Saturday, December 03, 2005

The trap

I had just lost a beer on a cute card trick, and I am in the process of getting up to go to the bar.

On my way up, I turn to the ladies sitting beside me, and:

“Hey ladies, I just lost a beer to this guy here because of a card trick. Why don’t you take my revenge and beat him on that trick?”


“Well, your choice…”

“Where are you from?”

“He’s half Canadian, half Turkish, I am half German half Turkish”


“Sprichst du Deutsch?”


“Do you speak German?”


“So, do you speak Canadian then?”




“You must know they speak English”

And there was a face….

Impossible memory problems...

The girl walks in with a foreign young man holding her hand... This boy, though he is Muslim, knowing the market, carries a huge cross on his neck… She is a nineteen year old blondie.


This girl walks up to the dancefloor, and her boyfriend of the night goes to greet his own buddies. She notices the guy standing beside her. She notices him, but is too shy to say “hello”. She keeps on looking. The guy notices this and starts looking at her when she is not watching him. He looks confused. His eyes roll to the left to the right, trying to find in his memory a vision of her.

He can’t.

She gives up, and goes to her boyfriend for the night.

He turns back to look at his buddies.

The two buddies by the bar are watching him, both are looking like these freaky pumpkins from Halloween…

He goes to them, and says..

“Have you seen the gorgeous blonde beside me? I know that I know her but I cannot remember…”

The two pumpkins, at the same time,

“Dude, you fucked her”

And this guy just recently had his first two digited sexual partner.


When you are walking on any road with flowers or some kind of earthly bank beside it, like forest, of street plants, wonder if it’s too hard to spit onto the side of the road where nobody passes, instead of spitting your lungs out onto the pavement… The extra effort is really not that much, but the pavements would look more like a civilized pavement, instead of some spit lakes…. And I do not think the plants on the side of the road do mind the spit that much as we humans do….