Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 7 -The pure (s)exchange students

She looked at me like I am a piece of meat.

German girl, in the sauna, her mommy with her, her daddy with her.

Later I overhear the Daddy talking about his little princess

"She is 21"

"She needs to find herself"

I tell you what an Erasmus exchange student and "finding herself" actually means:

Spanish dude meets French exchange student sometime October, less than two months into the semester.

They hit it off, make out and all that public show of affection, then she dumps him, when everybody in the group thought that would be a night to continue...


"I already fucked three italians and one spanish while here, have had enough latino"

One Week of Shorts - 6 - There is no inexperienced girl, you fool

She is not inexperienced and naive, she is a master and has fooled you

Sitting across us was one of the most beautiful twenty year old short blondes the venue had seen in the last months. One sixty five, blonde, face of an angel, and not skinny, meat on the bone.

Because of my sitting angle I had not noticed it until I see my three guys on the other table almost falling over towards that direction.

Yes. She was amazing.

Yes I looked.

And no I did not approach.

Yes I should have. I pussied out. She was sitting with three girls, no place to join them, all my guys watching, all other people watching. Yes, I pussied out. Lack of logistics is not an excuse.


The three guys watching;

One gets laid like a fox gets meat in a chicken box;
One is a speedy chilli rabbit going dup dup dup
One is soon marrying his fleshlight

Next day, all of the guys, none of whom had approached, I met seperately,

The topic opened up about the girl,
"The girls were so naive, they did not know what to do"
"They could not keep their eyes from our table, twirling their hair. We have way to much experience than those young girls. Would not be right"
Were the first two. Rationalizing away a wasted potential.

"They were too inexperienced for me"
Fleshlight groom. Aye.

So I am the only one who fully accepts that I chickened out and gave myself the rejection, without giving the girl a chance to decide if she wants to meet me or not. 

This all is tied to a brainwashing of "Girls are nice, sugar and spice"...

From a recent experience of watching an attractive twenty year old toy with two established thirty year old men like a kid plays with toy cars,


Any girl who is of legal age has way more experience in handling men than you think.

While we were out there playing in the woods, while we were out there shooting paper rockets out of tubes to the neighborhood kids, the girls have been studying us and social interactions.

It is not the experience they get once they start kissing and blowjobbing at the age of a conservative sixteen; even that is way more than what you think,

No, it is the experience gotten since age one.

When you were playing with your Matchbox car at age three,
Your sister was playing with your Dad, since age one.

Not playing with your Dad and with your Dad playing with her, no, playing with your Dad and your Dad being the  Matchbox, with all doors opening to a smiley Sesame.

While you were out there playing with glass balls and gambling them away,
Girls were discussing how to get the attention of the kid three years your senior.
Age eleven.

Fleshlight groom is rationalizing away a nonexistent potential.
The other two are rationalizing, but it comes from a point of being brainwashed for the last twenty years.

They were not inexperienced.
They knew exactly what they were doing when they were twirling their hair.

The message failed to deliver.

And if indeed they were comparably inexperienced, we should have given them the gift of the pleasure that only comes from experience in seeing women as they are, knowing their buttons, and bringing pleasure to their inexperienced life. Our experience owes it to them, in this case.

It is a gift, a gift that has been acquired through jumping into the fire, a gift that can only be given..
But no, "Men are pigs" overrode all the good that was there to give onto this world.

If you got experience, you should know you are doing the inexperienced girls a disservice by keeping that experience for them. That is your sin. 

"They were so inexperienced" is wrong

"They so easily fooled us, tooled with us, invited us, we chickened out, but we also have been brainwashed and are being brainwashed every second of our life"

Is right.

Any girl past 15 has more experience in handling men than most men past 45 have in handling women.


Yes, if you call your late twenty year old self as being in the "yet unborn" stage, then yes those twenty year olds are in comparison, in the "inexperienced" stage.

Monday, December 09, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 5 - Fake abundance

Private Man has this idea that women look for a reason to reject a man, not a reason to like a man.

That is so true, and it must have gotten worse with the attention women get on Facebook and all the other interactions where women are unable to distinguish between attention provided in order to get a fuck, and attention provided for a long term commitment, the latter usually not coming from the studs giving the till-the-fuck attention.

Women are living in a fake, perceived abundance.

A good example I saw few weeks back.

Meeting some friends,

One guy is a tall handsome man, PussySlayer,
One guy is this guys friend, 195, JamesDean, with an exceptionally open attitude, 
These two are masters.
Another guy is SpeedyGonzales, currently gonzoing ten years younger cuties, at least one a new week...
And we have the AtomAnt, he has girls finding him on facebook, girls he does not know,
In between we have the two providers,
One a young Padawan in training,
The other a provider on the search,
There is me,

When I return to the table, there are two girls sitting with the guys.
Cute, short, nothing the slayer four would go for long term, something the provider two would,

Some chat, some chick laughter of the girls,   

And then the girls, with the attitude of a spoiled brat, that just won Miss Universe,

"Ooooookaaaaaay... We gooooo nooooow"

Ok. Fuck off.

The table did not miss a beat, but the girls left, knowing that another table like this will be around the corner, but it will not be.

The girls were on the search,
But the table was apparently not enough,

Would you believe me if I say,

"I was on a table with 7 Miss Continents, naked, stroking my cock, but I knew I could do better..."


But that is what these girls did.

Sometimes I really believe these girls deserve the fucks they get, usually being treated as cum dumpster, which in the end makes more than a quarter of them end with antidepressants or some other medicine.

Only thing which pisses me off is that I pay for it.

It takes Gene Simmons to bed 2000....
It takes being a groupie for a woman to bed 2000...

(Kiss on Oprah)

Of course there is going to be abundance of dick...

Abundance of quality?

Not so.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

One Week of Shorts - 4 - The disgusting beard

"You beard is disgusting. My friend told me you were so handsome in summer"

Besides your friend being a cunt for saying that since she did not answer my messages, and another case of women thinking they are worthy nothing short of a God;

Girl you are too young and brainwashed to know,

Not even a week before you called my beard disgusting, a girl with the most beautiful smile was digging her face into my beard and smelling it, going uhhhmmm.... ahhmmmm...

Not even two days later, my beard was being stroked by a sleeping girl, just like the one in the photo.

My beard is disgusting, might be,
But my beard catches a better quality of prey than the predators your beaver is caught by.

Lest anyone thinks i am calling sour grapes.
Nope. That prey would be a good memory. Does not change the above two phrases though.

Different orientations of the looking glass.



Balentine's Bay Beaver Bashing

After the last skiing day, will be Bustin Bieber. 

Saturday, December 07, 2013

One Week of shorts - 3 - Loving the lowest bidder

Girl was standing beside me with a guy, who suddenly turns and leaves. The Move.

Girl was cute, short, petite, not gorgeous, but cute.

"I see you have been stood up" I tell her,

"Ya he just left"

"Strange, cause I thought you two were together"

"..."... "can I join you guys?"

"Of course. This is SpeedyGonzales, this is BallsOnFire"

Then she turns to me,

"You know, he is... ehhhmmm... we...kind of... seeing... eachother...."

"You mean you're shagging now and then"



At that moment the guy came back, but somehow has not noticed the girl

"Your boy is back"

"He is actually a very nice man, you know"

"Yes I do"

Tattoos? check. on arm, on elbow, on wrist...

Tattos? Double check in neon lights, as tattoos are on the neck, up to the chin.

Beanie on head, in a supposedly elegant club,

Total rebel look going on. Not that it takes too much to rebel these days. Fucking hipsters are declared rebels...

I know where this is going..

"I actually love him, but he does not know it"

"That's sweet"

Then she turns to him, and in her tongue, utters approximately,

"I want to tell you that I love you"

The guys face does not flinch, he does not shrug, he just goes


No Han Solo sweet assholish "I know"
No cute indifference of a shrug
No acknowledgment of a nod, a smile
No James Bond cockery of a smirk


A "Hmmmph"... that maybe comes out when he is taking a dump.

I got lost in the knowledge of some of my friends who would love this girl and do everything to please her, rowing calluses on their hands, living a life of drought in the brazilian rainforest, then looked at my two friends who were swimming in pussy, then back to "Hmmmph"...

As a collective, women asking to be valued, while giving their most valued possession (they claim it is love)  to the one least valuing them....

Asking diamond prices for a coal that has been gifted to the least bidder...

Few minutes later, the guy just turned around and left.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllll Power!!!!!
Shit value........


Written with the company of :

One week of shorts - 1 - Homecooking is death

(Scheduling problem, was supposed to be out on Thursday, as part one)

I told them that my dinner was 400 grams of organic mincemeat, done in butter and coconut oil, with shitloads of veggies, and few fruits as dinner.

They looked at me with their jaw dropped,

One said

"You'll die young"

The other said

"Got to get your cholesterol checked"

We were in a hamburger joint.

The third one was dipping his french fries in majo and ketchup,

The other two returned to their hamburgers with extra fries, after making their comments.

Comment of mine at Return of Kings

Friday, December 06, 2013

One week of Shorts - 2 - Two truths make one wrong, poison medicine

Mexican kid comes up to me

"Man thank you thank you thank you. I have been doing the no-gluten thing you talked about that day. Wow. Just amazing. I did think you were crazy when you were talking about that to SpeedyGonzales, but I tried it. You changed my life"

Finnish friend, a specializing doctor, was with us, so he asked about the story.

I told him about gluten.

He said, can't be.

I told him about gluten's biochemical effect on the body.

He said, no-gluten cannot heal all.

I said not heal all, but (edit, insert: gluten might)cause many.

He said, there is medicine.

I said, yes and there is not causing the problem.

He said, he needs studies.

I said, the studies will never be done.

He said he needs studies.

I said there are thousands of testimonials, but the studies will not be done. you cannot patent going gluten free

He said he needs studies.

I said so where are the studies for HPV vaccine?

He said HPV vaccine is necessary.

I said where are the long term studies.

He said, my gluten-free argument is invalid because i bring up the vaccine issue and thus he cannot anymore believe me.

By the way,

go get your flu shot, because Vitamin D is poison. Yup yup.

Comment left at Hawaiian Libertarian 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Porn hurts men. That is the main and only point.

My no-porn time continues, sadly I have had relapses with erotic photo galleries, and every time that happens, the effect is clear. Loss of motivation, in life, in gym, with women with friends, and other aspects. A brain fog, and a kind of fatigue of my soul. Definitely not once a week, and is happening rarer and rarer and takes shorter, still way too often and way too long.

This weekend had a chat with a drunk friend about porn,
Coincidentally, Free Northerner links to a piece about the effect of porn on women, men and relationships.

Back to my chat with my friend.

"I'll go home and watch some porn"
"Don't watch porn."
"But it is relaxing"
"No. It is the illusion"
"I like to see naked women"
"You are watching another man fuck a woman you'd like to fuck"
"You are jerking off to another man's dick pummeling the pussy you want to pummel"
"Man I have never been without porn for more than two weeks"
 "So you don't know a life without porn"

Interlude: I know a life without porn and this is why now I decide no porn or no erotica for October, fuck that, for November and December too.

"But man, it is good to watch some porn and jerking off before the date"
"Jerk off, don't watch porn"

And then the link of Free Northerner comes in,

How men watching porn hurts women. Not women watching porn, men watching porn.

Who the fuck cares how porn hurts women...

First answer for the damage that has been done by romance novels. Their unrealistic experiences. Their impossible to attain standards. The white knight in a leather jacket arrives on a motorcycle. He is a bad boy. But he likes her. He is a vampire. But he does not bite her. He smashes fifteen skulls, but makes sure she does not see this brutality, she only knows it. Betrays everyone in sight but not her. Has a sixpack but can take her out to eat pizza in a candlelit diner where the staff are all vampires but out of fear from him, do not drink her dead. Can lift a horse, but never has had to work for his strength. Has time to learn to wield the sword, read thousand classics, and still take her out on romantic flights around the city during sunrise. Vampire, but the sun does not affect him. Because. Because. Of her love.

Aye. Not damaging.

Husband works ten hours to bring bread to home. No vampire. No flight. No choice not to drink her blood.

Oh, ho, and Fifty Shits of Grey... Reading it, wanting it, and then crying for the police when the boyfriend looks at her the wrong way...


I don't fucking care what  men's usage of porn does to women.

Women got bigger sins to answer for.

But for men:

Can a man understand this:

"You are jerking off to watching another man fucking a woman instead of you"
"You are jerking off watching someone else's hard throbbing cock going in an out of the pink pussy you want your average cock to go in and out of"

The perversion?

I have been with porn since age eleven.

Age thirty four I realized the damage it had done to me.

If someone had uttered me the words I wrote up there, my life could have taken a different route.

But no. The most intellectual warning we got was "Masturbation will make you blind"

Fuck you.

See, with porn:

You go on a date having your dick esteem screwed to the ground by watching a big dick pummel a tight pussy. Not your dick. The only reason you seem relaxed about sex with the girl is that you have no confidence that you can pummel her as good as that large cock you just saw.

With porn, your energy is drained.
With porn your strength is drained.
Your willpower is totally decimated.
Your view of women is mutated.
Everyone but me.
Every girl, without me.
What if i am not ten centimeters thick and half a meter long?
It is not just in the head, it is in the body.
Your smell changes. Yes, tried.
You posture changes.
Your stride changes.
Your animal inside you is killed.
The balls are torn off.
The dick is cut.

That is what you are willingly doing to yourself when watching porn.

Yes, you seem relaxed when you meet the girl, but can you separate the knowledge that you jerked of to some other hard throbbing dick because you were afraid of the animal in you, because you were afraid of her reaction, because you were a pussy, a pussy not deserving to be pummeled by the hard throbbing dick...

Porn just has killed the man in your soul.

But everyone does it.


Have you tried?

Do you have a comparison point?

Without porn,

You create energy
You grow strength
You are one with nature
You are one with the woman you are fucking
You cherish the woman, her little human flaws, her smell, her smile, her wetness
Your dick could hold your national flag on a Bofor 12 storm
When you jerk off, you jerk off to your own experience, to your own imagined experience. To your own dick.
Your smell changes. Yes, tried.
You know you can stand up and carry the girl with your dick, if that is what you want.
Your willpower increases
Your posture rises
Your stride strengthens
Your dick feels like one meter thick and three meters long
Your will to meet women increases
Your will to fuck women increases
Your actions to fulfill these will increase
The results increase
Your creativity connects with the Muse
Your productivity connects with the Gods
Your life connects with life
The animal inside you is alive
The balls feed the dick
The dick looks up to his master
 ...Proud and willing to serve

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Westerners are born Raycissssssssss

Important:  The person who is the topic of the article retracted his Racism accusation after our chat so this article should be taken as a general rant sparked by a retracted comment. My intention is not to insult or attack anyone. Want to point to a general attitude of people, an attitude which makes living together more difficult.

I wake up to this morning and make the mistake of opening FartBook..


One black guy on my facebook; he refers to himself as black; posted about an event that occured in the previous night.


He was dancing.
Three bouncers came up, and held him.
A female staff of the place told them "Not him, him"
Some perfectly valid points:

Yea man this place is so fucking racist

Another one:

Take them to court


Wondering if it would be racist to point out these guys are from places where they burn the churches with people inside them? Or that the strife between ethnic groups in West runs much deper than the strife between westerners and these groups?

For the record, I do not point that out, fuck that, i am not even wondering about it..

They are right, Finns, Westerners, and everyone else is racist.




After saying that this man had the unfortunate run ins with skinheads, so his fuses on the issue might be short,

Let's look at a few facts:

Security was called.

Security was called in such a fashion that three bouncers appeared.

Security was called for a serious issue.

This black man was mistaken for the man who caused the serious problem.

What are the chances that he was mistaken for a white man in a black tshirt.

Damn, I feel the shame of loking at the facts.

I must be


So back,

A black man caused serious trouble,
A black man was mistaken for the other black man,
The staff girl did not say, "one black is same as another black"..
The staff girl corrected the mistake by shouting and waving,

Noooo, my friend,


Edit: As I wrote in the end, the person the security was called for was a Finn, so I rewrite this part:


There is no racism.

There is


There is one black man whose "this event was racist" comment I would believe, he is a good friend of mine, and he is a rational man, and I know if he says that, it likely was that,

For others,

When I hear anyone not westerner claiming racism, I assume it is


I will change my mind after hearing the facts about the incident. Sadly most of the time there is no valid reason to change my opinion the slightest bit. 

You can shout wolf only so many times after the villagers say whatever. Especially if a god number of times you behave like the wolf in middle of grazing rabbits. I have seen black men behave in ways that would get them killed back home, just because they know the locals here would not raise a finger in fear of being accused by the non-washable taint of racism.

P.s. Behavior is a choice. Observation of that choice is


Not racist.


If I hear a westerner shout "this event was racism", I would believe him, because it takes guts and serious issue for a westerner to come out and say that.

Anyone who would deem the above text as racist, and there are many, is actually a racism advocate because this diminished meaning of racism is hurting the real victims of real racism, not the one who think every this and that behavior which does not please them is raaay-ccciissss. There are people out there who get attacked on the street, in the bars,  just because of their race, any race, by any race, and claiming every little event is raaay-ccciissss is trivializing their genuine suffering.

Addendum: Turns out the actual perp was a Finn, which still does not change what I wrote. Security is there to provide security, not to hang around as wallflowers in a highly explosive environment. And if the bouncers went for the black guy, there must be some statistic in their head after thousands of hours of experience... Just saying. 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

@realmattforney shows who the real violence loving oppressors are

Since I try to keep writing about things that relate to Finland, I will tie this to a recent facebook chat I witnessed.

So, some nationalist group posted a paper on a tree, inviting neighbors to a meeting.

Of course this group is named as right wing extremist, but when you actually look at what they say, they just happen to be right of the center of the left.

So the communist community somehow has entered a discussion on

"Is it allowed to violently stop right wing fascist organizations from meeting, because when they meet and organize, they will use violence to stop people not thinking like them"

I went through the comments, but had to stop after five minutes, reading more of that filth would make me write stuff and non-violently do stuff that could potentially damage my work environment and once of my social circles.

So, back to @realmattofney;

A man who has an unconventional idea of a route to female happiness; looking at the amount of drugs consumed by the women no one can claim they are happy; by not feeding their ego, is branded the worst human on earth;

And his throat should be slit,
His balls should be cut off,
His head bashed,
Add any action to any body part...

And, traditional men are the violent ones, men going their own way are the violent ones, the right thinking men are the violet ones, the hetero men are the violent ones, etc?

Just like the commies in my facebook.

Using violence to stop a fringe group that wants a good life for their children and their relatives' children and their friends' children, that will not yet be accepted into normal society, with the media jacking up homemade crime while statistics are suppressed about other crime; is not fascism.

Forcing cities to work against their inhabitants, not fascism;
Distributing wealth, not fascism.. and so on.

I was at a point where I was losing belief that the Devil exists.

I was getting to a point of attaching all the evil to human nature.

But the facebook discussion, and the utter belief in the self righteousness of people tied to an ideology that has been responsible for most deaths in the history of mankind,

The @realmattforney discussion about chopping balls off a man who says do not kiss the ass of women,

Tells me

Satans Spawn are walking among us,
Satans Spawn are the establishment
Satans Spawn are to be fought

Their minions deserve no pity either.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A generation of men who have been tortured into two pieces

"I love my mother" he said

"I respect her" he said

"I respect all women like I respect her" he said.

"After I meet them, after some time,  then I take away the respect that they do not earn"  he said.

That is when the lightbulb flashed in my head.

For a time now I was thinking there is something off with this very good friend of mine.

Intelligent man, driven, ambitious, handsome, has status, knows how to behave, and is getting laid like a rabbit on steroids.

But something was off. Still is off.

There was a burning wound in his soul, which I could see but not describe. 

You see, one night, trouble arose on our bar table when two friends with latin fire burning in them, let loose their macho talk. This talk, loud and extreme for these lands of equality, raised a few eyebrows in neighboring tables, and TorturedTornMan got very angry because our talk on the table was not respecting women.

What was the talk?

About younger women being more attractive;
About strong and independent women being high risk for commitment;
About how good behavior of men is resulting in masturbation;
About how stwong and yndependent women are not able to bond;

TorturedTornMan got angry at this conversation, he said it demeaned women, he said he respected women, and that the conversation was not fitting.

That night, TorturedTornMan went to his booty call. Call at 4.45, booty at 5.00. Woman waking up to open the door to a wasted man. No problem there. It is an arrangement.

Next night, TorturedTornMan was behaving erratically. I yet do not know why that was.I assumed he was sober, I might have been wrong.

But the bleeding of a soul from being tortured into tearing in two parts came out that night.

After ingesting copious amounts of alcohol, the man who was angry at a conversation on the table that was a bit too much macho was letting out loose gems like,

"You scored or not?"
"Fuck these bitches"
"I don't give a shit about her"
"Who fucking cares about these bitches"

Loud. so loud in a way that i had to shut him up because his remarks nuked my interaction with the next table. And the next.

That night TorturedTornMan fucked a girl he met the previous night.

Drunken call, fifteen minutes of "Wehre are you" talk, meet at the bar, go home, fuck, pass out.

You see,

This man,

Has the status
Has the behavior
Has the look
Has the style
Has the money
And even if it does not sound like it,
Has a golden heart

But he is torn.

Like most men of my generation. This way or that way, torn.

Between what we are told, and
Between what we see.

I had not made the connection, until,

"I respect all women like I respect her"

..."I respect all women like I respect her"...

Let that sink in.

This man has been told all his life to respect women.

This man had great women in his life.

This man respects all women from the get go.

It is not

"I respect all women who deserve it,  like I respect her"  

It is not

"Women who prove worthy of it, I respect like I respect her"

It is

"I respect all women like I respect her"

Because he has been told

"Respect women", by a woman he loves and respects. He took that and believed in it, and out of respect, is trying to make it a reality.

I was also told "Respect women", but I was also not spared the stories of women behaving bad. there was balance. The balance was fortified by having great women, I want to shout while writing this, "GREAT WOMEN" in my larger family circle, genuinely strong women that I am honored to have met. I knew, there is this, there is that. Show respect, and show no remorse, depending on what is deserved, because there is more at stake than just one woman's feelings.

For him, there is no balance. 

For my generation, with all the media, there is no balance.

We are told to respect,
We are told to respect something that does not respect itself.

This man is torn because he respects all women from the get go, and then is rejected when he is nice, he is rejected when he is sober, he gets laid like a motherfucker when he is drunk, and cannot give two shits about the woman he is fucking.

Or - and thus cannot give two shits about the woman he is fucking.

He sees, he lives, that he is punished when he is good,
He sees, he lives, that he is rewarded with pussy raining from the sky when he is disrespectful.

He still claims he is nice, that is the blinds in front of his eyes. He is the perfect fit of the aloof, indifferent asshole, with the belief that he is acting out of respect. He is not. He would not be rewarded if he was acting with respect.

He sees what he is respecting by default, is without question, is without fail, acting in ways that does not respect itself, that does not reward anything which respects its existence;

Hell, sometimes he even sees that the reward is based solely on the condition that respect should be not existing, that disrespect is the main selection criteria for what to reward;

He sees men, who like him, respect women, and act in respectful ways, only to rot in a wishing loneliness,

So, he loses respect, every single time, because there is no respect deserved.

He is torn.

His soul is ripped apart.

Because his mother told him "Respect women"

But women's behavior inevitably make him lose respect. 

Instead of

"I am neutral towards women, and only give respect when they earn it"

He has,

"I respect women, and take it away if they don't deserve it"

No one has that much respect to give.

The fault is the Mom's.

She has been a great mom. She has been a great human. This has been her greatest mistake. In his eyes she cannot make a mistake, and she forgot to add the caveat of "If they deserve it" to "Respect women"

Unwittingly, she has sown the seeds of her son's destruction.

A gem of a man, one day will be an important man, saving lives, making lives better, a good man for a good woman one day, but torn.

I love this guy. He has enhanced my life in ways I will see in the future,  in ways I cannot count now,

And I will risk losing this friendship by going against what his mother has said.

Someone will have to put the seed of the condition of "if they deserve it" into his head.

If the price of that seed, if the price of the first healing of a wound that will otherwise never heal, is the loss of a friendship, I am willing to pay the price.

Moms out there,

Please know you are Goddesses for your sons,

Please know that the little boys take your words as the same as God's word,

Know that you have given life to the boy, but you can take his soul away, by the words you choose, by the actions you take, by the example you give.

More importantly, know that this is why you need to have a father figure for the boy. That might be the elephant.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can a fleshlight crticize motherhood?

Girl has seen my friend in the gym, and now she is interested in him, and the possibility of a fuck after an hour of meeting him is on the table.

The girl, a mediterranean,  is the friend of a girl I used to see, with whom what we had had to end it because she wanted more, and this event caused bad blood between me and this worthless strong and independent mediterranean whatever.

So I overhear them talking about men from my background, how they are macho, how they are archaic, patriarchal etc etc... the guy, from a latino background is just going along as he has smelled easy pussy.

Then I hear

"for example this guy thinks of women.." and notice her mentioning me.

I was up going to the loo, so i turn, and inquire, upon which she asks,

"What are women for"

Well, still having some faith in female kind, and not wanting to blow up the place by letting my side that has lost faith doing the talking,


So she shakes her head in this hip hop cuntish way and tells the guy,

"I told you"

To me she is "Go go go",

I have done my damage, I don't give two flying shits about this valuable human being, she is working on fullfilling her function for my friend,

I turn to my friend, I smile, I nod, and walk off.


She did not like that.

Giving women the honor nature has bestowed upon them , the reason men built civilization for them, men died for them, the reason men talk about their mothers as angels,





For her it is an insult.

No, no, no...

This valuable human being want to drink like she thinks men drink. She was drunk.
She likes to smoke as she thinks men like to smoke. The smoke smell was in her breath.
She likes to fuck like she thinks men fuck. One day she was out with her friends after getting fucked by a drunk douchebag who passed out on her.
This valuable human being likes to have fun now, one day she will want to be a mother.

Now she goes "Go go go"...

 I will go. I was going. to a place more valuable than your company. The smelly men's toilet.


What higher honor can ever be given to a woman?

Is "Ms. President" as honorable as "Mommy"?
Is "Ms. Teacher" as honorable as "Mommy"?
Is "Ms. Doctor" as honorable as "Mommy"?

Since this one will not be President anyway, that is out of the question.

Is slaving a life for a company more worthy that providing a good world to the children you brought in to life?

Is retiring from a state office as fullfilling as holding grandkids on your arm? 

Yes, she did not want to be a Mom. She did not want to be respected for her future motherhood. For providing a good home for a little innocent baby. No.

Now, there are some women who choose this route. They become worthy members of the society. there has always been nuns. There always is a portion that goes this route. But going this route does not affect the value of motherhood a bit. And eagle not flying does not mean eagles are not meant to fly, nor does it mean flying is an insult to eagle. It means this eagle decided not to fly. 

But this one.

She wanted more.

She wanted a woman to have more meaning than being a good human being, being a good woman, being a good partner, a good companion, a good mother.

So what did she do?

Drunk like a blue whale in a sea of beer.
Smells like a pissed on barbecue.
Fucks like a rabbit, with worse selection criteria.
Attitude you would find in stories about kings posessed by the devil.

Accuses guys like me for being an asshole, for respecting motherhood.

Calls me an asshole,

Without having the slightest clue that in her decision that she will be more than "Best Mommy of the World", in her decision no only that but that that phrase is an insult to her over evolved existence; with her actions she has dictated her value;

She not only has no value as mother, she has no value as a female, I don't give two shits about her value as a human being, but her only value...

Her only value, gotten by her decisions, choices and entitled attitudes,


A cumbucket to deposit cum that has been deposited into a cumholding plastic bag.

Not even a Cumbucket worthy of cum....

But yea, guys like me seeing mothers as valuable, as honorable, are assholes.

Funny isn't it, in their disgust for their highest honor, they have managed to fuck their value to a point that is less valuable than a fleshlight.

I might be an asshole, but my soul smells like flowers compared to the stinky soul of the modern emancipated putrid cunt.


There are two balls attached to the body that embodies the asshole.
This misogynist respects womanhood way more that the modern strong independent emancipated putrid cunts will ever respect, even for a second. 

In this day and age, it is guys like me who are called misogynists, men who respect motherhood, respect mothers, respect bringing life to heart, nourishing it, having a shoulder to cry on as a baby, having a lap to lie on as a kid,

It is women like that who have fucked the value of womanhood past below a plastic hole to cum in, are strong, independent, progressive, emancipated. Not men who have oppressed women by dying in wars in millions.

Calling them vagina life support systems, is an insult to vaginas, an insult to life, and insult to any kind of  support, and insult to systems. An insult to existence.

Good job!

Great job!


That my friend is willing to fuck her means nothing. He is just fulfilling her function.

A bucket of cum.

I could have answered

"Women are for fucking",

But in reality, thinking of life and existence, that is not what I believe.

In the picture of life, 

"Women are for being mothers" is what I believe.

Bringing a new life to the world is a gift, is to be cherished, is to be respected, is what I believe,

And I am the misogynist. 

Funny world.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Respect is earned.

Sometimes the risk to take action is so low that not taking that risk will make a man lose all the hard earned respect from his fellow men.

Do men want to hang out with another man who has shown he will take the risk,

Or do men want to hang out with another man who will rationalize not taking the opportunity which has minimal risk?

Who do you trust?

Who do you respect.

Empathy, maybe. Respect?

I am sitting on a table that has me, and four other girls, three of them some of the best in the venue.

I introduce the Racoon to the table, a little chat later he goes to the table across ours to chat with a girl he knows.

That second table has three girls and a boy.

I recognize one of the girls. The girl in the middle is a girl the Tortoise was talking about.

Tortoise is very fond of the brunette.

Here is the setting:

Racoon has friends on a very attractive table, mine. Racoon knows Brunette's friend on the second table, who is apparently fond of the Racoon.

Perfect setting for:

"Hey, you girls met the Tortoise?" to be leashed out onto the second table.

One sms, and Tortoise is on our side of the bar.

"Tortoise, is that not the girl you been talking about?"

"Yea man. she is"

"Good. Look, Racoon knows her friend, they have been seeing us here with attractive girls, our references are excellent, the logistics are perfect. Racoon will go and talk to her friend again, and a minute later you go talk to Racoon, and he will introduce you to them. There is your open door"

"No man"

"Come on. Racoon is good with this. Remember what he did to Rabbit"

"No man"

"Man this is a lifetime chance"

"No man"

"Look, there is no risk. It is the best possible set up"

"No man"

Nothing worked. We could not get him to agree to the setup.

It hurt. It hurt like a bitch.

A man afraid of his own shadow?

A man so afraid to face the fact one little girly bit might not have interest in him

I can sympathize with a man not approaching.

I cannot sympathise with a man chickening out even if the approach has been done. I will not sypmpathise.

I cannot. 


The men I respect the most are the men who take the leap in face of fear. Any kind of fear. Any aspect.

Fear never changes.

Fear never leaves.

Fear is always there.

What matters is what a man does in face of fear.

Chicken out,

Or leap in.. to the burning hole?

Especially in this case where there is no hole, no burn, no..., just three steps and a handshake.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The hamster is batcrap insane

"Tomorrow I will go to ClubABC", she said

"Heh, lot's of drunk sausages in that place, you'll like it", I said

"Noo. Drunk guys are disgusting"

"Come on. Some guy coming over going "weaaaaggooaaaaabluaaaa" must be fun"

"No. And it's only the drunk guys who come to talk to me" she said

"Well you girls are not really open and inviting to sober guys coming and talking to you..."

"Yes. True... "(10 seconds silence.. hamster revving up) ... "There is something wrong about the sober man who comes to talk to us"

"You mean he might be high or something?"


"Or he just knows way too well what to say"

"Ah yes"

"Or he is a psycho who does not have the shy nerve"

"Definitely yes."

"So drunk is the only way you'll talk with a guy?"

"I guess so"

Standing ovation for the hamster. 

Btw, girl is marriage material from the point of conventional understanding.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young man; yes, you are the frog, she is the princess. For now.

Comment I left at laidnyc

For any man in his early twenties, interacting with girls in their early twenties.

Taking into account that you're reading this site and others, you are putting in the work, improving yourself, your life, and respecting your balls;

All the bitching, the flaking, the attitude you will unavoidably get, means nothing.

Considering attractive women:

A woman in her early twenties is in her peak. She will never be in the same place again. No matter what they say, it will go downhill from here. Her personality might improve over time, but this will not have an effect on the attention she gets, especially compared to her early twenties.

she is in the peak of her life.

Now you, young man,

You are in the lowest of your next ten years. For you, the only way is up. With the caveat mentioned above, your sexual life will only get better. Even when you are an old fart of age 35, if you keep in shape, if you have your finances straight, if you know what to say, and what to do, you have no competition.

You are right now in the shittiest place you will be in the next ten years.

You, pretty much a lowlife in respect to your next ten years, are interacting with a princess who is in her peak for the rest of her life.

That's why the attitude is to be expected,
But that is also why it does not matter.

Your journey is uphill with ever increasing opportunities,
Her journey is downhill, with ever decreasing opportunities.

Why do you think they cry about the man-child, and no good men, once they hit thirsty thirty?

Men children are playing real life Leisure Suit Larry,
The good men are making good of their goodness.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What could be the value of a female mule?

Sugar and spice, all things nice...

When you see the choices women make, you start changing that into

Sugar and spice, ii aa ii aa oo...

I am all for having fun.

Laughter is a part of my life, making others laugh, is a pleasure.

Slapping butts is a pleasure in itself. The tingling in my hand, the sound in my ear and the wobbling of a well taken care of butt, heavenly pleasure.

Having said that,

Seeing a twenty year old girl who has been hit on by a number of men in the night, giving the snobbish face to a kid, only for him to jump on her back, slapping her, and getting a piggyback ride from the girl in a full bar, and then seeing the girl's attitude change, and smooch the kid and leave with him... All in five minutes.

One. Respect for the kid. Take my hat off.

Two. How can I respect a strong independent and emancipated western woman who decides to go home with the guy who treats her like a mule? A donkey?  A piggy to ride?

It was one of the few incidents I am happy to have observed.

Glad I am in the generation where women still have some femininity left.

Maybe i am being too critical, and not open minded.


But knowing that one day the mule, the girl who rewarded being treated like a mule, in front of her friends, will go "You need to prove to me you love me"; "I want to be treated like a lady"; "I am not easy.."

Maybe being critical has to be done by more men who do not ride women like mules in front of her friends...

And kudos to the piggyback rider. Knowing what the woman wants, where she values herself, what she will reward.

Go on little Cowboy. I fully endorse what you do, ride them the way they have valued themselves.

It just shows there is no limit on the amount of public degradation that can be dished out and still get rewarded for it.

Princesses, my ass.

Fuck it if i am being too critical.

Fuck. Even whores do not get treated like mules in public.

I am a woman, hear me aaaiiiaaaoooo....

Go MuleBoy, Go. you figured it out. 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Facebook princesses deserve no cocks

It's been another two months where I have not posted anything.

I have no excuse, I had no muse.

Read Steven Pressfield's book, War of Art. That book is a must for anyone who is in the creating knowledge/art business.

I had no muse.

Because I did not sit down to receive the muse.

Few days ago I was sitting down with a girl that I know, my friend, and the girl's friend.

This guy is one of the fastest men I know with women, and unlike a few other fast men, this one goes with girls many other men would cut their left balls off, just for a chance.

The girl I know is a good looking woman, great person.

The other girl; good looking but very close to a wall and speedily approaching it, and I find her annoying.

My friend wanted to bag her, so he was chatting with this one.

The Soon-to-be-walled girl is smiling nervously, touching the stud, playing with her hair, having puppy eyes throughout, and all in all, she is smitten. She is swept off her feet, giggling, trying hastily to find balance when she is in the air.

Then her phone buzzes.

She picks up the phone, and her face suddenly turns to such a cheerful manner that would make one think she just won a million in the lottery.

We three continue out chat, while this girl is turning left and right on the couch, going "Awwww", "Uwwww"... You'd think she stuck the buzzing phone into her pussy.

My curiosity peaked

"You won the lottery?"
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw... Nooo... It's my facebook"

My blank face

"I just had put this to my timeline and sent it to all my friends"

... text: It was an awesome summer

"And my friend just sent me this"

... text: <3 p="">
"Aaaaaaaaawwwww... she sent me a heaaaaaaart.... Hoooooow niiiiceeee... Looooveeeeely"

By this time I am thinking that I feel sorry for the people that interact with her at her work, which requires a little more than minimum brains. Live or die situations.

I could not say anything. My face stayed blank, as was the rest of my mind. If I knew it was not illegal, I'd make her eat her phone.

I turned to the other two, where i noticed my friend, shaking his head.

The interesting thing is that this girl was all over my guy, she was ready to go, to wherever he would take her, no questions asked, no objections or defenses put up.

She was with the best man in the bar, she was with the best man she will encounter that day, she was hot for him, she was wet for him, her body knew it, her face showed it, if I would put a finger down her pants, I would know her pussy knew it.

Then the Facebook thing happened.

Suddenly she was disinterested.

She had gotten her validation.

She had come. She had orgasmed. What's the text sign for an orgasm? () ... ?

Now she knew she was an attractive woman, her female friend had sent her <3 p="">
Suddenly her interaction with the man crashed.

She turned entitled.

It took five minutes or so, we wrapped up our chat with the girl that I know and left the scene.

Ok, the stud did try an attempt at a no investment quickie, but the entitled facebook princess was having none of it.

Makes you think,

If a girl prefers a virtual <3 a="" and="" attention="" cock="" her="" highness="" is="" of="" or="" p="" pussy="" real="" saluting="" she="" showing="" standing="" the="" to="" up="" virtual="" worthy="">

for life.

Some stupid sucker will put a ringer on those fingers one day...

That is the sad part.

Hey, facebook princesses out there,

This man gives you this:


Real women get the real deal. All the fifteen "=" signs of it.

Facebook.... Princesses... Worthless.

But hey,

<3 p="">

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sucker, I was... The fucking sucker

Outcast Superstar wrote one of the posts that would be a chapter in the modern man's bible.
Fuckers and Suckers

A perfect explanation of the day.

Met this girl few months ago with her introducing herself as
"Hey, you are FastestBunny's friend. We used to hang out with him for few months, few years back."

Great. Now I know you are a fast pussy, as this guy would not hang out with anyone who would not shag on the first night. The guy left a trail of dripping cum in his one year stint in town.

No..., no..., am not judging, of course not, just observing, and putting two and two together.

Sometime later I  got her number, as she would be a good candidate for a speedy ball reliever when the need arises.

But to my mistake, I send her the nice kind of messages,
"How's the hangover"
"Cool. Perfect day for couch and movie" reply...

Am not gonna be seen with this girl outside, but she has got a fine body and face, worth exploring.
Yet, I still felt I was investing too much with this message.

Since I did not invite her to a date in town, and did keep it low investment, I felt good, 
Getting rejected for a message that pretty much says, come over and fuck, is no biggie.


The next day.  I met a friend of mine, also a fast rabbit who knew her and the FastestBunny.

He told me he saw the girl in the queue to the bar, and this happened:

"Hey girl, why don't you join our table upstairs?" (no vip, just a commoners' table)
"Sorry I cannot sleep with you. You slept with my friend" she answers.

A day later the guy was still in awe.

I knew the girl was fast. But the girl was faster than light. Sit to table = Fuck?

She was not only faster than light, she was faster than time.

Realizing I invited her to a movie, albeit in my love cave, I realized the sucker I was.

My dignity was fucked.

My dignity took a hit from being not a full on ass to this one village cycle. Interesting how the village cycle still walks around thinking she is an exquisite brand new rare golden bicycle with a diamond love receptacle?

 My dignity was fucked.

I still have not told him about the messages. My shame closed my mouth.

Nevertheless, could have been worse.

Could be the guy who commits...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Entitled limbo, smashed ego

My friends were going crazy for a Blondie, and it somehow happened that I started talking with her.
I'm guessing her to be in her late twenties, early thirties, educated, possibly a doctor.

Just was in the mood of teasing, so I was on a full frontal tease attack on the girl, basically entertaining myself.

"This is confusing" was what she uttered many times.

I just could not help myself. At some point I thought of telling her if she never met a man who does not lick her ass, but those words, it turned out,  would be uttered to the ex of a friend of mine, who would be trying to be a ball busting bitch, few days later.

So the Blondie and I have been at it for half an hour, laughing, teasing, confusion, touching, when I notice she has eyes on the Barney (how I met your mother) lookalike on the next table.

No prob, she's sitting with me.

He got up to go to toilet, now she is not sitting with me.

Without a word, or an apology showing decency, she has gotten up and is staying in the way of the guy.

When Barney walks past us, she tries to talk to him, he does not even acknowledge, and continues. She turns to us with tears growing in her eyes.

When he returns, she tries again, and against his two friends protestations, he once again continues walking.

Girl comes back all destroyed.

I am just amazed at the rudeness, and am, to my surprise, enjoying the experience I am going through. I do not make a scene or something, my friend was talking to her friend; am sitting back, smirking, watching. No need to nuke his interaction.

Apparently this 30ish gal has made a move on a guy for the first time in her life. Bet you she is no virgin though.

That's a fraction of the moves I made in the past week, and she got totally fucked up. So I guess strong and independent does not mean facing rejection and not committing suicide.

Anyways, this also puts a new light on girls' perceptions about "What's so special about a one night stand? You get dressed, drink a little, go out, and find somebody"; and fuck somebody...

Yea, because it just happen; except a guy makes it happen.

You risk rejection, you dictate the terms, I say. Don't want to call, then, man, don't call, except the one message that is meant for her positive reply about the night before.

Because a one night stand, just happens. Cause it was meant to happen, cause even with standards, it is nothing difficult, cause it does not count as it is meaningless... add infinitum..

The limbo had suffered two rejections, but it was not enough. Nope. Now the fire was on.  The guys were outside of the bar, chatting.  She went outside, and managed to get "I won't call you, but here is my number if you want".. Girl knows what that means. Friend Nobody with benefits.

See, if she had said something like, "I'm sorry, I have to talk to him", she would have gotten pointers from me that would turn her into somebody, not just a faceless hole to bust a nut in without investment. But no, strong, independent, and worthless.

Before this happened, I was asked if I am going to place X. I had said no, but just then received an invitation from place X; somebody wanted me there.

Girl comes back almost crying, and I appreciate the guy. Man with more options than me, hat tip.

I decide to go to X, the invitation is tempting, and because my friend is with the other girl, we all go to X.

I leave them at the bar to find my invitation.

Half an hour later, me and my invitation were leaving the bar when I saw the Bimbo. I thought she had left.

Bimbo, sees me, the guy she just dissed so disrespectfully, whom she watched as he was totally unfazed by her fucked up entitled cuntishness, more like amused, really amused, tell the group goodnight, with a hotter younger, almost ten years younger, tighter, fresher, no wrinkles, cute pie in tow, leaving the bar, maybe a slight smirk on his face.

Bimbos face, on the other hand... it was priceless... seeing the live version of a Scary Movie poster on a blonde bimbos face, priceless...

Monday, June 10, 2013

So she was in a band camp with a flute

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Original post was on May '12)

Well, no she was not.

Was my third day in the skiing village, during the Mayfest weekend. Had had some fun which I will write about later, but could not really connect with the drunk bunnies even if I was drinking myself. What I drank the whole night, these bunnies had drunk by the 14 o'clock coffee time.

Third night walking with my three totally bombed friends, me myself tipsy, she appears from the side street.

Flaming hair, tall girl, tall, low heeled- boots on long legs, a sight to behold.
We start talking, we enter a venue, and we continue talking, and we continue talking for another three hours, coupled with touching, caressing, kissing, and laughing.

She was sober. Possibly the only sober customer in the whole village that night.

We leave the place, get our jackets and exit to the close to zero degrees may night. The sun was almost rising at 4 am, we were 200 km to 66 degrees north.

We walk to her place, she does not want to let me in. I am too drunk she claims, in this frigging cold I totally sobered up I claim. I ask her if she can behave. She's not sure. Some more chat later, I am invited in.

I sobered up, but that also means I am not fueled anymore, and am tired as Hell, even if there is no hangover. Get to the bed, make myself comfortable, she puts on a nightgown, crawls close to me, puts her hand on my chest and I fall asleep after some attempts at getting more intimate.

Here I got to say there are some that would advise me to leave, or don't understand how I can accept that. I like having a girl sleep on my arms, to have her crawl over, to see her in her most innocent, to feel her warmth, and of course I like being awakened by my throbbing cock grinding all on its own  on that sweet naked butt beside me in the morning. Besides, being relaxed in the night many times has led to rampage in the morning.

In the night when turning, I smash my fist into the upper bed's boards and wake up to the sound. Her roommate had returned while we were sleeping.

In the morning I tell Flame that I might have scared her friend with my loud bang, to which she says that it is no problem, as this one time when Flame was in the upper bunk with a boy on the love cruise on the Baltic, her friend kicked the bunk a few times, and that it is sweet revenge.

I only heard "bunk" "boy" "cruise".

So, she had actually been fast. Slow with me fast with another.
That does not fare well.

Later in the morning I see her longing eyes, and hear some words that tell me that there could be something legit that has been stopping her, yet that info about a past event, coupled with our sexless night and morning, demoted the girl.

This demotion would not have happened if we had made some sweet love.

In this case, the reason could have been her period, maybe some infection, maybe some other thing, all are accepted, and respected, except: "I am not that kind of girl", "You are special" etc. These latter reasons, coupled with info on a fun night involving a "in the past I was fast" girl, or "he was not so special" guy, change things. Instead of thinking "Damn these are sweet innocent eyes" when looking at the puppy looking at you with those cute puppy eyes, that are filled with love and anticipation, you think "They eat dogs in China. Why not puppies"..

It just is.

Exception: Knowledge that there have been only a total of three fun one-nighters. First is curiosity, second is to make better the experience of the first. Third is a last try. If there is a fourth, then that means the asking price has been set. I gladly join the fun, tue free fun, no investment, no judgement.

Someone out there is telling girls that these things don't matter for men, and that girls be having fun is cherished by men. True to the extent that this fun involves said man.

Many times when "fun" does not include the man, it is because he is "special". Fun is delayed, while info is not. And the men who are put into the "special" category know very well what to do with that info: "I like you too much to shag for one night, but this other one did not mean so much so I pleasured him... " Special man should not just not get laid, but also cherish his sexless specialty.... Hamster Overdrive... Ain't happening.

It's like shooting yourself in the foot when you are the only sprinter in the olympics.

In this case, I had great night, my balls hurt like hell in the morning, I was taken care of by a Swan in the night, and I fondly remember the good time I had with Flame.

But one thing she does not anticipate is that that info will be in my head the next time we meet, which I am looking forward to. Really like this girl. Sweet, sexy, cute, and gorgeous; but info will also be there.
The lowest asking price in the past determines the current value; unless her attitude, behavior and mental quality raises it.

If she knew this, she would wish it were not so.

Blame the almighty Cosmopolitan, girls.
They lied to you.

Addendum: Girl got on the right side of my graces by her feminine, sweet, and sexy behavior few months after that night. Exceptional femininity, sweetness and sexiness and willingness to pleasure. At the levels extremely hard to find, while the "this one time in the band camp" is common occurrence. I thank this girl for being am exception. And warn your guys to look at the red flags. They mean that mines are -underneath, watch your step.

Friday, June 07, 2013

A proud dumpster diver is a threat to all

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Original post was on October '12)

Handsome man. Actually very handsome.  Black, bit over 1.90, well built, very well dressed, a style that fits, seemingly sober in club, and good posture. He must have been in his early forties, and looked like he jumped out of a movie about an educated black man, with the lead actress falling all over him.

Then it happens,

He starts talking to a mid forties full frontal wall accident. This woman may have been ok looking just five years ago, but time did her bad. Like a truck does to a fly.

Still ok, I say. We all dive now and then.

As I was thinking this, she pulls him towards the dance floor, walking a meter in front of him.
Stud looks at her ass, looks around to the people, even if no-one was looking, he points to her ass, and makes this "oooh, so fucking hot" motion.

As if that insult to mankind was not enough, he puts his hand on his forehead, palm facing out, leans back, lets out a visible but silent "Ooooouuuuu"

As he is passing me, he looks at me, with his hands, makes the motion "Dude, you see that hot piece of ass that I am getting..Fuck damn...", and waves his hands as if they just burned, "huh huh".
I don't know if he noticed my totally blank face. Possibly not.

What is the result of attractive men treating women like 9s, women who are maybe 0.9s? Ok, am exaggerating. Woman was bit below average.

Then rephrasing, what is the result of men treating unattractive women as runway models? What happens to the bit over average girls?

Will we have to pluck the attractive ones from orbit?

Dumpster divers, we all dive, it is acceptable. Just do not treat the dumpster like a gourmet meal. What the fuck are we to do when we want to eat a normal piece of chicken breast which now thinks it's a five star, no, fifty five star Michelin steak? From Kobe beef...

Of course what happens to genuine beef...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sensai says left, the grashopper says up... Grasshopper dead, sensai was right

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. Posted in April instead of May)

Now that was a long title.

So, sitting on the table on a Friday night, with a guy whose actions consist of
"I'll talk to that table"
"I'll talk to this table"

Accomplished in other areas of life, good guy, quality human, but in the female issue, totally blinded by conventional shit of wisdom.

At this point it is more apt to call him GrassSitter, instead of Hopper...

Sadly, also with a track record that fits my description of a not hopping GrassHopper.


A day before that, when GrassSitter was present, another friend told me that he had interest in the table across us, and I told him what to do.

"Fuck man, my heart is racing" he said, but he did what I advised.

Nothing happened that night, but tonight they likely are fucking. Talk about a mid thirties guy enjoying the company of a early twenties nubile strawberry pie. (update: bam bam)

On that friday, my head was full with my talk with a man close to me, about girls and stuff, and after that hour long chat, my head was still in the mood of talking theory.

With the GrassSitter going his usual this and that, I just decided to let some theory rain.

"You know there are other points of view to this issue"
"Yea man"

"For example, that you going for the number is not the best thing"
"It is man"

"Look, there is the other point of view that.. because you go for the number, she thinks you cannot go for the sex, so she thinks you are not confident, and that backfires"
"Naaa man"

"There are other points of views, like that the women will follow your lead. You think you can get laid, she will think you can get laid"
"No man. Woman choses. They just make us think we choose"

"Yes, but you can affect that"
"Noo man. They just make us think that"

and another  two minutes of various baits to which I got to hear that GrassSitter knows best, so I resign
"That table there, I will go talk there"

I had lost my appetite for theory. I got up. Talked to a early twenties school teacher (who I suppose later that night fucked my neighbor(update: now she is dating my neighbor)), talked to another whose number I got, and also talked to another early twenties blondie with an amazing body, who while out of town, and leaving early, I did not ask number of, but had a fun chat, and will one day see again.
GrassSitter, with his amazing open minded appetite for theory, was still sitting at the end of the night

"I will go to that table"...

Monday, June 03, 2013

Not willing to improve, dick deserves to fall off

(Reblogged because of the blogger app's scheduling problem. It sent the post to Feb '13)

 While I was looking for a title for the post an man walked in, with a babe in tow. At the end, I will get back to him.

After finding the title, I realized the title must be harsh, but it fits with the concept of giving some tough love.

A saying goes : A friend tells the painful.  (i.e. truth can be painful)

Now to the day when I threw the towel...:

Sitting on the table, I hear,
"My dick will soon fall off from not being used"

This was the third time I heard that from that man.

Since his happiness was more important to me than my friendship, I risked it:

"Dude, I'm bad with this, but HandsomeFriend is good with fashion, let him take you shopping one day"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Get a few good fitting shirts"
"What am I gonna do with a shirt?"

"Get some good t-shirts"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"I'll go get some stylish glasses with you"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Then we go to this barber that StudFriend is going to , get you a slick haircut"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Come on man, these small steps and your dick will shine.. At least doors will open for you to test the waters and see if the girls are worth your time."
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Come on man, a few trainings you do, and you're golden"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"Some gym, some muscle, few months, and your love ; could change"
"I don't want to be big"

"We are friends, we have friends here on the table who would give you ideas to try out"
"Naaa.. I'm good"

"You complained your dick will fall off"
" "Yeaaa.. I'm good"

P.s. This is man is no mghow, man going his own way . He hopes to meet love soon.
Man is tall, small ass, wide shoulders. A tight shirt, fitting jeans, markant glasses, and a slick haircut, this man would clean it up with the hipsters and academics. Then with added muscle, his market would expand.

But no,
He is good.

Dick falls off, and he is sad about that, looking for love, but he is good.

Question: Being such a romantic,  would one not want to give the best version of him to the one he loves?
Why be ok with mediocre. Why ok with average. Why not improve? Why not distinguish yourself?
Do you not deserve it?
Does the one you will love not deserve it?

What you deserve is feeling like your dick will fall off.

This event made me realize the appreciation and respect I have for people in my life who are improving themselves, putting in the work, the ones who are bettering the cards they were dealt.
I bow my head in respect. Thank you for being in my life, you all are an inspiration to me, and to the ones ready to be inspired.

Recently in the sauna I met a girl who this guy is in platonic love with. She is 20. She was there with her boyfriend. 35. Midget. But the man packed muscle. A fucking giant midget.

Yes, "I don't want to get big...". Fine.

Now to the man who walked in with the babe as I started this story.

If he had short hair and I would not shave my dick, my dick would be more handsome. But he grew his hair, distinguished himself as the rocker man, fitting jeans, black shirt, vintage jacket, a very good way of carrying himself, calm and relaxed facial expression, all in all an interesting dude. He distinguished himself, he put the work in, he got out of average. And he's got this good looking rasta blonde with him who cherishes his every touch. Easily ten years younger than him.

He did not say
"Naaa.. I'm good"

I will never say
"Naa I'm good"

You will never say,
"Naaa.. I'm good"

Friday, May 31, 2013

Why a man has to try to go for the fuck as fast as possible

(repost due to a time labelling problem with the blogger app)

Short answer: She'll be attracted
Was talking with a man close to me about his latest experiences in aiming for the phone, taking the phone and getting flaked on, or getting the numbers not answered.
While brainstorming it, it hit me.
A man has to go for the sex as fast as possible.
Besides the fact that single girls do not stay in the market for long, by long I mean few weeks long, there is another issue at play.
Let's try man-speak, actually let's just try rationality:
"I want to get to know her. I want a date. So I will take her number and meet her when she is not drunk. See if we are compatible"
What a woman feels:
It starts with the initial, seemingly rational and acceptable notion of
 "He wants my number, so we will meet again"
And then the hamster starts going Rambo on the man's rational, repsecting and romantic choice:
"He wants my number so we will meet again"
"So he does not want to try to get laid tonight"
"Rambo tatatatatatat"
"So he does not think he can get laid tonight"
"So he does not trust himself that he can get me to open my precious legs tonight"
"So he has no self confidence that he can get my snowflake of a pussy tonight"
"Rambo go go go"
"Ahh... Loser"
Try for the fastest fuck, if that does not happen, take her number.
She will rationalize it as
"He tried. He has confidence. Stud"
Even if that felt like a rejection, trying for the fuck and failing is better than trying for the number and succeeding.
For a woman, giving a number is not attractive,
For a woman, a man believing he can get her to open her legs without investing into her, is attractive.
And especially if the hamster starts remembering those drunk dudes, studs, Greek gods, frat boys, bad boys, thugs, bums and buns who went fast, by comparison, a guy going slow will be felt to be less attractive that a dead skinned rooster that has been used as an American Pie by a whole platoon of snotty teen boys.
Go for the fuck. Whenever, wherever, whomever. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Higher mileage, higher price... What?

Nowadays women are so easy, so cheap, it's sad, she said, girl I have affection for.

It's a nice place, she said.

Decent company, she said.

My arrogance and mere presence is not enough for a fuck there, she said.

Women aged 35 and up go there, she said.

It's not a meat market, she said.

Women there are not easy, she said.

Women there require work, she said.

Just standing there with ultimate sexual confidence won't work there, she said.

Same women, who ten years ago, would jump on the dick of every guy who would arrogantly show off his sexual confidence of his cocky cock, now behaving, I said.

Monday, April 29, 2013

21st century woman: the entitled idiot syndrome

The same night, two girls.

The drunk cunt:

This girl is actually quite good looking.

I know her face, and she knows my face, I know her history, and she disgusts me; apparently I attract this one.

Months ago, she came up to me, I ignored her, continued talking to my friend, and out of nowhere she landed a heavy slap on my face. Criminal charges and not willing to try to explain the girl's jaw being dislocated to the two bouncers that I know and then dealing with the police, I held her wrists, and told her to fuck off.

The same night she came back apologizing, I told her to fuck off, she had a face of surprise..

Then she came back to hit on me, and I told her to fuck off, and she was hurt..

So, back to this eve in question.

Girl comes to me,

Bending down, making praying motions, saying "Oh my Goooooooood"
I ignore, tell her to move on, she is surprised at this lack of attention.

She does move on, goes to the next guy who happily accepts her lips and starts smooching with the guy, to which my friend says "She is looking at you", I, without looking back, answer "I know"..

She stops munching the guy, and disappears..He looks surprised. Idiot.

Later I see her moving on my right corner, and voila, she starts smooching another guy. Guy is happy, the girl is still watching me.

"I think she is trying to make you jealous"
"Yes she is. And she also is a fucking idiot. Wonder who teaches these women to be worthless cunts. fucking disgusting."
"She is looking at you"
"And she will soon come over to me, thinking I am all hot and horny for her because she found some other guy to do a spit exchange with the sewer hole on her face."

And she comes.

Without her coming close, I motion with my hand that she should continue walking, hold my hand up and push it through the air, and "Fuck off"

She is surprised.

She is insane.

Yet it is not only the insane ones that behave a such.

The stupid cunt

Met her few weeks prior.  Very good looking 28ish shortie. Looks like Angelina Jolie's good times..

Upon some chat I took her number where she exclaimed
"Will you call me?"
"And you will take me out on a real date"... not me... I got the signal that your pussy was a free public service..

Next day,  I message her, she does not answer.


So this night,

She sees me

"How have you beeeeen?"
"I am so sorry I did not reply"
"Will you forgive me?"
"Not yet"

She looks suprised... Cunt.. Entitled princess

"I am so sorry.. You know, I saw your message, then I forgot to answer".. Taking a dump in the kitchen and then as if this was not enough, smearing the excrement all over the walls, would be a less stupid thing to do than uttering this sentence.
"Will you forgive me?"
"You have my number. Use it, and we might see"

I leave.

A week after, she sends a message apologizing, saying that she is sorry, that she was in a difficult dating sitation bla bla bla...
Few messages later, she wants to hang out as friends.

"You do that with your gay friends"
"Oh. Ok"


Welcome to the wasteland of western femininity.
Strong, independent, totally useless.

Makes one cherish the feminine ones even more. Provided one can find one.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Adapt or die

We all make stupid mistakes. We may learn, we may not. We can also teach.

Adapt. Observe the situation and adapt.

Or pay the price.

Was in my favorite venue with a friend, who was at that time getting some drinks. And was he taking his time.

I was sitting on a three man couch, taking up space for two. His space was the one man couch facing the interior, and we had a third one man couch facing the wall.

So, at that instant I seemed to be one man occupying five places.

Two cutiepies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The cutiepies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

One minute later, after I should have taken cue and adapted, two sweetpies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, still lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The sweetpies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

Another minute passes, I really should have taken the lesson,  two honeypies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, still, still, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"...

The honeypies did not like the idea, said their thank you's...

While I was thinking to myself "Hehe, this does not happen too often",

Two chubbypies come,

"Are these free" they ask.
Me, lost in my head, thinking about something that was so unimportant that I forgot now, first showed my buddy's place,
"That is taken", then showed the one facing the wall, and the free space beside me, "These are free"... "but that table is getting up", I show the next table. 

The chubbypies did  like the idea, said their thank you's...

I deserved this.

I did deserve this punishment.

You can be given only so many chances.

You can learn, adapt, improve,

Or you can die.

I did not die, but I was taught a lesson.

Now, on a different day, I am sitting on a table of five places, and none yet came to ask if I got free place.

Life teaches the willing to learn,
Punishes the unwilling to learn.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masturbation kills the King of the Dongs

I wrote about my no-porn experiment and the horrorful lesson I had to go through. I learned that porn murders my dick's soul.

My no masturbation experiment was even longer.

Over one hundred ninety days, I had not masturbated.

190 days

6 months

Half year

27 weeks

I did not masturbate.

Even the porn slip ups cured themselves in around three days because I had not emptied my balls by myself.

No problem in getting hard with a naked girl,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of a girl with a bikini in the public sauna,

Problem with getting hard at the sight of an athlete girl doing deadlifts in the gym

Problem with getting hard at work because I was texting with a girl

At the gym, breaking record after record

Work, getting better and better. Motivated and persistent.

A half year that was more productive than the last three years combined.

Flight of the Dickarus...

Then two weeks ago, a moment of weakness happened. Was home for holiday, returned from sunshine to an empty city still under the throes of a fucking long depressing winter. in the same time my private life took a big hit due to some circumstances.

It was friday afternoon, a girl asked if she could come over, I decided I'd rather sleep.

I went to bed, in my misery I went back to the thing that I thought was medicine in my previous life.

When I passed the point of no return, I could not return.

The experiment of no masturbation was over.

And how wrong was I about the thing that had been advertised to me as a cure to my uncontrolled horniness, to my sexual pressure, to my tension. Fucking wrong. 

Dickarus crashed. Did not even crash land.

Fucking crashed.

The short sleep was fucked up.

I woke up, only to call the girl over. She came, but I did not get hard. My Flying Dickarus was like a Deadaurus.

From storm-resistant hard (even unwanted) hard ons, I went to not-even-flapping-in-the-storm dead grass.

After some fooling around I managed to get some overripe banana dick.

Few days later I was back to my slightly Flying Dickarus.

Took a week and my steady dose of the cocoa and fish oil cure to have to run around the house in the morning unable to pee anywhere else but the ceiling. 

It is telling that in my whole life I had four such cases of limp dick.

With the first girl I ever tried to sleep.
With a girl who joyfully claimed "What is so bad if I get pregnant"
Slip up in no-porn experiment
Slip up in no-masturbation experiment

With these results, with this knowledge, trauma and recovery.. What do I choose?

Do I choose what everybody is doing, watch porn and jerk off as a release,
Will I choose to release only with a female, and pass the false release with my hands, and see my work, gym and sex life fly to the skies?

I choose,

The Flight of the Dickarus

Even the sun cannot stop this Dickarus.

Let you dick fly high, boys. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Porn kills your dick's soul

I had been jerking off to porn since I was twelve.

Last year I came across, in a time when I was contemplating that porn might have bad effects on my psyche, sexuality, and even life.

Last September I decided to give it a try, to see if there is a difference if I don't watch porn, coupled with no masturbation (another post).

During all this time I would still have sex.And I did not know at that time that the sex would be mindblowing, abundant, hard and satisfying.. I did not even have clue on what was about to come.

First two weeks were hard, then and energy surge came over me, which, unlike what they report in studies that the testosterone peaks after a week, did not peak, it just kept rising.

Four weeks later, I started meeting girls easier than ever. I was getting signals left and right, and the interactions that I started were going well and fast.

In the gym the weights started flying, at work my head was clear as frozen waters of the arctics.

After a slow weekend, on a sunday, six weeks after the start, I watched porn, did not jerk off.

Monday: No motivation at work. Brain totally foggy, could not concentrate on the smallest thing. Gym: Weights crashed. Training sucked. Women: no motivation. I was down. I was suffering a temporary depression.

It would take another three days to get back to a lower normal level.

Another two weeks to get to some energetic level, and another four to start to fly.

On the sixth week after the first slip up, when life was flying high in all aspects, I watched porn again. It started with erotica, then I moved into french vintage, did not jerk off

Again the same:

Monday: No motivation at work. Brain totally foggy, could not concentrate on the smallest thing. Gym: Weights crashed. Training sucked. Women: no motivation. A depression of mind and body.

 And again, it would take another three days to get back to a lower normal level.

I had learned a valuable lesson, and I had almost enough data points.

Would make the same mistake after the next six weeks, even shorter time spent with porn, but an even greater effect.

Then a month ago, after two, two and a half months of no porn;

At a time when I was having trouble to pee in the morning for minutes, when my dick would rise to the sight of a girl bending down in the gym, when texting would get me hard, when just the thought of a girl coming over would give me a boner, when the gym was going crazy, work moving forward, and numbers accumulating, meeting gorgeous and feminine women,
On a sunday when I was having a girl come over in the afternoon,

I opened an erotica page.

From there went to some french vintage,

From there to some russian stuff,

Then to some amateur porn.

Spent close to two hours devouring images, videos, watching other guys fuck chicks that I would like to fuck... Not jerking off, knowing that release will soon knock my door,

Something also dawned on me that day: The absurdity of it. The perversity of it. Watching other guys fuck the chicks I want to fuck? What the fuck? And that day marks the end of my experiment. Now no-porn is a lifestyle, just due to this realization, if not for the following:

My visitor came.

Girl is the copy of an actress that I was in love with in my teens, and then we were the same age with the actress. This girl, mid twenties,  is younger than the actress now, and as beautiful as when the actress was sweet sixteen.

This gorgeous girl goes immediately to my bedroom.

We undress.

I have this naked gorgeous real life body touching me (writing this I get hard, tasteless info, but shows how a healthy male sexuality works),

What did I have in my head?

I could not get the image of a fucking hairy frenchman going "Voila voila voila uuuaaah"
The image then merged into a russian going "Davai davai davai"...
That image morphed into some german amateur dude shouting "Jaaa jaaaa jaaa",
And these images rotated.

I was not able to see the naked body I was looking at, I was seeing some french actress, some german girl, some russian girl with cum all over her face, sweaty balls and hairy pussies.

I did not get hard.

Not a bit.

I had a dead dick.

I was suffering dick death.

For few seconds the images left my head, I got hard a bit, managed to have some half assed sex.

Later, after some foreplay, she came, and decided to give me a blowjob.

My dick was no moving.

I came, I was soft.

This was the lesson I needed.

Took me a week to clear my head of all the porn images running around in my head, and at last, once again, wake up with a hurricane-resistant morning wood.

Now it has been four weeks or so, and I am not ever turning back to

"Porn is a legit sexual outlet"..

No, it is not.

Porn kills your dick's soul.

And no one who has not stopped porn will even know what it means to have a dezombified dick.

"Dude you crazy"

"Yep. And I am also the one who's killing hamsters with his morning wood"..

Monday, April 01, 2013

State declares rape as less criminal than stopping it

For the 1st of April, I publish a serious post, about what could have been considered the state playing April's fools on it's lawful citizens.

Wrote this 11 months ago, in the beginning of  May 2012, but never published it.

The things that happened in the last 11 months, the laws that passed, the laws that were proposed, sadly proved that the state/EUSSR is not joking and is bent on destroying free speech, free thought, and the right to self defense of a person and of people.

Stalin and Mao must be dancing in their graves.

Here is my April's fools. Where the Law Abiding European is the Fool of the Century. In the tragedy that is yet to be documented.

--- May 2012 ---

Last week I wrote a post about a news item I read, where it was written that the prosecutor was asking six months for two men who kidnapped a girl, beat her, threw her to the wall, tied her to a chair, threw her with the chair to the wall, threatened with plucking her eyes out.

While I was in shock about that joke of a charge, I had to read that the same prosecutor was asking for one and a half years for the girl who stabbed one of the guys in the chest in order to escape.

Then I realized something.

This is the state doing it.

The state has criminalized self defense. I knew it was so for western men for a long time, but this was the first time I read about the state criminalizing female self defense.

Of course there is the thing that if a female attacks a law abiding man, it is likely that she will get off scott free, and even if small, there is a probability of the man being sued. Not so for criminals.

If female self defense has been criminalized, what else does that say?

The state is saying that if you see a rape and intervene to stop the rape, and the rapist gets a scratch, you will be charged to an extent more than what the rapist will be charged with.

And since he is the criminal, you are the law abiding citizen, if he stabs you, you will still be sued.

The state is saying let the rapist rape, if you intervene you will be charged for criminal action.

In effect the state has declared rape to be more legal that stopping rape.

It has done this by charging self defense more than the criminal act leading to the self defense.

Next time you see a rape, says the state, walk away, then when far enough, call the police.

Since, with the way things are going, calling the police on the rapist and causing him stress will also be illegal.

In the meantime, the news outlets are going gaga over a rape where people walked by, oh the social crisis....; but are totally silent about a vibrating gangrape where the perpetrators were convicted to one year of probation; as in; hang out in downtown but behave. If anyone stopped the rape, they would likely be charged, possibly with racism, so why bother?How many people know the exact moves to put a violent rapist into submission without harming a feather on his delicate skin?

If the state has criminalized self defense, it has criminalized defending others, and living with guilt of not helping is better than living in prison for helping or living in the cemetery because of the criminal's right to self defense, who is, sentenced to behaving downtown on probation.

State does not say rape,
But state says, let the rapist rape.

 As a law abiding citizen, better listen to what the state says.