Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finnkid gets bullied, multiculti crickets are chirping

Ahh.. We just last week had the anti racism week, and all the prominent people went out about on tolerance this tolerance that.

Then comes out this video of some vibrants bullying a kid who statistically has more chance to be something useful to the society than the vibrant shitheads. 

This was mentioned in a tabloid newspaper.

Did the state broadcaster who is always so eager to talk about how the immigrants are doing great stuff (i.e. being a social worker mention this? Nope.

Did the biggest newspaper mention this? Nope.

This was to be expected. The same news outlets have been shouting how some immigrant actually holds a job, praising them up and down heaven's all floors, while keeping silent on how more than 50% of their countrymen are on welfare, disproportionally criminal, and totally intolerant.

Another question,

Can you imagine the outrage that if the cultural groups in the video were reversed?

Ahh, one thing.

These kids have not been mentioned by the bigger media outlets, but you can be sure that the comments on these videos will be used as proof that Finns are dangerous racist bigots.

Of course somehow forgetting to mention that once again, if the cultures were reversed, you would have burning cars instead of racist youtube comments, but that is the wonderful warmth of multiculturalism in a cold spring.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some wisdom about love

Back at one of my homes, we got a saying,

"Love is like a butterfly. It lands on grass, and it lands on shit"

Exact translation.

My question is, if the butterfly lands on shit, does the stink stick?

What if "Lust is like a butterfly"

What if "A fuck is like a butterfly"

Does the stink stick?

By no means am I implying I am a butterfly that only smells like roses, but then I am a hypocritical butterfly; "hypocritical" defined by  others than me. You ask me, I am totally congruent.

Another saying, that a senior in high school told me when I was 16... Something I should have listened to since then... I did not. I paid. Through the nose. By walking through the fires of hell, way more times than I can count.

"You fuck'em they love you,
You love'em, they fuck you"


I could tie this to the Unfuckables but actually I got the question in my mind when a girl who was smiling at me answered my "Hello there" with

"You are Jersey Jimmy's friend" I hear Designer Timmy
"Timmy. Yea. And I was wondering. You are the friend of the Designer then."
"No, no Jersey Jimmy."
"Ahh.. Jimmy the Douche"
"Yea we used to fuck hang out"
"For a short time. But it was long time ago"
"Like one and a half year ago"

Shagged Jersey Jimmy? Check
Calls one and a half years "Long time"? Check
Dating material? She seems to put a check in a box that was nuked into oblivion.

For me, this butterfly smells. A short pollination, that could be negotiated.

Repost:Short rants on the enrichers, unfuckables and vibrators

(Last eve, playing with the blogger app on the phone, I deleted this post. Got it back from google cache, and am reposting it. If you read it, no need to read again, but just go and watch that swedish clip again, just for the fun of it. )
Some questions arose when writing the Unfuckables post series, they could not make posts on their own, so I included them here.

I said they could not make posts on their own, but each could make a legitimate book that would shake the foundations of this unnatural  multiculti society and cause the author to be expelled from the society or just simply executed...


Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Just yesterday I let out a rant by encountering a horde of enrichers on the street. Number of females? 0

Before that, Sunday, went to see a friend in my favorite coffee... Was greeted by three tables of designer enrichers, something between 10-15 of them. Number of females? 0... Ok there were two girls on the next table, but they were accompanied by a hipster who could be Spanish, who could be from vibrant locations.

Now, have four enrichers on the table across mine (this place is a cozy high class coffee... possibly will not survive the next year), three of their friends passed by to the backside, previously three thug wannabe's dropped by... Number of females? 0

Add-on: Later I realize there were three others in the backroom, 0 females.

How did my club, "The place to be", as the Finns used to say, go down in two-three months time? Vibrating enrichers started going there in groups of 5, 6, 9... Not one group... Suddenly the place turned into a enriched sausage fest. How many females? Without male escort, 0. With, 4-5.. Compared to, at worst times, 30-40 enrichers.

Where are the female vibrating enrichers?

Are the immigration officials sexist?

Are their vibrant enriching brothers not letting them out of the house?

Do they even exist?


Then the Swedish traitors make a movie.

Watch this 2 minute state sponsored clip, and after you puke, come back:

All good and dandy.. Lars get to get a blowjob from a disgusting fat slob...


So, Heidi sleeps with Abdul....

I don't sleep with Heidi.

In the name of integration like this song tells us to do,

Fatima sleeps with Lars.

Wait... There is no Fatima around. She is only seen with male escorts guarding her honor, or with multiple children, never less than three. 

Say, against all odds, Fatima and Lars met.

Fatima and Lars made integrating love.

Fatima is killed by Abdul.

Fatima is beaten by Abdul.

Fatima has acid thrown on her fave by Abdul.

Lars is beaten by Abdul.

Lars's sister Helga  is raped by Abdul.....

Kind of does not work as intended by the multicultist and the diversity zombies? Or, does it?


Touching on the above question.

Is honor violence a Western problem?

The last time I read our state broadcaster's multiculti zombie diversity virus carrying news, it was announced as Finland's problem with honor violence. Honor killings as much as reported, does not exist yet.

I tell this.

Honor killings, honor violence was never the West's problem.

It was not invented in the West, it was not taken in action in the West.

It is the imported "equal culture"'s problem, and would not be a problem in the west, if the importers would do minimal screening.

I am sorry for the girls who were subjected to this evil treatment, and may  the perpetrators rot in Hell. Sadly, our progressed criminal system will not do much, except lecture the Europeans on the evils of honor violence.

That is like teaching the deer on the evils of hunting, you idiots.

I refuse to be bogged down by accusations of honor violence, but I also make a wide berth around women who I know to be in the risk group.

Some flags are red flags.  Real red flags with active mines underneath.

But hey, honor violence is a European problem.

Ahh... Just fuck off.


In the same light, since when are clitorectomies a  western problem?

Alright, 400 years ago, it is claimed, western families used virginity belts on their women...

That was... half.. a... millennium... ago... Using enhanced underwear...

Cutting the clits, sewing shut the labias?

Western problem?

Fuck you.

Oh, and the new progressive idea of providing clitorectomies in the western countries as a welfare benefit so that these operations are not done in medieval ass backwards sand huts?

Fuck you twice, with burning wood planks from Hell...

While at it, why not let the state take over honor violence? Make it more humane.



When I say these things I say, some progressive chick with an amoeba for a brain will tell me

"But they also have a right to love"

When I say other stuff, like, "You know, the Finnish men are not that bad that they deserve this shitstorm.. These men could be the best men when shown some love and appreciation"

"Fuck you. I am not a prostitute."....

So an vibrating enricher has a right to love, when a western man can "Fuck off and die"...

Ja bitches, ja... Once zees western men die, zen you will zee what it is like to live in sand huts in ze -25 winter....

ze will be good...a lot of bonoboing around... even if half your kids die of starvation... of, and no iphones.


After asking one question like this. one asks other questions, and others, and others....

It is an avalanche of revelations,

And one of these revelations is that

The infliction of this cancer upon the western people is no mistake.

It is a deliberate act of hostility, not a stupid good-willed act gone wrong.

It is  planned, calculated and executed; as a small part of a bigger operation.

This is the only explanation for a plan functioning so perfectly for the detriment of indigenous westerners.

The future will write "Treason", for this century of the West.

The Age of Treason


While writing this post, added to the above listed vibrating enrichers, eight more came in (3+3+2)... Females: 0

I rest my case.

Either there has been a gendercide, of a total immigration discrimination, or we have imported some ass backwards people.

Viva la diversiteeee!!!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

How much fake is too fake

How much fake is too fake was the question in my head when I learned the glasses the stylish dude is sporting are fake.

As an academic I may have something for bonobos claiming to be educated, so there may be a bias there.

Also may be reading too much into it.

I just see glasses in a different category than hats, jackets, thugs jeans, bananas in jeans etc.

Just the ramblings of a curious mind.

Off topic, this story brought this one man to mind:

The man who has been, with women and men, a socialization artist, the best I have ever met; unbelievable human skills, also happens to be a man whose sexuality started with donkeys.

Is there a connection?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fuck you, pro-immigrationists

Fuck you.

And you know what, you grandchildren will say the same thing...

I enter the main street. It is a two minute walk to my gym.

I live in Finland, and pass maybe 50 other Finns, Europeans and other immigrants, returning from work, or doing something or on their way to doing something.

What else do I pass? 25 or more vibrant enrichers in various designs all with the same frown all with the same predatory eyes, looking at every single human being as if they were enemies, all doing nothing but just hanging out, all looking like they've been hanging out a long time...

This, every fucking day, any fucking time.

And yea, all male. Women? Do they even exist other than for breeding and foot washing after a long day of hanging out?

Let's call this as it is:

An invasion.

A fucking state sponsored invasion with total disregard for it's own people.

I am fucking sick and tired of this supposedly minority being the majority out in the streets, cafes, bars, that working people don't have the money or time to indulge in 24 fucking 7.

Anything I write more will justifiably be considered hate speech, as a parasite deserves nothing less.

You, pro-immigrationists, may your children piss on your graves, after they faked your signature for euthanasia.

You sold away the future of your children. Rot in Hell.

Edit: I am not paying taxes so some asshole from some shithole can drink coffee with his friends, hang out all day, be a contamination. All day. Every day.

To clarify, I am not calling their origin places shitholes, they do. "my country is a shithole" is the main excuse to be here. You ask me, they live in places with the potential to be paradise.


Yet another edit: If I knew I am alone in this anger, I could find reason to calm myself. But I am not.

On a dinner table with 6 nationalities spanning thousands of kilometers, the same topic was breached, albeit with a bit lighter tone. Bit.

Finns? It should be telling that my favorite club in town has gone down in few months after the vibrating enrichers have reached the tripping point of 10%. It may not survive the next half year as "the place to be".. Actually three Finns, one woman, two men already have used "place not to be"... Yea, Finns are silent, but the sound of silence is devastating to who can hear it.

The only Finns who wholeheartedly support this vibration are the ones hanging out in the progressive circles, where I may sometime pop by as the only foreigner without a rasta. These shitheads are supporting enriching vibration,  making festivals, speeches, etc, when the only vibrant they met would be a rastafarian Spanish dude enriched on weed so much that even his voice chords don't vibrate.

Endnote: I have a few more notes that I will post, then I will try my best to ignore this cancer and its enablers, as life is too short, and too many Finns are still daydream about vibrating enrichers to take care of them in their old age.

I want to live my life and I cannot take on a system supporting the  'oppressed minorities' that are supported by the state, by NGOs, by useful idiots, and have objectively reached  majority status'.

How long can you survive cancer by ignoring it?
I will find out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fashion of Fucking an Enriching Vibrant - The Curse of The Unfuckables


We foreign men have a problem with The Unfuckables.

The women who got vibrated by enriching cock.
The women who got einriched by vibrating cock.
The women who got enriched by a vibrant.
The women who got vibrated by an enricher.

Many ways of putting it, one way of naming it:

The Unfuckables.

We foreigner men have a problem with The Unfuckables, but as much as this place is our home, these women are not our sisters, or future sister's in law.

Yes we are paying the  taxes that allow these enrichers to vibrate and thrive, but it is different for a Finn.

Since he was born, he heard how women are better, how women are oppressed, how masculinity is bad, how he is not masculine enough, how he should tolerate this and that, and on and on... His earnings confiscated by the state in order to screw him back...

Since he was born he has been ridiculed by the women for every little thing possible, while still keeping on working to keep a civilization intact in these Frozen Lands.

I know from Finns, "You foreigner fuck easy"... May be. But we were never a fashion, except maybe Latinos, French, Aussies and a few others with a good image. Image right or wrong, these were still civilized.

Member whose efforts would be a net plus for the country, or the west..


Fucking an enriching vibrant is turning into a fashion.

I know many Finnish men (except the ones with options) are relaxed about sexual issues,

But I also know that many Finns are utterly disgusted by the women who shag the welfare kings, tax evasion kings, enriching vibrants, all paid by the Finnish men's money.

There is a reason that bar after bar goes down when the enrichers start flocking to it, and I am pretty sure that single men have an information network which registers these Undatables/Unfuckables in the memory of the collective.

And rightly so.

Yet, harder times await the Finnish men.

They will be asked to sacrifice even more, in these economic hard times,

While their earnings will be cut,

While their taxes will be raised,

...While welfare will not be cut for the welfare kings or the kings' baby mama's bastard sprouters,

While fucking a vibrating enricher will become a fashion....

There will be less and less women worth any interaction.

The curse is upon us.

It is upon me,

But I don't have it nearly as bad a Finn who is feeling the effects of this curse.

The Curse of the Unfuckables.

Seriously, without Finnish men (some credit goes to women also, but the main target is men) supporting this society these women live in,

"The Curse of the Unfuckables"

Could easily be called

"How to Fuck Yourself Back Into Dirt Huts 101"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Unfuckables - A sensible explanation

In my previous two posts I touched on what I call The Unfuckables.

An Unfuckable is a woman who has gotten fucked by an enriching vibrant. Out of love, passion, of fashion, it does not matter.

Intimate contact, any king of penetration, and any kind of fluid exchange suffices.

My last post would have sounded like hate to the ones so inclined; inclined to find hate and oppression under every stone.

But it actually is very simple.

For ladies, a few questions about who you would like not to sleep with:

Would you sleep with a smelly homeless bum?
Would you sleep with a guy who has 100 kilos extra fat?
Would you sleep with a creepy nerd?
Would you sleep with a loser?
Would you sleep with a man who has payed for dates with your obese friend?
Would you sleep with a man who you know has to pay for sex to get laid?

For men, a few quick questions

Would you sleep with a 200 kilo woman?
Would you sleep with an ugly woman?
Would you sleep with a woman who has sucked the basketball team five minutes ago?
Would you sleep with a woman who just got rawdogged by the three bouncers of the bar?


Are you women hating all the types of men you don't sleep with?

Actually, knowing women, the answer is a likely "Yes"

Are you men hating all the types of women you don't sleep with?

No. It is just an issue of sexual preference. You are free not to fuck who you don't want to fuck.

For some men,

We would not sleep with women who have been vibrated by enriching cock.

Maybe there is an element of a self defense mechanism in play,

A woman who could get attracted to such a man, is not a woman with whom any good thing can happen in the short or long term, as she has shown she will be attracted to qualities that I do not possess, (non)qualities that I detest, and am disgusted by. We do not share the same interests. We do not share the same sexual preferences. We are just too different.

Would not want to put any woman through that.

Especially would not want to unleash this bad relationship on an Unfuckable. 

This, my friends was

"The Unfuckables for Idiots."


If I go into so much detail into The Unfuckables, I should go into some detail about enriching vibrants, enriching vibrating cock, vibrating enrichers etc.

I will call them vibrating enrichers, as this is the term I like most.

Being a vibrating enricher is a choice, so it is not something you are born with (cough cough), or something you cannot grow out of (cough cough)...

Before we go into choices, let's go into what is not Vibrating, or what is not Enriching, thus what is also not supported by the state, the humanists, the multicultists, the diversity lovers,

In short, let's briefly go into the non-vibrating, non-enriching minority of immigrants.

Neither I, nor most Finns see women who share a sexual experience with the following men a reason to be deemed An Unfuckable.

(Taken from the same place, different days)

The indian looking kid dressed in a smart business suit apparently having an after meeting beer with his Finnish colleague also dressed in a business suit.

The indian church going guy who rides a 1940's BMW motorcycle that he refurbished, who has a number of patents on his name.

The middle eastern kid married to the same woman since I met him, who sired two kids, and is an honest working man.

The black dude who speaks perfect BBC english sitting on the table with two clearly high class Finnish girls. It is highly possible his clothing is tailored.

The French dude who works 10 hours a day for a multinational company.

The middle eastern student dude hanging out with a number of spanish enjoying a salsa party.

The Pakistani kid who is working three jobs to get him through university in a country where the state pays you to study.

The immigrant kid working for a NGO that is working for the adaptation of immigrants into the Finnish culture, not the Finnish cultures adaptation to the most unadaptive imported culture... (Yea had to add that... and yea, bot are almost nonexistent)

You usual Average Ahmad, Average Okumbo who is trying to make an honest productive living, interacting with people like a human being, and all in all being a nice, kind, respectful human being in a culture that is different than his.
Neither I, now many other Finns call these men a reason to become Unfuckable.

So what do I mean about while it being a choice to become An Unfuckable, it is also a choice to become a Vibrating Enricher

These men pluck their eyebrows into a thin pencil line like a "dude looks like a lady",  but would not hesitate to kill upon the words "Dud that is gay"

African kid coming over and immediately adopting to the American Gangbanger style.

The kid who's wearing the saggin' jeans with golden "Thug Life" embroidered throughout his ass

The middle easterner with the fake Armani shirt, pluched eyebrows, designer shapes shaved into his hair and make up on his face.

The guys who hang around town 24/7, doing nothing but hitting on women, and intimidating men with their collective hatred spewing eyes... (Shitheads, don't blame the Finns for their forefathers created a civilization on this infertile frozen land when your forefathers created sh....)

The guy who's choosing the gangbanger, the apaci style, over having any decent style, even including the Jersey Shore Douchebaggery. 

The guy (who I know of), who had problems with the law because he was 40, and he was fucking girls aged 14, and filming them, who still accuses Finns to be racist...

Basically anybody who is enriching the culture with their radioactiveness, and vibrating the culture with the vibration that made their homeland a place worthy escaping from.
 "Broder.. Had we known you are one of uz, we could fuck up that feminine blond faggot by your side, dogeter wif u. We saw yu and desided we dant wand do mezz wif yu" (Translation of how the asshole sounded when he was talking about an incident few weeks back, where my presence apparently saved a effeminate friend of mine from  a heavy beating
"Finnish government is stupid. I work six months, pay no taxes, then I work black, and get welfare. You got to fuck these idiots where you can" By a vibrant who has more rights in the eyes of Amnesshit Shitternational because he is an "oppressed minority"...

Fucking these, makes you An Unfuckable.

By the way, there are some Finnish guys who consider me a reason to deem a woman Unfuckable, and you know what? That is their prerogative. It is their decision.

By the way, while you all know what a gangbanger looks like, or a Harlem thug wanna be, many of you not in Europe may not know what an Apaci looks like.

Here are some pictures of what we see walking the streets of Europe more and more often, to the detriment of us all.

A collage, the best of the best. These are moderate. 

Never in groups less than five. 

Could it be genetic?

"I kill you if you call me gay"

 There you got it.

These are turning into a fashion.

Can you blame me for calling the fashion fuckers the Unfuckables?


I was supposed to make this question into a different post, but could not figure a title for it, so here it is:

Why don't we see female vibrating enrichers?

Is immigration sexist? Only allowing male vibrating enrichers into the country? Discrimination?

Or are the male vibrating enrichers not allowing their women out on the streets? Oppression?

Or are the women beaten when they are seen with non-vibrators? Abuse?

Are they barefoot and preggos when their men are roaming the streets for pussy 24/7?

Where are the women?


You'd think they don't exist, but somebody has given birth to the male vibrating enrichers, so where are the women?

Rejected entry into the welfare state? Oppressed to stay at home by the "opressed minority"? Beatenby the "oppressed minority"  if they want to have a glimpse of what a society looks like?

Where the fuck are they?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Unfuckables

There was an incident I mentioned in my previous post:

Three guys sitting, good looking girl passes by, easily a nine.

"She's beautiful man" says one
"That one. But she likes enriching  vibrants"
"I'd rather fuck an orc as now that looks more attractive to me"
"I believe a woman that choses that man is not suitable for me" says our nicest one,
"Yea. If you'll build a house, would you build in on the enriched soil of Fukushima?"
Three heads bobbing up and down in agreement.

 It seems that fucking and enriching vibrant is becoming a fashion. Fine.

The only thing is this, I am an immigrant. Neither do I enrich, nor do I vibrate;

For me, and for many other men, Finnish, Western, non-Western, these women are undateable.

For me, and for many other men, these women are...


Once you let your pussy be enriched by a vibrating man's rod, you radiate that. You shine in the dark.

You are an enriched vibrant fucker.

You are unfuckable.

This is not hate, nor is this stopping women from doing what they want to do.

They chose to be enriched by vibration, they are so totally free to do that.

It is a sexual preference.

We chose to not fuck them with someone else's member.

It is a sexual preference.

Deeming them The Unfuckables is a sexual preference.

It is stopping us from fucking the glow in the dark enriched vibration loving womanhoods... Nothing else nothing more.

See, I like my women beautiful, smart, cute, dignified, fun, caring, appreciating, tall, short, and non-enriched, and non-vibrated.

Just like a woman has a list for men.

I like analogies, and to my friends on the table I used one.


Tasteless? Maybe...

But once this enriching vibrant fucking really lets loose its fashion, we will have a seociosexual Fukushima on our hands.

Fukushima was enriched. It was full of enriched plutonium. Then the earth vibrated.

My uttermost respects go out to the men who sacrificed themselves to keep the disaster in check. Their debts will never be repaid. Not by a society that has alienated its men to the point of men dropping out of society in the millions. 

What I am talking about is Fuckushima.

Fuckushima was enriched. It was full of enriched spermanium. Then the bed vibrated.

Fuck me if I sacrifice myself for that.

 You girls,

Who get enriched by any of the vibrants, some of who coincidentally just passed me right now,

Are Unfuckable.

Not out of hate, but out of disgust.

The Unfuckables.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Value assessment of some fine asses

Two guys who have relatively empty balls are enjoying the view:

"Fine ass" I say
"Yea, and she has shagged all the good looking guys in town, except me"
"You'd still tap that"
"Of course"


Same two guys, same night, a girl with a boyfriend in tow comes to say hi to a group of guys in front of us; and from the way the guys' hands were behaving, it was clear there was a history.

"Another fine ass"
"Yea. Definitely worth a tap"
"Worth a date?"
"Man. You effing crazy? She's been tapped by the whole group there. Would suck to be the boyfriend right now"


And then, not all N's are made equal.


Three guys sitting, good looking girl passes by, easily a nine.

"She's beautiful man" says one
"That one. But she likes enriching  vibrants"
"I'd rather fuck an orc as now that looks more attractive to me"
"I believe a woman that choses that man is not suitable for me" says our nicest one,
"Yea. If you'll build a house, would you build in on the enriched soil of Fukushima?"
Three heads bobbing up and down in agreement.

Different marketplaces, different rules, different ns, different Ns.

All respecting the choices made by the women. 

(Comment on AlphaGamePlan)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Female oppression 2012

I will not write the long version due to wanting to keep mental sanity.

"Today is the celebration day of -somename-?" He asks.
"Ah. Yes. She was a very important woman for the rights of women" she says
"Well, she did a good job" he says...

"yes, but I just read an article about inequality in the paper" she says
"Is it about the wage gap?" He asks.
"Yes. And also they said that women have worse conditions in the workplace" she says..

I can't... I just can't...

"They wrote that, but more than 95 percent of deaths in the workplace are men" I say, calmly.
"But for example higher level nurses have stress even in their retirements", she says. 

Stress is worse that death,eh?

... you want to have a rational talk with that?

Good thing is, opening my mouth got me one ally, and put question marks in at least two guys' brains.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fuck you kebab shitters and you , the importers

4 am. Lying in bed. Still drunk, wondering what the fuck just happened.

Was talking to a Thai girl, cute little perk thing, who told me she wants to see me again. I told her I am no boyfriend material, she still talked to me. She disappeared,  so I went to take my jacket.

While I am talking to one of the Finns I know she reappears, and after some chat; BTW, she lives out of town,

"you want to come to areaxxx with us"
"i live in areaxxx", I say, her face lightens up.
"sorry, I want to Fuck you tonight" she says.

Some more chat, and her friend comes

"where you from?"
"half German half Turkish" yea, I am a child of multiculturalism, that hates the pc mc diversity bullshit,

A girl, who just told she is sorry that she wants to Fuck me, switches, makes a 180, and stops talking to me.

And it was not the German part that screwed me.

You fucking imported assholes, what the fuck do you do that a girl switches like that.

What the Fuck did my lamdesmänner do to make this possible?

I do not mourn the loss of some girl's evening fun, I don't care, I mourn the loss of humanity that is part of half of me.

You fucking asshholes, Fuck your past generations and Fuck your future generations. I don't know what you did, but for that kind of reaction ( not once, not twice; but general way of things) to get; what you did must have been evil as evil comes. May you and your bloodline rot in Hell.

And to the pro immigration shitheads. You will rot in Hell, but be sure that while you rot in Hell, your children will piss on your graves.

That is, if they decide that you deserve to have a grave to piss on.

Fuck you all. May Hell be not enough for your Shit that you make us live through.

...written on the phone by a drunk dude...

... also from this day on my name is Jürgen....

Fuck . You. Your bloodline. Your past. Your present. Your future.

Selective import of nonhumans can only succeed this much.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Goodnight to y'all.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The idiot, and the creepy old man

We were three guys.

She came to say hi to the tallest of us. And the youngest. Old friend of hers.

The other guy interacts,

She turns to our mutual friend, who actually just met him
"This idiot your friend?", there was no need to punish this little rabbit for stating the obvious.

Then I interact, she turns to our mutual friend, says something.which I don't hear.

At this point I did for a second think "who is this creepy old man", smiled to the thought, but sadly that was not what she said.

"Your friend is mysterious"

That, coming from a girl who is 21, more than a decade younger than me, at her sexual attractiveness peak, and gorgeous to boot. Now that made me smirk to myself, invisible to the outer world.

What was the difference?


Immediately shows interest in girl.
Leans in.
Tries to joke.
Tries to flirt.
Smiles like a jackass.
Did I say lean in? Like a tree blown by a hurricane?


Girl comes. Don't move. Don't react.
Tell our mutual friend that I thought she was sixteen when I saw her in the gym. She standing beside us.
She jumps in, "21"
Tell our mutual friend "Good she is legal"
I then turn to her, "You had me thinking for a second there that you were almost illegal" now she is puppy eyed.
Then I smile. "Apparently not"
No lean in, no extreme joy at her presence, no smile without me earning it for myself, or her earning it.
Just another fish in the ocean (even if at this point a bulge would have been visible in my pants, had she looked down).

These small differences make up the chasm between the idiot and the mysterious.

Friday, March 02, 2012

No more flying, wingman candidate..

Things I write are always personal stories, and such, may seem meaningless. There, not if always, but many times, is a lesson there. Especially for the young guns.

I like the number three.

One is a mistake.
Two is a trend.
Three is Bye Bye.


Barmaid smiles at me, cute little thing. Does not acknowledge the candidate.

"Dude, she is so into me. One day I will do her so bad"

And then attempts at getting her attention, bad attempts.

One. Mistake.

I need to remind you this kid is fast. A handsome speedy devil.


Girl walks all the way across the bar to say hi, to me. A girl that I have been interested in and a girl who has been interested in me, just have jot found the right time right place yet. After the chat, the flirt, etc, I introduce them.

When she leaves,

"Dude, I was almost tucking her a year ago. I had a girl with me so I had to shoot her down"

Two. Trend.

The guy you are out with is supposed to talk, but not talk bullshit, or try to one up you every single time.

I had not waited for Three to happen, for the Bye Bye, but it happened without him knowing it.

"Dude, after you talked with her, I went and talked with her. Did not work out" yea, after I talk to a girl for more than half hour... Still am unaffected... to a point.

What he does not know is this:

" Strange, last night only one more foreigner talked with me. An Italian came to talk after our first chat"


So, you are talking to a girl that I have clearly been flirting with. And you say you are Italian. A lie. (that I endorse if it is done far away from me)

Three. Bye Bye.

Two was Bye Bye. Three is going kamikaze on the candidacy.


If you want the law of "Bro's before ho's" to be held in effect.

Behave like a motherfucking bro,
Not a goddamn Ho.