Friday, May 31, 2013

Why a man has to try to go for the fuck as fast as possible

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Short answer: She'll be attracted
Was talking with a man close to me about his latest experiences in aiming for the phone, taking the phone and getting flaked on, or getting the numbers not answered.
While brainstorming it, it hit me.
A man has to go for the sex as fast as possible.
Besides the fact that single girls do not stay in the market for long, by long I mean few weeks long, there is another issue at play.
Let's try man-speak, actually let's just try rationality:
"I want to get to know her. I want a date. So I will take her number and meet her when she is not drunk. See if we are compatible"
What a woman feels:
It starts with the initial, seemingly rational and acceptable notion of
 "He wants my number, so we will meet again"
And then the hamster starts going Rambo on the man's rational, repsecting and romantic choice:
"He wants my number so we will meet again"
"So he does not want to try to get laid tonight"
"Rambo tatatatatatat"
"So he does not think he can get laid tonight"
"So he does not trust himself that he can get me to open my precious legs tonight"
"So he has no self confidence that he can get my snowflake of a pussy tonight"
"Rambo go go go"
"Ahh... Loser"
Try for the fastest fuck, if that does not happen, take her number.
She will rationalize it as
"He tried. He has confidence. Stud"
Even if that felt like a rejection, trying for the fuck and failing is better than trying for the number and succeeding.
For a woman, giving a number is not attractive,
For a woman, a man believing he can get her to open her legs without investing into her, is attractive.
And especially if the hamster starts remembering those drunk dudes, studs, Greek gods, frat boys, bad boys, thugs, bums and buns who went fast, by comparison, a guy going slow will be felt to be less attractive that a dead skinned rooster that has been used as an American Pie by a whole platoon of snotty teen boys.
Go for the fuck. Whenever, wherever, whomever. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Higher mileage, higher price... What?

Nowadays women are so easy, so cheap, it's sad, she said, girl I have affection for.

It's a nice place, she said.

Decent company, she said.

My arrogance and mere presence is not enough for a fuck there, she said.

Women aged 35 and up go there, she said.

It's not a meat market, she said.

Women there are not easy, she said.

Women there require work, she said.

Just standing there with ultimate sexual confidence won't work there, she said.

Same women, who ten years ago, would jump on the dick of every guy who would arrogantly show off his sexual confidence of his cocky cock, now behaving, I said.