Friday, April 16, 2004

Still getting reminded, bad is good

This is the girl from the Boned'er'ass story....

I see her in the opening party of a new club, Sokeri...
And I had seen her in the newspaper, she won a cup or something...
“Hey, I saw you in the paper, what was the issue?”
She looks up, and silently, making me bend down,
“I won the championship”
“The hairdressing championship”
Still bending down,
“See, you have to speak louder, or I will have to go”
“No I do not have to”
“You have to, because I do not like bending down, ... see ya”

Here, the girl which has had a lot going with me a couple of times, and bitched out on all, suddenly changes mood,
I hear a shout behind me,
Turn around,

“Excuse me?” she says, loudly, almost shouting
“What is your name?”
“Alp, and yours?”
“Anna Mari”..
“Nice to meet you, have a nice nite”
And I leave.

She checks me out all nite,

Once more revelation hits my head...
Once more, my behavior is justified.. Not that I need justification...

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