Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smelly Media: Objective reportings of polls

A'ight.. So we poll people to get some idea on what they think and then report on it?

True, but the title we choose tells us a lot,

An example:

Iltalehti : Nearly Half of Finns Favour EU Support

The answers of those quizzed were clearly in line with their party affiliation.

Clearly then, the TrueFinns party leaving the government talks on this issue was them being consistent; unlike what other politicians accused them of.

Voters of the Swedish People’s Party, the Greens and the National Coalition Party were most in favour of supporting EU countries in financial difficulties. Up to 83 percent of Swedish People’s Party backers favoured Finland’s support for the crisis countries. In total, 47 percent of those interviewed for the poll were in favour of the EU support.

Back to the title, "close to half" means 47%

And the Swedish People's Party gets like 4.3% of the votes... So what if their 83% had some opinion? Does it really need this much mentioning? That makes like 3.something% of the total. One needs to be aware though, that they control way more wealth than that percentage.

Voters of the True Finns Party, the Left Alliance and Christian Democratic Party were most in opposition to the EU support. Nearly nine out of 10 True Finns supporters are against it. In total, 39 percent of those interviewed were against the EU support.

Nearly nine out of ten? Cannot menation a percentage to make it look more scientific?

This is how journalism under an ideology works. 83% for the PC swedish crowd, nine out of 10 (even grammatically inconsistent) for the non-PC proles - the proles who were the favored citizens as long as they sang the marxist tune -; "see they can't even count"...

And the total? 39%.

So, there is a measly 8% difference, and while 47% is "nearly half", the other 39% are not mentioned in the title.

I claim this is denigrating hate speech.

On different news:

HS: Finns Skeptical of EU Democracy

Over half the Finns suspect that democracy is not working well within the European Union, shows a survey commissioned by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

What is the percent? Over half? 50%? 70%? In between?

So someone does not believe the pushed ideology, and you have to report it. Minimize the damage you must, eh?

EU Democracy? Technocracy, bureaucracy, socialist welfare totalitarianism, open bordered cultural suicide pact it is; democracy, it is not.

EUSSR is more close to what it is than a democracy.

A mere quarter of Finns take a bright view.

Got to give credit to the inclusion of "mere"; but, are we talking 24.9%? 22%? Less?

Despite their doubts, however, only a fifth of Finns believe that Finland would be better off on its own.

If Finns were a hundred million, they would have thought otherwise, but they are too small to be alone.

In any case, anybody who thinks the EU is a democracy after what happened is deaf man in a rock concert. In Ireland, Holland, and other places after the public vote was dismissed, and after they renamed the "EU Constitution" into the "Lisbon Treaty" to bypass any referandum, the "EU democracy" turned into a joke; and that, assuming good intentions.

Which I do not.

And this kind of reporting, I also cannot believe to be coming from good intentions.

Ideological brainwashing of a until recently homogeneous and until recently trusting people is what this is.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Smelly Media: Greens switching from green to red part 2

Green MP: Somalis Should Be Helped at Home

Green League parliamentarian Pekka Haavisto says Somali refugees should
receive more aid at refugee camps in Somalia,

Combining with the title of the news, this is another indicator of the greens turning to their original color, red.

According to Haavisto, Finns are more concerned with the Somali refugees
living in Finland than with the actual conflict. He says he believes the key
issue is for refugees to be able to return to their homes.
And somebody please explain to me why this is such a bad thing.

A Finnish parent being more concerned about the environment his/her own kids will be living in in ten years from now, instead of being concerned what some people are doing; on the other hemisphere?

And one must be living in lalalaland to believe that the refugees will return back before amassing untold wealth relative to their homecountry.

Of course except if you deposit the benefits obtained in Finland directly to their Somalian bank accounts.

But yea, greens will call for more regulation; as the reds always do.

"Red"ulation, is what it is.

Also necessary to know: When a TrueFinns member told that the refugees should be helped at their own countries, the media went gaga. How dare the racist TrueFinns say that. Gaga... Gaga..

Together with the Greens suggesting that immigrant kids be forced into pre-school (will the immigrant mothers be forced into work when they do not have the excuse of looking after kids?), and now this, it makes me wonder why the Greens were so totally against any tightening of the immigration policies.

They admit that it is not working as well as it was advertised to the indigenous people (in this case the Finns) Btw: Merkel and Sarkozy even went further. So why not tighter control the influx, instead of forcing mandatory behavior onto people who were given a right to live here under the pretense that this is a free country?

How does that make the Greens humanitarians?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smelly media: Let's remove Crist from Christmas

Old news:

Many Finnish Schools Gear Up for Multicultural Christmas

Christmas carols resounded in Helsinki's Cathedral as pupils of the Katajanokka primary school practiced their church performance on Tuesday. However, a third of the students stayed back at the school. Many of them belong to other faiths. In the effort to include as many students as possible in the school-wide celebration scheduled for next week, the school chose to lessen the religious focus of the holiday.
Let's look at some key words:




How do you fit multiculti into this?

By inviting different faiths to join your religious holidays? By welcoming different faiths into your religious celebration,

Or by removing your faith out of it?

Many kindergartens are solving the dilemma by excluding nativity plays and Christmas carols from their celebrations, while the visit to church is organized separately.

Because the intolerant simply cannot tolerate you celebrating your religious event, you tolerate their intolerance, and this ends up in you losing a (big) part of your identity?

Good way to raise your children; teach them to bend over backwards because you are tolerant while others are intolerant. That is definitely progression.

“We have preserved some of those traditions, and none of the parents had any complaints,” says Tuula Saasatamoinen, teacher at the K√§pylinna kindergarten.

Maybe it is time to increasingly listen to the tolerant and outright dismiss the whining of the intolerant, who will soon start demanding that the Finnish Independence day be named "December 6 Celebration";

As one day, the intolerant will be offended by the tolerant simply uttering "It is a beautiful day". 

And behold the outcry when one day in the future a member of the currently tolerant group will object the teaching of homosexuality as being a cherished choice (remember, blank slate??) to primary school kids...

Christmas carols are eeeeevil, but arsepummeling and carpetmunching is to be cherished.

Once again: I have no problems with gays and lesbians; but I also have no problem with parents who object the teaching of these identities to young kids in sex ed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smelly Media: Lady Doc, we love thee

So whatever women achieve is a struggle.

Will we ever see, "Struggle of Female Garbage Collectors Focus of Exhibition"?


Struggle of Female Physicians Focus of Exhibition

Today more than half of Finland’s doctors aged under 40 are women. A new
exhibition at Helsinki University Museum, Hameiden hidastamat, or
Held Back by Skirts in English, details the extraordinary careers of seven
women who blazed a trail for today’s female medical students and physicians.
How many male doctors served the society up to then is irrelevant.

See, also, "more than half are women", YIPPPIIIEEE YEAAA...

Would we ever hear cheers of "More than half are men"?? What makes it so much better that women are full time doctors, while their kids are taken care of and indoctrinated  by undereducated low wage earners, before they even can speak?

It was not always so easy for women to enter the profession. The first women
physicians only received licence to practice in Finland towards the end of
the 19th century.

And of course the assumption that is was oh-so-easy for any man to become a doctor..

Ask the thousands of farmers, miners, soldiers, sailors and such.

Oh yea, forgot, they are invisible to the female kind when talking about jobs and careers.

With the support of her brother Alfred, who was also a doctor, she was
eventually admitted to Helsinki University to study medicine. Although she
never qualified, she was granted a limited licence to practice medicine for
women and children.

The first case of affirmative action?

I got nothing against female doctors per se. A good friend of mine is a doctor, and she is a good one.

But, statistically speaking, if every woman takes 2 maternity leaves, and also we have to assume that a mother will work less than a father due to the children's needs,

A doctor graduates at 25, works another 35 years. A woman takes two years off for pregnancy + childcare, and then work part time (or at least less than a man) during the time the kids are small.Add to this that men are more likely to work overtime.

This does not have an effect on the woman's value as a doctor, or as a mother, but looking at the big picture,  the female doctor spending this time on her children, will effectively cut her working time to say, 30 years. (there was a study done about this in England, i did not search for it) Compare this to the 35 years for men.

And country wide, this effectively cuts the amount of doctor-time available by around eight percent, given a 50-50 male female ratio. The loss of doctor-time is greater with a greater percentage of females in the workforce, and for a country that is already short on doctors, this spells disaster for the sick and wounded.

Yea, go on cheering "More than half are women yeaaaay"... Which also means "less than half are men"; now it sounds more like hate speech does it not?;

Don't come crying when your specialist is on maternity leave.

P.s: I do not mind female doctors though I prefer males. It is this "more than half are female" cheering, which would not exist if the tables were turned and would be a cry of oppression "more than half are male".

To lighten up:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smelly Media: Oh man, really no point in arguing

Less Than a Third of Finns Can Name Government Parties

No problem in the title.

And then it starts:

The poll finds that supporters of the True Finns Party, working-class people and young people have the poorest knowledge about the government.

Allright, so we branded the True Finns party as ignoramus. They are the one with the poorest knowledge. Together with the young and the working... Guess the non working are well versed in politics, eh... (I know working class means something else)

The present government is formed by the Centre Party, the National Coalition Party, the Green League and the Swedish People’s Party of Finland.


Yet a third of Finns wrongly believe that the Social Democrats are part of the government, which is nearing the end of its four-year term.

So 33% of Finns are poor in this knowledge;

Nearly half of Left Alliance supporters think that SDP is part of the government,

But 50% of the Lefties wrongly think SDP is in the government;

while two out of five True Finns supporters believe this to be the case;


40% of the True Finns think so.

Over a quarter of SDP supporters believe the party is in government.

So 25% of the SDP people, you know the enlightened lefties think THEIR OWN PARTY is in the government, when it is not.

Among under-25-year-olds, around half believe that the Greens are not in the government, and a third thinks that the True Finns are part of the current administration.

Considering the True Finns got a measly few percent of the vote in the last elections, this is a very bad result for the case of universal suffrage.

Voting is not a right, it should be a responsibility, and an earned one at that.

Yet this is the kind of journalism that makes many people call the True Finns racist for their remarks, and then make remarks like "We got the cockroaches in the parliament", "We now got few of those white trash in the government" and so on, without stopping one moment to think about their remarks and their implications.

And it is this kind of journalism that does not mention half of the (so assumed) educated SDP voters wrongly think their own party is in the government; but puts in its first paragraph words in a way that imply that the True Finns supporters are ignorant as hell, as 40% of them did not know about a different party's involvement in the government. (When the whole finnish average of ignorance was 33%)

This kind of journalism cannot be taken in good faith as the behavior clearly shows subjective reporting and trying to push an agenda upon the people.

It cannot be trusted, nor can naivete be assumed.

It is misinformation done deliberately and knowingly.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smelly Media: An insight into Europeans walking toward cultural and demographic suicide.

Hundreds Rally for Tolerance

Hey, how about rally for tolerance of minorities like in Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc etc, where they are getting butchered by the day, burned in their churches, raped under daylight, and decapitated like stray dogs?

Well, ok, I will calm down. 

About 1,200 members of the public gathered in front of the Parliament in
Helsinki to rally their countrymen to respect tolerance and

Here I will ask for a rally for the minorities to respect and tolerate the culture of the majority.

For not getting pissed at every remark that is made, especially if it is backed by facts and numbers.


Even the Great MultiCulti German Chancellor has said it does not work, the French Sarkozy said it does not work

What makes you think it will work here? The cold weather and the goodwill of the Finnish people?

Good luck with that when the common denominator in all failed MultiCulti Diversity states is multicultism and diversity itself.

Diversity and proximity does not work once a tipping point is reached and one group is less tolerant than the other.

There is no other way, there has been no other way, and we human have not yet evolved into human beings with shiny grey skin that can communicate via thought.

So history will repeat itself, over and over.

The rally was seeded by private individuals on Facebook and called for an open and tolerant Finland that cares for minorities and shoulders its share of
responsibility for global problems.

5 million people responsible for the world?

5 million people who have some wealth because they worked like dogs and did not breed like hamsters?

Where the government talks clearly show that Finland is at or close to its population limit that it can sustain without going down the blackhole?

So Finland which has reasonably responsibly only bred children they could support and made it from 3.6 to 5.6 (give an take a few 0.1s) in hundred years is responsible for people that double their population every 20-25 years? And this with tens of millions to start with?

I tell you what the share is for Finland:

The 5.6 millions of Finns, and arguably the foreigners who are working inside the borders.

That's it.

Even that is stretching the limits of the economy. And in this place with these winters you would not want a bad economy.

If some private charity wants to do good, then feel free. That is a personal/institutional decision.

But Finland, with 250.000 unemployed, and one third under Finnish standards of poverty does not have that luxury.  Yea some places have people who make less than two euros a day, I feel for them, but they also do not live in a place where a loaf of bread costs 2.69 euros.

such as immigration, conservation, the status of linguistic
minorities and gender equality.
Linguistic minorities? The only ones I know about are the Swedes and the Sami and they have been here for centuries. And there have been problems, I hope they will be solved.

Gender equality? I doubt they were walking for the right to obtain the DNA of "his" child without the consent of the mother, so he knows if he is the father or if the bitch is making him raise some other's dickvomit, when it is a crime to swap babies in the hospital; or not making the man responsible for a baby for who the mother has the sole choice over its life or death.

Immigration? Yea, call for more immigration, you useful people. With your birthrate of 1.7 kids per woman this is nothing more, nothing less than demographic suicide. Numbers speak for themselves: an average of 2.2 for immigrants in total,  with some groups having 4.9, 3.8, and 3.4* (while interestingly the most baby birthing groups are also the least employed.... my taxes.....).

It is not racism, not xenophobia. It is being open minded and humanist and also being able to read some frigging numbers and connecting some dots; and not singing kumbayyaaa.

Shit, I go out on the weekend, and am not sure if I am in Abu Dabi, Madagascar or Jakarta..
(Places are arbitrary, if you feel like it replace the names with Madrid, Marmaris (Turkish Ibiza), Sharm El Sheik (Egyptian Ibiza), Havana, back streets of Rio, etc, etc)

”Our aim was to highlight the very values that we appreciate. It was good
natured and community-spirited,” Junkkaala continued.
Kumbayyaaa kumbayyyaaa...

”Our motto is, ’Finland has room for everyone’,” said Junkkaala.

This person either has no kids, wants no grandkids, or is blind and deaf.

That motto will change soon. Very soon.

People from Oslo, people from Malmo, people from Rotterdam, people from Amsterdam also had those ideas, just five years ago, and they are also northern europeans. 

And I would not have written this harsh a post about this demonstration, if I would not see and hear similar things all the day, and would not have lost one of my origins last week due to the similar tolerant mentality not being able to protect freedom in life and in belief when faced with the intolerant in enough numbers. 

It is about good intentions vs the real world and unintended consequences.

It is about preventing future suffering.

*In the link it is mentioned that the current rate of immigrants will not be enough to fill the places of the retiring workers.
Makes me wonder what are the currently unemployed 250.000 are for....
And people eat this shit up like a birthday cake.
250.000 unemployed we got, but the immigrant will not be enough to fill the workplaces.
What workplaces? You already have 250.000 too less.

Smelly Media: And yet, no point in arguing anymore

This is a follow up to my last post about the True Finns being unwanted in the political arena, even though they got 20% of the vote, up from a dismal 2 or 3% the last election.

Suddenly all those people who were for the prolateriat, for the folk, for the people turned against democracy, saying the dumb should not vote.

That was what I was saying for some time, except for me it is, do you pay tax more than you get social benefits? Then you can vote. Otherwise you have no right to vote about the governing of a country to which you are a net negative.

If someone accuses me of making it all about money, I ask thee please go look at what the coalition is arguing about. The only thing except money is NATO. Other than that, it is how more money can be taxed, and how it is to be distributed.

Ah, and when I say that, I am a discriminatory capitalist pig, but when the dumb are not to vote it is for the good of the system... Yea right... Got brutally love yourself.

Here is the latest:

Kiviniemi:"This was a farce"

When Kiviniemi’s Centre Party agreed to take part in the negotiations, it said that the True Finns also had to be onboard. However, now Kiviniemi expressed disappointment in the True Finns.

Kiviniemi said that it did not look like the True Finns wanted to take responsibility or to influence Finland’s policies, be they internal or EU-related.

Right or wrong in their policies,the True Finns are the only political party who openly declare that their first duty is to the Finns, and Finnland, not some ideology like socialism, multicultism, globslism, do goodism, PCism, PC MC, EUism or some other -ism.

In this day and age, they were the only party that said they would work for the Finns.

Right or wrong.

So when the other parties could not or would not go against their masters in Brussels, and asked the True Finns to turn around and bend over to be violated by the Kings of the EU, True Finns refused, maybe out of fear of losing votes, maybe out of principle, but in the end they were the only party not contradicting that they were voted for by the Finns, in Finland, for the Finnish parliament. 

“It doesn’t look like they’re interested in making a difference,” Kiviniemi said.

They are interested in making a difference, but they know it will not be by getting violated by the EU technocrats who soon will outlaw my right to the food that I want to eat, and already have outlawed free speech a.k.a. "pissing of the ultra sensitive intolerant bunch of people".

Staying out of a government while the EU sinks deeper into the abyss, they know that their chances of making a difference is greater at the next election.

And if the other parties were not already enjoying the plumbing they got from EU and were indeed interested in making Finland a sovereign state with functioning borders again, then the True Finns, I believe would not walk out of the talks.

She also criticised the government formation process as a whole, saying that it lacked leadership.

She should have called me.

True Finns chair Timo Soini said that EU policy once again played the decisive role in his party's choice to go into opposition.

“It’s this disastrous European policy which has been pursued in Finland. The aim here is to continue with it, and we can’t accept it,” he said.


Right or wrong, I do not care. I tip my hat to the party of farmers, sawmill workers and truckers...

Oh, you thought those people were the respected base of all leftist policies... Ya know, the working class...

Heh, I guess the "power to the people" works as long as they sing to the leftist tune. When they sing another tune, suddenly it is the "fucking farmer" as one of my leftie friends put in facebook. Before that day it was the rights of the farmer is the basis of a functioning society etc, after that day it was the dumb fucking farmer.

Tough luck, liefties.. Tough luck.

And i am saying all this knowing very well that the True Finns policies may be to my detriment.

Soini said that the True Finns can also influence EU policies from the opposition.

The way the EU goes, there will not be much left to influence in five years time.

So enjoy the opposition, while it lasts.

Btw, there are still enough idiots thinking EU is a democracy and that EU is right winged...

Stalin called them "useful idiots"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smell Media: No point in arguing anymore

Condemnation of Racism Turn out Racist Flavored?

In april the newly elected parliamenter from the True Finns made some unfortunate comments about africans, using the word "neekeri" which is the old-finnish for african, not the finnish for nigger; about minarets and some other issues. F

I may touch on what I think about his words in a post later on, but point is, Hakkarainen was then disciplined by the party chief, and the True Finns issued statements,

(Which are nothing like "Immigrants need to assimilate", given by the immigrant loving greens, the True Finns have a lot to learn about manipulating language),

But then;
The True Finns Party's declaration in late May condemning racism was partially
aimed at themselves, says professor of constitutional law Tuomas Ojanen of
the University of Helsinki.
Because again some very sensitive people got offended, they had to correct course in some way, and they did it by issuing a statement that they are not racist (to which I agree, btw.. the word racist right not is thrown around so much that it has the same meaning as "you are an orange")

The statement penned by MP Jussi Halla-Aho would prohibit the positive aspects
of special treatment as well as racism.
If you cannot negatively discriminate, you should not be able to positively discriminate, as if you positively discriminate, like some of the kumbayya singers suggest, you are actually negatively discriminating against the others. Try teaching it to the bird brained.

So True Finns said, no racism.


Should settle the issue?

“The issue here is reaching true equality between people. We’re trying to
improve the conditions of people who are in a weaker position due to
discrimination and put them on an equal footing with us,” Professor Ojanen
says, defining positive special treatment.

What is false equality?

Foreigners have 10% unemployment. Discrimination

Finns have 10% unemployment. Lazy Finns.

Who defines weaker position?

What defines true equality?

Man these arguments that mean nothing, the non existent meaning can be changed at the whim of the accuser (accusing, that is the only thing they are good at).

You have opportunities for free school, you drop out.
You are provided jobs you choose to go on welfare.


Here is equality: Spend the money on people who actually want to study and work.

I am in fumes about this "true equality" bullshit that I cannot explain the phrase I got in my head.

On the search of "True Equality" where "True" is not defined, cannot be defined, society is the biggest loser, and the members of the society go down with that.

Some people feel good about themselves and can strot around thumping their chests, while the society is going down like Titanic.

According to Ojanen, the kind of special treatment condemned by the True
Finns’ declaration is upheld by the Finnish constitution, as well as
international human rights agreements. It is also known as affirmative
Affirmative action is discriminatory action against the unaffirmed, which usually happens to be the natives, or the ones more suitable/deserving for a job/benefit/position/housing are are rejected because of some quota.

It is the farce of human rights. It is forcefully taking rights from deserving and giving them to the ones affirmed by the current political agenda.

It is oppression, as it is written in the dictionary.

“It comes with very strict constraints and is also temporary. For example,
when women’s position at the workplace has improved, then it [special
treatment regarding women] should end,” the professor explains.

Man, I wish this disaster of humanist sciencing would stop here but it continues:

He wonders also why the True Finns condemned only discrimination on the basis
of ethnic origin, religion, language and culture.

“Why focus on these, but ignore the generally condemned discrimination on the
basis of gender or age? I think there are some racist undertones apparent
there,” Ojanen says.

They were bloody condemning the racist speech one of their members gave.

Maybe they should also condemn discrimination based on height, weight, BMI, jeans size, hair color, eye color, eye lash thickness, the direction the dick is hanging?

This can't be serious...

But it is serious. Let's look at it again:

True Finns:

"We condemn any discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, religion, and culture"

The humanists:

"They did not condemn discrimination based on sex and age. See, we told you they are racists"

Ojanen suspects that many of the True Finns members who signed the declaration
did not comprehend the full meaning its creator, the outspoken academic and
blogger Halla-Aho, put into it.
Eeeeeevil-Halla-Aho... The poster child of satan.

Crime: Making the insensitive uncomfortable  Pissing off the intolerant

“But the one who penned this declaration was driving at a very specific idea,”
Ojanen suggests.
Well, it does look like Mr.O himself is deliberately trying to drive to a very specific idea.
While having the assumption that when a political party is making a statement, they should not be driving towards a specific idea? Ehm.. Why is it called a statement?

And these people are given the task of defining "True Equality"...

This piece of news once again proves to me that discussing with the intellectuals of the PC affiliation is a futile attempt in creating some good in this world.

Using their tactics like scare mongering, ad hominem attacking, twisting facts and manipulating language among other techniques and directly speaking to the society while bypassing the PC crowd is the only way left.

As it has been shown here and in other times, they are neither interested in facts, nor in what you say. So, neither should you pay respect to what is being said by them. The only reason to listen to them is to use their words against them; if the words do not get silenced by the roar of the massive avalanche of facts that is inevitable.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smelly Media: Greens switching from green to red

Greens to Immigrants: Learn Finish or Lose Benefits

Ah, the Greens, the multiculti treehugging, let's spend the society's resources to create a better world, kumbayya singing mold of society

The greens, the "unfortunate people have a right to benefits the hard working Finnish society has acquired"

The greens, "World is overpopulated, the Finns are reproducing too much (3.6 million increased to 5.6 in approx 100 years), but we need to give a home to the unfortunate (who double their populations every 20 years, without increasing production, efficiency, resources)"

Reading some un-pc history, not the one which claims Mussolini was in the far right, which does not claim that Stalin was a treehugging humanist, it was easy to predict that the first ones to passive-aggressively turn on the immigrants would have been the left, once the economy stopped booming. They will also be the first to turn aggressive, while still singing kumbayya.

The True Finns party are out in the open, saying what needs to be said about this issue, the Greens, as the left does is once again shouting for regulation.

The Greens' latest policy programme on immigration calls for immigrants to study Finland’s official languages, Finnish or Swedish, more intensively. The party wants to light a fire under newcomers by tying social welfare benefits to language class attendance.
What about lighting a fire under the newcomers' requirements? 

Let's say, a cultural enricher (immigrant without work skills or education, nor the intention to acquire any, nor the intention to work)  an immigrant should only be allowed residence if they provide willingness to work or a willingness to study, not a "gimme food, gimme shelter, gimme women, and I will still call you racist" attitude?

Let's say make it easier for  needed high-tech workers, or skilled workers (both who come here to work) to get a visa, an make it harder for any immigrant to bring over anybody from their home street under family reunification law, claiming blood-bind which is unprovable due to the lack of any official papers. (edit: I did not know they do DNA testing. More on that later)

They also want to see more immigrant mothers in the workforce as their children grow.
Good luck with that, as long as you are providing these mothers with aid that is in the amounts that they would earn if they worked. 

For example: Immigrant family, father unemployed, mother not seeking employment, few kids (the number I know not), get to live in the middle of the center in a 1000 euro/month flat, because "we don't want to create ghettos"... 

Plus the 1200+ euro benefits in case + other benefits. 

Why should this person learn Finnish? 

Why should this person work? (at least legally work) 

Woman or man.  

Labour Minister and Green Party chair Anni Sinnem√§ki says it’s a not only a right but a duty to learn the language of a new home country.

Wow... The Greens showing patriotism.

Ah, yea, it is about the division of social benefits, not about Finland's future or something...

And to the ones claiming:

"Finland needs immigrants to pay the retirement of the future generations"

I say

"Maybe you should not have killed your own, as the number of immigrants per year matches the number of abortions (safe to assume: most are convenience abortions) per year. And please explain to me how replacing unborn hard working Finns (as a rule of thumb) with welfare blackholes who know every hole in the system helps the case of the retirements of the older generations?"

But as always,

The left is the one who calls for action under the banner of "good", while trying to shame the ones who speak sense, into not speaking, under the banner "arbitrary accusation"-ist.

Once the action (to be started by the left, under the social banner) starts, it usually is an avalanche, which could have been prevented if free speech was not killed under leftspeak politically correctness.

Something which is politically correct is usually practically wrong.

Something which is practically wrong is in best case only damaging, in usual case it is destructive.

And so is, saying

"We need to force immigrants to assimilate if they want benefits"

(For which, assimilation of a people means them losing their culture, which is on equal footing as cultural genocide)

Instead of

"If you do not want to work, obey the laws, produce and pay taxes in this social democracy, do not come here."

Me having issues with the way taxation and welfare goes does not change this, as I still do pay my taxes to the cent, and do not leech off welfare.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Smelly Media: The Curse of Men Working to Earn Money

Ahh... The dreaded Wage Gap.

Government to Miss Equal Pay Target

The government will not meet its target for narrowing the pay gap between men and women, according to a new report. Women’s wages are currently around 80 percent of mens’, a gap that will probably narrow to 16 percent by 2015, one percent more than the target stipulates.
Are they comparing top level CEOs with top level CEOs, Brain Surgeons with Brain Surgeons, Lorry Drivers with Lorry Drivers,

Or are they just comparing the all over income of men to women?
Are they taking into account that in the western world it is a marketing truth that women control 80% of the spending decisions,

Are they taking into account that the man still takes the woman out, even in this empowered society,

Are they taking into account that the man still has to bring home money if the woman decides she will be a stay at home mother?

Of course not.

80 cents 80 cents

Are they taking into account that even if the woman has a shorter working life, she gets benefits a good deal longer than a man because of the life expectancy gap?

The difference gave rise to the phrase 'a woman's euro is 80 cents' to illustrate the gap between the genders.
He who controls language, controls the society.

Salonius believes that labour market organisations have a key role in the drive towards equal pay. Workplaces should take advantage of local pay deals and equal opportunities policies.
There is a phrase:
"If women cost a company 80 cents compared to the man's euro, for the same work, why aren't companies running after women?"

In addition, men should take a more active role in family life including taking more paternity leave, to reduce the burden long parental leaves place on women’s career development and salaries.
You know what, #¤%# you!!!
If men should be able to take more paternity leave, it should be so that a man can enjoy watching his children grow,
Not so that the woman can return to work.

I am fed up with this, "whatever the society does should be for the benefit of women"

Here are some more gaps, valid in Finland:

The workplace death gap : 99 men for  1 woman
Death at the war front gap: 50.000 men for a handful of women
Overtime work gap: Don't have the statistics, don't need
Life at retirement length gap: Women 32 men 25 years; women get 30% longer retirement benefits; 
Life expectancy gap: Men live 7 years shorter
The suicide gap: Men offing themselves at a rate 4 times of the ladies

Wage gap is just another scam pulled over our heads.

The Wage Gap is a myth, and it has been debunked time after time,

But as it is with these people facts do not matter, and to add to the insult, likes of Hanna Rosin, after complaining about the wage gap, are proudly announcing that in the big cities girls now earn 1.17 (or something like that) times of what their male peers are paid.

Is that not a wage gap?

Apparently not when women "earn" that.

Smelly media: Deadly Vitamind D and The sun Kills

So at last,

Finnish Doctors Recommend More Vitamin D

Every year there is a flu scare making the rounds, and for three years I have only gotten more tired than usual, during the flu season.

I have been eating paleo, and have been taking Vitamin D, in good amounts.

It is march, and the number of days where there was sun in the last five months is less than 10.

And the short summer is not enough for the body to produce its Vitamin D, especially for a tanned person like me, using clothing when in public.

The strongest pill that can be found in Finland is 25 mcg, and that is 500% of the RDA.

What is 5mcg's you ask..

It is the minimal dose where someone does not get rickets.

It is like saying, the minimal amount of protein one shpould take per days is X gramms, as this is the amount where the person does not die in the following three months due to cannibalizing his own tissue.

(I am aware that protein absorption and retention may have more to do with intense activitiy that protein intake, this is just an example)

It was another flu season,

I was at a birthday.

Cakes, sugar, cookies, everything that I only eat occasionally, on a special event, were present in copious amounts.

Everyone was having a good time, but everyone was sick.

Except me.

So I told them,

"People, instead of taking the flu shot, take vitamin D"
One answered: "I am taking a pill"
"A pill is a joke. It is too low to have any effect. 25mcg is the strongest pill you can get, and that is 1000iu. You should aim for 5000 iu at least for the beginning"

A friend sitting beside me, a full box of candy on her lap, gorging on candy not piece by piece but handful by handful turns to me, mouth full of colorful candy, turns to me, and with an arrogant, unbelieving voice:

"EEEEEh. What about the overdose eh?"

What about the overdose?

You got to take bottle by bottle to risk and overdose....

See, wikipedia says there is a risk of overdosing vitamin D over continuous consumption of 100.000 ius daily, over months.

And it is a risk.

That is 100 pills a day, of the strongest kind.

I wish these people would first look at the immune system killers and neurotoxins - sugar, sweeteners, colorings, preservatives, glutamates - they are gorging on before arrogantly undermining my information on the immune system ammunition.

I gave her an answer, and I was satisfied with my answer.

The real answer though, is me still being able to train at close to full capacity when others are under sheets sweating with fever.

Later edit:

So this post was sitting on the draft box, when the dermatologists shouted out a related warning:

Dermatologist Warns Against Sunbathing

The promise of warm weather and the imminent summer are an irresistible call
to Finland’s sun worshippers.
Anyone who has been here through the winter knows the dread of the darkness.

They would understand why I have days when I try to get some sun on my balcony with a hat and gloves, wooly socks and thick pants, but topless at -15C.

However, at least one dermatologist is warning against the dangers of too much sunbathing.
This I actually agree. Our skin is not made to be cooked like a lobster.


“Tanning is a thing of the sixties. If you don’t want to end up in a
dermatologist’s waiting room or undergo surgical procedures, then you’d do
well to avoid tanning. We see the results all too often on the
dermatological ward,” Snellman warned.
This I disagree with. People need the sun, lack of sunlight kills, unless you can eat kilos of cold ocean fish to get your sun from the food.

They see the results of lying under the sun till you fry;
What are the results of sunphobia though, they do not mention.

What if they were to advise people to try to take the sun for half an hour whenever possible, including the -10C March and April, so that the skin adjusts itself to the coming summer sun, and does not fry at the first sight of light?

The doctor noted that the ozone layer protecting us from the sun’s ultraviolet
rays has become much thinner, exposing us to harmful radiation.

Harmful radiation, radiation that we have been living under for hours no end, weeks no end for years no end, for hundreds of thousands of years, yes even the ancestors of these northern dwellers spent most of their time outside.

So today that radiation should kill us, even if most people do not even spend half an hour a day outside? Exception: The frying issue mentioned.

“I recommend that people who work or spend a lot of time outdoors protect
themselves from the sun. Protective creams can help, but sweat or swimming
can wash them off. It’s best to use headgear as well as long sleeved shirts
and trousers, if you plan to be out in the sun a lot,” the dermatologist
Actually this is my mistake, I had skipped the last sentence when I started my rant.

Yes he is right. Long sleeves and hats are the best way to protect yourself from the sun.

But suncreams?

When running from the harmful radiation,

Here is what people put on their skin, which is then absorbed into the body:

Example ingredient list:
Aqua/Water, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ethylhexyl salicylate, C12-15 Alkyl benzoate, Alcohol denat, Titanium dioxide, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, Drometrizole trixiloxane, Octocrylene, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, glycerin, Diglycol/Chdm/Isophthalates, Sip Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl triazone,
Silica, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Glycine soja/ Soybean oil,
Isobutylparaben, Methylparaben, Pentasodium ethylenediamine
tetramethylene phosphanate, Phenoxyethanol, Polyacrylate-3,
Propylparaben, Terephthalylidene dicamphor sulfonic acid, Tocopherol, Triethanolamine.

Call me uninformed, ignorant, bigoted etc...

I do not want that list to be on my skin.

Long sleeved shirt + trained skin is the way to go.

Even if, to his credit, I agree some points this dermatologist makes;

I put the conventional dermatologists in the same bucket as conventional nutritionists:
Throw them out with the baby water.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Smelly media: Sex offender? Not a gender neutral term

20,000 Unreported Sex Crimes Annually

Go to the article, and check the picture. 

Why not have a picture of a park? Of a judges' bench? Maybe a police car?

Nope. Has to be a man fondling a girl/woman. 

And once again we see the only 10% of incidents are reported. 

Allright, I claim 99% of sex crimes committed by women are unreported. 

Do I have proof? No...

Do they have proof in claiming 10% of sex crimes are not reported, plus justification for putting a man as offender in the picture?


The difference:

My lies (or unproven claims) are not used to push for policies.

Smelly Media: The Freedom to Shut Up, The Forbidden Words

First off:

Laws Governing Racial and Hate Crimes to be Toughened

Welcome to the land of the free. Where you can say what you want, and get punished for it, even if it is backed by statistics.

Who defines hate? Who defines racism?

Not the ones who tolerate other views.

The toughened law would prosecute posting offending texts online, including social network sites. The active distribution of such material would also be prosecuted. A person displaying racist or hate-propagating writings on their web page faces punishment, even if they did not author the text.

So, an author, a speaker, hurts the feelings of someone belonging to a "protected group".

Hurt feelings of a "protected group" is cause enough for this person from a not protected group to rot in prison for four years.

In the same time, a protected group member can say whatever they want about a non-protected group member, or the whole group, because, well, because.

Welcome to the land of free.

More like, another step towards 1984.

Welcome progression, welcome the tyranny of tolerance.

What's next?

Welcome to the freedom of being intolerant against different ideas and having the state backed power to punish them. This right only belongs to the intolerant. The more intolerant you are, the more easily your feelings are hurt, the more punishment you can dish out.

The tolerant, on the other hand, inevitably will be punished for breathing, as one day that will offend the intolerant.

Welcome to the Hell of PC