Sunday, October 21, 2007

Women and titles

Part of “World through women’s eyes” series

So, in these series I mention things which show me women think mankind exists only in a way women feel is true about it. That they think the ultimate existence is only as it is seen through their own eyes. The universal truth is what they think to be true. That truth is defined as they feel it to be.

Friend’s party, by the fire grilling makkara, another guy’s girlfriend sitting on the same log as me,

“What do you do” she asks,

“Working on my PhD, research” I say… “What about you?” I ask, and get an answer which I still laugh at even today:

Proudly head lifts up, the tone of voice changes, “I am the Assistant Human Resources Manager”… Sadly the way she said it cannot be translated to text. That, in a company of 200…. Possibly there is the manager and three other personnel in the department… one manager and three assistants…

Read again, she is not saying “Human Resources Managers Assistant”…

Not the first woman who tells me about some flashy title that turns out to be a normal job.

A job which you have to make your living, not so that you can impress people with titles.

Of course she is to be proud of having achievements in life, that is only natural.. but.. but…

I have no problem with someone saying “I work in human resources” “I work for company xyz, human resources” etc etc… Goddamn it, if that was General Motors, I would understand the manager having some assistant positions open as high positions…

Fuck, in that case I am Department head’s assistant…. Or shall I say

“I am a science researcher engineer working in the medical field, assisting doctors with my extensive research about life saving crucial medical instrumentation, planning to make a few millions in the next ten years…”


“I am a researcher”

I don’t need a flash my title… Nor do I need a flashy title….

“World exists only through women’s eyes” point:

Women like/need a man with a future (of course when the clock is ticking, when the baby fever has hit, when the baby rabies is in the body, otherwise criteria are different), a man who has provider potential, and a title is one of the best indicators of this current/future earning potential…

So, on the flip side, they think we men are also looking for a flashy title when selecting women…


Truth is soooooo faaaaaaaar awaaaaaay…..

Ah yea, if you are a man, and say “Well a flashy title is a top priority characteristic of a woman I want as the mother of my kids, you are so shallow”, well, go and date some hideous woman C.E.O… If you are not willing to do that, then don’t f’ing lie, grab your balls and ask them to forgive you….

..If you are a woman, as seen, your points of views may not be true… So, no point in disagreeing with me……..

I am having so much fun now.

Morning time in Helsinki.. Sunday morning.

More than a year ago,

A ship cruise of two days with forty people has ended.. we are walking to get the car to drive back home.. Devastated..

And there she is, walking – more like, dragging herself, crawling, - beside us, tiny girl.. By tiny I mean close to 1.60 and not more than 40 kg’s. One of the party people..

Carrying a few bottles wine in bags, and an apparently heavy backpack.

My buddy, the incurable nice gentleman, offers her:

“Hey, our car is in same direction as you are going, so we are walking a long way together, and you look like you are suffering.. Let me help you”

“No thanks”

“At least let me help carrying the bags, one side you, one side me, you are suffering there”

“No. I am an independent strong Finnish woman”…

Well, suffer then. But don’t blame me, or my fellow men for anything….

Then, my incurable buddy asks her if she wants to join us for breakfast, as we are hungry,

“Thanks, my boyfriend is waiting home, I gotta go, or he’ll be angry”

So much for independence.. and strength…

What she saying is basically:
- I am independent and strong when I feel like it, and am fragile and need care when I feel like it. A man has to know what I need from looking at my face. My needs may and will change anytime for any reason or no reason, and the man has to know this, from… looking at my face.

Oh man, the boyfriend has no idea what kind of storm will be hitting him in the near future.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finndistan – Resurrection

I would call this a re-awakening, but it is more of a resurrection. After Finndistan was put to sleep by me two years ago, that was a fate worse than death for the stories that should not be lost.

I am glad to karma or whatever force there is surrounding us, I call it Life, but that is not the scope of this blog, that it gave me the specific reason which made me not want to continue writing.

But now, I am back, and I will continue reporting.

I will though, unlike previously, add my comments to the end of the stories, arrogantly, shallowly, preschingly and maybe coming across as a male chauvinist…

I call it realism.

I assure you, the main point will be still to make you laugh.

As I have had my laughs when I wrote Finndistan…

Of course, have to mention the occasional face which is full of rage…

Welcome back, to me and to you,

Below are the first three opening stories, hope you enjoy!!

Will give my best to deserve your audience!!!

The Finndistan Man

Intelligence skyhigh... ??

Met this young man through a good friend’s tutor in a bar.

Young guy, guessing early twenties.

All night I had been having a lot of fun with the guys, so I am overall in friendly mood.

I get introduced to this shaved head kid, with a d'Artagnan beard.

Blab la bla, blab la…. Bla..

Then he asks me,

« Where you from ? »
« Half German, Half Turkish..... Your skin is too dark for a Finn, where are you from ? »

There I asked it, the kid with the funny beard leans back, puts a smile to his face… A smile, as slimey as it gets, a smile you see on the kids which managed to have their first poo by themselves, the face on the teenager proud to have gotten his first girlfriend, the face on the person who is extremely proud of himself of have found an witty clever thing to say, pride mixed with slime, and that mixed with the vanity of youth,

He answers:

“I am half finnish” stops for five secs, the smile deepening, “half asshole….”


Why on earth do I have to encounter these people?

Yippie... She fucked Canada...

Started talking with her as we were on the same table. cute blond girl. My friend talking to her friend, so I gotta keep her busy...

Long story short, five minutes into the convo she asked me what sports I do, and as I was bored out of my mind, I told her about the one year I played american football as a guard.
Before I could breath...

"American football??? Wow.. I love aggressive sports like that and hockey.. The players are so sexy……. Last week I fucked a canadian national hockey team player who was here for a match"


What the fuck???? She thinks that is sexy???? Not the first time I hear this... Do women think it is sexy????


Who cares?

You opened your legs, he got his magic pole up, you people had your fun... so what??? Why brag about it??

Who f'ing cares?

Do what you do, I do not give a damn. If you need to brag about it, get the fuck away from my face.

Finndistan says:

Do women think that this makes them more wanted? Makes them have a higher value???

Makes me think I am not too far off from truth when I say women cannot see the world in eyes other than their own.. About this I will have many more posts, but let me give two points which exist in this spectacular encounter:

1. Women like men who are taken/ who have good looking women with them. - don't even try to disagree with this... not worth arguing over this - Somehow this makes the man a special one, wanted by other women, so he must have the golden member or something. Need to get this man, no matter what.

So, men should also like women who hang out with boys, and women who are wanted by
other men.

You know what, men do not care if the woman is wanted by other men, or not.. He wants her, that is enough for him. And then, a woman with a man beside her, is just not a target. She could not exist if you ask us, we don't f'ing care. She is taken, so be it. Neeeeeeeext......

2. Women like men who have been with celebrities.. See point 1, the same thing: He is a wanted man.

So, men should think there is something special about women who have bedded celebrities...

but, as men, if we hear she has bedded a celebrity on the same night which she met, that does not say anything good about her to us.. Ok, not necessarily anything bad either, but definitely nothing good, except, that she is good for "hit and run"... - btw don't bullshit me about men using women, you do not want a ten page reply... if I will not reply as, "get the fuck outta here".....

3. And women thinking they can brag to a man about the other dicks on earth they have bedded,…. Oh please, please…. We are men, not women…. So I am skipping this point as it is utterly pointless to start by saying “men and women are not same”… If I have to explain something starting with this sentence, there is no point… and no hope of getting the point in the thick skull of the deluded “We are same” believers.

More to come on this, stay tuned....

I am fake... Sure...

She is a friend of my friend’s friend... Know her too.. Used to be engaged to a countryman of mine. Broke up with him, moved with another guy within the time of two weeks..

Gotta give her due praise, this woman knows how to play with her femininity and is a sexually appealing girl, good looking too.

Though, I got no interest in her, neither respect.

The group is talking with eachother, and I am talking to this one. I am showing no disrespect. Will not give her that pleasure. I am having fun, busting balls, especially after I see she wants attention, she wants to feel my horniness that should be there for her. More like she expects my dick to be saluting her at that point… The flag pole greeting the lady general.

No. No intention on my side.

So I continue my fun.

I mention again, no disrespect I showed her, but also no romantic attention.

Fifteen minutes later, she looses control, and starts going aggressive, eeehhm yes, I got slapped, even if half joke, and if the laws were not like they are now, she would’ve ended with five fingers marks on both cheeks… for the next two weeks.. That is real equality… Sadly had to keep my hands to me. Stupid laws.

Situation calms down for five minutes… then she starts shouting,





“Now really” I say still smiling


“don’t you say??”


“Never said that”.. smirk on my face



I smiled, as there was nothing more I would say.

Finndistan says:

Not once did I say something bad about her. Or insult her. Of course you might argue that me not showing her the attention she thinks she is entitled to, is disrespect. “MUHAHAHAHA” is what I say… “Feed the Entitled bitch…, in your dreams”

Back to story, the person who accuses me of being fake, disrespecting me, when I did not disrespect her.. , is the one having her face covered with a ton of paint… has her hair done every month… wears a pushup bra… wears high heels to push up the butt…

And this person who calls me fake, has not even managed to be faithful for a few weeks in a row to a fiancĂ©e she promised a happy and long life with… till she eventually got bored… (Multiple sources confirmed this – gotta know what my countryman is getting into.. glad he got dumped.. better now than later)

Now who is fake?

Who is sincere?

Happily my soul lives on in peace at least knowing that I have been faithful.

And with me, it’s What You See Is What You Get…

Not, a hidden surprise under Wonderbra… with no honor whatsoever…

Update: It is interesting to note women think they have the right to use violence on a man because he said something she did not like, not necessarily wrong, and will go aggressive without any second thought. In the meantime, men are expected to be chivalrous (which is dead, btw) and turn the other cheek?

The break point

This is the post which constitutes the border between the resurrected Finndistan, on the 5th of October of the year 2007, two years after it was put to sleep by me.

Above this post is the new era of Finndistan

Below is the old Finndistan.

At this point I do not know what the change is, assuming that change is an integral part of life, and I can only hope I will do my best to keep that change fruitful and positive.

Thank you all.