Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smelly Media: Grrrl Power - 2.5 - Utter entitled ignorance in light of today's news

I was going to write this post anyway, since last eve some things stuck in my head again, that were left unsaid in yesterday's Smelly Media: Grrrl Power -2- This Finnish government hates all men, etc post.

The position of women in Finnish public companies and trade unions is less than satisfactory.

Two government ministers on Thursday called for the introduction of quotas for the number of women on the boards of public corporations. The minister responsible for equality issues, Paavo Arhinmäki, proposed legislation to guarantee a minimum 40 percent quota of women members on company boards.

It is this quote that tells us that what you accomplish, or how qualified you are matters not when applying for a job. They want it to be so that if you got a vajayjay, you get the job, if the company has not fulfilled the quota.

The men who were qualified for the job will not be getting the position, and the men who have the position and are fully qualified for the job will be walked over when a further promotion is in place.

This will put the possession of a vajayjay over possession of intelligence, work ethics, productivity, qualification and achievement.

It is pure discrimination and will in turn destroy the standing of women in the workplace, as not everybody rightfully will assume the woman was a quota bitch, and because she is not qualified for the job, not suited for it, the other workers in the business will have to work extra to make up for the lost productivity.

While discriminating against the men who are deserving the job, the families of these men are also discriminated against.

This is utter sexism, and nothing else.

In light of news that just came in, this gains more importance, as to show that these politicians care sh%t for the economy and their own people, when it comes to satisfying some agenda, ideology, shutting up the feminazis, or just getting votes from the strong and independent but still need quota women:

Nokia to cut 3500 jobs

Digia announces new layoffs  (170)

Finnair shedding 155 jobs

These three all came in today, in the span of one hour.

These, besides old news of the Post, the Railway, Sonera, the Defense Forces....

To conclude this post, I have few more quota suggestions:

40% of women laid off no matter the company gender ratio
40% of tax being paid by women
40% of medical care expenses to be allocated to men
40% or retirement savings to be paid to men

The last two are important since women live 7 years longer, they get an extremely larger pie from the retirement budget and medical budget;

And they work 2 or so year less, take more time off during working years, amounting to further (paid maternity leave) years off from work, and collectively pay less taxes.

And still get at least double the retirement benefits, and similar medical care allocation.

What about that equality?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smelly Media: Grrrl Power - 2 - This Finnish government hates all men, men's families, and also the hard working women

Newsweek praises women's political rights in Finland

Because as you know, women in Germany cannot vote, in the US women are not allowed to speak, in Spain women are not allowed to write, in Italy women are not allowed to type...

Wow... Women have the right to vote, a right that has been given to men after they died like cockroaches in the millions, for their country, which means women and children when most of the men are under arms, or in the queue to be under arms. 

Finnish women have the best political rights in the world, according to the latest edition of Newsweek. However, this contrasts with fresh calls for the introduction of quotas to give women more say in how publicly traded companies are run.
Best rights in the world. Err.. What is the condition of the men's rights? Right. Men don't matter, as we are a privileged kind. You know, falling from constructions, drowning in sewers, burning in fires, some working 14 hours a day, who needs rights when you got those rights?
We will get to that crap later.
The US news magazine listed Iceland, Sweden and Canada as the best nations for women. Finland ranks in fifth position behind Denmark.
Ever asked a Swedish man what he thinks? Or the gender neutral parent's non gender neutral little boys in gender neutral kindergardens?
Asked an Icelandic man on what he thinks about sailing the stormy oceans in a little fishingboat for three months, so his wife and kids can have a life?
Asked a Danish man who feels foreign at home, and soon they will outlaw the word "man" anyway?
Ever asked why a Finn drinks this much?
"In 1906, Finland was the first country to give women the right to vote and run for office. Today, in politics they're the tops," writes the magazine.
When did men get their right to vote? Was it after a war when one in ten men died? Did Finnish men have voting rights since 2377 BC?
What makes it better for a woman to be in politics?
Since we all have the same brain and gender is a social construct, does this not contradict the gender lectures we are given?
Does the Vajayjay have magical political powers of wisdom?
We all got the Wisdom Tooth, do women also have the Wisdom Tunnel?
Sometimes the Wisdom Tooth has to be pulled out???
Women are well-represented in the Finnish Parliament. However, only one in ten of all city managers and a quarter of municipal council chairpersons are women
Hundred years of equaltity; read: affirmative policies; and still got squat to show for it.
Equal opportunity for a hundred years, sh¤t to show for it, now we need equal outcome for less work.
That is eqwaliteeeeee defined by the Powaful Grrrrrrlllsssss....
Independent, stong, and in desperate need of affirmative action.

Calls for quotas in business life
As we all know, especially during bad economical times, the main goals of businesses are to provide charity for women, and be social engineering powerhouses; not to make profit. Who needs profit when you can celebrate Grrrrllll Power by having men lift the ladies up?
The position of women in Finnish public companies and trade unions is less than satisfactory.
Maybe they should work more, have a stronger drive, put in more time, be more innovative, turn out more profit, sacrifice more, make more long nights?
Maybe women should deserve those high position before claiming a right to them?
Two government ministers on Thursday called for the introduction of quotas for the number of women on the boards of public corporations. The minister responsible for equality issues, Paavo Arhinmäki, proposed legislation to guarantee a minimum 40 percent quota of women members on company boards.
Men. This government has itself thus stated it does not care about you. Indirectly it does not care about your families, if you are involved with you family. This government has state that it is the enemy of working men.
It has also stated that it is the enemy of the hard working woman. Now, she will always be under the scrutiny of eyes that do not know if she is a quota bitch or one genuinely deserving the position.
This government has stated that it is willing to walk over hardworking people to make the ladies feel good. At the expense of everybody.
The financial daily Kauppalehti reported Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen as saying the government could introduce a gender quota system during the current electoral term.
Is Ms. Jutta there because of some quota? Or does she deserve the position?

While she is at the process of instating quotas in the top positions, here are some more quotas to consider:

40% of women sewer workers
40% of women garbage collectors
40% of women asphalt layers
40% of women plumbers
40% of women roofers
40% of women foresters
40% of women firefighters
40% of women janitors
40% of women bus drivers
40% of women street cleaners
40% of women fishers
40% of women farmers
40% of women car mechanics
40% of women high voltage electricians
40% of women night guards
40% of women turned down medical care because "It will pass"
40% of women workplace deaths
40% of women prisoners
40% of women as custodial parents
40% of women paying child support

But nooo....

All they think of

40% of women in managerial positions they are unqualified for, they do not deserve, and will suck at.

Prima (Donna) example on how supposed equality destroys the economy.

Having women feel good is more important that having the children having food.

This has been a good example. Femishits, femifisting western life into a 4th world sh%thole. But hey, it makes the ladies feel good.

A$$ covering necessary disclaimer: Am not talking about Ms. Jutta when talking about femixxx. She is just another brainwashed little soul parroting the party line. Successful little soul at that. Quota? Or genuinely qualified?

Smelly Media: Grrrrl Power - 1 - You Go GRLLLL, even if you ain't done nothin'

Girls get coding in Helsinki

Yeaaa!!!! Go grrrrllsssss goooo!!!

Grrrrrl's got da powwwwaaaaaaa!!!!

Web application programming is often seen as an industry heavily dominated by men. However, women of all ages are coming together in Helsinki to hone their coding skills at the Rails Girls workshop on Monday and Tuesday.

Why is it seen as dominated by men? Because it is dominated by men.

What is the chance that a Rails Boys workshop would be protested by the strong and independent but oh so sensitive femishits?

Ok, lets set aside the clear discriminatory practice in this workshop,

“I think it’s easier to learn with girls,” says Tuuti Piippo who attended the first Rails Girls event last November. “I feel it’s easier to code with other girls, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the context: many of us came up with ideas of girly apps, rather than apps designed for men.”


Innovation flows from the workgossipshop!!!

Many girly apps come out...

Like "KissenMyKitten", "CuddlePoodle", "How Many Cats"....

The Rails Girls event on September 19-20 is not strictly women-only, but men are only accepted if they are accompanying a lady. And women get preference if there is a choice to be made of who gets to attend. This is, after all, an initiative to get women to join coders’ ranks and produce unique web apps.

Somebody sue please.

“Women encounter different problems in their daily lives, so they’re in a good position for finding things that are invisible to men,” Rails Girls founder Karri Saarinen told YLE News.

Some more apps:

"PickMyPolish", "DildoPower", "DontForgetThePill", "I-Vibrate", "OneNagADay", "GossipTwit"....

Piippo outlined an idea for such an app: one that would supply the busy woman with daily recipes that would neatly break down into grocery lists.

Possibly done. By a man.

But hey, innovation!!!!

No experience required

Of course not.

“It makes women more comfortable to learn these new things when it’s a friendly environment, not a male-dominated one like many workshops and conferences,” explains Saarinen. “It’s like a starting point—the events are basically just for anyone, just beginners without much experience in programming, just experience using computers. We do the rest.”

Grrrrllllll learning powwwwrrrrrr!!!!

Because men just drink and sit and drink and fight, and some woman in the back room is writing all those apps and programs and systems in those male oriented workshops.

Btw, which idiot thought that it would be a good idea for a complete beginner to go to conferences? Hell, I know my way around medical stuff, cannot follow a conference about stem cell technology for more than ten minutes.

Perhaps, soon enough the gender divide in apps programming will fade. Either way, one thing is clear: women can certainly enrich the world of web apps, and they are now encouraging new generations of girls to follow suit.

After putting this disclaimer: I have excellent scientific female minds around me; let me continue:

Women can enrich the world of web apps.


Women were being midwifes for thousands of years, along comes a man, invents the forceps. Saves millions with a little device.

Women were washing dishes for thousands of years, ok ok, it was a woman who invented the dishwasher. Hmmm.. Sorry, it was a man.

Women were doing laundry for thousands of years, along comes a man, invents the washing machine.

For every woman's invention in the past million years, you got a million inventions of men, in the past century alone.

What are women going to add to the webapp sphere that requires a whole newspaper article?

An app that does the tracking of the menstrual cycle? Done.... By a man... Even tracks multiple girls... I used to have it on my old Nokia.

An app about cooking? In the hundreds. Shopping lists? In the hundreds. Combinations? Dunno. Did not check.


Here are some apps that they could invent, would sell in millions... to men:








Monday, September 26, 2011

One thing you ladies forget: Men talk

Girl, Twiggy, I meet in some party. Friend of mine thinks the way I handled her was legendary, I think; not good enough.

I thought I had written this, but could not find the story;


Girl, one of the best dressing, sexiest girls of the university.

The night we met, she played hard; I played impossible.

Some weeks later I saw her in a bar, she had one of my friends with her, though it seemed platonic, and I was teasing some princess who was trying to one up me. Twiggy's face turned sour. Good.

Recently I was at the university for a meeting. Went to see some friends over coffee, and lo and behold, she was sitting on some other table.

I was getting up, when I saw her sitting. As I had my jacket on, she was passing behind me, similar function to proximity mines.

I greet her, and she greets me, but with the aura of "still playing hard to get"...


She imagines she is a blank page;

And she imagines that she can paint the blank page into a master painter's creation.

What she does not know.

Is that men talk.

One night. A man that I know takes her home. Ravages her. He talks to another man that I know. And this man talks to me.

Another one night. Another man that I know takes her home. Ravages her. He talks to yet another man that I know. And this man also talks to me.

What she does not know,

The blank page she imagines herself to be has already been spray painted.

My friends, I ask you, should one treat a common underground grafitti wall as Leonardo's canvas?

Nope. You take your spray can and spray the walk while having an evening walk.

Where simple objective logic leads us to

Was chatting with some friends in a coffee place when the topic of Dominique Strauss-Kahn came up. Since I was not really following the chat, I was busy texting, I missed the point how the topic started.

Here is an approximate break down:

Boy: Yea, look what happened to Dominik Strauss Kahn
Girl: Yea, he had it totally coming.
Boy: Yes, he is an evil man. Very intelligent.
Me: So, him having sex with a prostitute makes it ok for him to get his life destroyed by a woman lying?  (The next sentence is the reason I retired from the conversation, and just listened. Talking to a brick wall is useless.)

Girl: He was also married, yes?
Boy: Yes he was.
Girl: So he totally deserved it.
Boy: He deserved it. But you know, everybody is doing it.
Girl: I don't believe that. But if you do it, you had it coming.

And the similar ideas continued for a few more minutes, when the chat turned around to rescuing Africa.

So, let's see this logic of the girl:

A man has made a permanent bond with a woman, provide for her better than many princesses get provided for. He establishes another temporary bond to be with a second woman provides her with lunch money. Because of establishing a second, temporary bond, he deserves to get his face in the public as a rapist, he deserves to be dragged to court, he loses his job that has taken him a lifetime to achieve, upon found innocent, no newspaper puts a similar sized news out as his news of his accusation.

So, your life gets destroyed because you cheated on your wife, temporarily.

Now, if I follow this logic,

A woman forms a bond with a better earning man; she goes and makes a sexual bond with another man. In this case, shall she be dragged through the streets naked, and then be prostituting herself to men the husband chooses, for the amount (His yearly earning - her yearly earning) x years together / hourly going rate of average prostitute?

A woman forms a family bond with a man; but the family's sperm comes from another. In this case, shall her womb be put into public use for any random man who wants a child but does not want to deal with the mother? After that, forced sterilization.

These are not good examples.

But here is one:

So, the man makes a lifetime bond with a woman. He temporarily suspends it. And his achievements of a lifetime are destroyed, risks prison, and risks rape, even death.


So, a woman makes a life (not lifetime) bond with a baby. Aborts it. Breaks the life bond. With the same logic as the above girl put out, it simply follows that what this woman deserves is that her bond to life is severed.

See, I do not subscribe neither to the girl's attitude, neither to the logical conclusion.

But if you are going to be consistent in your ideas, then logic follows logic, and if cheating is punished by prison and loss of livelihood and prison rape, then abortion is punished by death, cuckoldry by sterilization, false rape accusation by the cutting of the tongue etc.

Like I said, these are not my ideas, I am just adding 2 and 2 and finding nothing else but 4.  

As an addition: Here you have a prime example of the strong and independent western female's mentality.

Look to another woman, have your eyes gorged out,
Touch another woman, have your hand cut,
F%&k another woman, have your balls strung,
Pay another woman, lose your job, your freedom, etc etc...

Links of interest:

The False Rape Society

Human Stupidity

In Mala Fide / Tag /  Rape

Disclaimer: As I mentioned above, I am not advocating any of the logical conclusions I put forward. I am merely stating what follows the girl's logic; which btw, I deem criminal, and enough to strike someone from my list of acquaintances to be held on good regard.

I repeat: I am not advocating for these logical conclusions. In a sense, this girl, and many other girls who laugh at men who get their penises cut off, are.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smelly Media: Mine mine mine mine, the seagulls from Nemo, in Finnish Politics

Kiviniemi: Hard to work with Finns Party

Centre Party chair Mari Kiviniemi has written in her blog that her party finds it difficult to work with the other opposition party, the Finns.

Let me tell you the story of the little sister and big brother who wanted the unbaked cookies that were still dough.

The little sister goes to the kitchen, sees the dough. She likes the dough, so takes the whole plate and goes to the garden to eat it raw.

The younger brother sees this, and knows it is not a good idea for his sister to eat the whole dough raw. Eating all of the cookies is bad enough for her stomach, eating the dough will totally upset it. Besides, the daddy, mommy and the little brother also would like to have some cookies in the evening.

"Big sister" says little brother;"You should not eat all the unbaked cookies"

"Mine, all mine" says big sister

"But, it will upset your stomach"

"Mine, all mine" says big sister

"But daddy, mommy, me and Big Billy also would like to eat some cookies"

"Mine, all mine" shouts big sister

"Look, you will have tummy ache all night, you are not sharing, we want some piece of the cookie also, sister, fair share, you can still have half of my share"

"Mine, all mine" shouts big sister

The mother, hearing all the crying comes to see big sister crying, asks what is happening, and big sister points at Little Lenny and tells mommy

"Little brother here does not want to compromise"

Big brother, having eaten all the baked cookies of the family of last week, together with the sister, stands in the background clapping hands and cheering. 

Two days after big sister ate almost all the dough, and big brother munched on the leftovers, they are still in bed, clutching their tummys, the health officials have indefinitely banned cookie baking because of this incident, when mommy comes with tummy medicine, sister complains:

"Why does my tummy hurt? It's all little brother's fault"

Big brother cries

"Why cant we have more cookies? It is all because of evil little brother"

Little brother lies in the corner, feeling lonely, and never will be able to eat a cookie, something he never even tasted. On top of his loneliness and hunger, he is also being blamed for something he had no mouth hand in doing.


SDP presidential candidate, former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, thanked Kiviniemi for taking a stand on the issue. Commenting on Kiviniemi's blog statement, Lipponen said that this was the talk of "a civilised party's chair".

There is never only one seagull..

"It seems that the Finns Party Parliamentary Group is not willing to distance itself from its far-right elements," Lipponen surmised

Is there one left/centre party that has distanced itself from far-left elements?

Talking about male dekoltees

In the hipster post, I made fun of the shitster wearing low cut tshirts on a smooth chest with no manly flesh.

I am also guilty of wearing dekoltees.

Thought; I have not brought myself to wear a low cut round tshirt sleeve, I am known for wearing all tshirt buttons open, or most of the top shirt buttons open.

Now, I got a defined pec line, and a bulging chest underneath it, and a decent amount hair covering it, and yes, I proudly show them off.

This, does not come across as welcome by the hipsters themselves.

Like the guy, instead of getting pissed at his girlfriend flirting with me, being unable to take his eyes away from my chest, grabbing my hair and telling me "Reall maaannnsss haiirrrr" with awe in his eyes. The situation was so absurd I just stood there watching.

Recently, I was in a bar, again with my chest open, this time wearing a tight tshirt with buttons, all open.

As my boys were jumping like monkeys in the dancefloor, I was by the bar looking around and enjoying my drink.

Then I notice this one skinny died long haired hipster metal mix, in tight black jeans, lots of necklaces standing in front of me with a huge woman looking like a beer barrel.

He looks at my eyes, I look at his eyes;
He looks down at my chest, he frowns, I start watching the movie with no script unfold in front of me;
He turns to the BeerBarrel (she had a cute face so I cannot call her a WarPig), and tells something to her ear, in his face there is disgust, I watch scene two,
The BeerBarrel looks at my chest, turn to the guy and says something, I am now watching scene three unfold
Now both of them turn to give my chest a last glance, and try to make fun among themselves.

All the time, I am watching the situation, enjoying the sh¤t out of it, remembering all the times a woman's fingers could not get enough of the merchandise; in public.

Fashion has to progress

For me, the proof that many times women do not sleep with men, but with the image that is sexy by fashion at the moment, lies in the hipsters.

The first wave of hipster could not get laid when they were not hipsters yet, and could not get laid when the fashion was starting. Then the fashion took off, and some of these dudes started getting laid. As the fashion progressed, more of the hipster mind aligned,  -i.e.: useless for nothing except being "rebellious" by looking like androginous start trek mutations, and rebelling for the sake of conformity,- joined the trend, and now the whole group was getting laid like crazy.

Tight jeans that prove that there are no balls to squeeze,

Moustaches that are feminine,

Showing of a dekoltee where there is no hair, nor muscle,

Images from Look At This F¤%king Hipster, one of my favorite sites until it stopped updating.

Still, the trend helped the first and second wave of hipsters.

Of course, when something is working, men adapt.

What happened next, the studs who were making fun of these shitsters saw that they are losing ground to the infertility jeans and the femistaches, so they joined in.

These third wave hipsters cut off the sex line to the first and second.

What's the fashion to do now?

Now it is got to distance itself from the now mainstream hipster clothing,

And it did.

What I saw on the street on a regular eve, with a regular straight hipster; I know the face; having a regular eve,

Beige furry coat,

And beige desert boots...

The guy is skinny, the hair is hipster trendy,

Covering those skinny thin ostrich legs was a leopard legging.

It was a sight to behold.

This is almost stud-wave-proof.

Oh God; oh no... Please don't let H&M import this...

Actually, if it does, my hairy barrel chest and a blazer will work even better.

(Proof that the man can override the fashion)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Smelly Media: Calling a spade a spade

It walks like a duck, it flies like a duck, it swims like a duck.

What is it?

A flying, swimming, walking birdlike creation.

Police confirm terrorism links to Finland

Hmmm.. so there was indeed some point in having background checks on immigrants.

I, mean, like the Spanish exchange student with a Spanish name, or the Swedish gay Dj...

He also notes that terrorist training is not a crime in Finland as it is in many other European states.

From other reports, I have the impression that he is not happy about this. 

And he must have missed the report that there is no terrorism on earth, it is now called violent extremism. Tz tz tz...

Having said that,

Interesting, ain't it?

Getting terrorist training from terrorists is not a crime.

Calling a terrorist a terrorist from X place, or X ideology is a crime punishable by jail.(except if it is a right wing/christian one(even if terrorist himself says he is not christian))

Bing bang bong... Something gone wrong.

Pelttari is adamant that his organisation needs more money to fight terrorism.

With all due respect. We need to listen to our multiculti cultists and diversity worshipers. Not Mr. Pelttari, whose opinions on this issue is tainted by the evil notion that he is there to protect the citizens of his country.

Here I declare, all the funds to the SUPO should go into increasing welfare.

As we all know, a well-fed, well-sexed well-tolerated extremist with disco-money and child-money cannot be a violent extremist.

More correctly, as the multiculti cultists and diversity worshipers want us to believe.

On related news, the journalists are missing the whole point:

Police reticent on terrorist suspects' nationality

Police remain reticent over the nationality of two persons currently held on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities. The only new official data is that the suspects are a man and a woman living in Finland.

Followed by:

Quoting police sources, Saturday’s edition of the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat claimed the two persons suspected of terrorist related crimes are of Somali background. The paper also said the suspects were not planning an attack in Finland.
These journalists are clueless.

Birds told me that the suspected are Icelanders.

Like all around europe, Icelandic enclaves are no go zones, and they are trying to raise the trolls from the rocks using rotten shark balls as stinkbait. These trolls will then set free on the european clueless dingbats to reign terror and use this accumulated energy to bring back Thor from the dead.

“We cannot imagine ourselves to be completely isolated from terrorism even though Finland is currently not a target for such attacks, “he said.

How does Europe opening its borders to anyone desperate enough to get in work out in this context? Without background checks, let alone intention checks.

Tuomioja believed doubts the suspects may be of a non-Finnish background can increase suspicious towards immigrants in some quarters.

Believe me, no one is suspicious of those evil retarded troll dung sniffing norwegian immigrants. Or those anime loving tea smelling japanese immigrants...

As a side note, my jaw still hurts.

Maybe the immigrants who are creating suspicion (ooops.. did I just say that?) should , just maybe, take a look at the rotten apples in their communities.

And we could of course not have the report be finished without this:

“But as we saw in Norway, mindless violence and terrorism can also be homemade,” he commented.


Like 5-10 compared to what? 17.000 plus. In the last ten years.

My respects to SUPO and my appreciation for their efforts done for people who know the value of these efforts, and an elite who does everything to undermine the success of the security forces.

Man, I meant elite ducks. The whole point of the article.

Non-Smelly media: One good step forwards, for a thousand that were backwards

Prayer ban in break room not discrimination

Hell yea!... Now the multiculti cultists and the diversity worshippers will spill on the streets.

The National Discrimination Tribunal has ruled that a ban on prayer in employee break rooms is not an act of discrimination.

Well. It is not. I don't want you to pray where I drink my coffee, or do it praying silently without going through the motions, and asking me to be silent cause it disturbs you.

Your freedom ends where my discomfort starts. Oh... You say that is not freedom? Welcome to our world.

What if a catholic would show up with an orgel and a swinging smoke lantern to the coffee table? Yea yea, I know you got asthma.. I mean you contracted it today.

The ruling followed a complaint filed by an individual claiming to have been subjected to discriminatory practice when he and fellow Muslim employees were banned by their employer from holding prayers on the job or in the employee break room.

I really want to ask this individual about the situation of the churches, synagogues, and various other temples in the place where he is coming from. Don't even want to ask about what would happen on a tea break if a catholic would start with "Hallelujah"...

What about using your right to delay your prayer because of unfitting circumstances? It is allowed. Näää... Gotta make it an "in your face" thing.

According to the Tribunal, the employer did not permit employees of any faith to hold religious ceremonies at work. For this reason, it ruled that the complainant had not suffered discrimination.

Christmas season is upon us...

Now we are waiting for the somehow orchestrated effect of diverse pressure points to exercise their diversity and ban hundreds of years of Finnish traditions of the Christmas cake.

They already did away with Santa Claus in many kindergardens.

Right, right; I know that Christmas is not a multiculti approved celebration. But the cakes taste good. Come on. At least let me have my cake. We can name it CamelCake.

The Discrimination Tribunal said that use of a common employee break room for Muslim prayers would mean that employees who do not share that faith would be forced to be present at religious functions that were not their own. The Tribunal noted that no one can be obligated to attend a religious ceremony.

Please, please let these diverse enrichers try to go after the christmas celebrations. Please let them make that extra step. Please, so that the tolerant will see the intolerance of those they dine'n'wine'n'tolerate.

All in all,

This has been one good step amongst far too many jumps backwards.

One good news to celebrate, if there will be more like this coming.

I celebrate, but I will not hold my breath for the second good news.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night of the bearhug 3 - The bearhug

Gymnast had my coatroom ticket and he was already way far ahead of me, so I decided I will wait outside for him to bring my jacket.

Of note: I already had a jacket on. Was waiting for the second one.

Start walking past the long and packed coatroom queue, when I gently tapped this early 40s short but stocky man in order to pass him,

"Sorry" I say, tapping his shoulder,
"F¤%king.... queue.... motherf¤%ker..." were the words that I could make up, which were immediately followed by a determined fist coming out of nowhere and landing just in the soft space under my jaw and ear.

I felt nothing, I thought nothing.

One. Goes my punch. Hits the jaw, he staggers.

Two. Goes my punch. Hits the cheek, he staggers a bit more

I think there was a third fist that contacted.

He has staggered quite a bit, I realize later, when I think why the hell did I then slap him with my palm, landing the side close to the wrist bullseye on his temple.

All this took less than five seconds.

That is when I realized the bouncer came in between us and the guy was moving back. He was being carried out, that I would see a few seconds later.

Bouncer in front of me, when I noticed him, I was just about to go for another lunge at the a$$hole,

"I did not start this" I tell the bouncer when I see him, due to most the fights being started by foreigners
"I know" he says, my body is still trying to get the guy, so bouncer continues "can you stop?" he asks,
"What?" I say, totally taken aback.
"Can you stop?"
"Sure"... so I stop, stand down.

The bouncer leaves.

A my age finnish dude comes in front of me; smiling.
"Peace bro"
"Yea, I am in peace"
"Peace bro"
"Dude. I am calm" and I was.

Then I notice Gymnast standing two meters away from the incident, smiling, my jacket in his hand.

I get my jacket and move out. Gymnast leading the way.

When I approach the door, I see another bouncer.

The guy is simply smiling. At me.

So I get close to him,
"No fighting, eh" he says, smiling.
"No.. I did not start it" I say, he extends his hand, I shake it;
"Yea, I know, but next time, don't try to end it; and gives me a manly hug...
"What?" I ask, because it makes no sense,
"Don't try to end it the next time" he says, tapping my shoulder.
"Well..." I say, shrugging my shoulders, "Thanks", and continue out.

I am thinking to myself, what the f¤%k, I start shaking from the adrenaline, my jaw starts pulsating, I try to make sense of the bearhug, but am content in the sense of the words, knowing that the a$$hole is in a worse condition than I was, when

"WTF was that?" says the Gymnast, who was observing the interaction, for the second time that night.

Disclaimer: It was a totally unprovoked punch, and the swelling went down today. So I have all the legal right to punch back. And also the moral right to be content with my punches having made contact.

Night of the bearhug 1 - Where have all the good men gone

Thought I had posted this, it is Part 1:

My friend, Gymnast, came to pick me up from the bar that I was getting slowly warmed up at. We went to a club, did not like it, left to another.

On the way, we stopped by a bar to pick up two other friends, who had a full bowl of sangria in front of them.

Some chat, some drinking followed, then we decided to get up and leave to the next club.

MY jacket was at the Gymnast's side of the table, and when we got up he took my jacket and held it up for me.

In the meantime, the three girls in the table behind us were also getting up, so my face was thirty centimeters from the blondy's face, when I was held my jacket to, and I replied a kind

"Thank you"

The blondie looks up, and I say, smiling,

"Heh, that thank you was not for you"

"I know" she says, with a frown....

"A'ight" I say; "My friend deserved a thank you for being nice"

"So? Why you saying that to me"

At this point I knew I was dealing with a strong independent bitch... I was feeling too good to argue,

"Ah I thought maybe you would take that "thank you" as for you"

And continue out. 

Now, her two girls are out, my two guys are out, Gymnast is just in front of me, and the blondie behind me.

While approaching the door, the blondie starts

"I think it is pathetic that you..." she gets cut off by us coming to the door

I am just walking,

"I think it is pathetic that you..." she tries to continue, just as we are out, just as her two friends are watching us, and just as I am smiling, muttering to myself;

I mean, sincerely, just to myself, "Yea yea, whatever", at which point blondie must have heard it as she shuts up, her two friends have open jaws, I am smiling, Gymnast goes "Dude, WTF was that?", with his mouth to his ears.

Ignorance is the biggest punishment a woman can get, besides ridicule. And I did not care enough to think which punishment she deserves.

Now, this girl could almost be considered a dive for me, and she is using this language on me.

Wonder what language she uses on guys who would sincerely think of her as in their league.

Year after year, thousands of independent strong women acting this way on many more thousands of men, it is no wonder men think of beer as being better company and decide women are to be pursued once the body cannot take more beer and the beer goggles are in full effect, as are the beer-earbuds.

And then they wonder

"Why did he not call back"


Why should he?

Your behavior, in the thousands, made it clear that you got no good company to offer other than speedy pipe cleaning?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Night of the Bearhug 2 - No plumber for the slums

Just after i talked to the 1.85 blondie who tapped my shoulder in a friendly way, saying "Have a good night", smiling, this blondie appears on my right.

I look at her, she looks at me, we start talking.

The chat continues, at some point it gets close.

Some dude looking like a skinny albino with his died golden hair comes in, apparently he knows the girl, gives her a drink.

In the next five minutes or so, Dyed-Albino hover around us, coming and going.

"Hey, he your boyfriend or something?"

There is definite interest in her side, and once again we get close, I evade her lips and move my ear to her mouth to hear what she was saying while brushing all the way.

May sound gay, but I did not feel it at the moment.

Few minutes later I see the spark in her eyes, and I know it is over. She has seen my self restraint, and she knows she will be with one who does not lose control in front of her lush red lips.

She is in the "he just wants em as meat" mode, so she leaves to the loo.

I am not going to wait for an unsure girl, so I go to my guys, and enjoy the dancefloor.

Making a round, I return to our previous place, and see the blondie sitting with the Dyed-Albino. Say hi to both, to judge the situation.  Dyed-Albino is definitely not going to stop sticking like slime to this girl, the girl is giving me the horny eyes but she is not going to let go of the sure shot until she knows that I will make an overt move on her.

I will not,

I have not swooped as low as to put myself in between three guys to get a gril who would shag some skinny a$$ sticky dude if I would not shag her.

There is a dive and there is a dive.

Then there is a dive to a girl who is willing to dive herself.

That, you do not do in any situation.

I see them a few more times, Dyed-Albino sticking to the girls hand like glue, and the girl looking at me with horny eyes.

I have gone into a hotel room where five guys where to take away a girl, in my stupid youth; but at least she showed some dignity before getting totally bombed on tequila and ending up in a hotel room and calling me to take her away. From the guys' faces I knew nothing had yet happened. That was 8 years ago.  

A girl may be shy, a girl may be reserved, but all this is valid if she is not holding some sticky dude's hand.

While he was clinging to his hand;

Some chit chat,
"Where do you live" she says looking flirtily,
"XXX" I say, knowing, once again what was coming
"Oh, that is so near" flirty head tilt, etc....

All that was required was that I would hold her hand and lead her out.

Once I lost a third in the threesome to a man who was crying because she was leaving with me and the other girl. Similar to here, but this time I was giving a girl to a sticky like flypaper guy.

So, I ended up without her, he ended up with her.

For him it is a victory. Taking a woman from me. Man, he will be talking about that for years.

For me? Keeping my dignity is the victory. Had I taken that girl home by going in the three guy one girl group and extending my hand to her and simply saying "We are going"; it would be no victory. There is no dignity in being with women who are so openly willing to dive if the better option is not available. Taking the second best option is one thing, diving is another.

I got no plumbing to do for a woman who goes slumming.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smelly Media: Growing back your balls makes you a coward

Why do I say "Growing back your balls?"

Because of the Winter War.

Without balls, there would only have been a russian winter; and few russian decades following it. And maybe situations like in Poland and Ukraine, in a country which would cease to exist if a fraction of those atrocities were committed here.

Finns had lost their balls due to their belief that the rulers are indeed looking out for the Finnish folk and the respectable non-Finns living inside the borders.

Recently they started plucking their heads out of the snow, and taking back their balls that had been boiling on the sauna stove for few decades, like the slow boiled frog.

P.s.: I put the disclaimer somewhere below but am adding it here. I use "You" a lot; and this is a figure of speech. I am not talking about the prime minister when using "you".

PM: Is Finland growing cowardly?
Taking a stand against xenophobia, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen on Wednesday said he is concerned that the Finnish social climate is hardening. The premier said he has noticed a shift in society over recent months.
Here is a shift:

A Finn walking down the street maybe with his friend or two, since Finns do not usually hang out in bigger groups is faced with a group of immigrants, not one, not two, but five, but ten. All dressed to the hilt, all shiny new shoes, trendy clothes, all aggressive looking, and none in the fear of the police since the police would be afraid of being racist, if an event would occur. All hanging around the town 24/7, all expenses paid bt the state, including better and newer clothing than the finns, including 50 euro haircuts that this working Finn cannot afford, and looking at the Finn with an aggressive Finnophobia.

Two types of these wolf packs exist:

The "Thug Life" followers. Lots of bling bling, big shiny hats, low hanging jeans., Guess underwear, jeans proudly proclaiming "Thug Life"... Walks like a prison b&tch. Hanging out in groups of  five to ten, always hanging out, and looking for whom to eat next.

The other group looks Spanish, sometimes claims to be Spanish or Italian to women, wears tight jeans, has very stylish beards, likes white jackets, pointy shoes, and walks like a rooster. Always sits in coffees, looking for who to sneer at next. Are the main group fighting in the nightclubs; like 9 out of 10 times it is these lotharios causing the fights.

A Finn, and educated/respectable foreigners have recently been bombarded with the increase in these groups' numbers.

Oh, need to mention that somehow the females of these men are either not in the country or are totally invisible? Must be some voodoo magic or camel dung potion...

While the Finns and the working foreigners are working, these groups are socializing and building alliances; sitting around, standing around, sneering at people, staring at people, shouting at people, cutting their way etc...

Xenophobia is the least of your problems, Mr. Prime Minister.

Please one day without announcement, walk the streets and wait till a walking Finn passes by a low hanging group of these wolf packs, and see what your brother has to go through.

Since women are seen as temporary sperm deposits they are treated better than the Finnish men, who are openly despised and subjugated by the numbers.

The social climate will not only harden, it will burn, in the way it continues. And this will not be the fault of the Finns who stand up to this crime that the elites are indulging in.

The number of wolf packs are increasing every year;

The immigrants are getting bolder and bolder, taking over the living space, the recreation space of the locals; and Finn-flight will only continue that much, at some point it will be Finn-fight, and many foreigners I know will be taking the side of the Finns. And this will not be Finn's fault.

Shooting the messenger will not make the truth untrue.

Putting your head in the snow will not stop the avalanche your fart created.

Now slowly the Finns are starting to move from Finn-flight into Finn-speak, and they are called cowards. Very very convenient.
Speaking at his NCP parliamentary groups summer conference in Espoo, Katainen said that Finland seems to have started to fear others' success.
Who others?

The ones who leech of the working people claiming discrimination and being unfortunate?

The ones who sell their restaurant to another cousin every second year to claim tens of thousand of euros in "enterpreneurship aid money"

The ones who work in their cousins restaurants while racking in no less than thousand euros unemployment benefits plus free housing?

Or are we talking internationally?

Finnish companies are fearing the Chinese? Who have no issues with environmental standards, employee benefits, workplace health, child labor, who do not pay 100% tax on each employers salary?

I would be sh%t scared.

So you should be,

For the producing population. That is trying to make ends meet. That does not get "Disco-money" no matter if the economy is in the sh&tters or not.
Is it really so that Finland is becoming a nation of cowards that doesnt trust itself anymore? asked the National Coalition Party chair.
It is not allowed to trust itself if the trust is not based on the joys of multiculti or the beauty of diversity.
The nation is strong, the people courageous, but it is being betrayed.

Where have all the strong Finns gone?

You sued them. You impoverished them. You took their livelyhoods, their benefits, their free speech; and now you want their souls? (Not talking about the PM when using "You"; to clarify)
That doesnt trust that we can succeed in an open international community?
If the PC-MC-Div-Left-Lib crowd would stop digging under the Finns and planting TNT every other week, they would succeed.
That doesnt trust that Finnish culture is strong enough that we can welcome immigrants? That doesnt trust its own abilities?

I cannot explain exactly how, but these words are an admission that immigrants do not strengthen the culture.

Even if it may be in the translation, it is in the way he used the words.

He says that the culture does not believe it is strong enough, he does not say the culture thinks it will weaken. He thinks the culture is strong enough, but by choosing this wording it also means that immigrants are not strengthening the culture. and a strong culture can withstand the havoc that multiculti will wreak on it.

 The Finns know this. The jobs are going. The benefits are going to professionally dependent aliens. Who will stay aliens.

Of course once again immigrants are lumped all together.
He also expressed regret that many political discussions had become more extreme in tone, despite the fact that Finland has traditionally emphasised values such as moderation and caution.
F¤ck me if I am seeing any moderation in free speech.

This is the common response I get from most of the Finns that I trust enough to open up:

"Man you are so lucky. You cannot be called racist. I, as a Finn could never say those"

When asked: "Why don't you go to your previous coffee place anymore"

The answer is a silent "You know why."

Moderation my a$$.

The Finns have almost become slaves working for the elites and their imported gems of diversity, soon they will be unwelcome foreigners in their own country if they dare to open their mouths.

Finn, If you want your child to have a chance of a civilized life, you vote Perussuomalaiset, a.k.a The Finns.

Those tomato traders, potato growers have your best interests in mind. Even if they are incompetent, they will not cause as much damage as the competent trai....*

For Germany, Thilo Sarrazin for president.

*trailers?? trains??

Smelly Media: When will this idiocy stop? You can't punish the productive and then expect a blooming economy

Transport Ministry considers road toll introduction

Left and right we hear about the need for consumption and production to reactivate the economy. Reports are coming out scolding the Finns (and the foreigner techies) for not building companies. Of course, if you build a company and you employ people, and you pay them salary, the state will extract from you the exact same amount for the priviledge of paying someone to work for you. So, the income tax that I pay is effectively 135%, because I never get to see the other half of my salary. (I know the mathematical error here... )

So, what shall the state do to vibrate the economy and increase production?

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is to begin developing road tolls for motorists. The current model of car taxation is to be renewed, and road tolls could form a part of the new taxation policy.
Production is low, innoveation is low, people are trying to get by; solution: Pay them for driving!!!
Hey, I have an idea:
Since I changed offices, I now work 2km to my house and I walk to work everyday. Why not tax me per 100 meters because while my walking does not cause wear and tear on the pavement, it causes wear and tear on my shoes. I really think the state should demand tax for the privilege of me causing degradation in my own shoes. This, on top of the tax I payed for food (energy), the water I pay for, and the tax on the shoes that I payed for.
Transport Minister Merja Kyllönen has presented a model that would levy different charges depending on where and when a motorist is travelling, and whether public transport is a viable alternative. If it is, then private car usage could cost more.
What about making the rail cheaper? The bus cheaper?
I just saw a chart in a local paper.
For one person, travelling on the car is cheaper for every major route.
So, a person who invests thousands of euros into a car, who pays almost a thousand a year for tax and insurance is getting by a bit cheaper than the ones travelling public;
“The starting point is that the system should be fair for everyone,” said Kyllönen. “So that those for whom it is necessary to use a car are not punished by the tax and charging policy.”
Yea. Should be's, would be's...

All feelings. And when the economy stalls a bit more, then it is the fault of the ducks swimming in the lake.

The development of a new road-charging system is still at an embryonic stage,
The one case where I would fully, 100%, totally support abortion.

but it will be based on previous reports on the matter. Payments could be collected using satellite technology to locate vehicles.
Ahh... So is it about the tax?
Or is it about the state treating its citizens as criminals, needing 24/7 surveillance on their sorry a$$es?

Funny thing is, the next day of the evening I read the story, I come to work, and see the CV like document of this minister on the coffee room table. (google translate cannot translate the page)
During coffee I asked why this printout was on the table, and a heated discussion (of agreement)  between the Finns followed, the words used would get me sued for libel and defamation (if you can do it with something the parliament has on its own webpages)
Ahh, democracy, universal suffrage, you are a beautiful scheme...

PM: Sluggish growth ahead
In an address to Parliament on state finances on Thursday, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said Finland is entering a period of slower growth. He said he expects the Finnish economy to grow by no more than two percent in the coming years.
Mo' tax, mo' tax, mo' tax...

He added that recent economic data signalled little growth in the manufacturing industry for the rest of 2011.
Mo' tax, mo' tax, mo' tax...
According to Katainen, Finland would have a hard time managing a new recession, as strong state and private sector finances were largely depleted during the 2008 global recession.
Mo' tax, mo' tax, mo' tax...

We all are going to momoland...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Smelly Media: Cognitive Dissonance; Misinterpreting the numbers; It is time to differentiate

Does mutual prejudice keeps Finns and foreigners apart?

Finns are not the easiest people on earth. And if you look at my older stories, it would be clear that it is so. Though, the case is that they are not easy for other Finns either.

They are a silent bunch. Distant, and reserved. Friendship comes not easy, but when it comes, you know a Finn is there for you.

Many times have I been the only person helping a Finn move, many times have we been few foreigners the only helpers in a move.I know this contradicts the above statement; complicated.

It is not like Finns are living in a social fanfare and excluding foreigners from it. Edit: This is one point that I will talk about later, when I write about the band (5-10) of immigrants walking together in town; Finns totally excluded and shunned.  

It is a difficult situation for all, but including me, foreigners are the ones to complain.

The Family Federation of Finland believes that more information would help to dissolve stereotypes about immigrants.

The assumption that stereotypes are stereotypes ignores the fact that stereotypes come from somewhere.

The Spanish are loverboys, the Italians lotharios and the French romantics. The Germans emotionless, The Russians drenched in vodka. The Finns stoic, the Swedish gay, and the Norwegians smell of fish. English are hooligans while the Scots are sexy and the Irish are free. Portuguese love wine, Greeks love goats and all Malta men are descendants of chivalrous knights.

Is there not a point in these? Did they just come out of the blue?

No. Centuries of interactions gave rise to these stereotypes and even if they are not 100% true, they are not 100% made up, either. Though I would call the Spanish love interests, the Italian smoothness and the French romanticism a result of good marketing and a positive feedback loop...

In many cases, more information would only cement those stereotypes and that would allow the society to behave more to the benefit of all.

Sarah Ameyaw moved to Helsinki from Ghana about three years ago. She and her husband have three children, with two-year-old Joel the youngest. As a student, she says day-to-day life in Finland is generally good, but that it is difficult to get to know Finns.

I quote this for future reference.

"No, no it is not easy to meet Finnish people," she says with a wry smile. 

Now I am not talking about Ghana. One of my very good friends is a Ghanian, and from what I hear from him, what I am going to say in the next sentence is not valid for that country.

It may not be easy to meet Finnish people, but at least they do not rape assault or kill you.

And try being a Finn trying to meet an immigrant girl (I call academic immigrants "foreigners" or "Non-Finns")  and see what happens. Which is also true for me. Claiming Finns are not easy to meet, forgets about the fact that is almost impossible to meet an unattached female immigrant, let alone see her without 2-3 kids in tow.

What the Finns are doing? Complaining? Näää... Giving more benefits.

What I am trying to say, is that the Finnish society is bending over backwards to appease foreigners. Of course nothing is perfect, no one is perfect; but if you came from a worse situation that your own people put you into, please, people, cut some slack to different people that have welcomed you, and are providing better conditions to you than your own people. Even if many of you do not want to/ are not allowed to (by your own people) interact with the host culture.

Minna Säävälä, a senior researcher at the Family Federation of Finland, notes that foreign families and their neighbours often keep their distance because of mutual prejudices and assumptions -- which are often not based on fact.

Now, imagine you are the father of a daughter. Do you need fact?

She says that many Finns assume that foreign women are forced to remain home and that they have a lot of children.

Now back to the reference quote: "She and her husband have three children". 

And now go back to the quote: "stereotypes about immigrants"...

Case in point.

But let's not leave it there.

Women in Finland give birth to about 1.85 children the yle article says. Women from Russia have it at 1.73, while African women make 3.33 children on average, says this same article.
I read somewhere though, that while Ethiopian  women have 2.2, Somalians have 3.9 children.

So, since Finns do not have the stereotype that Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese women are breeding in droves, and their stereotypes are closely following actual statistics, I do not see where they are wrong.

You don't like the stereotype? Don't be a baby factory.

Finns also tend to lump immigrants together without realising the vast variety of lifestyles and backgrounds they represent.

The text above this quote is valid for this quote.

I say it is time the Finns start dislumping the immigrants and start grouping them. which is difficult actually because Finns are a pretty much homogenous nation, and they tend to think all other cultures are like Finns: Relatively homogenous.

How much have I suffered because guys from my country (ignoring the other origin for a sec) came here in the nineties, got married to an unsuspecting woman, got hundreds of thousands of markka credit(6 markka 1 euro) , only to go buy a sheep flock back home and leave the woman stranded with the debt.

How many guys from my country have married a Finnish woman for a passport while still being married at home?

How many have beaten up a sister because she was seen with a Finnish dude? How many have beaten up the dude? How many women actually are allowed out?How is this the fault of the Finns?

I suffered because Finns could not distinguish between those lowlifes and others. Oh sh%t... Call the hate speech police. (Accusing me of hate for these words means you hate women's rights, and you want to oppress women, and want them to be barefoot and pregnant, and beaten because they talked to a man, and you apologize for rape...)

It is time the Finns start dis-lumping foreigners from the category "foreigner" and start lumping them into categories of "working", "education", "origin" etc.

And I tell you what, if what this official requests is done, i.e.: undoing the "Finns also tend to lump immigrants together without realizing the vast variety of lifestyles and backgrounds they represent."; few like me will be free of the shackles of my origin, but others deservedly will lose their privileged status of "poor soul" that they abuse 24/7.

What will people tell if it is openly discussed that women from YYY are having 1.9 kids; at 12% unemployment, while women from XXX are having 3.5 kids at having 35% unemployment. numbers are random, XXX and YYY are imaginary countries.

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. 

As a result of such preconceived ideas, newcomers frequently feel rejected and turn inward toward their own ethnic group -- which further exacerbates stereotyping from the mainstream population and sets off a vicious cycle, says Säävälä.

Is it not possible that we are tribal people, and we like to hang out with people of our own tribe? When I hang out with different nationalities and Finns, we have a common thing: We are all educated, all have higher degrees, all speak excellent english, and have a shared vision of doing good in life. Left, right are some differences, but once we agree on disagreeing, civilized discussions can occur. That is one tribe; culminated on years of interaction.

Foreigners also are a tribe, mainly organized around the idea, "Us vs the Finns".

Apparently the origin tribe supersedes all other factors for many people.

What are the Finns to do more than they do now? What is Europe supposed to do more than it does now? (Not the effing EUSSR)

If the cycle in Finland is a vicious cycle, how does one define the cycles at some parts of the rest of the world? Bloodcandy cycle?

The Family Federation believes that more information would help to dissolve these stereotypes. For instance, it notes that on average immigrant families have nearly the same number of children as others, statistically three-tenths of a child more.

Yes, what were the numbers?

Total: 1.85

Foreigners: 2.2

Roughly .3 difference, yes.. Not much.


Russians 1.75

Somalian 3.9

Ethiopians 2.2

Iragis 3.7 (or something)

Germans possibly under 2, safe to assume, just like Spanish, Italian, Estonian, Greek etc.


If you lump all the foreigners together the difference is negligible.

Now go ask a German:

"Would you like to be counted in the same bucket as Greek?"


You get the picture...



I am a Greekophobic. Yup. Greekist.


To all my Greek friends, I always hid my real feelings about you. You goat loving ouzo smelling, olive nibbling gay sons of Sparta.


Ah, laughing to myself. At the Greek's expense. Still laughing.

Or, you can ask an ethnic Estionian woman if she wants to be counted in the same bucket as a Russian. A Pole? They will not give you the light answer the German woman will have given.
Säävälä stresses that that despite superficial differences in customs or appearance, most families' dreams and goals are fundamentally similar. Asked about her hopes for Joel, Ameyaw replies: "I want him to grow up, go to school, and then I will not force him to do something, but whatever is good for him. He should be a great person in the future."
I do hope all the best for her, her husband and her children.

Hope for them to be great persons and be a benefit to the society.

Wish her all the luck, strength and patience she will need.

Wish her and her family happiness and success.

Thursday, September 15, 2011



Why does the camel herder walking around like a rooster, puffing his chest, want to wear a jacket with an Italian flag in the front and a "Italia" print in the back in white red and green?

I may be called paranoid, but after my own countrymen greeted me with "Allora Finndistanto" in public, and knowing that they have names like Roberto, Alexandro, etc; after I learned of camel herders learning spanish;

I have ample reason to think that the young duckling walking behind him is proudly bragging to her friends about the beautiful taste of Italian salami.

It's shish kebab, girl.
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Smelly Media: Healthcare, free but not equal?

Health insurance not quite equal for all

Before I continue with the text, I got to say the Finnish free healthcare system cost me 3-4 months of salary and almost left me crippled, in babywraps and impotent. third day of my holiday, when the doctors there had to examine my suddenly deteriorating condition; due to travel that the Finnish healthcare said was safe, I was told by a (family friend) surgeon that I could have permanently had lost my left leg, my bladder control and sexual abilities at any time during the past 8 months that the Finnish healthcare was in the "Let's see if it gets better" mode. MRI that day, operated the next, out the next. Still cannot feel my toe.

When I came back, the finnish healthcare decided to grant me an x-ray... A useless diagnostic medium, 9 months too late. The doctor said "you have no big problem", at which point it would have been legal of me to use his scalpel, since I just told him about the operation and showed him the MRI images. Then he looks back at the images and goes "Ah yes".. Yes indeed. Even I could see the problem uneducated ignoramus that I am. And when I told him what I paid, due to the travel insurance not covering it because the problem started in the land of welfare theftfare he just said "Yea, those can be expensive, but we would still wait few weeks to see if it heals by itself"... "Does this condition heal by itself?".. "No, but we would still wait and see"...

Let's repeat that:

Problem demonstrated on MRI image. Clear and sound. Doctor looks at it. Hears I got the operation, and is suprised that I am so mobile after just two weeks. Hears I paid it myself, screwing my bank account,

Here is the mentality of the free healthcare for all:

"Yea, those can be expensive, but we would still wait few weeks to see if it heals by itself"

"Does this condition heal by itself?"

"No, but we would still wait and see"...

Wait till I am dead?

Try to diagnose a problem that is diagnosed under 2 seconds using an MRI by using x-ray technology that does not show the problem? Send me home again, this time sure that there is no problem? Only for me to wake up one day and be totally paralyzed on one leg and more?

Free healthcare means getting x-rayed for a problem that will never show up on the x-ray, because the MRI is too expensive when treating working people.It is expensive, because it is free.

Take a lesson from CCCP. In a socialist system, the honest are screwed. Play the system. You have no other choice.

Finland's health insurance system is not sufficiently uniform for all citizens, says the Finnish National Audit Office. The authority has found that the benefits of the system are distributed unevenly. 
Digging up statistics on the funding to Prostate Cancer vs the funding to Breast Cancer will piss me off. 

One lesson:

If you are working and have health insurance through work; remember: you got that herpes at work, you got the urinary tract infection at work, the alcohol poisoning at work, you burned your finger at work, broke your ankle at work, got dirty sea water into your eye at work, got the ear infection at work, etc, otherwise you are screwed.

A problem that could have been spotted with one MRI, and saved me thousands of euros, and not permanently damaged my toe, was first left to time, after I got worse and had to go the private way abroad, then I got a Finnish X-ray...

Finish healthcare,
Free care,
If you accept it is 1946.

P.s. I paid 100 euros for an MRI that costs 1000 here. Free market baby. Free market. It may cost, but you live.

The authority’s inspection has revealed that differences exist in allocating compensation to citizens, for example, among different genders and areas of the country. 
 How do I know that men are getting the short end of the stick?

Because they are not shouting "Women are getting less compensation, wawawawawawa"

It is not mentioned which gender gets screwed, so it is men.

This article was not about healthcare per se, but since the health insurance claimed that the healthcare did nothing wrong in my specific case, for me they are one and the same.

They did nothing wrong, assuming you got stuck in 1946.

I learned the hard way that the system is out there to screw me, I only have got to come to terms with the fact that it is not dishonorable to screw the system in return.

I have one more office left that I will try for reimbursement; shall do that in the near future.

Smelly Media: Legislation is not working, we need more legislation

Minister suggests diluting beer

Minister of Health and Social Services Maria Guzenina-Richardson is considering a plan to lower the alcohol content of beer.
Most of Finnish beers taste like watered down versions of German Pils or Chech Pilsners...

Only few of the brands I like, and their names have manly names and strong tastes.

Now, we will not be even able to enjoy that one sinfully expensive sin of ours?

She told the newspaper Turun Sanomat that diluting the standard class-3 beer would reduce binge drinking by youth. The minister notes that in Sweden beer sold in grocery stores has a maximum alcohol content of 3.5 percent.
Any drink that is not a cider or a beer or something that is called lonkero (gin and lemonade, at 3.5%) cannot be sold in the supermarkets.
Those drinks, wine, spirits, liquors, etc,  are sold in state owned monopoly shops Alko.

If, you are having a party and ran out of beer sold in the markets, you are sh%t out of luck, no shop is allowed to sell alcohol after 9pm.
A German market chain, Lidl, is now, as a special promotion,  advertising Light Cider 4.7% for 1.85e... So, the prices are sky high.

Another example would be the price of tequila. Sierra Tequila Silver 0.7L bottle costs 27.40 euros; I just bought 1L Sierra Silver and 1L Sierra Gold for 29.90 euros total from an airport. I am aware that the duty free shops are cheaper, but a 3-to-1 ratio is a bit too much, eh?

Confining alcohol to state owned monopolies, having strict rules in checking ID, high prices, restricted selling times, a 200% tax has not stopped the kids from binging themselves into oblivion?
Yea, even more laws will definitely cure this problem.

Maybe we shall put it into a law that the liquor cabinets at home shall be under lock, according to the "Home Held Alcohol Safety Legislation Clause 31.ZZZ".

And like I said before,

Sweden as an example? Shoot me.

SDP politician Guzenina-Richardson took over her first ministerial post two months ago

This is going to be entertaining!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smelly Media: A parliament full of creeps, or?

Sexual harassment ongoing at parliament

Sexual harassment is still a problem at Finland’s Parliament, according to a new work satisfaction survey of parliament staffers. Eight civil servants and ten MPs' aides say they have been the target of inappropriate emails and advances, lewd language and looks. 
Like many wise men mention, soon it will be illegal to look at a woman.

It will not matter if she is walking around half naked.

Sexual harrassment most of the time is about how she feels.

The same action done by some other dude will cause joyful phone calls to go off to girlfriends.

What is the percentage of women complaining that there has been looks, remarks, God forbid emails, oh God, oh God, someone proposing a coffee date. Oh my God... What? In a 1998 report this is mentioned as 17% .

Does it include the sexual harrassment cause by the desired man not making advance even though the ladies wanted so? I mean this makes her feel bad too, so is it not sexual harrassment?

What is the percentage of women who have welcomed some advances?

One thing you ladies need to understand is that in order to have the desired man to approach you, you got to accept the undesired men to approach you.

This is the price of having the luxury of not putting you in the line of fire of the Rejection SS.

Pertti Rauhio, Parliament's administration chief, responded to the results by saying, “each case is one too many.” 
 Each case of a false accusation is also too many.

Which unlike the 17% derived from women's feelings runs anywhere from 10% to over 40%, derived from little more reliable sources like police statistics.

A staffer not getting the attention she craves for and then gossipingis also one too many.

An uncomfortable email, is... uncomfortable.

A false accusation is... life destroying.

Totally wrong priorities.

A zero tolerance approach towards sexual harassment at the country’s supreme decision-making authority has failed toe wipe out inappropriate behavior—despite efforts such as sexual harassment training. In 2008, as many as on-third of women employed by parliament said they had experienced sexual harassment at their workplace. 
What about zero tolerance to falsely accusing a man of sexual harassment? An acusation with the potential of destroying an innocent man's life? What about that?

 Just like a friend of mine said, "If you ban alcohol, how will the ladies get laid?"

The same here. Yea, go on, ban approaching women, ban treating them as desirable women. See how long before they rise up to Take Back The "Naughty" Night...

The survey, carried out at the end of the previous electoral term, drew a response rate of 62 percent.
So 40% of the women did not even bother to answer?


Ain't it?

P.s.: For the logically challenged: Rape is a crime and should be punished. False accusation is a crime and should be punished to the exact same extent. Sexual harassment is a too important issue to be taken on women's words only. 

Smelly Media: Someone explain to me one good aspect of this supposedly beautiful news

Helsinki's foreign population set to double

The number of people with an immigrant background residing in the metropolitan Helsinki region is expected to more than double over the next 20 years.According to calculations made by Helsinki Urban Facts, one in five of all Helsinki region residents could be of immigrant background by the year 2030.
Similar to Oslo, similar to Stockholm, similar to Malmö... If I were living in Helsinki, I would start looking for places that will be taking in the future Finn flight, furthest away from the vibrant areas as possible.
Interesting is that while Finns cannot afford to live in Helsinki, somehow an immigrant population that has unemployment ranging from 8% to 40% can populate such an expensive city in such numbers.
For Helsinki officials, I suggest collaborating with Stockholm and Oslo, they should start organizing the Scandinavian Rape Olympics. Looks like they will be a strong contender... That is, if Sweden will still exist then, and the castrated army lion will not have been replaced with a camel. (Camel chosen as an arbitrary animal. Chose it because the color is similar to the lion, so no extensive graphic designing will be necessary. Could have chosen penguin, but that would change the banner way too much)
This would be around 224,000 persons, or around 19 percent of the area's total population.
Considering that Finland has now circa 250.000 immigrants, this is impressive.
Russians constitute the largest single ethnic group in the region, with those of Asian extraction in second place.
Whoa tiger!
I understand lumping Russians together, I mean it is one nation. But "Asian extraction"? Wow. Do you reader know how you could skew the statistics bu lumping the Chinese, Japanese and Thais together with countries 2000-3000 km to the west?
This is not blatant ignorance, this is hiding facts, this is skewing the facts.
The author knows the what awaits Helsinki, but his God of MultiCulti does not allow him to even admit this knowledge to himself. Or herself. No need to be sexist here.
In the view of Katja Vilkama, a researcher at the University of Helsinki, people of foreign descent will tend to reside in different areas from the majority Finnish population.
So, she says:
"People of foreign descent will tend to reside in different areas from the majority Finnish population"...
Allright. That fits well what has been seen in every other city that has an immigrant population of more than 10%. Oh yea, we are not talking about German immigrants, Icelandic or French immigrants. Of course a mentality that count the Japanese in the same bucket as from Abu Dhabi and the Korean in the same bucket as the Turks is not expected to acknowledge this one crucial fact.
But then she has to add, lest the God of MultiCulti will throw diverse dung to her head:
“Those areas with a high immigrant population are multicultural. Russians, Estonians and Somalis live in the same districts.
Peacefully coexisting I suppose.
On the basis of current trends, I believe more ethnic groups will live together but probably Helsinki will not see its own Chinatown,” she said.
I tell you what.

The first comment negates the second.

Does the researcher really believe what she says? Really?

"Probably" is too much risk when talking not about chinatown but XYZtown; the no go zones, that exist, once again in every major city with more than 10% diversity.

And what historical precedence is there that these three cultures will coexist peacefully? Especially when the Russians had a different history with Estonia, and the Somalis cannot even coexist in an amusement park?

Show me one city in which the same ethnic groups that are enriching Helsinki, have not flocked together with their own, and they are coexisting in some harmony with others. One. A single one. 

London? Burned; Stockholm? Raped; Paris? Burned; Oslo? Raped; Berlin? No go zones, Hamburg, Köln? No go zones.

Show me one where the Gods of MultiCulti have given a gift.

What makes Helsinki so special when Merkel, Sarkozy and even the british dude has accepted that multiculti failed.

You believe in the peace giving power of the snow or what?

Sacrificing Helsinki to the God of MultiCulti, to the Cult of Diversity is what it is.

And someone please tell me how this is a thing to be celebrated?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smelly Media: Another glimpse into the cancer of west

P.s.: The cancer is liberalism/leftism and all its cancerous invasive outgrowths

P.s.2.:If this offends you, freck off.

And the  propaganda attempt in this piece is a good example. 

Thousands of illegal immigrants in Finland

Ali, an illegal immigrant, says he fears he will be killed in his home country, Afghanistan.
If his application got rejected the blame does not lie in the officials of this country looking out for their own citizens (in theory), but in all the thousands of fake applications and the lies told by other apåplicants.

There is a reason why DNA tests are being asked nowadays for family reunions. And it is not the honesty of these reuniting members.
Illegal aliens are a diverse group, including asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected, those running from so-called 'honour' crime and victims of human trafficking. Some are simply foreigners with expired visas. 
One thing these people share is the fear of being caught. Foreign citizens who are in Finland illegally typically stay with friends and acquaintances. 
 How about deporting those who aid illegals?

Since when it is acceptable to house someone breaking the first law of a country: To accept its laws by being lawfully inside the borders?

No benefits outside society
 Blue is blue, green is green, and the rain is wet, the snow is cold, and an illegal is an illegal.

Finland’s centralised social security system makes it difficult for people to manage without a Finnish social security number, which is, for example, demanded at banks and hospitals. 
Once again? The point is exactly what? Why do I have a social security number, why do I have to give it in every place where I sign a contract? Why do I actually abide by the law, if the same opportunities shall be given to ones who are not abiding the law?

Modelled on a similar operation in Sweden, the Global Clinic was established in Helsinki earlier this year to provide illegal migrants with access to basic healthcare—at a secret location. 
 While you are at it, make a song about how Finn-girl Anna sleeping with "insert diverse name" will help with integration of the immigrants and that she should welcome "insert diverse name" between her legs, like Swedish TV has done. 
Note: Do not be so stupid to suggest the "insert diverse female name" welcoming Finn-boy Jukka between her legs, you will cause riots.

“It’s inconceivable that there are people on Finland’s streets that don’t qualify for any medical care,” says Ville Holmberg, a physician at the Global Clinic.
It is inconceivable that you cannot deport people who raped, assaulted, and maybe killed; here, or there.

Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen has meanwhile spoken out against anonymous clinics for illegals, noting that illegal migration is a continent-wide problem that should be mutually solved.
Unusually reasonable words. Are they nowadays distributing mind altering chemicals in the parliament?
Behold ye blasphemist! The wrath of the God of MultiCult be upon ye in due time!

Undocumented workers often work off the books, increasing the risk of exploitation.
Undocumented workers are undocumented because they are illegally here. They are breaking the laws, they are something illegal. So we should help them.

Since I am legally here, if I do something illegal, i should be punished. Besides, since I am legally here and I have clearly shown that I am willing to abide the laws, I must be a threat that must be dealt with. Even if I am no threat, I am a priviledged person deserving no sympathy.

What is so hard to understand about: Illegally in the country = Illegally in the country?

“I worked seven days a week. It was difficult to get paid because I was in the country illegally,” says John, who worked as a cleaner at a restaurant in Helsinki.

I feel for this man. He has an uncomparably harder life than I have. I wish him peace and prosperity.

But how can one expect to be treated according to legal standards when he is an illegal?

And following from the article, who wants to bet against that the exploiter is someone from his country/culture/general geographic location?

Like I said I wish this man peace and prosperity, but I do not see why illegals in Europe should be treated with the silk glove while the legally working population is squeezed out like a sponge and some of the legally here are already burning cities down with no repercussion?

I understand the plight of these unfortunate people, I feel sorry for them, but I also see the right of Finns wanting to protect their own progeny. Something that the progressives see as a sin.And this is why I see these progressives/leftists/liberals as the cancer of the west.  

When will the governments start looking out for their own (productive) citizens and the law abiding people living in their borders?