Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho ho ho...

Merry Christmas to all!

(And I will be silent for few weeks; stille nacht, heilige nacht extended)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Night of the Bad Judgements

I was just thinking of leaving the club where I was having the company Christmas party, to move on solo to another place, where I could make better use of the alcohol in my system, when my phone rang.

"I am bored"
"Where are you?"
"In ClubWhite. I am bored"
"Good. I am in ClubBlue. Company party. Also bored"
"Come here"
"I will not come there. I will meet you in the street." by this time it is downing on me that even if I am bit over tipsy, the girl is totally bombed.
"Noooo.... Come here"
"No. If you want to see me, I will be downstairs in ten minutes"

So I left ClubBlue, not to go to ClubRed for playing the lone wolf, but to go see a (probably) totally drunk girl.

Bad judgement.

This went against my rule of staying away from girls who are past the "just a bit over tipsy" point. Yea, I could have slept with so many more women if I did not have that rule, but I also could have slept with that many more women if I would lie to them that I am spanish... Choices, whose price I happily pay. 


I arrive at ClubWhite. It is 2 A.M. I had a long work day, and am coming from a party that started at 6 P.M., with lots of wine, vodka, and brandy.

It takes her another five minutes to find her way out of the club and I see her coming out of the door.

The probably smashed part turned into totally smashed.

This girl has been partying like there is no tomorrow, and now came out without a jacket. Uh-uh.

"Come iiiiiin"
"No. I told you I will not come in."
"Gimme a hug"
I give her a half assed hug with one arm
"Gimme two arms."
"Not as long as you are in the club"
"I will take my jacket and be back in five"

Bad judgement.

Should have said my goodnights and gone to ClubRed. There must have been still some non.smashed girls left in that venue.


She comes with her jacket on.

"I am drunk, tired, and hungry" I say
"Me too"
"Come" I say taking her towards my place.
"No. I want to go to my place" she says...
This time I lose the standoff.

We start walking towards her place. The opposite direction of mine.

Bad judgement.

My way or the highway turned into "My way. No? Ok.",


I am not drunk anymore, but a speedy hangover is hitting me because I had stopped drinking around 12.

Dead tired.

Hungry as a bear out of hibernation. All the fast carbs served at the party does that.

Damn. All the taxi stops are queued up to 20 meters.

We are walking a distance that would take me 10 minutes on my own, but with her walking speed, it seems it will take us 20 minutes... Fuck. My dress shoes are not helping.

"Why are you such an asshole" she asks,
I was thinking about "Cause you are such a bitch" , but with this girl that would be like dropping a nuke in front of my face, so I just smirked and shrugged.

We come to a hot dog stand.

I have had enough crap for the night, I step away, look at the people walking.

She asks for a double hot dog, but I don't see her looking for any money in her purse. I turn away.

She comes with a hot dog in her hand,

"I just smiled to him" she says,

Now I am expecting the asian Hot Dog dude come running out with a katana, but it never happened.

We continue walking, she trying to eat the hotdog while walking in is she is trying to draw S's on the street.

Bad judgement.

Should have left and gone home. She is a big girl, independent and strong and all that shit, and the way she treated the hot dog man should have told me that I am next in line.


The girl is eating the hotdog, I am walking a meter in front of her. At this point pissed, but too tired to think straight. Only thing I can think is she got food in the fridge, and her place is now closer than mine.


A black shadow falls down beside me.

I think it is the girl, then as I bend down to help, some guy is digging his face out of a hotdog on the floor, his face fully covered in mustard, not wanting help, and getting up on all fours.

The girl appears beside me

"I feel so bad now", takes another bite off the hotdog
"He is ok" I say, trying to figure what happened
"I think I hit him"
"Just walk" I say realizing what done is done.

The guy continues walking, finds soem tissue paper on the street, wipes his face, and continues walking.

Damn bad luck.

Walking when you are happy that at least you managed to get a hot dog in the night, finding yourself on the ground one eighty. The guy fell like a tree to his front.


Damn good luck,

That he had a hotdog to fall on. Without that, it would easily have been a broken nose and a call to 112 (911).

The fact that the girl just "felt bad", but no attempt to help...

We continue walking...

Bad judgement.

It is easy: "I feel bad. Going home. Good night"... What? My chivalry kicked in for a smashed girl who smashed other guys to the ground? Damn me. I don't make mistakes like this.

But I admit. The main reason is the flag. I wanted to be able to say "I did a..."... Yes. Yes. Degenerate lowlife loser. Whatever.


We arrive at her door.

Yes! We made it! I can eat and sleep! In all sincerety, having sex was not on my mind anymore.

She finds her keys, and sees her own hand.

Puts the ring finger out.

"Oh, I am married"

You shitting me? I have known this girl for five months or so. Met her three four times in that time, never for a date, always occasionally, and now she says she is married?

Must be a joke.

She opens the door, I guide her in, we walk up.

5 effing floors.

So, I thought she was joking.

She opens her house door, we go in.

"It is a mess, I had the girls over this evening" she says, just when I spot size 45 mens dress shoes on the floor.

WTF? Ok, maybe the "girls" includes one gay guy...

I take of my jacket, and spot some men's jacket on the hanger.

Girl goes to bed, I go to fridge.

Girl passes out. I stand there stupid. The fridge is empty.

The clothing closet is open,. I look inside, there men's stuff.

Damn... There was a second name on the door, and there is only one bed in the apartment.

She was saying the truth.

Oh, and now is a picture with her and a handsome man.

So why was I never cockblocked by her various friends when we were on full flirt mode? When we kissed etc? Must be seperated or something.

The girl is snoring. All clothes on, shoes on.

"Do not undress her to put her to bed. No." I think to myself. If she wakes up and does not remember, she has to have all her clothes on.

The only good judgement of the night.


I am tired.

I was drunk. Now am hungover. Dead tired.

It is 3 A.M. no taxis at this time.

My feet are killing me.

Her friends were ok with me previously leaving the bar with her, so the guy must be out of the picture.

Her friend this eve was ok with her leaving with me, so the guy definitely must be away at least tomorrow.

The couch looks good.

Really good.

I pull my overcoat over me, and fall asleep.

Bad judgement.

Sleeping on the couch in a married woman's house? WTF?


I sleep straight 7 hours. It is ten, I open my eyes. Go to the loo, trip over some hair spray can with a lound bang.

Go back to the couch when I hear her start to move.

I hear her get up. My eyes are closed. She needs to see me sleeping with my suit on.

She stumble up, and I hear her utter

"Johnny????" Apparently the husbands name.... With a concerned voice..




"Did I sleep with my clothes on?"

I hear her unzipping her dawn jacket, take off her clothes and climb into bed.

Immediately she fells asleep.

I get up, get dressed. And leave.

At the moment that I closed her door I realized the biggest bad judgement of the night.

Damn man,

You have a smart phone. It has a camera.

Would it be so difficult to film yourself, then the girl on the bed and then you getting dressed, and closing the door behind you with the girl still sleeping safe in bed?

You fucking moron.

All the bad judgements of the night do not even scratch the surface of this last big fuckup.

Fucking bad judgement.

Always, always cover your ass.

Voice recorder, camcorder, even gps. Use technology in the time when rape has pretty much turned into "She says".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Smelly Media: Left is theft

Whenever I think I am going overboard with my thinking that if lefties are not evil, they are mental, and this mostly depends on where on the hierarchy they see themselves, if the party would gain full control... interlude:

I do not think any of my leftier than left friends consider themselves part of the peasants that starved in the name of the omelette, or the thousands of eggs cracked under the guilliotine in the name of the omelette; the cracked egg that were part of the necessary rational system. No, the intelligent ones see themselves as part of the central planners, and these are not the mental ones.

Yea, so whenever I think I am going overboard, the left gift horse keeps on giving, and this is happening sadly daily.

Left want new tax for the well to do

Left Alliance parliamentary group chair Annika Lapintie has proposed a so-called solidarity tax for those with yearly incomes topping 60,000 euros.
Left is theft.
This is the crux of the issue.
There is progressive taxation.
The ones earning more are paying more than just more taxes than the ones earning less, they are paying an extra premium on their earnings.
If one earns 20.000 and pays 4.000 tax, with linear taxation, one earning 60.000 would pay 12.000... But no, this is unequal, so the one earning 60.000 is taxed to something from 20.000 to 30.000 of his money.
What is the government giving as benefits to this person for his shamelessly high taxation?
Just the promise of no rioting.
So, this theft is basically the not-haves blackmailing the trying-to-haves with the threat of break in peace.
Since no amount of income taxation can touch the already-hads, they are happily enjoying the elites stealing from the trying-to-haves to give to the not-haves, with no expense to them. 
Socialism works, until you run out of someonelse's money. Thatcher.
But yea, let's assume that the left wants this tax for productive purposes.
Assumption. Wrong.
The tax would bring hundreds of millions of euros into state coffers in hard times, says Lapintie, adding that the money could help pay for publicly financed services and pay off state debt.
First reason: Publicly financed services.
She is not talking about roads, dams or infrastructure. Those are paid for by relevant taxes.
She is talking about the welfare state.
She is talking about Robin Hooding our way to a total economic collapse.
The second reason.
State debt.
Was it accrued for roads, dams or infrastructure? No. They were paid by relevant taxes used in their production and during their use.
She is talking about state debt that came out because the welfare state was handing out goodies.
Now that the have-nots are gotten used to the goodies, there is no turning back.
So, yea, Robin Hooding ourselves to a total economic collapse.
Why work? Would be the question I expect the younger generation to ask themselves.
Lapintie points out that a similar solidarity tax has been introduced in Greece and Portugal to shore up state funds in the debt-wrecked countries.
Which if I may remind the leftie, are EUs more socialist countries, whose welfare was paid for by the northern EU states, mostly the Germans.

Yea yea, ze Germans are filthy rich, the capitalistic f¤ckers...

Now that we are talking about it:

AL: Pensions to rise by more than wages

Pensions are to rise by more than wages from the turn of the year, reports the Tampere daily Aamulehti. Earnings-related pensions are set to rise by 3.6 percent, while state pensions will go up by 3.8 percent, each more than one percentage point more than wages.
Salaries are scheduled to rise by just 2.4 percent, according to the national framework agreement on incomes agreed last month.
Every week there is news of some big firm letting people go.. In tens, in hundreds.
But pensioners cannot take a little wavy ride in the crumbling economy.
I got nothing against the generation who fought the second world war to get their pensions. The hell they went through...
But anyone born after 1945 does not deserve any special treatment.
If the working people are going through crap economy, so shall the generation which was born after the war.
How will the state pay for all this?
People are getting sacked, the economy is going down the shitters (wait till Greece defaults or is sacked, the other's follow... Hell yesterday Belgium gave a warning...); but can't trouble the welfareists.
Because before this news came there were news about welfare increments.
Who is going to pay for this?

Pensioners’ association director Hannu Partanen estimates that pensioners will also get a bigger increase than wage-earners in 2012.
My fear is that one day the elderly will get too expensive for the state.

And since they won't be rioting like the welfareists in Greece, the vibrants in London, and since their generation was the one who screwed family values,having their children care squat for their independent elders,

The future looks bleak indeed.

Especially if the lefties get full power, with the proven socialist track record...

But until then,

Just keep on stealing from the working.

Until the goose says f¤ck you... if it does not die before that.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Smelly Media: Killing the west piece by piece

Feminism reducing birthrate,
Equality tuning into totalitarianism,
Immigration importing haters,
Envirofascism stopping production,

All done in the good of what?

The children?

The world?

How does the depopulation of Europe help the world's population problem when Africa is (literally) multiplying geometrically?
How does the envirofascism imposed on European production help the world when China, India, Africa, etc care squat about the environment?
How does immigration help the future children when Santa will be outlawed as offensive?

But no,

Europe, and European institutions continue on the deadly track of suicide.

The self hatred, and the hatred of the productive is so apparent in the article, disgust is a word that would stay too light.

Audit Office slams commuter deductions

Finland's National Audit Office criticises commuter tax deductions for personal transport. The authority says mileage deductions run directly counter to Finland's environmental targets.

A tsunami of an economic crisis is at our door step, and "SLAM" goes the Audit Office; people who want to work, who travel to work, should not get the mileage deductions, which btw, if I am right start only counting at one way distances of more than 50 km.

Housing is way overpriced, not exlainable by material costs, but by imposed housing rules of the governments and maybe the monopoly of the construction companies. Especially in the center of cities. Way overpriced.

And then, a flat that takes almost one third of my after tax income is given freely to an unemployed or an immigrant "because we don't want to cause ghettos to form", further reducing available housing (as especially the unemployed immigrants want to stay in the three main cities, in the center, and well, they get it, for free), and the government giving money for rent causing rent and housing prices to shoot... 

Fuck the environmental targets. 

I'm known for drinking the lake water in which I swim, the forests are forests and there is zero, zero air pollution even in the city center where I am (ok, 7-8 am, and 4-5 pm, may have some smell of exhaust.. but that is it)

If the Finns (and us, living here) would cease to exist today, it would not make a dent in the amount of pollution China and India, and Russia, etc is bringing onto this world.

I may be shortsighted, and bigoted, but at least am not open minded enough that my brains fell off.

The west is also polluting but it is exclusively the west which is researching clean energies and how to reduce pollution; all the while killing its own production by the regulations.

Its report says mileage deductions encourage long commutes, increasing the amount of traffic on roads.


So these people who commute these long hours, who also pay the taxes should quit work, and get on welfare, to get those expensive apartments in the city centre for free?

According to the report, around half a million Finns benefit from the tax break. Single-passenger commuting has a cumulative effect. In 2008, commuter deductions exceeded funds Finland spent on curbing greenhouse emissions.

Considering that 500.000 is 20% of the working age population, and 22% of the actual working, I would say that they do deserve some commuting tax break... Hell, it is not even a direct handout, as it is given to the 250.000 unemployed, including the state subsidized professional baby machines popping out future unemployables.

But as we all know, the unemployed do not cause carbon emissions.

And then if single passenger commuting has such a big effect, why not installing faster trains, and making train travel less expensive than single passenger car travel?

I take the car, even when I am driving myself, because fuel + coffee break is cheaper than the train. Public transportation, my ass. Same for the inner city buses. Car once you have it, is cheaper already for a single driver.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said that Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportation still exceed its goals outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, an international climate agreement to slow down global warming.

After the Climategate Scandal, that some Finnish institutions and the Finnish Media still splurt the crap about Gloooobaaaal Waaaammmiiiinnngggg, is the sign that these people are not friends.

They are not working for whom they claim to be working, and they do not have Finland's best interests in mind.

Replace Finland with Germany, UK, whatever western country.

How long will an economy survive punishing its productive members?

If there will be a second coming of Christ, or a comparable figure, Europe will be the new example of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Experiments in confidence

After my boy went to talk with the two hipster chicks behind me, a group of two guys and two girls asked if there is place on the table.

There was.

Instead of the cute little chubby chick dressed cross between goth and librarian; got to say a damn sexy combination; I got the redhead beside me.

Redhead, meaning unwashed looking hair where the black hair has been growing under the red paint, an ugly piercing over the lip, and a weathered face from too much partying and boozing.

It was impossible to guess if the was a hardcore partying hippie-punk aged 20 or some partying techno chick of 35...

"Where are you from" she asks, with puppy eyes.
I answer
"Wow.. that is original, never met one like that"
"And the next question is..."
"What the heck are you doing here".
"Yessss" she says

By now, my friend looks like he is doing good with the hipsters, and no sign of me needing to wing, and the woman beside me interests me zero, so I decide to try something. I decide to be non-specific, non-oriented, a lost soul, lost in his lostness.

"I ask the same question to myself"
"Yes, I look outside and ask myself what I am doing here"
"I know what you are talking about"
"Yep, I know you do"
"I lived in England for a year, in Thailand for six months" mentions two more places I forgot "but I came back to live here"
"Home pulls"
"Yes, but now I think to myself why I am here"
"Because you Finns are crazy"
"Yes we are"
"Yes, what crazy person would settle here 3000 years ago?" (A person pursued by even more crazier people, who are also more numerous. Demographics is god)
"Haha. There is even a cartoon about a caveman in the snow planting the Finnish flag saying "Yess", and in the next square it is 2011 and a young person is crying "Why the fuck here?"..."
"Seems to me the joke has truth in it."

"Why did you come here?"
"Just came"
"But why?"
"Got bored of the sunshine"
"So you opened the map and pointed here?"
"Plus a few other places.. but basically yes"

"Why so long?"
"Guess I must like it here"

"What do you do here?"
"In the uni."
"What are you teaching"
"Dont know if I want to teach"
"So what do you do?"
"This and that"
"You are strange"

Tipping point reached.

Now the next words coming from a girl who I would not shag with my enemy's dick:

"You are strange"
"How so?"
"You look so confident from the outside"
"..." no motion
"But the way you talk"
"..." still no motion
"There is something"
"Tell me more"
"It's, it's like you have no orientation, no aim, you just... I don't know.. From the outside you look so confident"

Now the guy who I think is the boyfriend interrupts and tells here something, she reacher for her bag, pulls out her phone and goes off.

Looking around there is nothing interesting in the bar, Das Experiment finished, I grab my stuff, make sure my buddy needs no wing and move on.

It took me less than five minutes to move myself from stud to creepy drifter. Just by the words I chose. That, to a woman that would mean deep sea diving for me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smelly Media: Kudos to this guy, screw the partisan media

So one guy made a life for himself, learned two languages, and is active in making society a better place.

My respects to him.

Does it need a full page media article?

Meet Ahmed, a Swedish-speaking Finnish Somali


Like I said, my respects to him.

Now, which is more worthy of the news?

One Somalian* learning two languages and working (reportedly) for the good of the society,

Or, Somalians* (12.000) having  3.7-4** kids per woman while possessing a 55% unemployment rate, and studies across Europe showing that the children of welfare recipients are statistically more likely to be welfare recipients themselves?***,****

Which will have a greater impact on the society, indigenous and immigrant alike?


The respectable man on this article, has gotten one article.

The Refugee Woman of the Year has gotten three articles. Here, here, here

Ok, got to give points where it is due, the suspected terrorists got eight articles.  (besides three or more others, all more detailed, more general, and more warning,  about homegrown western terrorism)

And the 6600+ living on welfare, giving birth to 3.33+ kids have been mentioned in one sentence in one general article about unemployment, and one sentence in one general article about birth rate.

I will be called racist and hatemonger for seeing this discrepancy.

Oh, and this main news outlet forgot to mention that 25-45% of rapes are committed by foreigners. (An article at the local paper last week, that I will touch on later this week, where it is hinted at that it is not the New Zealanders or the Old French doing the raping)  Maybe we should call them New Finns? "Foreigner" is racial profiling.

P.s.: I also know of a somalian university student, who is a good sportsman, who studies hard, works to get through his studies, and is overall a good student and a good person. He is doing what thousands of others are doing.  I know an Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi, Finn, Estonian, Latvian, French, Colombian, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc etc... Who all are doing this.

Then the Kenyan or Ghanian looking man who takes medical courses at the university, coming to the university with crutches even at -20 degrees, walking at half speed through the cold, gets my uttermost respect.

But knowing these  two respectable members of the society does not change the facts; which, surprisingly, have been reported in the media, albeit hardly noticeable.


I have thought long on posting this or not. In today's free speech, opening your mouth will cause you to get the boot of PC stuffed into it, thus these notes to clarify somethings:

* Somalians are talked about in this post because the newspaper is talking about the one Somalian. If the newspaper was talking about the Spaniard that I know, who learned to speak Finnish like a Finn in two years while speaking Spanish, German and English, and then moved on to Russian, Japanese and, I think, also Arabic, then the post would be about Spaniards in Finland. Especially the Erasmus exchange student crowd.

** I looked for the reference where I read the 3.7 or 4.5 number, where the Somalians were the most breeding, with Iraqis the second, but could not find it. This article puts the average birth rate for Africa origined to 3.33%, and it is safe to assume that the Somalians to be on the above average part of that equation.

*** Just google. Last week there was an article coming out in Sweden, and similar stories and studies emerge from all over the continent. And in other studies not looking at the ethnicity, still what is found: Parent on welfare almost equal child on welfare. So in this case it can be clear that I am not after the ethnicity but after the numbers 55% and 3.33+%.

**** For the multiculti diversity trolls, before you call me racist, and such, I am merely reporting what the newspapers have already reported. And asking some logical questions. Of course in your language logic = hate.

The real curse in the draught

When you find yourself thinking, "damn, there must he a curse on me", then you have found the reason for the draught.

No, no, its not that there is a curse,

It is this thought that there is.

Can the draught be solved by a dive? Yes. Won't do.
Can the draught be solved by finding a drunk one? Yes. Won't do.
Can the draught be solved by saying hi to ten girls in one night? Yes. I admit, don't do.

So, there are choices. There is no curse.


Thinking that there is a curse will call forth a curse.
This is the only curse.

Well, seen it, recognized it, reported it, enjoyed the feeling, and exorcised it...

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I ain't lord of the rings, my flagpole ain't a shovel

"My friend wants to talk with you" said the second blondie. The friend, I talked to before, but communicating with her turned out to be difficult, even though she claimed her English was good. After the failure to communicate, I spotted the ring on the left hand.

"She has a ring" I say
"She only wants to talk"
"That ain't my job" I said
"I understand"

Few moments later, second blondie says
"You got competition."
"What have I got?"
Pointing behind me, "Competition"
I turn around, there is a middle easterner, of the vibrant enriching kind, who also happens to have a wifey somewhere. Me, competition? Pfft.

"I'm in no competition when there's a ring"

I don't do girlfriends, I don't do wives.

There is no guarantee that the single girl did not pick up a guy from the bar last night, met another for brunch, had a afternoon coffee date with another at his place, and then a preparty romp in her place before going out, the night I meet her.

But, since committed women tend to sex strangers when they are ovulating, and possibly have at least the partner's semen swimming in them, to enable some sperm competition, the risks that my dick will be substituted for a shovel is higher.

I got no interest in that.

Guys loving to sex other men's women, what is so special about using another man's semen as lubricant?

Kissing lips that are more likely to taste salty?

On that note, what the hell is the obsession with strippers?

No investing into the latin village cycle

Due to the second jug of Sangria on the table, I went for my third round in the gents.

This time the gigglings coming from a table on the way were unmistakable, but I had to.

On my way back I approach the table of five girls, motion one of them to move aside, and sit down.

One miniature brunette, cute cute, one blondie, meat in the right places, another blondie, maybe a four, but wnormous jugs, her friend another blondie, goodlooking but of the "looks like life sucks" types, and a gothic chic, who apparently was not in the group.

I joke about their giggling, they giggle more.

"Are you brazilian?" asks the brunette, the cutie,
"You like brazilians?" I ask
She nods like a girl in the funfare, "Yeees"
"Good. I am not Brazilian"
"Nope. So who was that Brazilian that made you don't go back?"
She smiles shyly, the answer is clear.

Blondie guesses me as German, some chats continue on that topic.

The girls are interested  and I like both the cutie and the meatie.

The other blondie wants to go party but the cutie has to wake up before eight next morning, so she says she will go home.

Since the blondie is staying at the cutie, together with meatie, some phone arrangements need to be made for the end of the night, when I get told

"I keep my phone silent because there are guys calling every fifteen minutes"

So, she is either a bicycle, or brainwashed little girl whose education is not my job.

We chat some more, laugh some more, now there is only cutie and meatie on the table.

Since cutie had a birthday the previous week but did not celebrate it "Was studying and went horse riding" (Information that is irrelevant once I get the bicycle vibe. A good bicycle is still a bicycle), and meatie claims she does great cheesecake, something I have a weakness for, we vaguely decide to host a birthday party in my  place, drinks and cheesecake. The date was set to an inconvenient date for me, but  it could work.

The girls decide to go home, cutie lives close to my place. For that, you need to turn right at the main street.

So we say our goodnights, and exchange numbers, and I return to my guys.

"I know the brunette, she likes latinos" says one guy.

This fits my vibe of bicycle. As if one girl goes "I like XXX", if it is not generic like "big men", "small men" etc, she usually turns out to be a groupie.

"I got that vibe anyway" I tell my boy, and we all get up to leave for the next place.

On the main street we turn left, right is towards my home, left is towards the town.

Just fifty meters later I see cutie at the door of a dive bar talking to a guy that I know.

Groupie. Bicycle. Plays sweet. Plays precious. Play in demand. Plays cute, is falling without a chute.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Crazy. Stupid. Stupid. 3. Your thick phonebook does not make you precious

I knew she was immensely interested in me.

It was clear from the shrieking.

So she felt she had to up my interest.

"Yea, I put my phone on silent, can't sleep because of guys calling me every fifteen minutes"

It is time that we teach women that a village cycle does not become a BMW because the cycle said so.

Ok, ok... It is a donkey, not a cycle. Forgive me donkey.


I am undecided if I will call this girl soon for a "strike while the iron is hot"; wait for some time, see if she calls, and if not pull the "Hey am flying away for christmas, see you before I go"; or just be the guy who never called.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Crazy. Stupid .Stupid. 2. Your CV does not make my flagpole fly the banners

Petite, cute little thingy.

Just perfect ass. Just perky breasts. The right belly. Cute eyes.

My turn on meter is throbbing in my pants.

"You know, I am a team leader"...

"Yup I know"..

Ok, that was the fifttenth time she told me that.

Five minutes later,

"I am a team leader"

"Huh-hmm", enjoying the package, all my senses working except the hearing one.

I am not your husband, I do not need to feel proud of whatever your accomplishments are, I just am there to ravage you, so you will have a memory from 2011, that you can masturbate to when you close your eyes. And that is your feminine figure and your feminine behavior.

Not your strength, not your independence, I have no interest in intimacy with a Spartan 300. Neither your CV. It is Curriculum Vitae, not Cherry Viagra.

Sadly the team came in between me and the leader, and I got cockblocked by other team leaders and the big boss of the leaders.

In anycase,

Had she shut up and just looked at me with those puppy eyes, I would have cocked the cockblockers and given her a memory. It would have helped if she would not be so drunk.

Something I don't do. (most the time)
I don't man up for drunk women.

Something my flagpole does not do.
Rise up to fly the banner when the CV winds blow.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Crazy. Stupid.Stupid. 1. Your biceps dont make me attracted

The world would be a better place without the media giving dating advice to women.

For men, basically do the opposite of what they tell you.

Crazy Stupid Love? Do the first thirty minutes, as the rest of the movie, which basically tells you how meaningless the first thirty minutes is will turn your lovelife into a clusterfuck without love, without any fuck.

How does this translate into women?

The first time I saw her, I noticed her from far away. Long long legs. Very stylish dress. Long brown hair and interesting features.

When I got to know her, the sarcasm and the irony put me off, and that was it.

After that,


Then I see her again.

With a cute blondie beside her.

"Hello" I say

And the chat starts.

I get the vibe she is in need of attention. Too bad.

Give her some.  Give her friend some. Tall girl wants more attention, but am off to my friends, not time for dealing with neither irony, nor sarcasm, no matter how much the eyes are looking into mine.

Standing by the dancefloor, she comes to stand beside me, I look around, acknowledge her, say something about the dancefloor, and just continue looking  around.

She pokes me.

I turn.

She has her arm up, flexing the biceps.

A respectable biceps,

"Hmm" I say, turn

She pokes me, now clearly pointing to her biceps,

"'right" I say

she continues poking, in the same time making puppy eyes.

"Russian porridge?" I ask, no she shakes her head

"All natural?" I ask, she shakes yes with her head

"Ok", I turn to the dancefloor.

Yea, was in asshole mode.

She says something and drops the topic.

I was thinking to myself, girl, what you read in the magazines, ahh, what you read in magazines.

A respectable biceps, is a respectable turn off.
A respectable biceps, is for a ladyboy.
A respectable turn on, respectably comes from having the meat in the right places, tits'n'ass.

What's next? Women putting bananas into their pants?

You a lady? Don't say you are picky. Be.

Girl from the gym. The first time I saw her, I enjoyed what I saw, but was doing turkish get ups and did not have the luxury to enjoy the view more, or say hi while trying to balance the kettlebell.

Not blowing my shoulder joint was more important than my eyes undressing some yoga pants.

One night I see her in the bar, I lose her, and then I change places. On my way back, I see her exiting the old bar, so I go up to her,

"Hey, Gymname girl"

We start chatting, she is friendly, and she is my neighbor.

"You are not my type" she says after saying how much she like the way I train, but that I look intimidating, that she is picky, etc, so I simply shrug it off.

I do shrug with a smirk.

But that night ends.

I see her again in the gym for a short chat.

At last, last weekend, we were in the same venue.

I am running on three Glenmorangie 12 years Special Sherry Casket edition, she was running on a whole bottle of cheapass vodka.

Hands all over me,

"I did not want you to see me like this"
"I like your attitude"
-Slap on my chest-
"That is what I mean"
"yup", smirk.

Invites me to dance; I do not want to dance with a girl who is exploring the outer orbits, I send her off.

Like, push her towards the dancefloor, "You look like dancing"

Now, this seems very rude behavior, but this girl will need some heavier stuff.

She finishes her dancing and has apparently lost her friends, she finds me.

"Dude, she looks like into you, eh?" says my friend, one of the very few guys who is molded to be a good wingman;
"And smashed", I reply, while the girl has her hands on my winter cushioned sixpack.

If I remember right, I send her again away when she says
"I should look for my friends" translation: Grab me and ravage me
"Yea, you should."

I said that because I saw an old friend who I wanted to talk to. Gorgeous girl, good person.

So I go to this friend, as usual a warm conversation,

Ten minutes into the conversation, I see
While I am talking to a gorgeous friend of mine,

Ten minutes after the girl went looking for her friends, I spot her french kissing with some neo-hipster  who was not in her friends group.

Fine for me, as I would not be taking this smashed girl home anyway (a very important rule that I broke the next weekend) , she was free to do what she wanted.

But, she would not be heard using I am picky again.

I talked to her again in the gym, and she played hard to get, to which I just casually resumed by stretching, which pretty much consisted of looking like a frog taking a nap on the yoga mat.

As it is, the value of a woman's sexuality is dictated by her behavior, yes, past, and present, and predicted future, and as a femifist, I respect women's choices. Utterly,  totally, with unwavering hardness.

She will use it again,

"I am picky"
Ok, shrug. Treat like another pressure release valve.

Smelly Media: When facts are racist

President Halonen: Racism will not remove injustice

Forgive me for not understanding the title. I do presume there is something lost in translation here.

President Tarja Halonen says the increased incidence of racist comments in Finland is a symptom of the dark side of worldwide globalisation.

Which, of course is the fault of the western people?

What about coming out with the historical tested and tried true fact for eons:

"Diversity and proximity equals war" ??

Ok, so if globalisation has a dark side as racism, does racism come out of nothing, or does globalization force something on normal people so they turn racist?

Or race realist?

Maybe self defensist? (I know the word does not exist)

Would the dark side of globalisation be weakened if the borders were tightened? Ooops. That is racist. Näää... It is borderist. discriminating between the borders.

If racism is a symptom of a dark side, what is the cause? What is the dark side?

What if talking about the dark side is now branded racism?

Speaking on the Arto Nyberg interview programme on Sunday, she said intolerance grew from unjust experiences that racism could not solve. The President reminded Finns that the language and practice of intolerance fed unwanted phenomena. But she noted this was a problem facing many nations such as France, Holland the United States, for example.

Unwanted phenomena: Immigrant family living in the center of town in a 150 square meter apartment, (min 1500 euros rent), father jobless, mother busy popping future geniuses (4 kids), getting 1500 euros in direct welfare support, besides other benefits. 

Unwanted phenomena: Rape statistics.

Definitely a problem of language.

A language, that has eliminated the word: No.

And the problem facing many nations as she mentions is not the racism of the indigenous people, it is the cause of this race based rhetoric.


Will we blame the swedish and norwegian immigrant rape epidemic on the swedish and norwegian girls because they are not sexing enough the insatiable testosterone riddled macho mutants?

Will we blame the reporters for reporting it? (yes, they are blamed)

She called on opinion makers such as journalists, politicians, the clergy and teachers to break the chain of hate speech.

What if logical discourse nowadays is called hate speech?

We can just go and close all the (non-mainstream) media outlets and schools directly.

As any non-elite person with two braincells left intact will look around when walking on the street and open his mouth.

Anything that comes out will qualify to be "racist".

Are the words the problem or the reason for the words?

Will eliminating "hate speech" eliminate the growing problem that is on its way towards extensive damage at best?

Here is a public announcement that the president should make:

"We do not accept that people living in our borders do not respect Finnish traditions and basic human rights. Christmas carols will not be silenced, and honor violence will not be tolerated. Any person thinking otherwise, acting otherwise will be deported"

Just this weekend walking in the streets with four other guys I encountered racism.

Some skinheads walking by muttered "Fucking Afghanis".


Nothing and. They continued, we continued. A group consisting of five different nationalities we could care less.

And here is an example of an oppressed class that has racism bestowed upon it:

"Girl dates Finn. Girl is beaten. Finn is beaten". And this is the problem of the Finn, not the problem of the intolerant racist sexist bigot of a family?

See the problem?

You do.

Elites tell us we are the problem.

At this point breaking the hate speech is impossible as the cancer of multi culti has taken over the society and the painful moans of the patient have been branded hate speech.

Heck, at this point, the society choosing to commit euthanasia would be called racist; racist against the cancer of multi culti. Yea. A society that committed suicide because it is racist.

Sounds far off?

Look at Sweden.

Sacrificing its girls for the horn god of diversity.

“Everyone should share responsibility as this was not an issue that could be delegated to others even via the ballot box,” she observed.

A Finns (Westerner's) first duty is to his children. Not to the dysfunctional imports of dysfunctional families from dysfunctional cultures.

When trying to leave a livable country for your grandchildren to grow in is called racism....

Friday, December 02, 2011

Smelly Media: Why the church has turned into a joke, Exhibit 6969: Bending over

Before I will be accused of not liking gays, I have nothing against gays, as long as they keep their private life out of my face, and their hands away from me.

Missionary organizations to lose funding over views on homosexuals

You see, the west is a free culture, the EU is a free collection of countries,

Free, as long as you parrot the party line of sodomy, vibrancy, enrichment, cultural and demographic suicide, and unending guilt for crimes not worse than other culture's.

In this free land, the anointed will decide what is acceptable and use other people's moneys to dictate these enlightened views.
The Parish Union of Helsinki is planning to end financial support to three missionary organisations due to their negative attitudes towards the ordination of women and sexual minorities.
Oh oh oh...
The ladies have been offended.
The ass pirates have also been offended.
We must do something.
Out of hundreds of organisations, one organisation does not bend over backwards to please the gay minority (1%?) and the female minority (52%...????) and that has to be punished.
It is not like these parishes are running around shouting "stone the gays"; "drown the women" etc.. No, they just hold views that they do not want these groups in high positions in their organizations.
Punish the heretic.
How can they defile the Gods of Progression, The Goddesses of Tolerance?

The Parish Union annually gives three percent of its tax revenue—some three million euros—to foreign aid. The money is channelled through several missionary organisations and Finn Church Aid, which carries out humanitarian work.
Actually the news is not clear. They are talking about the church tax, from which one can opt out, but also lose right to church services.
At this point, it is the sensible thing, as soon the church possibly will order its male members to drink gay pxxx instead of red wine, and eat female sxxx instead of that holy bread.
Can't offend them, the LGBT saints,  you see.
Wonder how many church members actually want to have gay priests,
"And Jeeeeesuuuuuussss... Boy you look good.... Why the cloth?  Halllelluuujjaaaa"
Female priests:
"No sermon today. Got PMS"
Or a lesbian priest:
"Jesus was a pig. Men are pigs. God is a transgender. Mary was a lesbian"
Ah well...
I guess soon we shall outlaw
"In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"
As it is offensive.

Following heated public debate on the church's attitude towards homosexuals, the Parish Union took a more critical look at its partner organisations.
I can now hear some discussion about what to do with the cross...

(The following is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, used language and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons or objects, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, yada yada yada)

"It's mine"
"No mine!"
"You can't even fit it in"
"I got vaseline"
Third person coming in:
"Screw the cross.. I got the marble snake, gimme some of that vaseline", oops, out pops an apple.

In other news:

The feminazis have already been furious that Jesus is depicted as a man. His actual name was Destinee.


The "Church has turned into a  joke, Exhibit 1" is their turning their backs on the traditional family.That was the point when the church lost its way.