon fodder in the wars between Russia and Sweden. 

"I am dying so my unborn grandchildren will never be born.., only replaced"



Nothing to see, move on... Except;

Director of Vantaa’s psychological and social services Anna Cantell-Forsbom says that there is a shortage of good quality, spacious housing for the often large refugee families. 

And Finns are on the whole giving birth to 1.86 children per woman (YLE). It is safe to assume that this number is raised by the extensive participation of foreign (half foreign) families in the breeding effort. 

Hmm... so while the Finns are having a hard time, usually economically, raising even two kids per family, "refugee families" are "often" "large"... And the Finns, not having more than two kids themselves, should show sympathy for the needs of the ones who race with hamsters in the category of "birth rate"? To be honest, I am surprised that they show so much sympathy, understanding and support. As a person of two backgrounds I can say that this is not the case where some of these large families originate from. 

Ever consider that some of the problems facing this "" population is the baby making without first at least being able to provide food and shelter to the unborn?



Many local people think it does not matter where the town gets its income. But some of the town’s 13 000 residents do not agree. As an example, the town council has received a new initiative where local people demand immigrant expenses to be made public. This, they say, is so that taxpayers know where their money is going.

It all ends if/when the economy goes south. Once the food is not bountiful, the heating is not free, then you can change the quantitative adjectives above. Like, "many local" turns into "few local"; "some of the town's residents" turns into "most of the town's resident", and so on. 

One cannot but stop and wonder how many of those 13.000 speak in which way when in private. 

According to the social services in the town, Lieksa paid some 1.5 million euros in expenses for its immigrants last year. However, as the state will pay these expenses for the first three years, Lieksa has already made a 200,000-euro profit from welcoming immigrants so far. The town expects to make a similar profit this year.

Well, social services benefit from the influx, hell, they were hired due to it. 

Call me stupid, but I see a 1.3 million euro loss for this year, plus a loss of jobs and unobtined benefits/service,  and with the amounts mentioned, a total of 900.000 euros in the negative, after the government stops subsidizing the municipality after three years. 

But hey, social services is making profit. 



This will change, fast.

There is one historical rule:

"diversity + proximity = war"; in case of schools and youth, change "war" to "strife", "bullying", "grouping"

In the case of schools, look at Holland, look at France, Belgium, Sweden; look at any european school that has embraced diversity as the main value. 

Case closed. 



Why is it always considered a bad thing when one group of people want to protect their livelyhood?

Is fascism protecting your livelyhood,


Is fascism forcing someone to give up/share their livelyhood to their own detriment.

Maybe someone can explain this to me, as I am just asking out of curiosity, not stating anything, or not giving an opinion. (Whipes sweat from the forehead)


A side story:

As for the image of "peaceful immigrant", or "immigrants flocking together", 

Comes to mind: The middle easterner who smashed his forehead into the drunk Finn's nose because the Finn called him "Nigger"; not because the Finn called him "Nigger", but because "I am not a f#¤king Nigger"

Comes to mind: The twenty or so middle easterners who went fist and kicks against eachother because one told the other "What you looking at"

Just two stories, nothing more.



Since I am in the university environment, I am surrounded by the 23% who is trying to make a productive life for themselves. 

Good for them. About the rest? 

You would not want to hear what the 23% is saying about the rest. I tell you, it is not nice. 

Especially once they start producing, and earning money, and paying the heavy taxes on their sweat. 

Ever heard Iranians talk about the Egyptian revolution? It is not what you read in the media about freedom and democracy.

Same with foreigners talking about other foreigners. When the threat of racism is lowered, or when the person is immune, the colors really show. 



Just read this. 



#¤%& ¤%& &%¤ ¤%&%&/¤#@#¤¤*##¤#"#"#..... "#¤"#¤"¤#"#¤...."#¤%%&%&¤&¤; ¤&¤¤%&¤%; #%&####¤%#¤%¤...



A foreshadow of what to come.

"Tolerate us! Our human rights! But, we will not tolerate anything that we do not want to tolerate! But you tolerate our intolerance!" 

So they had a fight over women not wearing scarfs... Hey, I am not saying it, it is in the news. 

Ever cared to check what is going on in Sweden? France? 

Oh well, I know, I am an intolerant asshole bereft of any knowledge of human rights. 



Seriously now... Surprised?

What did the multiculti crowd expect?

I come from a two cultural family (yea yea, gotta insert it again as I am so special), and I can tell you it is not easy. But my parents were not expecting it to be easy; unlike the multiculti "kumbayyaaa aaaaalllll llliiiiiivvvveeee iiiiinnnn peeeeeaaaacceeee annnndddd toleraaaaaaaaanceeeeee" crowd.



Again, what did the multiculti crowd expect?

That the people who cannot live in peace with their own kind suddenly will find peace when in the Frozen North?


There are some more articles in YLE, which I skipped, mainly due to boredom and repetition. 

But here is one from 2009:

In Finland, a family of two adults and three children between the ages of 10 and 17 years receives a monthly income benefit of 1,277 euros, plus free accommodation.

In addition to financial support, asylum seekers at reception centres receive compulsory health care.


3 children.. (Finns: 1.86, but lets keep our eyes off this), so they would receive a flat with at least two bedrooms, looking at the ages of the kids, I would guess it would be a three bedroom flat with a living room, all in all, around 100 sqm. 

In my area, that would amount to 1000-1300 euros rent. Lets say they were given a flat in the suburb; the free rental benefit values at about 800 euros. 

So the benefit they receive is 2100 euros, give and take few hundred. Monthly.

What is the median income in Finland?

Average salary runs around 2400 (wanna deduct tax from that? 30% plus minus few)

And according to Wikipedia, after claiming that Finnish households are not able to save from their income thus making the cunsupmtion = the income. (In reality it is actually more than the income by few percentage points)

Upper-level white-collar households (409,653) consumed an average 27,456 euro, lower-level white-collar households (394,313) 20,935 euro, and blue-collar households (471,370) 19,415 euro.

So a benefit of 2100x12 makes around 25.000 euros a year. Free. Casual. No strings attached.  


That is almost what the upper level white collar families can afford to spend in a year. 

I say it is a pretty good deal,

Ain't it?


Finns themselves being the naive and human loving beings, and politically correct, do not talk about this. The "racists" just vote for the True Finns, move out of neighborhoods, and select schools according to the word of mouth where the kids will study, play and grow up with other kids who identify with being Finnish. 

The foreigners working, usually in high tech jobs, but also bus drivers, road maintenance workers, builders, doctors, nurses, service personnel, etc; those are the ones who talk, and they do not talk about kumbayya and the love of diversity, when in private.

I can even bet that a number of them, once they get the Finnish passport, and if they got some good paying jobs that are so high taxed that the result is  similar to living on benefit, are contemplating on voting for the True Finns. 

The economic pool is only so big, and it can only be increased by producing people, not ones living on benefit and sipping tea 7-11. 

People are starting to see it, and they are also starting to see that multiculti is doomed to failure, and it will not fail peacefully. 

Worst case, it brings down the resident civilizaion, best case, civilization reverts to its old homogenous less tolerating ways. 


Maybe as a foreigner I write on this blog about the not so flattering things that I come accross, but I have payed my taxes, been economically productive and abided the laws. 

I am sure I would be thinking in harsher terms if I were a native under the current circumstances. 

So the ones who are looking at the True Finns as racist bigots. 

Open your eyes, and take a look around you and the facts. 

Then look at the social groups, political parties, institutions,foundations, interest groups who are loudest. 

Once you notice the lack for anyone speaking in the name of Finnish children, then think, what about the children. 

The Finnish* ones.


*Finnish: Children born to at least one Finnish parent, plus even children born in Finland to foreign parents who are law abiding citizens not on benefit, planning to stay.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick reality check on female players / playettes

What I wrote in a chat with a friend today:

The term "female player" is an oxymoron;
A woman identifying with the term "female player" is a moron.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Men do reject

The married chick is leaving.

I am waiting for her to leave so I can talk to my long legged brunette, whom I am planning to take with me.

Brunette, I know her intimately.

Married chick was all over me few hours ago when I told her to talk to some other dudes. Tits as tits could only ever hope to be, but that is all that is good about this one.

Brunette: "She is leaving home"
Married chick: Looking at me like the puppy looks at the owner who has food in his hand.
Me: Yea I see. (Take a sip from my drink, face away to look at the surroundings)

Few seconds later:

Brunette: "You are going with her"
Me, not skipping a beat: "No"
Married chick: Head down, dreams shattered

I just keep on looking at the brunette, no emotion in my face, girl just looks, her eyes blank as if watching the movie "Dawn of the Hamsters";

Me: "You girls have a good night"

And walk away listening to some good rock song, actually was a good one, forgot what it was though.

Wondering how this will affect my relationship with the brunette. There is only so much I will tolerate for a legendary lay; what will be the fallout of her best friend getting outright shot down.

Time will tell.

She says, he thinks

At the moment I was introduced to her by a friend, my hormones shot through the roof at her shyness, at the distance she put between me and her, and at her timidness.

Took me two hours to see her again, I asked out mutual friend if she was single, all the while looking at her. My friend told me that she is. Good. I go up to her.

After some banter, I get:

Her: "What kind of girl do you take me for?"

(In my head: Good. Found a nerve. So, she takes offense on this topic. Is it because she is not like that, or not like that anymore?)
Me: Appearing distracted by something else, "Ha?"

Her: "What kind of girl do you take me for?"

(In my head: Time to change topic)
Me: "I don't know you. I do not take you for anything. I am only telling you what kind of woman you gotta be if you want to call me"

Her: "..."; eyes wide open.

(In my head: Killing me softly with your eyes.. Lalalala)


Then it starts

Her: "You are arrogant"
(In my head : That was fast. Good)
Me: "Nääh. You know I am just the guy who stands by the wall"

Her: "Arrogantly"
(In my head: Really good. Complaining about the thing that is the magnet)
Me: "No. Just observing the monkeys going about their business"


Her: "You have been brought up very well"
(In my head: Oh shit.)
Me: "Yea shit happens"


Me: "From your observations, I get it you've met some assholes"

Her: "Yes, I was dating an asshole."
(In my head: Strike one. There always is one)

Her: "It was bad."
(In my head: But you loved it)

Her: "I dumped him."
(In my head: So not all is lost)

Me: "A'ight. So this was what was going on in my head when you were telling me the last sentence: "Yes, I was dating one (In my head: Strike one. There always is one). It was bad (In my head: But you loved it). I dumped him (In my head: So not all is lost)""


Why am I telling this?

Because girls have no idea what goes in my head when I hear

"I had my fun"

Wrong flag(s) for easy lay, easy lay(s) for the wrong flag.

I do not pay attention to them, the three guys from the extended middle east area.

They were sitting on the table beside mine, when I was enjoying a good friends' company with red wine.

I feel movement on my side, and notice one of the guys getting up, leaving.

"Arrivederci" he almost shouted to his friends.

"Arrivederci?" I thought to myself... I know none of the guys is italian, but I think to myself the one getting up could be, so no harm done.

As the one leaves, two new ones join the table,

One of them, once again for everyone else to hear:


The sitting two,

"Ciao"; "Ciao bella"

The newcomers were not italian, I know the faces.

So now I pay attention to the spoken language, especially when one of them gets up and again



The table was not italian.

That I know. Like I said, some mutual acquaintances, making me know the faces.

The table publicly behaved as they were italians.

In private, the table, when sitting down, was talking in arabic, not in italian.

I did not hear

"cammello bella"

I may have heard

"habibi jamal"

Just another incident to wonder how many girls, when getting sexed by a man, proudly thought the man was shouting "bella bellaaaa", proudly thought she got the italian flag obtained by her drilled into her;

When in reality the man, under the influence of the joy of a lay gotten with less effort than jerking off, was actually shouting "yallah yallaaaah"

Go Grrrrrrl Go!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why you need to be spinning multiple plates

"Dude, I got to start spinning multiple plates. If you are a bachelor, you either got to have no woman in your life, or you got to have multiple women in your life. If there is only one that you are seeing, but you are neither dating her nor in a relationship with her, it is not good. You will obsess, not because you're in love, but because she is the only girl in your life giving you good feelings, and you don*t know what or who she does 6 out of 7 days."

Note: I am not making the mistake of saying, if you are in a relationship, you are safe. Too many relationshits out there to claim such a stupid idiocy.

Note: Another reason is what Buss states in his paper, "Sexual Networks". If you are not in a committed relationship and you have a sexual life: If you are having non-committed sex with only one person, chances are that person is having multiple non-committed partners. If you have multiple non-committed partners, chances are you are your partners' only sexual partner.

Which one do you prefer?

Being one of the multiple plates?
Being the plate spinner with multiple plates?

Observations from the dark side into the light side

Following observations were taken between 7 pm and 2 am, aided by the consumptin of excellent food and one and a half bottles of good wine.


Talking to a nice couple, the woman is pregnant.

Tell them, "yea, and soon you'll be three"
Woman says "Already got two"
Me "So this is the third"
Woman turns proudly to the man and says "Yes. And all three are from him"
Me to the man "Guess that is rare nowadays"
Man smiles, lifts his glass for cheers, agreeing.

Good feeling.


Am outside making a phone call. Shirt and jeans; at -5 celcius.

Phone call finishes and I start talking to few people, but tell them I am not finnish, and I freeze,

A woman whose husband is inside tells me

"I am freezing too. I got no balls"

A dude in the group, "Yeah, she got no balls"
Woman to me, "He's my ex"
Man to me, "Hahaha... I know she got no balls"

Now, imagine if I were a friend of the husband. (I am not)

Bad feeling.


Her: "My boyfriend pissed me off this morning. He did not let me sleep"

After getting the reasons for her getting pissed and some fun conversation where I was talking to a boy of 23 and a girl of 19, I start speaking in the big brother way.

Five minutes of lecturing and teasing later, I have to ask her upon her telling what she does.

"You're not 19, are you?"
"I knew it. No, am 29"
"He is 33"
"Fuck... I thought 19 and 23"
"This is usually the case"
"Damn I thought I was talking to two kids, having fun lecturing them"
"I noticed." now she is smiling, face full of delight
"So you knew, and did not tell me"
"No. I was having fun" she says

Seriously, that woman will not age, lucky man. And the man looks like the guy from Sons of Anarchy, and that ain't bad either.

Good feeling.


She is introduced to me.
I am introduced to her as someone she heard firsthand stories about.
Bad advertisement turned good.

The chat goes nicely, she is my age or older than me. Successful career woman, with an interesting mind.

At some point her face suddenly changes, and she gets up to get a refill on her glass of punch. Never to return.

Later that night I realize that she saw the three early twenties girls looking at me and giggling with excitement.

She knew she could not compete.

Sad actually cause she was a fun woman to talk to.

Sad actually cause yes, she could not compete.

Good feeling.

Come on, how am I to erase the image of three gorgeous girls giggling and gossiping about me? These are the images a man should not ever forget.


An ex boyfriend wanting to get a girl back in the environment where there is at least one guy who is sleeping with her is a sad sight to see. Sadder if he knows about the other dude, as it seems half the people have heard about him.

What is sadder is the way a man in love touches the woman. Especially if it is not reciprocated, if there is someone in the picture who can't touch her hard enough.

So soft, so gentle, as if touching a thousand year old china vase.

So soft, so gentle, as if touching an angel.

So soft, so gentle, it pains to watch.

Many women will never understand how strong, deep, and burning the love of a man is.

I want that dude to stay as the ex, for my own pleasure, but that does not stop me from feeling for him.

We all have been there.

Bad feeling.


Married woman fondling my chest telling me she wants to see my body.

Bad feeling.


Good looking man.

After talking to him, turns out to be a friendly decent man.

Ring on finger.

The other ring is on a finger who I know got banged in a bar toilet two years ago.

Knowledge is a curse. One thing I don't know is, how long they have been together.


Bad feeling. I know. Possibly he does not. No, I was not the one banging her. Was some italian on a road trip.


Girl with options.

Girl who exercises these options.

Girl not around for one hour.

Me freaking out.

Good feeling. I missed being obsessed with a girl. Now am smiling.


The good the bad,

Some proof for what I say is correct, some proof for the good out there,

Some proof that I got a heart, or at least a jealous dick,

Overall great party,

And an epic hangover that hit on tuesday.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Actual failure is not failing

Halfway drunk on good alcohol, we stumble into the hipster bar close to my place to get our first round of long island ice teas.

Find some seats by the dancefloor and dig us in, It was a night of the "Boys night out", but then I saw her dancing.

Short girl, black hair, tall black boots, and leather pants. Looked out of place in a hipster bar, she was more fitting one of the gothic clubs in town,

And she was dancing.

Her friends found some place beside us and she joined them once she was finished. Once she finished dancing, my drink finished and I went for refreshments. A new long tea in my hand, I return, look her in the eye, and move towards the seat beside her. She picks up the bag from that seat and takes it on her lap, and I sit down to the place she prepared for me.

Some generic chat about her bag, me saying it was a pleasure to watch her dance, she saying she likes salsa more than this music, me saying her looks and her dance does not match. All the time there was this generic hipster, thin moustache, brown glasses, one sided hair and hat; the whole package; staring at me.

So I tell the girl,

"This dude? Your boyfriend? OR someone who wishes to be your boyfriend?"

In the way that I am so used to hearing,

"Noooooo... He is a childhoooooood friend"; I could hear the guys soul crumble.

Her friends come, take her to the loo, my friends tell me there is an engagement party in some other bar, and that they are waiting for us,

I take my jacket and there she is, going out for a smoke, I got nothing to lose, so

"Where will I see you dance again?"
"In your dreams"
"Wrong answer."

I see the hipster looking at me with disgust,
She lights her cigarette, and I see it.

And diamond engagement ring and a marriage ring, so I smile,

"Should've noticed that sooner"

I see the hipster looking at me with joy, his eyes shouting "HAHAHA... You could not get her, loser."


I may have failed at getting her, had I known she is the "In your dreams" type of girl, I would not even have tried,

Yes, I may have failed at getting her,

But I had succeeded in trying.

You, half gay half androgynous looking shitster, have possibly not even tried in many many years, all the while jerking off the image of your best friend naked, in your head.


Rejection, is success
Positive result is success with a bonus

Not getting her interest while also not getting rejection, this is failure.

Not trying is failure.

So while you looked at me like a loser, I was lightyears ahead of you in the universe of getting sexual access.

And this is the biggest problem of most guys I know.

Not trying.

Not meeting women.

Every woman that rejects your approach is a step closer to the one who will think of you as God's gift.

Every woman you wanted but failed to approach, is that, a woman you failed to approach. It is anchoring yourself to lack of companionship, lack of sex, and lots of wanking to the images of women you did not approach.

So, who is the loser?

The one who stops in his tracks for fear,

Or the one who gets shot down but has conquered that fear?

Success does not come from getting a woman, it comes from the more primal depths of conquering your fear.

The rest is a reward for having faced the dread.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A tale of two faces

Going on a two week holiday in deep winter has its consequences. My car is buried under snow, and since I am a lazy fart, I take public transportation.

Besides having to endure morning drunks, or some other human beings making me wonder how we made it this far, sometimes there are memorable journeys.

I sat somewhere in the back, as my favorite place in the front with the two seats facing eachother, giving me ample leg space was taken.

At some stop five girls entered the bus.

Two of them caught my attention.

Both blond, both 160 tall, both well dressed, albeit differently, both good looking, both 20-21.

One was dressed in what I call the r'n'b style, the other bit more conservative, but still tight clothing.

Looking at the one dressed in the r'n'b style, I thought to myself "I'd do her", but noticed myself having the thoughts of sleeping with a prostitute without paying it.

Then I turned my attention towards the other girl. My loins fired up, I could not think straight. I noticed my heart beat speed up, my breathing get irregular. (ok, am exaggerating, but only a bit). I could not take my eyes off her, I was mesmerized.

This caught my interest.

These tow girls were of the same physical caliber, but without thinking about it, one was a pump'n'dump, the other was an explosion of my pipeline.

I forced my attention towards the r'n'b girl's face. And yes, there it was. The hardened party face. The bitterness and the jadedness that comes from the promises of Sex and the City not being true. I was looking at a 20 year old jaded and bitter sexually empowered party girl fuck toy.

Having figured that out, not in my brain, but in my gut and loin, I turned toward the other girl.

Instant hormone flush again. I am getting to like this, I think to myself.

I observe, yeah, I know, it is rude, it is creepy, ya ya ya, the blondie smiles, my heart skips few beats,

What I see is innocence, what I see is unjadedness, unbitterness and all that.

By now we are in my stop, and I get up. She gets up too.

And then I see it,

And engagement ring.

And then it hits me; this was the face of a girl who chose to be one who would get engaged at an early age, get married at an early age. The look of a girl following her feminine instinct.

There I stepped out into the snow,

Thinking about the tale of the two faces, the different stories on these faces, the different stories of these faces, one face making me thing of a ride on the cycle, one face making me go berserk,

And I looked at the white snow, wondering, smiling at myself,

Did the face make the story or did the story make the face.