Monday, October 31, 2011

Smelly Media: Info on the WWIII in the details; while the army's biggest issue is ekwalitee

While the army and the politicians are still all hands busy with pleasing the ever un-pleasable ekwaliteests and multicultists, one line in the news shows what people not blinded by PC are busy doing.

Wallin: More attention to minorities in the military

Defense Minister Stefan Wallin wants to see changes in national military service that would better make use of educational opportunities for conscripts. Wallin also told YLE that improvements are needed in the treatment of sexual minorities and of ethnic minorities in the military.

Skipping my usual tirade, I am beginning to wonder how many sexual minorities there are.

You got gays, you got lesbians, you got the transgendered, you got the multitransgendered (the ones changing their gender every few years), who else?

"Since we are keeping universal conscription, it is increasingly important that we are able to increase its social relevance. This includes making the training and skills gained during national service of use later in working life," Wallin said in a YLE TV interview early Saturday.

Correction: By meaning universal conscription, he means "Mandatory for men, open for women if they wish so"

The Defense Minister also wants more attention to be given to the treatment of minorities and people of differing ethnic backgrounds within the military.

Allright, I got nothing against this, but loyalties are a bitch.

You teach a guy named Antonov how to use an anti-aircraft gun to shoot down the Antonov planes. Question is, will Antonov shoot Antonovs?

"In terms of instilling values and attitudes, it is important that we are able to show young people that regardless of where a service comrade is from, whether of foreign extraction or not, whether a member of a sexual minority or not, each is in exactly the same position, just as valuable, with undeniable dignity," stressed Wallin.

I agree. A bullet does not discriminate; and a brother in arms is a brother in arms.

After all this ekwalitee and multi culti assessment of the army, and all the talk abot how the world is one happy place when all cultures coexist simultaneously under the same living space and how diversity is so beautiful with the counties with no borders etc;

We get the important information:

An eye on Russia

According to Defense Minister Wallinin, Finland should keep a close watch on Russian spending on its military.

Russia has announced that it will be be earmarking new funds for its defense forces worth hundreds of millions of euros over the next few years. For its part, the Finnish military calculates that it will have to make savings of over 800 million euros by 2015.


What the defense minister calls "hundreds of millions of euros over the next years" is actually an increase of 26 billion euros by 2013. Lets rewrite that:

260 of hundreds million euros... Kind of an understatement on the minister's part?

Similar increases by China.

That NATO is going around bombing whomever they want is not helping the cause either.

What is the Finnish government doing? Cutting the already small army into a mini-force; in order to pay for the more necessary welfare state and the loved single mothers and cherished vibrators.

Ah well... One can argue that a conventional army will not be of much importance of the time of nuclears.

And what our problem with this?

The even if slight possibility of the total annihilation of Western Europe, or Finland?


Wallin warned in the YLE interview that a subsequent gap in defense capability could tip the scales in favour of NATO membership for Finland.

God forbid the Finns join the Nato...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smelly Media: Morons' Dictionary: Gender Pay Gap = Because different jobs pay different wages

Men die 2000% more often than women on the job.


Men die six years younger than women; men live six year less than women.


Men get 50% less retirement benefits than women.


Men commit suicide 300%  more often than women.


Prostate cancer gets 90-95% less funding than breast cancer

"Damn, even that is too much"

In their lifetime men work way more longer hours, missing on their children's growing up

"A man's choice..."

So, what is the problem, I hear my readers ask. Since the feminasties are up and railing again.

This apparently is our big problem:

"Women get paid 18% less than men. For different jobs"

You kidding me?
You shitting me?
You serious?

When did we come to the situation where a expert shitpert can openly say that the Gender Pay Gap = The problem that exists because women and men work different fields; choose to work different jobs, choose to get different educations, are interested in different subjects...

Effff you, and eff your expertise.

Half a year ago, our presidents unfortunate words disrespecting the dead soldiers caused me to start the Smelly Media series, Dead soldiers party in the grave

Today, this caused me to go on Facebook with my commentary. I'm curious what will come out of that.

Here is the poisonous shit of a news article that straight from the horses mouth approves the vile bile that the feminasties have running in their veins, and the lies and misdirections that they shamelessly portray.

In the end what can you expect of Satan's daughters whose idols claimed that "All sex is rape", "All men must die"... Where are the hate speechers now?

Gender pay gap in Finland worse than in Europe.

Women in Finland earn on average 18 percent less than men, according to statistics. Experts interviewed by the YLE programme Aamu-TV on Wednesday said that the gender pay gap could grow even larger.

So, now you think, damn man, women do the same work, the same job, put in the same time, get the same results?

Think again, you blind fool.

The white collar union confederation STTK has calculated that, if the 18-percent gap is to be viewed as getting only 82 percent salary, women in Finland are effectively not going to be paid for the work they do for the rest of this year, starting on Wednesday.

Since men are earning 22% more tax, that will make them jump a few tax brackets, making them pay 30-50% more than women. So starting on Next January the first, men will continue paying this years added taxes into January, February, March, April, maybe May and even June, of next year, together with the tax on next years earning.

Women earn one month less?

Men pay six months extra.

How's that for a f%&king Gender Tax Gap?

“The wage gap is a stain on Finland, which is doing brilliantly in many other matters of equality,” says Outi Viitamaa-Tervonen from the Ministry of Social Affairs at Health, who leads the government’s and labour confederations’ equal pay project.
Lefty men. Have you not yet seen that the government is your enemy? That the welfare state steals from you and still blames you?

How is this for equality, you Ministry of How to Screw Men to Give to Women?

Gender Work Place Death Gap
Gender Tax Gap
Gender Life Length Gap
Gender Medical Research Gap
Gender Time Spent With Kids Gap
Gender The Right to Knowing the Kid is Yours Gap
Gender Retirement Benefit Gap

This does not mean that women are paid less than men for carrying out exactly the same tasks. Rather, jobs in sectors dominated by women tend to bring in worse salaries than jobs in industries dominated by men. In the same field, jobs usually held by women pay less than ones typically held by men.

There you got it.

"This does not mean that women are paid less than men for carrying out exactly the same tasks."

So, they are comparing neurosurgeons to hairdressers and coming up with a redefined gender gap?

Yes they are.

Deliberate lying, shameless information bending, ruthless misdirecting,

Simply put, lying to your face. (And smiling about it... Look at the article's photo)

According to Lahermaa, the problem is rooted so deeply that it’s difficult to make a change. She says that solving it requires cooperation between the government, the labour confederations, the trade unions and the employers.

The problem is rooted in the fact that a neurosurgeon is more valuable to society than a hairdresser.

This is it.

This is the end of it.

I urge the Miss to go get her next brain surgery at the hairdressers, as she thinks they are the same thing.

Better yet,

I urge the Miss FemiMissFit to get her next surgery on the desk of a women's studies major.

“And money, of course,” she adds.

Paid by?... Men...

Lahermaa stresses the importance of including additional paternity leave in the national framework deal on wage and conditions.

Throwing the dog a bone... Take it and shove it.

These two ladies should be sued for deliberately spreading misinformation designed to build distrust between the sexes, thus to destabilize the society.

Recommended reading:

Spearhead on the Gender Wage Gap being a Myth

Warren Farrell: Why Men Earn More on Amazon

Google's Results Page 1

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sleeping Beardy and Princess Not-Charming

It had been a beautiful eve. I had returned home just before 24, and finished the eve with the unfinished horror flick.

Must have been 1.30 when I closed my eyes, knowing a good day followed by an entertaining eve was behind me and fell asleep immediately.

Ok, there is danger here. I know she is dead, but walking, I know he wants to take me to the kingdom of the dead with me, shit, this is a dream, and I am sweating, but let's see where this takes m.... shiiiit, what is this death bringing phone doing here??? Stop it.. stop you mofo... stop (b)ringing death!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!

Find myself sitting upright in bed and breathing heavily when I open my eyes. The phone is ringing. I had forgotten to put the ringer volume down.

WTF? What is the time?

Look at the phone.

It is RedFlagDress calling.


So I look at the time, still half asleep.

3.50 AM

Ahh.. Ok. Now it makes sense. Bars close 3.30, there is only one reason a girl calls at this time, drunk or sober. And twenty minutes had passed, so either she is somewhere downstairs, or she is home and this will be an interesting chat.

"How are youu?"
"How have you been?"
"Hmmhmm".. I am thirsty, so I get up go to the kitchen
"Have been wondering how you are"
"It has been long time"
"Oh.. I can close the phone if I bothered you".. the glass of water wakes me up

"How was you night?"
"It was great. I had lots of fun"
"Where are you?"
"I came home"
"hmm", I go to the toilet, am paying my waste water tax to Mama Earth.

"Why didn't you call me" she asks
"..." 'cause you were a b'tch, and stepping on red flags can make my life blow up?

"You want to give me company?"  
...there it is...
Thanks for the offer, but am not going to go out now"
"What? The offer is not good enough?"
"Good offer bad timing".. I do not know if she is hearing the sounds of me paying tax.

"You get a cab and come over here, give me company" I counter. (So much for red flags if the investment is near zero and security measures can be taken)
"Nooo" she says
"What? The offer not good enough?"
"You're strange" she says
"You're stranger" I blurt out, trying not to splash around because of my laughter.

"I don't know why I even called you"
... I do.

"'night" I say
"good night" she says.

I go to bed, now have lost my sleep, and the little horny devil inside me is running up and down "Dude, you had it, how can you let go"....
"Do you want to crawl out of the warm bed, get dressed, get a cab in this cold, deal with a possibly drunk drama queen who has a chance of %1 of playing the am not ready game on your horny balls?"
He scratches his horned horny head,
"Yea... Good point... 'Night" and dozes off before I do.
And slept sweet and sound till ten in the morning.

Now am writing this two pm, soon off to a good training. Lifting heavy weights, not trying to lift off heavy drama.

She will call again. Maybe, then, the story will not be written.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Smelly Media: Straight from the horses mouth: We are selling you C.R.A.P.

Now that some people are realizing that the medical/food/government industry approved feed is poisoning them, they are looking for solutions.

And a move from margarine to butter is in any measures a step forward.

One step can mean a lot.

So, people are buying butter, not shortened fat from corn, not strawberry flavored sugar powered fat free diabetes delivering yoghurt;

And voila:

Butter shortage hits, price rises loom

This quote though, telling athe crux of the news, is of no interest to me:

Some shops in Finland have run out of butter as the dairy industry leader Valio has been forced to cut back on supply.

What is of interest is this:

Luomala notes that consumers have begun opting for higher-fat dairy products, including milk, yoghurt and cheese.

"There is a trend toward more genuine, natural and simple foods, which has led to a significant increase in demand for real butter," he says.

Real butter... Genuine... Natural... Simple...

The person does not mean it so, but what I hear is this:

"The prices will rise because more people are realizing we are selling them C.R.A.P."

Maybe someone can help me with opening C.R.A.P.?

Oh, and if you are a family with two cows, don't even think of making your own butter.

You will be considered a risk to public health.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smelly Media: EUdiocy on display

Danish and Finish PMs pessimistic about Euro summit

Two weeks ago the Social Democratic leader Thorning-Schmidt became Denmark's first woman prime minister. Her left-oriented coalition has promised to loosen Denmark's immigration policy.

Wow... I did not know Denmark had something resembling an immigration policy, let alone a strict one.

Maybe, since the lady is a leftie, she can explain, how importing culture enhancing vibrators will actually be a benefit to Denmark's Viking heritage.

Anyway, soon the marked Viking graves will have their marks removed as the Viking markings are touching on the sensitivities of the perpetually offended.

If the news would end here, it would not smell this much.

But it continues:

After the above quote, our rulers mention:

She and her Finnish opposite number, Jyrki Katainen, discussed the European Union's economic crisis among other issues. Speaking to reporters afterwards, neither was very hopeful that any major steps forward would be made at this weekend's summit conference.

Even if these two quotes seem unrelated, they actually are connected from the umbilical cord, and the only valid comment to this news would be,

"No sh¤t, Sherlock!"

P.s.: For the interested, go to the link and observe the body language of the gentleman.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smelly Media: The title screams: Finnish, right wing, conservative christian terrorist... Wlecome to honest media

Finland's first terrorism case expands to include Finnish citizen

Ok. Technically the title is correct:

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) says it now suspects four individuals of engaging in the recruitment and financing of terrorists through the Somali militant group al-Shabab.

NBI inspector Jaakko Christensen says all four suspects are Somalis, though the newest suspect also has Finnish citizenship.


Foreign born... Foreign parents... Foreign culture... Foreign origin... Foreign raised... Foreign schooled... Foreign friends... Foreign circle...

But, has completed the only two requirements to obtain the passport: Stayed here more than five years, passed the Finnish exam.

And that is what is deemed important for the title.

Does to say more?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Smelly Media: Where are your quotas now, you quotabirds?

Storm warnings in northern Gulf of Bothnia

We get nothing like the hurricanes in the US or the tsunamis in Asia, but hey, gotta love a good storm.

And this is one of the news item where the newspaper overlooked the possibility of injecting some ideology. Got to give credit where it is due, though due to the context, I think they had no other choice, in order to keep their credibility with the normal sheeple.

Officials have raised the state of readiness of emergency services in north-western coastal areas. For the first time, the Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a wave height warning for the Quark and northern areas of the Gulf of Bothnia. The sea level is forecast to rise by 100-130 cm over night and through Friday morning.

So, it is bad. If it is the first time for a country that does not close its airports even in the harshest conditions, the storm must be bad.

Central Ostrobothnia and Pietarsaari Rescue Service personnel spent much of Thursday going through command and control arrangements. This meant, among other things, making sure that enough fresh men will be available if stormy weather continues.


Read that again:

making sure that enough fresh men will be available if stormy weather continues.

You missed it?

Here, with emphasis:

making sure that enough fresh men will be available if stormy weather continues.


Men to the rescue... Risking their lives for the people...

Where are the quotabirds now eh?

Where the f¤¤k are the cries for this being discrimination and that there should be a mandatory 40% quota for women for this job?


Do you hear them?

Demanding their womanly right to be entitled to the job?

Do you?

'cause this is what I hear:


Friday, October 14, 2011

Never ceases to amaze

Am passing them on the street;

Three middle easterners, peacocked to the hilt, saying goodbye to eachother:

"Ola 'migos!"

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smelly Media: Why the Church has turned into a joke. Exhibit 2011.56

State training for Finland's imams?


Naivete, ignorance, good will and PC blinders on, all in the same time.

Read any news lately? What is happening around the world?


Here we go;

Welcome to Lalaland of the PC continent, the BatSheep insane world of the current diverse multiculti dominance, the PC department:

The time is ripe for considering imam training in Finland, says Archbishop Kari Mäkinen. Home-grown imams could help Finland's Muslims feel more at home, according to the head of the country’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Emphasis mine.
So our leader of the church thinks that the higher authority following Muslims will readily accept an imam trained by the infidel institutions of Finland. Wow...
Genuine, sincere, naive, goodwilling (?), wishful thinking. 
Maybe he should open his Bible and read it 3 times. Once for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
And then read some history and read some non leftie, non diversity worshiping, non multiculti-fellating, un-pc news outlets.
There are some assumptions as some people actually wanting to integrate, wanting to be part of society without totally replicating their own society (that they claim to have ran away from, btw;), that there are people who are as open minded as us... Welcoming and tolerant...
Assumptions which have been proven wrong in almost every western country.
“It’s important that members of the Islamic community—as those of other faiths—have strong ties to Finnish society, its language and culture,” said Mäkinen, speaking on Wednesday at a seminar in Turku on on religious literacy and interfaith cooperation.
Do they all want to have/do have ties? Or do some just want the benefits of living in a first world country?
Interfaith cooperation... I.e: Example of not doing your homework... Funny coming in a religious literacy conference.
Reads more like a "Feel Good" conference.
Finland has no ready formula for national imam training programmes, though it could look to the Netherlands, which launched government-funded imam training initiatives five years ago to promote the integration of its Muslim citizens.
Yea, looking at the Netherlands, that program has been a huge success... Or?
How's it working for them?
Rimke van der Veer, who heads such training in the Netherlands, says Dutch imams often act as part social worker, which requires deep knowledge of the local culture.
And the real orders are coming from abroad.
In the next line, a prominent member of the community clearly tells what the community thinks of Archbishop's words:
State and religion
{I removed the name} founder of the popular Muslim online community, says a fresh look is needed at religious leadership in general.
“We should redefine what an imam does, and the role of this religious institution in today’s world,” says {again, the name} who moved to Finland in 2004 from the United Arab Emirates. “People today have a strong individual identity and won’t just accept information that’s handed down.”
Fresh look?


"Won't just accept information that's handed down" (Hmm... handed down by whom?)


Smelly Media: We are all equal, but the chose get affirmative action

Minister demands discrimination ombudsman

Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson is calling for the establishment of a special ombudsman to deal with discrimination issues. She points out that the Ombudsman for Minorities only deals with matters related to ethnic minorities and foreigners.

Well, I have previously mentioned that that OfM office should be abolished, after the problems the office came up with.

Discrimination on grounds such as language, religion, sexual orientation and disability are easily forgotten, says Robin Harms, Minister Henriksson’s special adviser.

Easily forgotten because no-one can utter a word against gay, speaking against religion is a crime punishable by jail, language.... well, I can't speak fluent Finnish, so shall I sue a company that has no use for me? The only legitimate claim would be of the disabled and they are already taken care of by the state. 

It seems to be that the only disenfranchised group, the only ones having no-one looking after them are the Finnish/working/western/white men... I mention all three conditions, as, as long as you work and pay your taxes, you are lumped together with the working men, and of you are western but not working, you still are put together in the same group with Finnish men.  

Apparently we are the evil oppressors of single mothers of three from two unemployed fathers managing to get away to Spanish riviera three times a year...

Apparently we are the evil oppressors of vibrant families, unemployed with four kids, living in a 100m2 house in the centerpoint of downtown, getting free gym, school, hobby school etc and more than 1200 euros in cash benefits.

Not to forget, all this, while a 40% quota for women has been requested for top level jobs.  

Western/Working man, is it clear now that you are the only ones for how discrimination is sanctioned?

Labour market organisations have, however, wanted to keep such matters under the authority of regional state administrative agencies.

So there are already laws in place...

Mo', mo', mo'...

Harms say Finland’s failure to establish an office to deal with, for example, bias in the workplace, hurts Finland’s reputation.

What hurts Finlands reputation is what is going on with Nokia... Not the male dominated jobs not wanting gays in their locker rooms, not companies who do not want people who can't even speak their own language, let alone write; not the physical jobs not wanting to put the disabled in danger; not the ultra sensitive non tolerant who cry abuse at every little possible non-positive result.

”We promote human rights around the world, but this is our situation at home,” says Harms.


Go on, openly ridicule, belittle and blame your most productive segment.

One day you will get you quota, when enough men retreat from this hostile life to play Warcraft and drink homemade brew;

What will you cry then? Force slavery?

I mean, openly force it?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Afraid of the approach? Not giving yourself the chance to get rejected, is rejection by default

"I do not want to get rejected", "I am afraid of the rejection", etc etc...

Using this excuse, you do not go and say "Hi"...

What happens?

You do not give her the chance to reject you,
You do not give yourself the chance to get rejected,

You have done the rejection for her.

By not saying "Hi", you are rejecting yourself before a chance is even born.

You do not give her a chance to welcome you,
You do not give yourself the chance to be welcomed.
You reject yourself, not giving a chance to other people to reject you, or welcome you.

You play a football match where before the game you take the ball into your own goal, lay it on the ground and say "I don't want to lose", and do not show up for the game. What happened? You lost. 

Give rejection a chance.
Even a cat has nine lives.
Do you think a rejection has more?
At some point it will have no energy to block the welcome to your "Hi"...

But you not saying "Hi" is you playing into the hands of the rejection Devil, recharging it with the energy of your soul.

Where is the story in this post you say...

There is no story. There needs to be no story when this may be the thickest storybook ever written for each and every man.

How many rejections you had in your life?

Unimportant. Neglibible.

The story to this post are the rejections that I gave to myself,

For every woman that rejected me, I have rejected myself 10... 50... (100?) times.

Every time I saw a girl that I went "hmm" to and I did not say "hi" to; I rejected myself. This "everytime", is the story.

How would my life have been if I had given the girl the choice of rejection or welcoming instead of choosing rejection from the get go?

How would your life have been?

Afraid of the approach? Every rejection is one step towards the pearly gates

"Dude it is my last night, I need to get laid" he said.

I was not going to educate anybody when I am full high on Ouzo. So i said

"Talk to ten girls, one will work out"

I see him talking to the beat looking girl in the bar. I respected that, since I was thinking about talking with her. Then he talked with a short lesbian who does mercenary jobs in the Middle East..

He came

"That was four"

"Six to go" I said, went back to my business.

Then I spot him talking to a girl that was 1.90... The guy was under 1.70...

"Man that was 8... This sh%t ain't happening" by now he is drunk, and I am careless so I say

"You gotta select your targets more carefully"

In his frustration he almost starts a fight with me about what I mean when I directed him towards a girl more suitable for him. Well he went, and it went good, but desperation can be smelled.


Moral of the story?

He did not get laid; but after 8 tries, he eventually found a girl that was welcoming to his "Hi"

A rejection is not a rejection.

Nobody I know has a zero percent ratio for getting a favorable reaction from a woman. Some have 50% warm response ratio, some have 5%...

This means, no matter how many times you will get rejected,  after some point, you will get a warm response.

Every rejection then, is a step towards a "Helloooo", to your "Hi".

Treat every rejection as thus.

One step closer to your bed.

No rejections, no steps, no bed.

Unless there is someone who wants to take you to their bed, then you only need not to f%&k up, but that happens not to be in the context of saying "Hi".

While writing this story:

Said "Hi" to the girls in front of me. I thought one went to the loo, but apparently it was loo before the go; had a very warm response. They left, and I did what needed be done. 

A guy was talking to a girl on the next table. When he left, she laughed behind his back. She does not know that he is sitting with a better girl somewhere in the back. (Note: I love contact lenses)

Afraid of the approach? This is almost as worse as it can get.

Lesson: Approach.

I had totally forgot this event, remembered it last night just before falling asleep. Don't even remember what made me remember.

That night I was out alone. I knew a friend of mine will come downtown in a few hours, so I was hanging out in a bar that I frequent, listening to Iron Maiden and Megadeth, sipping some Gin&Soda.

Beside me there was a table of five people, three girls, two guys.

I noticed them because one of the girls, the only cute one,  looked at me, told her friends something, and then looked back.

Without thinking about the situation, without even feeling social, I go to the girl.

Five on the table sitting, I come in, standing,

"Hey there" I tell the girl, and then I notice I went to talk to a table of five without even checking the situation, without trying to get an idea who is doing who, so on.

Five heads turn to me, ten eyes. Waiting for me to say something,

I could have said "I noticed this girl here gossiping, thought I would inquire about that" or something...

But somehow I could not get the focus out. So,

"Uhhmmmm" I said

"Hi" said the girl

I nodded to the others, they nodded back, the guys having a look of WTF...

At this point I am totally lost, like as if I jumped into a frozen lake, thinking it was hot tub with champagne in an icebucket.

"Hey, I said hi, but I should ask the connections here first" I say,

They ramble something.

Some more ramblings on my side, mainly because I could not get out of my head, where Symphony of Destruction was playing.

At some point, I turned outwards,

"Hey guys, right now this makes not sense, have a good night"

And I left.

Knowing that five people were looking at eachother and saying "What the f¤¤k was that?"... Knowing that I nuked myself into orbit in a situation that I normally handle well. Felt like sh%t... Felt like a f¤¤kup...

What happened?

The world ended?

Armageddon came?

I turned celibate?

It was advertised in the town paper?


My friends came out. We went to the club downstairs, it was bad, on the way we had fun with one of the bouncers, went to get some sangria, got to hear a woman bitch on me, laughed about it, had a blondie all over me till some fuse in her head blew, saw a long lost colleague, saw an old flame who just go married, laughed some more, got punched, punched back, got manhugged by a bouncer.

The incident at that table, which marks one of my most memorable f¤¤k ups in the context of approaching did not even make a dent in that evening.

And I am just trying to remember when it was that when I said "Hi" to a girl, she totally bitched on me, only for me to turn my back, see a much more interesting woman, say "Hi" and have a very entertaining interaction after that. The bitch-jaw dropped to the floor, trying to get my attention the rest of the night.

Did her bitching end my night? It actually opened the doors to another not to be written story.