Thursday, September 08, 2005

My apologies

I apologize deeply for nowadays not being updating the site as frequently as I should..

There are few reasons I could count, the summer, the holidays, and also a sick leave of two weeks, making it unable for me to enjoy the outsides.

But the main effect on the stories is coming from the changes in my private life, as my interactions with the "market" have faded to literally none, and the stories from there have become very rare.

I will start once again to update finndistan once a week, making use of close friend's (s)experiences, and the little stories I will happen to get myself.

Until the next update, I hope you will enjoy the stories below,




  1. Ah, but 2 weeks immobilized should have made your imagination run...

  2. True,

    If I would be writing from imagination...

    Two weeks bedtime means no outside life, and that means no stories..