Monday, April 29, 2013

21st century woman: the entitled idiot syndrome

The same night, two girls.

The drunk cunt:

This girl is actually quite good looking.

I know her face, and she knows my face, I know her history, and she disgusts me; apparently I attract this one.

Months ago, she came up to me, I ignored her, continued talking to my friend, and out of nowhere she landed a heavy slap on my face. Criminal charges and not willing to try to explain the girl's jaw being dislocated to the two bouncers that I know and then dealing with the police, I held her wrists, and told her to fuck off.

The same night she came back apologizing, I told her to fuck off, she had a face of surprise..

Then she came back to hit on me, and I told her to fuck off, and she was hurt..

So, back to this eve in question.

Girl comes to me,

Bending down, making praying motions, saying "Oh my Goooooooood"
I ignore, tell her to move on, she is surprised at this lack of attention.

She does move on, goes to the next guy who happily accepts her lips and starts smooching with the guy, to which my friend says "She is looking at you", I, without looking back, answer "I know"..

She stops munching the guy, and disappears..He looks surprised. Idiot.

Later I see her moving on my right corner, and voila, she starts smooching another guy. Guy is happy, the girl is still watching me.

"I think she is trying to make you jealous"
"Yes she is. And she also is a fucking idiot. Wonder who teaches these women to be worthless cunts. fucking disgusting."
"She is looking at you"
"And she will soon come over to me, thinking I am all hot and horny for her because she found some other guy to do a spit exchange with the sewer hole on her face."

And she comes.

Without her coming close, I motion with my hand that she should continue walking, hold my hand up and push it through the air, and "Fuck off"

She is surprised.

She is insane.

Yet it is not only the insane ones that behave a such.

The stupid cunt

Met her few weeks prior.  Very good looking 28ish shortie. Looks like Angelina Jolie's good times..

Upon some chat I took her number where she exclaimed
"Will you call me?"
"And you will take me out on a real date"... not me... I got the signal that your pussy was a free public service..

Next day,  I message her, she does not answer.


So this night,

She sees me

"How have you beeeeen?"
"I am so sorry I did not reply"
"Will you forgive me?"
"Not yet"

She looks suprised... Cunt.. Entitled princess

"I am so sorry.. You know, I saw your message, then I forgot to answer".. Taking a dump in the kitchen and then as if this was not enough, smearing the excrement all over the walls, would be a less stupid thing to do than uttering this sentence.
"Will you forgive me?"
"You have my number. Use it, and we might see"

I leave.

A week after, she sends a message apologizing, saying that she is sorry, that she was in a difficult dating sitation bla bla bla...
Few messages later, she wants to hang out as friends.

"You do that with your gay friends"
"Oh. Ok"


Welcome to the wasteland of western femininity.
Strong, independent, totally useless.

Makes one cherish the feminine ones even more. Provided one can find one.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Adapt or die

We all make stupid mistakes. We may learn, we may not. We can also teach.

Adapt. Observe the situation and adapt.

Or pay the price.

Was in my favorite venue with a friend, who was at that time getting some drinks. And was he taking his time.

I was sitting on a three man couch, taking up space for two. His space was the one man couch facing the interior, and we had a third one man couch facing the wall.

So, at that instant I seemed to be one man occupying five places.

Two cutiepies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The cutiepies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

One minute later, after I should have taken cue and adapted, two sweetpies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, still lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The sweetpies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

Another minute passes, I really should have taken the lesson,  two honeypies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, still, still, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The honeypies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

While I was thinking to myself "Hehe, this does not happen too often",

Two chubbypies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"... "but that table is getting up", I show the next table. 

The chubbypies did  like the idea, said their thank you's...

I deserved this.

I did deserve this punishment.

You can be given only so many chances.

You can learn, adapt, improve,

Or you can die.

I did not die, but I was taught a lesson.

Now, on a different day, I am sitting on a table of five places, and none yet came to ask if I got free place.

Life teaches the willing to learn,
Punishes the unwilling to learn.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masturbation kills the King of the Dongs

I wrote about my no-porn experiment and the horrorful lesson I had to go through. I learned that porn murders my dick's soul.

My no masturbation experiment was even longer.

Over one hundred ninety days, I had not masturbated.

190 days

6 months

Half year

27 weeks

I did not masturbate.

Even the porn slip ups cured themselves in around three days because I had not emptied my balls by myself.

No problem in getting hard with a naked girl,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of a girl with a bikini in the public sauna,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of an athlete girl doing deadlifts in the gym

Problem with getting hard at work because I was texting with a girl

At the gym, breaking record after record

Work, getting better and better. Motivated and persistent.

A half year that was more productive than the last three years combined.

Flight of the Dickarus...

Then two weeks ago, a moment of weakness happened. Was home for holiday, returned from sunshine to an empty city still under the throes of a fucking long depressing winter. in the same time my private life took a big hit due to some circumstances.

It was friday afternoon, a girl asked if she could come over, I decided I'd rather sleep.

I went to bed, in my misery I went back to the thing that I thought was medicine in my previous life.

When I passed the point of no return, I could not return.

The experiment of no masturbation was over.

And how wrong was I about the thing that had been advertised to me as a cure to my uncontrolled horniness, to my sexual pressure, to my tension. Fucking wrong. 

Dickarus crashed. Did not even crash land.

Fucking crashed.

The short sleep was fucked up.

I woke up, only to call the girl over. She came, but I did not get hard. My Flying Dickarus was like a Deadaurus.

From storm-resistant hard (even unwanted) hard ons, I went to not-even-flapping-in-the-storm dead grass.

After some fooling around I managed to get some overripe banana dick.

Few days later I was back to my slightly Flying Dickarus.

Took a week and my steady dose of the cocoa and fish oil cure to have to run around the house in the morning unable to pee anywhere else but the ceiling. 

It is telling that in my whole life I had four such cases of limp dick.

With the first girl I ever tried to sleep.
With a girl who joyfully claimed "What is so bad if I get pregnant"
Slip up in no-porn experiment
Slip up in no-masturbation experiment

With these results, with this knowledge, trauma and recovery.. What do I choose?

Do I choose what everybody is doing, watch porn and jerk off as a release,
Will I choose to release only with a female, and pass the false release with my hands, and see my work, gym and sex life fly to the skies?

I choose,

The Flight of the Dickarus

Even the sun cannot stop this Dickarus.

Let you dick fly high, boys. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Porn kills your dick's soul

I had been jerking off to porn since I was twelve.

Last year I came across, in a time when I was contemplating that porn might have bad effects on my psyche, sexuality, and even life.

Last September I decided to give it a try, to see if there is a difference if I don't watch porn, coupled with no masturbation (another post).

During all this time I would still have sex.And I did not know at that time that the sex would be mindblowing, abundant, hard and satisfying.. I did not even have clue on what was about to come.

First two weeks were hard, then and energy surge came over me, which, unlike what they report in studies that the testosterone peaks after a week, did not peak, it just kept rising.

Four weeks later, I started meeting girls easier than ever. I was getting signals left and right, and the interactions that I started were going well and fast.

In the gym the weights started flying, at work my head was clear as frozen waters of the arctics.

After a slow weekend, on a sunday, six weeks after the start, I watched porn, did not jerk off.

Monday: No motivation at work. Brain totally foggy, could not concentrate on the smallest thing. Gym: Weights crashed. Training sucked. Women: no motivation. I was down. I was suffering a temporary depression.

It would take another three days to get back to a lower normal level.

Another two weeks to get to some energetic level, and another four to start to fly.

On the sixth week after the first slip up, when life was flying high in all aspects, I watched porn again. It started with erotica, then I moved into french vintage, did not jerk off

Again the same:

Monday: No motivation at work. Brain totally foggy, could not concentrate on the smallest thing. Gym: Weights crashed. Training sucked. Women: no motivation. A depression of mind and body.

 And again, it would take another three days to get back to a lower normal level.

I had learned a valuable lesson, and I had almost enough data points.

Would make the same mistake after the next six weeks, even shorter time spent with porn, but an even greater effect.

Then a month ago, after two, two and a half months of no porn;

At a time when I was having trouble to pee in the morning for minutes, when my dick would rise to the sight of a girl bending down in the gym, when texting would get me hard, when just the thought of a girl coming over would give me a boner, when the gym was going crazy, work moving forward, and numbers accumulating, meeting gorgeous and feminine women,
On a sunday when I was having a girl come over in the afternoon,

I opened an erotica page.

From there went to some french vintage,

From there to some russian stuff,

Then to some amateur porn.

Spent close to two hours devouring images, videos, watching other guys fuck chicks that I would like to fuck... Not jerking off, knowing that release will soon knock my door,

Something also dawned on me that day: The absurdity of it. The perversity of it. Watching other guys fuck the chicks I want to fuck? What the fuck? And that day marks the end of my experiment. Now no-porn is a lifestyle, just due to this realization, if not for the following:

My visitor came.

Girl is the copy of an actress that I was in love with in my teens, and then we were the same age with the actress. This girl, mid twenties,  is younger than the actress now, and as beautiful as when the actress was sweet sixteen.

This gorgeous girl goes immediately to my bedroom.

We undress.

I have this naked gorgeous real life body touching me (writing this I get hard, tasteless info, but shows how a healthy male sexuality works),

What did I have in my head?

I could not get the image of a fucking hairy frenchman going "Voila voila voila uuuaaah"
The image then merged into a russian going "Davai davai davai"...
That image morphed into some german amateur dude shouting "Jaaa jaaaa jaaa",
And these images rotated.

I was not able to see the naked body I was looking at, I was seeing some french actress, some german girl, some russian girl with cum all over her face, sweaty balls and hairy pussies.

I did not get hard.

Not a bit.

I had a dead dick.

I was suffering dick death.

For few seconds the images left my head, I got hard a bit, managed to have some half assed sex.

Later, after some foreplay, she came, and decided to give me a blowjob.

My dick was no moving.

I came, I was soft.

This was the lesson I needed.

Took me a week to clear my head of all the porn images running around in my head, and at last, once again, wake up with a hurricane-resistant morning wood.

Now it has been four weeks or so, and I am not ever turning back to

"Porn is a legit sexual outlet"..

No, it is not.

Porn kills your dick's soul.

And no one who has not stopped porn will even know what it means to have a dezombified dick.

"Dude you crazy"

"Yep. And I am also the one who's killing hamsters with his morning wood"..

Monday, April 01, 2013

State declares rape as less criminal than stopping it

For the 1st of April, I publish a serious post, about what could have been considered the state playing April's fools on it's lawful citizens.

Wrote this 11 months ago, in the beginning of  May 2012, but never published it.

The things that happened in the last 11 months, the laws that passed, the laws that were proposed, sadly proved that the state/EUSSR is not joking and is bent on destroying free speech, free thought, and the right to self defense of a person and of people.

Stalin and Mao must be dancing in their graves.

Here is my April's fools. Where the Law Abiding European is the Fool of the Century. In the tragedy that is yet to be documented.

--- May 2012 ---

Last week I wrote a post about a news item I read, where it was written that the prosecutor was asking six months for two men who kidnapped a girl, beat her, threw her to the wall, tied her to a chair, threw her with the chair to the wall, threatened with plucking her eyes out.

While I was in shock about that joke of a charge, I had to read that the same prosecutor was asking for one and a half years for the girl who stabbed one of the guys in the chest in order to escape.

Then I realized something.

This is the state doing it.

The state has criminalized self defense. I knew it was so for western men for a long time, but this was the first time I read about the state criminalizing female self defense.

Of course there is the thing that if a female attacks a law abiding man, it is likely that she will get off scott free, and even if small, there is a probability of the man being sued. Not so for criminals.

If female self defense has been criminalized, what else does that say?

The state is saying that if you see a rape and intervene to stop the rape, and the rapist gets a scratch, you will be charged to an extent more than what the rapist will be charged with.

And since he is the criminal, you are the law abiding citizen, if he stabs you, you will still be sued.

The state is saying let the rapist rape, if you intervene you will be charged for criminal action.

In effect the state has declared rape to be more legal that stopping rape.

It has done this by charging self defense more than the criminal act leading to the self defense.

Next time you see a rape, says the state, walk away, then when far enough, call the police.

Since, with the way things are going, calling the police on the rapist and causing him stress will also be illegal.

In the meantime, the news outlets are going gaga over a rape where people walked by, oh the social crisis....; but are totally silent about a vibrating gangrape where the perpetrators were convicted to one year of probation; as in; hang out in downtown but behave. If anyone stopped the rape, they would likely be charged, possibly with racism, so why bother?How many people know the exact moves to put a violent rapist into submission without harming a feather on his delicate skin?

If the state has criminalized self defense, it has criminalized defending others, and living with guilt of not helping is better than living in prison for helping or living in the cemetery because of the criminal's right to self defense, who is, sentenced to behaving downtown on probation.

State does not say rape,
But state says, let the rapist rape.

 As a law abiding citizen, better listen to what the state says.