Thursday, August 18, 2005

One observation from a German coffee house...

Am back from a one week trip from Germany.

While I was there, could not help but compare the life with Finland.

Among the thousand differences you see, let me show you the most obvious one, which, in my opinion, is a detail giving a huge insight into the generalization.

I think, the best way to show this is with real life pictures.

Apple-raisin-rum cake with whipped cream:

This was 1.90 euros, and have to admit, was a special treatment to a high tip given previously. The original size though, still is not much smaller.


This one I ate in a coffee house on the “Esplanadi” of a town called Konstanz, a place for the prominent Germans to go with their yachts, on the Bodensee. Price was 1.70, in a place owned by Italians – who are also known for their outrageous prices.

Cheesecakes, my favorites, have similar pricing…

What bothers me in these incidents is the fact that, in Finland, even in the common places, you get a cheesecake never for under 3 euros, and the size of these are embarrassing. Sadly I cannot pose a picture of those, since criticizing Finnish firms, even though the opinion may be right, does not have a good reception… This is understandable, what is not, is that, without criticism and competition, the citizens will receive the good old shitty service… Anyway, in the end, go to a cafeteria and get a cake for 3.50, and check the size… And don’t tell me, “When you pay more, you appreciate what you eat”…

In Finland, with the mini-cheesecake sold for over 3 euros, 4 euros in Helsinki, the owner profits, the workers get their pay plus the said 10% service fee, the landowner gets his rent, the baker gets paid, the government gets taxes…

In Germany, with the normal cheesecake sold for less than two euros, like in Finland, the owner profits, the workers get their pay plus the 10% service plus extra tips, the landowner gets his rent, the baker gets paid, the government gets taxes – also one of the highest in Europe…

And all these earnings are more in Germany than in Finland, where the price is double, size is half…

Half size, double price,

Somebody’s fucking somebody….

P.S.: To the silver lady: with these facts, how can you stop comparing? As you will yourself see in two days…


  1. "Somebody’s fucking somebody..."

    No Shit Sherlock, agree 101%, have you noticed a few things about Finnair pricing or Finnish prices in General...

    Thats why I do my shopping these days mostly in Estonia. And I seldom go sit and drink in caf├ęs - theres a few half-decent ones in Helsinki (don't remember Tampere that well) -but they're not the ones in the fancy areas. You need to "know" them. Just like finding good curry.

  2. Well,

    Talking about cakes whose price difference is one-two euros does not hurt as much as the fact that the Swedes, our next door neighbors can travel anywhere they want for 50 euro charters, while the Finns, and I, can not fly anywhere under 200....

    (Ryan Air does not count, as the controlled by whatever media tried everything in their power to stop people from choosing it.

    I thank Ryan with all my heart)

  3. Ryanair doesn't count? Since when? It is increasingly popular, it advertises everywhere, and people use it all of the time.
    Your logic escapes me. Then again that's nothing new.