Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That is damn bad luck

After enjoying a nice long leak, I opened the toilet door just to witness some girl shouting “Haista vittu” (Fuck off) to a guys face.

The poor boy just left with his tail between his leg, only to open up an opportunity for me to ease my curiosity.

Me: “Wow that was harsh... What did he do to deserve that?”
Her: “Nothing... “

Me: “What do you mean nothing?”
Her: “He said nothing bad...”

Me: “Wow.. .So why the “fuck off”?”
Her: “He was cute. But I am angry. Am waiting here fifteen minutes”

Just when she finishes that last sentence, the toilet door opens, and a little hipster boy exits the ladies loo together with a warpig, both tidying their hair.

That is damn bad luck. The cute boy could not have known he is getting a “fuck off” from a cute girl because of some hipster fucking a warpig... Now he is drinking his sorrows away, having an existential conflict, trying to understand why he is such a loser... Not knowing the reason was an irrelevant happening in the ladies' room...

I mean come on...

At least if the hipster was fucking some cute young perky hipster girl...

At least then there would be some point to it...

Germans are nice... Very nice

Standing with my brother, enjoying the views, chatting the night away,

And of course some dude gets curious cause he has no idea of what language his ears are picking up...

Him:“Where are you from?”
Me: “Germany”

Him: “Ha?”
Brother: “Mars”

Him: “Fuck.. What?”
Brother: “Mars, man, mars”

Him: “You are not from mars”
Me: “No, we are from germany”

Him: “No. You fuckers are finnish. You are too much of assholes to be german... You fucking assholes” and walks away...

Even I do not see finnish guys in such a bad light, damn you people have some image of yourselves...


The phone call

On my way home, decided to go to this one new age rock bar… Full of youngsters with the tight jeans. Jeans, which are hanging from the butt as if they crapped their pants…

I meet this friend of mine, and we are hanging by the dancefloor, scanning the environment.

He tells me “these three girls came here definitely for the lay”… I check the girls out.

The one gothic looking chick is all over a James Dean type.

Tonsils removal surgery in action.. It was a beautiful sight, two people in full passion, not caring about their surroundings, kissing as if their lips are on fire…
It was a beautiful sight,


My friend sees a light on the ground, looks down, and sees a phone ringing on the ground, picks it up, asks people about it, and the smooching gothic girl takes the phone…

At the moment my friend is telling me “Check this out. It was a Mikko calling”, the expression on the girls face was worth seeing. Suddenly she came back to earth, shame and guilt on her face…
That view now, was not only beautiful, it was excellent.

And to show how far guilt and shame and morals go, she was all over the Dean-Dude five minutes later.